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  1. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Jazz
  2. Garage build working bee

    Thats fantastic Sean , yep still need a hand , I will start a PM with all the details, thanks mate.
  3. Garage build working bee

    It's ok Matt , Ill be fine ,its not like I really miss the riding Its only been 45 days 5hrs 57 mins since I last rode the 300 with Buzz at Dissa. Any way , I blame Marko , if it wasn't for him putting on a bloody good ride at Springhill I might have had a chance at getting some help I put this wall up last Saturday night by myself
  4. Garage build working bee

    Need some help next weekend Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th putting up the remaining walls , mezzanine floor and roof. I will have a scissor lift both days . BBQ and drinks provided . Let me know if your available to help out either of the days Its a very big Quaker barn , there will be plenty to do I have most tools , all you need is gloves. This is why , i'm not riding at the moment it will be worth it in the end, then I can start the rebuild of the house. I will create a PM with more info if any one is interested