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  1. Thanks heaps lads for a great morning out in Harry's back yard, great bunch of blokes to ride with easy going and all out to have fun. Been off the bike for way to many months so was good to be out and about again albeit with a few too many gumby moments for me on the day, and the best one for the day was a front wheel washout leaving me in a deep bath of a muddie puddle, thank christ for Harry's man cave and that nice warm fire to dry off, I bailed after BBQ lunch thought I 'd leave the boyz to up the pace and have some afternoon fun before there planned bevvies for the evening, hope you had a great B'day Al , AKA - Stinky thanks for the ride and hospitality
  2. Hi guys. My Ktm 300 exc-e 2008 mdl has just clocked up 80hrs, piston and barrel look great, it has a type 1 with a 71.925 on it ,as mentioned barrel looks good no scuffs no catches and no pitting. Where are people getting there pistons from ebay, mx spares etc: etc; and should I be looking for the same brand or changing, In the old days 30+ years ago we would simply replace rings and go ride for another year or two until it had no power and push it home at the end of the day and start again, they where the days. Can anyone suggest brands ? or do i simply go to KTM and get the exact same again as it certainly has kept extremely well. I will attach pictures of piston straight out of bike not even been wiped as yet head also is pictured untouched as yet, then final pic is of cleaned top to get numbers of slug. any help / advice is graciously accepted p.s and the bike has not been started for 5 months now, always stored with dry carb and no fuel in tank. cheers
  3. As all have mentioned above a great day out, thanks to Bear for leading and three maybe four sweeps for the day. I had a ball watching the gun riders make any and all obstacles look easy for us mere gumby's this is always a great chance watch and learn . I felt the higher level riders where exceptionally patient and helpful throughout the day and extremely well behaved in the tight stuff when being slowed down. unlike Dazz I did slow a few down even when going at my best. Another great day out with fellow dirtriderZ
  4. Trailz. let me know if you head down there, as I live ten mintes from the track. I will come down to check it out cheers
  5. Red neck wood whittler, where's the Bourbon ?
  6. Thanks Coggs, For leading us around Dissa started out as a recon ride for the Grand final day. Posted up and got a few takers and I think all of us loved the day out. Weather was perfect and track conditions and selections where fantastic. Personally, I gotta say any day on the bike is better than a great day at work. Have not had a chance to look at rear brake yet, but gotta tell you I refer heading down the hamburgers with a rear brake ( chicken track any way) think I may have split the line when I hit a tree and binned it into some fallen trees. brake fluid all over the swing arm equals no bloody brakes. I believe you have a cracker of a loop sorted for the Grand Final ride and all who attend will love the loop. It has a little bit of everything for all. Thanks for a great day out to Grant,Tom,Ben and Nick, see you soon on the trails.
  7. Mine arrived yesterday , it fits fantastic looks and feels awesome, plus bloody warm ( have worn it all day today ) Thanks heaps for organising another great batch of hoodies Geoffro. keep up the good work Mate !
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