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  1. Hi mate how many klm has the bike done

    1. thegeneral


       Not at home at the moment buddy I'll check on Sunday night and get back to you

    2. thegeneral
  2. Hi mate get them to do the yz timing you will notice the difference
  3. Hi can I have a set of fender stickers please
  4. DIrt Bike Demo Day - 9th Oct

    Yeah I'm going looking forward to the day
  5. Hi does anyone know where I can get a aftermarket fuel pump for a husaberg fe 450 2010 model thanks
  6. husaberg fuel pump

    ok thanks again
  7. husaberg fuel pump

    ok did you just buy the filter or the filter kit thanks
  8. husaberg fuel pump

    hi sorry to bother you again just wondering what brand of inline filter did you use and where did you purchase it from thanks
  9. husaberg fuel pump

    Yeah did you change your inline filter as well thanks
  10. husaberg fuel pump

    Thanks again for your help
  11. husaberg fuel pump

    Ah ok just a quick question did your fuel pump stop once the bike got hot and work again once it cooled down thanks
  12. husaberg fuel pump

    Was it the brand dragon fuel pump
  13. husaberg fuel pump

    Ah ok did the new pump fit without any problems
  14. tyre change

    Hi all anyone know of a good bike shop that do tyre changing without scratching the rims had a few bad experience in the past
  15. tyre change

    Sounds like you have experience knitting lol
  16. wr450

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows a good map for a wr450 2012 model thanks
  17. wr450

    Ok are the power tuners easy to use thanks
  18. wr450

    Ok thanks for your help
  19. wr450

    Ah ok I have just brought the bike the guy said it was on the motocross map just wondering what octane fuel to run thanks
  20. Wr400F Also Known As Wtf400

    Hi check the timing chain hasn't jumped a tooth
  21. Garmin Etrex10

    Hi does anyone have a idea on using a garmin etrex 10 thanks
  22. Garmin Etrex10

    Harvey norman