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  1. Who Havn't You Seen On Here In A Long Time ?

    Summer weather and busy lifestyles also a contributor
  2. All the best with your recovery its probably too risky to start doing monos and spins on the wheelchair at this point
  3. Lal Lal RCHA 2018

    The fan was on the clutch was in use but we made it
  4. Lal Lal RCHA 2018

    Halal Lal Gypsy style like fresh meat to the slaughter, taken to the toughest hills we sacrificed ourselves for the kids Whar a friggin awesome ride Gypsy took us on , I absolutely loved it loads of steep challenging hills one after the other , big logs for practice and a supreme bunch of guys to ride with Sabo thanks for sweeping Mev And Buzz for some post ride drinks at the Lal Lal pub after great ride all you could say don’t turn up on a lvl 3+ ride with a stuffed tyre unless your gun riders and don’t need assistance and your going to be a Romaniac
  5. Mate I hope the low life's get caught and you get all your gear and bike back sorry to hear ,hope it's not going to make you miss any planned rides
  6. Four Word Game

    Soap in her mouth
  7. Also thanks to Nathan for the lift there and back , lucky he was driving because for some reason I thought I was riding at Springhill , and I was tired from looking for our dogs that went missing and the trailer needed work and the exhaust manifold gaskets were leaking on my car and I didn't even have time to fill my fuel tank to the top. But I had enough time to grab a couple of bourbons for the ride home
  8. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Rus , hope its a great day.
  9. Great ride Marko was lots of fun ,not too hot and not too dusty just great trails and a great bunch of guys to ride with. thanks to Kmatt for leading ,managed to splash him as we went past one of the very few puddles still out there big thanks to Riles for sweeping and for the fuel , still got some issues to sort out with my bike also thanks to Jono for some sweeping too Was so good to be on the bike again and riding with you all.
  10. Four Word Game

    or a bigger tank
  11. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Yep we are excited too Buzz , we will be cheering you both on , what a monumental event to go to let alone compete as well. Cant wait
  12. Four Word Game

    For friction free results
  13. Habs , not sure if he will be back.
  14. Four Word Game

    Get it all dirty