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  1. 5EXC

    Lvl 3 rides

    I,m all for grading Noodles ability 10 minutes into the ride on a Saturday morning at the Annual
  2. 5EXC


    MeV and Buzz ,It's been an enormous commitment to you and your families on this epic challenge to train for and compete in such an amazing and enduring race on the other side of the world . We are in awe of your abilities and pace which has been improving dramatically since the training started . Your dedication and determination for improving technique will absolutely pay off during the race and on rides to come, and you should be proud of the effort and accomplishment of wherever you finish as we will be too. best of luck to you both ps . Oh your poor bikes ,they have been to hell and back but what a hell of a ride it's been.
  3. 5EXC

    Otways fun with TurboTim 3 June 18

    Noodle level
  4. 5EXC

    Otways fun with TurboTim 3 June 18

    Great vid Bruce, hanging to get there soon
  5. 5EXC


    Getting excited now been waiting for this all day
  6. Details and pics of the ride or the date ?
  7. 5EXC

    Word Association...

  8. 5EXC

    chewton chewed us up

    Reputation still intact , Great laughs that day Awesome ride with great people
  9. Designed and made a GPS protective case and handlebar Mount3D printed
  10. Interesting to see how it goes Seems sort of cheating http://adbmag.com.au/editorial/alta-motors-to-race-erzberg/
  11. 5EXC

    Beechworth bikes bourbons an bonfire

    Great pics of all the hills too to tempt us and impressive bonfire. Is there a sign saying no bikes in the caves , I reckon my 2T would sound awesome in there I guess they are relying on common sense
  12. 5EXC

    Smokers Lounge

    Loose 10 kg or pay $1500 whichever comes first
  13. 5EXC

    Goughs bay on a perfect day

    Some more pics What kind of magic food gives Buzz the energy to go all day?
  14. I will start this seen as though I am for once sitting back relaxing with nothing to In front of a cozy fire in Mansfield Feeling pretty happy after an awesome day on the bike. I was planning to camp at Goughs on Friday night but that didn’t happen Just before Bonnie Doon my trailer wheel bearing seized causing the axle to rotate within the u bolts and the Tyre to loose some rubber on the inner guard Once I had recentered the axle I could loosten and lube the inner bearing with chain lube and continue After some phone conversations with Gypsy, Buzz and Riles Riles thankfully was able to pick me up on his way through in the morning Top crew of riders with plenty of skills to handle the mega rocky uphills downhills , massive logs and a long full day of technical exhausting riding Huge thanks to gypsy for organising Buzz and Gyps leading Mev and Riles sweeping top day
  15. 5EXC

    Word Association...