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  1. Good luck for a speedy and trouble free recovery, wont be to long before we see you out there again mate, get well real soon!!
  2. Trailz at his best 2.40 I feel movement !!!
  3. looks like Beechworth area geography although the rocks make it interesting with this call.
  4. I think Trailz has covered it ,great day out weather and conditions near perfect. Thanks for lead Bear as always perfectly posted ride, although a bigger thanks to Dazz and Kenny ( my personal plug replacement mechanics)👍 most riders literally fell off their bikes at one stage or another, lack of riding I believe, no injuries, no real issues, just a bloody good day out finishing with nice cold beer cheers chippa bbq' banger, and a little bit of post ride banter. After Dazz telling me possible 6 or 7 times, I think I've got it. I have to move the needle up and put
  5. Hey splints Hey if your still looking you could try this set up for a cheap price cheers
  6. Hi there, check out this link, make sure you get a kit, not just a panel, you will need cables and a regulator, (if its not built in to panel) cheers
  7. Well i believe everything has been said already, absolute great day out with like minded riders all out to have a fun day. A real tribute to this forum, all riders looking out and helping each other. I was the luckiest sweep ever on the L2 ride with nothing to do as all the guys helped each other and appeared to be having fun as well, Trailz did a cracker of a job leading us around his back yard. Big thanks to Andy for getting the ball rolling and organizing the day out, BBQ, spit roast, beer and a sleep out , life doesn't get much better whoa and did i mention dirtbikes as
  8. it also shows Motor cycle riders do have hearts and care for nature and wild life
  9. you are not too slow Hoff.... and gotta agree they sure have them 150's flying was great to watch cheers
  10. great work Trailz its working now, although you could of left out that music if that what was all the fuss was about. lol and gotta agree video is soup
  11. I believe everyone has covered off on this ride above and said all that needs to be said, it was a cracker Bear lead exceptionally well, badger swept with passion and everyone in between the two of them had a ball. Fantastic selection of tracks and thank christ for the two punctures.( i am with you on that one Dazz needed the break also) Maybe I let my front down just to rest and watch bear masterfully replace the tube whilst I had a rest in the shade thanks heaps, and a very special thanks to Trailz for almost being ready to ride on time special note o
  12. Thanks heaps lads for a great morning out in Harry's back yard, great bunch of blokes to ride with easy going and all out to have fun. Been off the bike for way to many months so was good to be out and about again albeit with a few too many gumby moments for me on the day, and the best one for the day was a front wheel washout leaving me in a deep bath of a muddie puddle, thank christ for Harry's man cave and that nice warm fire to dry off, I bailed after BBQ lunch thought I 'd leave the boyz to up the pace and have some afternoon fun before there planned bevvies for the evening
  13. Hi guys. My Ktm 300 exc-e 2008 mdl has just clocked up 80hrs, piston and barrel look great, it has a type 1 with a 71.925 on it ,as mentioned barrel looks good no scuffs no catches and no pitting. Where are people getting there pistons from ebay, mx spares etc: etc; and should I be looking for the same brand or changing, In the old days 30+ years ago we would simply replace rings and go ride for another year or two until it had no power and push it home at the end of the day and start again, they where the days. Can anyone suggest brands ? or do i simply go to KTM an