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  1. Take me down to that Paradise City where the grass is green and the rocks are slippery.
  2. A very regular rider of all things DirtriderZ but DEFINITELY NOT a wine and cheese affiliate
  3. Fantastic report and pics Pete , enjoyed the read. Makes me want to get back there and pretty sure I know someone else super eager to experience the rocky hills of Mt Cole
  4. Its been all said already but well done Gypsy on the organization of our annual epic GFF Ride ,a lot of effort and management made the ride fantastic for all. A late request for a few of us to move up to the 3+ ride to allow more to join in on the Lvl 3 was very tempting despite our lack of bike fitness for various reasons . But we took the challenge and were excited to be there Except for Kmatts who I put his name up without his approval ,did he have a good time ,I don't know it depends. Great riding with all the familiar faces and great to meet some new ones , you all have great fitness and skills. Buzz took us on some awesome tracks as per usual with heaps of technical challenges ,big steep hills and some monster logs . The food and all required supplies was fantastic that everyone brought , A great feed The night time party was awesome till nearly 3am ,loads of laughs and piss takes Yes Pete HaHa I RE named all the spice girls Hope to ride with more of you all soon Thanks all Matt has a stretch while others fix his tyre Gypsy looses his Coffee water Got you again All the rubbish and leftover broken glass taken away , Possibly wasn't even ours.
  5. Well I was the last to leave Saturday morning and I was glad to see the meeting spot was left cleaner than when we started
  6. Welcome Tony some good info in the organised rides section
  7. I watched the live footage last night , very entertaining , some nasty falls for those who rushed the obstacles. Well done to the Aussies so far . Good luck in the forests Buzz ,you made up lots of places last year and 85th is a much better starting position. Were all cheering for Ya.
  8. https://www.redbullromaniacs.com/media/competitors-2019/ Clicking on the Gold ,Silver, Bronze and Iron you can see all the Aussie competitors Good luck all And Buzz we will all be watching and cheering you on , Good luck Mate
  9. Great vid Habs , best i've seen in awhile. That ride looked so good , looking forward to getting back to Tallarook for a ride again sometime soon.
  10. JD jetting did not make much difference with my Mikuni carb Put a Kehin carb from Two Stroke Performance with their jetting and it solved all fuel economy issues
  11. Have you got a new camera Cruiser ? Those tracks look great
  12. Steve you got some more Gold in Chewton again and Fab was with you , oh what a coincidence . Congrats on the Bike Fab , apparently its easier than a four stroke, ENJOY
  13. Just did my first top end at 130 hrs , had Dave at TSP inspect bore and piston and all was ok I installed a B piston
  14. Well done Fab , Congrats Pics please
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