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  1. I was out there yesterday , conditions are great but you do need a reasonable tyre found some good tracks just about everything south of the powerlines are closed
  2. In my opinion Buzz I think this new Sherco really suits you
  3. What was it that led you to believe it was the same bike?
  4. They are good in the slow speed stuff , no good for fire trail
  5. Well done Ben ,was by chance you found him but it was you who made the effort to help with the search and your knowledge of the bush that found him that has turned a families nightmare into their relief and gratitude for everyones efforts,that is why your labeled the Hero so congrats top work.
  6. Good vid Noods , makes me want to go there.
  7. We have two commercial quality 3D printers (Strata sys and Dimension Elite) at work , parts are still brittle and not suitable for any componant where strength is important
  8. Blue line hardest for the sickos orange line challenging and scary red line chicken but still takes skills
  9. Is that a Monet its possibly somewhere in France
  10. Yep Heath , was a bit too easy ay your turn