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  1. lusk

    2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    I have a 250 TPI done 20hrs on it, only issue has been the idle. Steep downhills have to give throttle else it would stall all the time. I initially thought it was my riding style coming from a 4 stroke but having to give throttle on an efi bike didn't make sense. Fix it by adjusting idle with butterfly valve stop instead of idle air bypass screw which gives it more fuel at idle. Gives the bike more go off bottom and stopped the stalling. Adjusting idle this way is how its done on ktm 4 strokes. Apart from that bike has been great.
  2. lusk

    KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    Yes will give a fault light if out of a high/low range. I just suggested as not on list of sensors checked and have heard before of them playing up once bike was stopped after warmed up. Hasn't the battery change fixed the problem?
  3. lusk

    KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    Did the KTM?? mechanic check all the sensors for you when they looked at it, what about MAP (manifold pressure sensor)?
  4. lusk

    Wombat winter wonderland

    Thanks Fab for putting on and leading this ride. I had been eagerly waiting for a wombat ride to come up that l was able to get too. Have been out to wombat a few times before but nothing like the tracks we covered on Saturday. Thanks also Honest Tom for sweeping all day. It was good to meet some new riders, great bunch of guys to ride with for the day, hope to catch up again on another one.
  5. lusk

    Mo-tow (or similar generic carriers)

    I use a towbar carrier for the same reason as not enough space to store a trailer. I have a Rack N roll, well made and thought out. It has a plate attachment to stop any rocking movement so bike is mounted very stable. Also no tie downs are required.
  6. lusk

    Golden Beach 6hr

    Daughter doing ironman, wow. Did it a few years ago with a mate, the whoops were relentless, never been so sore from riding. Good fun though l would do it again
  7. lusk

    Rear brake line "popped"

    Does your rear brake peddle have free play adjustment? some have peddle position & free play (ktm) some only have peddle position (yamaha) l've had similar occurr when free play was wrong, gradually tightens the rear brake untill it locks up like you describe.
  8. lusk

    RCHA day 3 sun 9th April Toolangi lvl 3

    Thanks Cluffie for this ride it was a good day. I read before going that you had put some planning into this loop and being able to adapt it to the conditions was great. I have never ridden Toolangi in the wet as have been told its pretty tough and best to avoid so seeing bolts of lightning shoot across the sky as driving up into the hills l thought we were in for a big day. Hitting the first tracks confirmed the rumours and the struggle began with keeping the bike upright and the front wheel from slipping out or taking me on a random path off into the bush. Once acceptance set in that l was going to be wet for the rest of the day l was really getting into it and did mention to myself a few times how awesome riding is. Some of the decent down hills and uphills in the valley section were good fun, I did have a few pucker moments heading downhill in the slop wondering if l could pull up for some of those the corners. Overall it was a good day out on the bike with a good group of guys, thanks also to Chris for sweeping all day.
  9. lusk

    Property Investment

    You cant really compare shares to property as 1. people don't take on same amount of debt/leverage as when buying a house to shares, its highly unlikely someone is going to load up 400k+ into shares and 2. You can choose many different shares with different returns, most comparisons of property to shares are done to an index.
  10. lusk

    Stealthy fly weight

    Have a YZ250FX, used to flame out in tight riding when running a mild map setting. Sorted it by running it with more aggressive mapping and also l upped idle more so bike will chugg along on flat ground in second gear no throttle input without stalling.
  11. lusk

    Goggles / lenses

    I also run twin lenses but at the Stockmans l struggled all day to keep clear vision, the only time l have trouble with goggles is those drisly misty rain days. I will give some of that rainex ago next time, thanks.
  12. lusk

    SEIZURE AT STRADBROKE. Sunday 24.7.16

    Some good tracks there Mick, lot of water sitting around out there atm.
  13. lusk

    WR450F Soft Pull Clutch ideas

    Maybe try lubing the cable every 3 or so rides.
  14. Yeah been there can take a bit to master the Rabaconda. l just stepped through the 3 minute vid to learn the way to do it. The main thing is to have heaps of levers ( i have 9 they are Tusk 15" curved tyre iron same as rabaconda ones) and insert them back under between the rim and tyre as you go around. This keeps the bead down so when you get to the very end the tire pops on easier. 1. Rabaconda 2. Bib mousse lube. 3. Michelin, never had any issues with them, re-lube each tyre change normally get 2000km per tube. 4. 9 x Tusk 15"curved tyre iron 5. Bib mousse lube, 1 tube front, 1.5 tube rear, use brush to coat inside of tyre and then light coating over mousse tube with gloves. Don't over do it or grease will spit out the tyre and all over your bike and you will be for ever cleaning it off.