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  1. Ghost Rider

    Word Association...

  2. Ghost Rider

    Overheating Husky te300

    Mine was popping the rad cap and loosing coolant very easily raise the front wheel by two bricks and loosen the bleed screw on top of the head till you get coolant and no bubbles this helped mine
  3. Ghost Rider

    Tallarook Cup Day Tuesday

    When all the pornstars leave that's when I turn up to finish the job Lots of late scratchings on this fine glorious Melbourne Cup Day ride at Tallarook Daniels rides at talla are always great and with the extra wetness forecast I thought it should be a Ripper. unfortunately the weather held off and the only wet we got during the ride was sweat from doing some bloody awesome tracks Myself Rider and Jono I think I can say we all had a brilliant day on the bikes with a beer and a BBQ afterwards bucketed down on the way there and the bike got a great wash as I drove home I am not sure what we can do to toughen up the soft westies ,maybe they are beyond help . I assume they probably spent thier day in the kitchen cooking. any suggestions of how to help please post up they are fun to have on rides
  4. Feeling petty tired after a big day at Wildwood i had to walk everywhere and stand in the sun all day my first time here to spectate and to cheer on Mev and Buzz and also check out the tallent of the pro riders Caught up with Fab and HT during the day and got to see some super skilful riders and a lot of crashing and bashing of bikes and riders A few beers afterwards with Mev. And Buzz and friends , top day out A few pics
  5. Ghost Rider

    Oakleigh Trials day

    About $50 to borrow the Beta trials bike
  6. Ghost Rider

    Oakleigh Trials day

    Thanks Brian for the invite yesterday , spent about 3 hours there talking , looking and riding . The site offers terrain and obstacles from beginner to advanced with limitless combinations to keep you entertained and progressing. First up on Brian's Honda 250 four stroke , took a little to get used to drum brakes and cable operated ,gave the hands a bit of a workout. Basically putted around on the gravely slopes learning where the torque and traction was. The 2018 TRS 2T was something I felt comfortable on straight away , soft suspension lower pegs and wicked brakes I was able to do some logs this time (not as big as what i can do on my KTM 300) the compression and spring you get is fantastic on these bikes. Balancing and slow riding was easy and I felt I could almost come to a stop before the log and then pretend (attempt ) to zap up it. Something I have been unable to do on the enduro bike is endo and lift the rear wheel across to another position . On this bike it was very easy , lightweight , suspension and good brakes makes such a difference Thanks Brian and to the members that let me have a go of their bikes I went home and started to tell Wendy what I got up to . It went like this Me , I went to the Oakleigh trials club today for a look Wendy , THE ANSWER IS NO! Guess I will have to work on that one Anyway , the club is great.
  7. Ghost Rider

    Wye River 13/14 October 2018

    Well I finally popped my Wye river cherry and once you pop you cant stop and don't stop till you get enough Woooh. Anticipation for this ride was huge as for a few years now I have been hearing about this magical place ,reading ride reports and making suggestive comments to anyone that rides there to maybe pop me an invite . Well those suggestive comments and the promise of doing any thing for it finally paid off Thanks To Toysrus for the addition to the group. Darren thank you for your hospitality , generosity and organization of the Wye river weekend . I absolutely had the best time. I enjoyed the lead up, the banter, the food and the enthusiasm for fine foods , the laughter and camaraderie during the ride Matt the tracks were amazing especially the bit with the steep views and rocky wet terrain . plenty of overgrown log infested ones too with big logs and creek crossings. Even enjoyed that last track on the Saturday that became un- passable without a chainsaw with a 60 "bar , I did have a lie down on the ground after that track. Oh and great vid and pics , love the theme song , another Mojhito and I would have been there. Had a blast thanks all (only 40 days till the next adventure)
  8. Ghost Rider

    Dirtriderz favourite recipes

    We don’t have a recipe section , So I am going to suggest Seen as I have been asked to post my wife’s cob loaf with creamy spinach filling recipe cut a circle out of the top of the cob loaf Remove the soft bread out of the ctr of the cob cut 25 mm strips in edge of cob bake in oven at 200 deg 10 mins smoked salmon makes a perfect accompaniment best served at Wye river amongst great friends
  9. Ghost Rider

    Forks leaking again, who do you recommend?

    Kroozetune do a great job , they put high quality seals in that seam to last way longer than stock seals
  10. Ghost Rider

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    You wanted some pics Gypsy
  11. Ghost Rider

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Absolutely a brilliant day out with all you guys. Was so good catching up with you lot but not enough time have a chat with everyone unfortunately The ride was awesome and I was super impressed seeing the skills of these lvl 4 riders launching off logs and nailing hills like I had never seen before, wow they were good. Buzz thanks for leading this awesome loop you’ve got and taking me to the widow maker for the first time . (got my name on the hall of shame list but) big thanks to all that contributed to makin it a bloody great Good Friday
  12. Ghost Rider

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Rider is still on his bike at 10:00pm
  13. Ghost Rider

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Yep , next time we ride ill bring some cash
  14. Ghost Rider

    12 year old Jarvis

    What a show Kick start , we would struggle on this coarse , how good is the training for youngsters in the UK way back then!
  15. Ghost Rider

    Rider Grading System

    I just came up with a new rider grading system Lvl 1 firetrails Lvl 2 yellow ribbons Lvl 3 blue ribbons Lvl 4 pink ribbons Hows that sound Mick