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  1. Great vid Habs , best i've seen in awhile. That ride looked so good , looking forward to getting back to Tallarook for a ride again sometime soon.
  2. JD jetting did not make much difference with my Mikuni carb Put a Kehin carb from Two Stroke Performance with their jetting and it solved all fuel economy issues
  3. Have you got a new camera Cruiser ? Those tracks look great
  4. Steve you got some more Gold in Chewton again and Fab was with you , oh what a coincidence . Congrats on the Bike Fab , apparently its easier than a four stroke, ENJOY
  5. Just did my first top end at 130 hrs , had Dave at TSP inspect bore and piston and all was ok I installed a B piston
  6. Well done Fab , Congrats Pics please
  7. Seriously best ride weekend I’ve ever been on , such good riding and so many laughs absolutely best trails I’ve ever been on.
  8. The steak sandwich for lunch was bloody delicious
  9. i Know you’ve all been wondering so here goes
  10. Wow , what a bloody fantastic weekend I just had . This place is such a beautiful part of vic and so enjoyable to ride. Rat finke summed up the report well and all I can add is a thank you to him for the invite and hospitality and also to all the crew for everything. The ride wasn’t fast but it didn’t need to be . Plenty of challenges in the wet conditions had us steaming and sweating getting over slippery logs and some steep muddy inclines required many attempts to get up ripper weekend .
  11. I did a work first aid coarse awhile ago and after the demonstration of the space blanket I refolded it ,kept it and have carried it on many rides
  12. Ghost Rider


    Who is this with the Dirtriderz sticker on the rear window Probably a very classy person
  13. Finally we have another camper and made it to The Grampians after saying nearly three years ago I wanted to go there with the Family Like what has been said above , its a fantastic place with great facilities and amazing beauty of the surrounding sights and attractions We arrived on the Saturday , set up camp and then did some exploring on the pushies , then BBQ dinner Sunday drive to Halls Gap and walk the 5hr round trip from HG to the top called the Pinnacles ( very tough steep walk ) But also can be done from higher up carparks which makes it much easier for the softies. Mon 5 of us rode the 4.6 km to Zumsteins where we met with other family members to continue walking to Fish falls then to Mackenzie falls and all the way back ( easy enjoyable walk along the river with spectacular scenery and waterfalls ) Hopefully there will be another Dirtriderz meet here for me to enjoy again at some point Cheers to Macka for making this available and the work he puts in at the Cooinda Scout park where we stayed.
  14. Your mistaking me with someone else
  15. You have all been full of good advice but why has no one commented on the phallic pic on his knee yet ? Draw some hair on those balls , you will need it for enduro riding at times Oh good luck with the recovery
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