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  1. Just doing some internet stalking

    1. lusk


      Haven't been on here in awhile, i would suggest you go stalk Jay if your looking for real tips to improve your riding.

  2. Yes, there used to be signs up. I don't think you can do what you want on your land if your intent is to injure somebody.
  3. It has a reputation, Ive always been told to avoid it. Possibly just overrun due to expanding population in the area.
  4. Thanks Buzz and Gypsy for organising and leading us around on the Friday ride. Goughs is definitely my favourite riding place. So many new tracks and hill climbs you took us on, it’s just a magic riding place that keeps on giving. Don’t know how you guys backed up again on Saturday for another session, top effort. Thanks also to Habs for the work he put in on the loop.
  5. Unreal, stopped insuring you without telling you. I wonder how many people have been unfortunately done over by this. Can't say l'm surprised as had a non-bike related claim with RACV and their conduct was very deceptive. Will never use RACV/IAG again..
  6. I have youi atm. Seems to be too good to be true. I dont trust insurance companies as they are out to shaft you. Anything particular with youi you have noticed in the policy? It might be worth paying more for rego but less for insurance.
  7. Greens are unreal, they should make those flogs walk from one end to the other so the really understand how much forest is there.
  8. That was a big hit, good effort to continue riding after that.
  9. Thanks Marko for putting on this ride it was very challenging, great photos too. Have read about Dakotas rides before and it’s a reputation well earned. Haven’t been this sore after a ride for awhile. Thanks to Gypsy and Sabo for Sweeping and Ben for helping on the hills.
  10. Thanks Phil for organising a great day riding out Murrindindi. We covered a good variety of riding going from one side of Dindi to the other. Fair to say angled logs and red clay don’t go together well and getting some 2 wheel slides happening made it very interesting. Thanks also to sweeps Mike and Mitch.
  11. Do you wash your goggles with the lenses installed? I find if the separating foam between lenses gets wet or is not fully dried it will fog up between the lenses.
  12. I have a 250 TPI done 20hrs on it, only issue has been the idle. Steep downhills have to give throttle else it would stall all the time. I initially thought it was my riding style coming from a 4 stroke but having to give throttle on an efi bike didn't make sense. Fix it by adjusting idle with butterfly valve stop instead of idle air bypass screw which gives it more fuel at idle. Gives the bike more go off bottom and stopped the stalling. Adjusting idle this way is how its done on ktm 4 strokes. Apart from that bike has been great.
  13. Yes will give a fault light if out of a high/low range. I just suggested as not on list of sensors checked and have heard before of them playing up once bike was stopped after warmed up. Hasn't the battery change fixed the problem?
  14. Did the KTM?? mechanic check all the sensors for you when they looked at it, what about MAP (manifold pressure sensor)?
  15. Thanks Fab for putting on and leading this ride. I had been eagerly waiting for a wombat ride to come up that l was able to get too. Have been out to wombat a few times before but nothing like the tracks we covered on Saturday. Thanks also Honest Tom for sweeping all day. It was good to meet some new riders, great bunch of guys to ride with for the day, hope to catch up again on another one.
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