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  1. 5EXC

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Yep , next time we ride ill bring some cash
  2. 5EXC

    12 year old Jarvis

    What a show Kick start , we would struggle on this coarse , how good is the training for youngsters in the UK way back then!
  3. 5EXC

    Rider Grading System

    I just came up with a new rider grading system Lvl 1 firetrails Lvl 2 yellow ribbons Lvl 3 blue ribbons Lvl 4 pink ribbons Hows that sound Mick
  4. 5EXC

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Cluffie and Chris C , hope you guys have a great day
  5. 5EXC


    Me too , question is, could it be done on a 2 stroke ?
  6. 5EXC


    Gypsy you will like this
  7. 5EXC

    Rockin and rootin at Chewton...

    Enjoyed all the vids and pics , looked like a whole lota fun I definitely have to get back there soon
  8. 5EXC

    Neerim with Mick 12/8

    Looks awesome out there great to see you all out having a blast . Make sure you pull your fork seals down and clean them out before your next ride , the fine silt is nasty .
  9. 5EXC

    Chasing Gypsy's Wombat

    And its for sale too, sorry to rub it in but a great sales pitch for someone else to take get the opportunity to ride an awesome 300. nice report
  10. 5EXC

    Romainiacs 2018

    From the front door around the table to the TV remote then behind the couch to the fridge and back to the couch I imagine.
  11. 5EXC

    Lvl 3 rides

    I,m all for grading Noodles ability 10 minutes into the ride on a Saturday morning at the Annual
  12. 5EXC


    MeV and Buzz ,It's been an enormous commitment to you and your families on this epic challenge to train for and compete in such an amazing and enduring race on the other side of the world . We are in awe of your abilities and pace which has been improving dramatically since the training started . Your dedication and determination for improving technique will absolutely pay off during the race and on rides to come, and you should be proud of the effort and accomplishment of wherever you finish as we will be too. best of luck to you both ps . Oh your poor bikes ,they have been to hell and back but what a hell of a ride it's been.
  13. 5EXC

    Otways fun with TurboTim 3 June 18

    Noodle level
  14. 5EXC

    Otways fun with TurboTim 3 June 18

    Great vid Bruce, hanging to get there soon
  15. 5EXC


    Getting excited now been waiting for this all day