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  1. Four Word Game

    or a bigger tank
  2. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Yep we are excited too Buzz , we will be cheering you both on , what a monumental event to go to let alone compete as well. Cant wait
  3. Four Word Game

    For friction free results
  4. Habs , not sure if he will be back.
  5. Four Word Game

    Get it all dirty
  6. Four Word Game

    I play music loud
  7. Four Word Game

    The Bitch is Back
  8. Four Word Game

    To get another go
  9. Smokers Lounge

    Great news , congrats
  10. Hey mate can I come and have a look at it , Im in Tecoma

    1. 5EXC


      Chris 0413 659 580

  11. 2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    Great report Noods , would love to have got there but too much on my plate at the moment Your report had me imagining all the fun to be had at the Annual, I too like the riding with Woodsy , hope to see him on a ride on one of the Good Friday Rides. Sounded like another awesome weekender , great pics.
  12. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Dakota , hope you have a great day
  13. Garage build working bee

    Here are plenty of pics of the build Plenty more to do including wiring ,lights ,windows and a lift at the end to raise the bikes and gear up to the next level. It was really difficult through the winter , at one point over 43 days in a row there were only 11 days it didn't rain . Also big thanks to Fab and Buzz who came across from the other side of town (2 hour journey) to help with the frame and roofing on one of the days. And Sean who came two separate days to help and Cruiser for the ladders ,help and advice. Really Really appreciate it guys.
  14. Spectators supporting the Dirtriderz at wildwood, some pics and results please. keen to know how the boys went.
  15. Got our Rocks off at Cobaw

    Whats going on here?