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  1. gasgaschris

    EOI Airoh Helmets

    Had a MrJump for a while now.. probably 20 rides or so. It's taken the usual amount of abuse on the trail, and I wash the liner every ride. It still looks and feels new. I still notice how light it is, and how well ventilated. Thing is awesome..
  2. gasgaschris

    Spark plugs?

    Probably more to do with fuel than plug..
  3. gasgaschris

    rekluse clutch fors and against

    Setup changes are time consuming, not spur of the moment. The clutch action is compromised badly in a rekluse setup. 2 strokes in particular cannot be ridden as aggressively with a rekluse. DRZs need a rekluse like they need a sidecar, very useful thing if you can't put your feet down, a sidecar. If you're stalling and need a rekluse, learn not to stall. Get stuck on a hill with a rekluse and see how you go. In the areas and conditions that they work, they offer a marginal benefit to injured or inexperienced riders. In some other environments they're plain dangerous. End of the day, ride what you want. Do what makes you happy. PX model vespas are manual, clutch on lh bar, which twists for gear selection (didn't that catch on?!). I was thinking more the GT, Fly, GTS etc models. Autos so people don't spill their lattes.
  4. gasgaschris

    rekluse clutch fors and against

    Pros...... Cons. You will never, ever gain full control of your bike until you learn your clutch control. Might as well take a Vespa out for a ride. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. gasgaschris

    Rocky uphill and down

    Stand up. Going uphill, the biggest thing is standing position that allows you to move on the bike, but keeps you in a solid stable stance. Low triangle. When you start wheelspinning, dip the clutch - don't close the throttle. Feed the clutch back in to regain traction, but keep engine revs high. Going downhill. Good stance again. Look further ahead - do you need to brake? I often see people slowing down too much at the bottom of straight steep hills, before they look up and accelerate away. Forget engine braking, get on the rear brake to keep the back wheel behind you, but don't worry about using it to slow you down - that's for the front to do. Trust the front. If you're losing traction or locking up, get off the brake for half a second. That should do it. If not, go see Birchy. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  6. gasgaschris

    Name your 5 all time fav songs

    Holiday in Cambodia -Kennedys Pretty Vacant - Pistols Only - Nine Inch Nails Dance of the mad bastards - PWEI Hurt - Cash version Ask me again in 30 seconds you'll get 5 different tracks... Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  7. gasgaschris

    Lets Talk Body Armours!

    Had a leatt for a couple of years now. Inox the zips every now and then. Problem solved. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  8. gasgaschris

    Tazzy's What's Made You Happy Today Thread

    Walking the dog on the beach with the missus and the kids. Australia's a top place. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah..good dad behaviour. But that should do it for now, go get your bike back.
  10. gasgaschris

    What Line Of Work Are We In?

    Bits and bobs..worked in accounting, got Microsoft and ISC2 IT security quals, got my bike mechanic ticket. Own and run an accident replacement vehicle (bikes) business that's starting to take off, and I'm general manager for a dealership in inner Sydney on contract. Quite busy.. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  11. Your dads. Then he can get a new one. Rgds Chris Father of 4. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  12. gasgaschris

    What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Trying to recruit staff. Shouldn't be difficult.. we had a job to fill and asked people WHO WANTED THE JOB to contact us. Ragtag collection of unqualified, over entitled, socially retarded nutters applied. 1 or 2 suitable, talented types but they lived too far away.. Solved the problem now, but I'm never going to get that time back again and that pisses me off. Coulda been riding. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  13. gasgaschris

    Rear Tyre - Tight as

    Tyre's still on the bead. If you start whaling away with 2 foot levers you'll screw the tyre. Get it off the bead then it's easy. If it's not easy - it's still on the bead and it will NOT come off without damage. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  14. gasgaschris

    Wildwood Rock Ride Day *VIDEO*

    Miss this place... Might have to come down again in November.. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  15. gasgaschris

    NZ Hard enduro

    Awesome terrain. I wanna go!! Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk