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  1. I reckon you'll find it is not just dirt bike articles that the media loves to blow out of proportion. Every bit of news is "sensationalised", beaten up and made up to try to sell some newspapers as they are dying at a great rate. That on top of the fact Murdoch owns just about every bit of major news media in Australia and they just make the news whatever they want it to be. Being in a profession that has got on the bad end of the Murdoch beat up train on an often enough occasion has opened my eyes to just how much stuff is just blatantly made up with only the slightest skerrick of truth behind it (or many times no truth whatsoever) and rolled out as news.
  2. I didn't have lights for years on my rec registered TXC450. Was like that when I bought it. Came across the coppers at Dissa one day and they couldn't have cared less. Did the usual breath test, checked my licence, checked the rego and had a bit of a chat for a bit with all of us. They were good dudes. Would all depend on the copper you get on the day and if you pass the attitude test I suppose. I personally wouldn't worry too much about it personally. Risk vs reward I guess. Risk of coming across coppers for a start is extremely low, and then even lower to get a grumpy one that would actually care to bust you for something like that. To be fully legal for rec rego you actually need 1 headlight, 1 tail light and brake light, a white number plate light all of which need to not be lossless (aka just powered by batteries. They need to run off the bike as well). Also need a mirror on the right side and you also need a working horn wired into the electrical system. All can be found here - https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/~/media/files/formsandpublications/registration/recreation_motorcycle_registation.pdf Look at the collection of bikes on any dirtriderz ride and basically none of them would be fully legal. Cops would have a field day if they really wanted to but everyone takes that into account with the risk vs reward and rides with whatever they feel satisfies them enough. Up to you I guess.
  3. Really good day out. Thanks Fab for organising and leading. Terrain was really interesting. Haven't seen so many trees down on a ride before. Can't remember how many we had to wrestle the bikes under/over during the day, especially in the arvo once we went exploring trying to find Fabs trails on the GPS. Fatigue really set in for me in the later part of the day and started to really struggle standing up which make me a bit slower again. Have to get to a few more dirtriderz rides to get the bike fitness back to where it used to be. And it was me that got a flat. Turns out there wasn't a UHD tube in there but with Fabs expert tyre changing skills and tools (got a fair few tools on order as of this morning) we got it changed but we lost a fair bit of time there as we had a rim lock that wasn't playing ball and seating correctly. By my GPS we did 58km with 1820m of vertical climbing so fair to say there was a few hills in there for the day. Left the carpark at 9am and the last 3 got back to the cars at 4:30 or so. Anyways thanks again. Here's a couple of vids and pics that I managed to take during the day.
  4. That looks good. I usually track my rides with Runkeeper as it is easy enough for me to work out. Can you explain what I need to download to use Locusmaps with my phone and get those maps. They look good.
  5. As the others have said around Woods Point is the go as most of the tracks up that way are not seasonally closed and there are a few mountains over the 1200m mark which is about the sweet spot for snow. Up that way you have Mt Terrible as well as Mt Matlock and Mt Skene. Some ripper tracks up that way with some crazy hills and some big river crossings and stuff if you are into that sort of thing. This vids will give you an idea of the tracks around Mt Matlock. Im actually thinking of going for a bit of a 4wd up that way on Thursday for a look around the snow as there should have been a little bit up there from the last few days weather, plus its just a good drive to go to woods point and kevington pubs for lunch and a beer.
  6. Hi mate A video would be great. Have been thinking of doing some sort of team race with a mate or two for a while. Have been trawling youtube for pony express and the like videos for a while. Looks like a tonne of fun. My mates and I wouldn't exactly be classed as fast but it seems like it would be great fun to get out there and have a race.
  7. Another vote for the ResQLink+ here as well. Always run it on the arm of my camelback when riding alone so I can get to it easily if I have a stack where I can't move too well. Leave it in the glovebox of the 4wd all the other times when not riding just in case. Take it hiking and stuff as well. Small and easy.
  8. Great video and looks to be an awesome trip. What is a rough cost to do something like this. Sounds bloody interesting and Cambodia appeals as we have some work contacts there that I could meet up with as well.
