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  1. As all have mentioned above a great day out, thanks to Bear for leading and three maybe four sweeps for the day. I had a ball watching the gun riders make any and all obstacles look easy for us mere gumby's this is always a great chance watch and learn . I felt the higher level riders where exceptionally patient and helpful throughout the day and extremely well behaved in the tight stuff when being slowed down. unlike Dazz I did slow a few down even when going at my best. Another great day out with fellow dirtriderZ
  2. Trailz. let me know if you head down there, as I live ten mintes from the track. I will come down to check it out cheers
  3. Red neck wood whittler, where's the Bourbon ?
  4. Thanks Coggs, For leading us around Dissa started out as a recon ride for the Grand final day. Posted up and got a few takers and I think all of us loved the day out. Weather was perfect and track conditions and selections where fantastic. Personally, I gotta say any day on the bike is better than a great day at work. Have not had a chance to look at rear brake yet, but gotta tell you I refer heading down the hamburgers with a rear brake ( chicken track any way) think I may have split the line when I hit a tree and binned it into some fallen trees. brake fluid all over the swing arm equals no bloody brakes. I believe you have a cracker of a loop sorted for the Grand Final ride and all who attend will love the loop. It has a little bit of everything for all. Thanks for a great day out to Grant,Tom,Ben and Nick, see you soon on the trails.
  5. Mine arrived yesterday , it fits fantastic looks and feels awesome, plus bloody warm ( have worn it all day today ) Thanks heaps for organising another great batch of hoodies Geoffro. keep up the good work Mate !
  6. Hi Geoffro, I’ll take a gunmetal/orange in 2Xl kind regards Lindon
  7. Thanks Andy,Robbo for leading and the four sweeps for the day. welcome to slippery wombat Greasa, I had a gr8 day out, although it did take around three hours to warm up and defrost, I think the expansion chamber didn't even heat up for the first hour, thanks to all for a good day on the bike, till next time