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  1. Lol love that track in winter sucks everyone in as its not steep.
  2. Great vid it's getting a little flogged out there
  3. Agree I loved SD. The beaches at Carlsbad were great to hangout meet some locals on the 4th July A few years back parties / bonfires on the beach Had a great time there.
  4. Six flags so much better than knots berry farm. Best roller coasters ever!
  5. X30, rode up Beechworth this weekend and didn't Feel great.
  6. I've done 2 rides on them love the rear, but not Loving the front so much. Just my opinion
  7. Where is your practice location? My body needs help! Seriously
  8. Cheers Mate will do looking at end July once Son has finished footy season. Usually do pub Run for lunch at flowerdale.
  9. Great vid habs want to do it again, just need to Be a lot more bike fit. Saw the spot where I Pulled my calf. Thanks again for posting up and Cluffie for Leading tail men and everyone that attended Cheers boys
  10. Great ride just not fit enough to get through. Torn calf muscle shit load of cramps = Wild turkey! Not feeling the pain now!
  11. Just use a kidney belt on top, that's what I use As my Velcro doesn't hold either. Might be That I'm getting to fat!
  12. Was a good day to be out on the bike, open trails were dusty. The single tracks later in the day We're great loved it. Thanks to biggie & Fixxy for leading and to the Sweep riders. Cheers Tony