  9. Great ride Mr Noodle. I had never ridden at Anglesea before and what an eye opener. Has to be one of the best places to ride a 450 in Victoria. Even the good tracks are nice and wide and flowy so you can keep the power on all day. Had an absolute ball. Will be going back for sure. Maybe not after a night shift next time so I can actually ride around with my eyes open. Had no clutch for the first 15kms as the adjuster fell out letting go of all the hydraulic oil in the master cylinder about 30 metres into the first track. I'm sure stinky was wonder what the hell I was doing every time I stalled it, waited for him to come along sweeping so I could let everyone else past and then paddle my way to some speed before hitting the starter and dropping the bike into first and with a bunny hop or two getting going again. Somehow managed to find the adjuster when we got back to the cars after the first loop just sitting there in the middle of the track on top of the sand just waiting to be found. Couldn't believe it. Thanks for all the help from everyone trying to round up some hydraulic fluid and tools and getting it bled up for the second part of the adventure. I also lost a socket that I somehow managed to flick into the bush but also found that just sitting there in a shrub waiting to be found as well. Was having a good day finding stuff. Also managed to sneak out of the carpark at the end un noticed I'm sure... Can't believe someone moved that tree to behind my ute haha. Steel tray 1, tree 0
  10. I had it done about 5 years ago. Best decision I have ever made and would do it again in a heartbeat. Have better than 20/20 vision now. Hated wearing glasses and could never get comfortable with contacts. Had it done at NewVision Clinics by Dr Alpins - http://www.newvisionclinics.com.au/dr-alpins-experience/ From memory I reckon I was about $3.5k out of pocket for the 2 eyes after getting some cash back in my tax for claiming a major medical expense. The consultation and pre-tests were free. There were probably about 4 or 5 tests they did on my eyes to see if I was suitable. I went to a couple of places for consultations and I felt new vision clinics was the most thorough by a mile. Put me at ease compared to a couple of the others I went to that only really seemed to want my money. Surgery was about 5 minutes per eye all up. Recovery was a very sore about 4 days. Like I had swum in a super chlorinated pool as well as being super sensitive to any light. I just spent the days in my bedroom with the blinds drawn and caught up on some sleep. Had to go back daily for 3 days to get checkups by the optometrist. No way you could drive so wife would drive me back. Wore a hoody over my head and sunglasses haha. Must have looked like a criminal. On the 5th day I was driving again and eyes were about the same as before the surgery vision wise and very minimal pain and only slightly light sensitive. Vision improved immensely every day and better than pre surgery about after about a week. Probably was at 20/20 maybe a month later. Eyes would have a sort of sharp pain if I rubbed them in the wrong spot like if you were sleepy or something for probably a year after but that was about it. Best money I have ever spent.
  11. Cool as thanks for that. Was just wondering if I had a problem with mine that I needed to get looked at. Some coppers must have too much time on their hands if they care about that sort of stuff.
  12. What was the issue with the trailer hitches?
  13. Cant make this one as I have stuff on. Also had stuff on when the Bacchus Marsh Pony was on as well. Really wanting to do a few this year for the first time. Unofficially did one in Gladstone a few months ago as a sweep for the Juniors one day and then swept the seniors the next day to help out the club while I was up there on holidays as I knew the president of the club up there. Loved it. Where is the best place to find all the dates for the sprints and ponys in Vic
  14. Thanks for putting on a great ride guys. Had a ball. Was pretty cooked in the last 30 minutes after failing one of the hill climbs in the pines on the way back to the cars and sapping my remaining energy trying to get going again. Bike matched the rider with it spewing out a lot of steam about 5 minutes later haha. Anyways I took a few pics from the top of the 2nd sister. I'm crap with remembering people's names so if someone wants to edit the post and fill in some names go right ahead. 3...2...1.............. BLASTOFF!!!!!!!!!
  15. Dropped it into Chads yesterday for some much needed suspension work. The previous owner had the suspension done on the bike for his weight but I am about 40kg heavier than him. Was soft but hasn't been too bad in the bush as I'm not a super fast rider. Been doing some MX track stuff lately and the front seals gave up the ghost at Broadmeadows MX track when I came up a bit short on a tabletop and massively bottomed out the forks with a big bang. Had been bottoming them out all day with a few tyre marks on the inside of the front guard. Dropped the bike off and was out of his shop in about 5 minutes. Just filled out a form and gave them my weight. They didn't really want to have a chat about what I want from the bike. Was a bit surprised. Hopefully it comes back good as it's a whole lot of money to spend on what is starting to be an old bike when I could have just chucked new seals in it. Was excited about getting it done but just a bit worried now. Might give them a call today to find out some more info about what is going to be done.
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