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  1. badger66

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    You would have been spewing if you'd traveled all that way for your bike to pack up 10 minutes into the ride Jay
  2. badger66

    Kinglake L 2

    Awesome ride yesterday, cool and sunny, quite slippery in the morning with a few challenges thrown in Good group of Dirtriderz always ready to help each other when needed. thanks, Macca
  3. badger66

    Lvl 3 rides

    From my experience the gap between L2, even L2+ is huge, if anyone wants to jump in to L3 be prepared to be honest if you're struggling at L3 pace, pull out if you're slowing the majority of the group.
  4. Has anyone ridden on a guided tour in Vietnam or have any info or recommendations to share ? Looking to do a 3-4 day tour at intermediate level cheers Andy
  5. Don't think he's broken anything, he rode back to the car so.. Be great if we could all do a little track maintenance here n there along the way!
  6. My mate got lanced in Neerim this weekend, we went back through the track and clears a few other potential injuries, guys if you see something dangerous please take a minute to remove it if you can, you never know, next time it could be you.
  7. badger66

    Katmans Gembrook Ride 20th May

    It is but they close the tracks in winter, the 4Bs rip the shit out of it unfortunately
  8. badger66

    Katmans Gembrook Ride 20th May

    It was an absolute bogg, their was only one guy made it to the top, it was thought wiser to go round for the rest of the bunch rather than spend too much energy on one hill. great track tho Cluffie.
  9. badger66

    Katmans Gembrook Ride 20th May

    Thanks for a great day out guys, great bunch of Dirtriderz yesterday, was happy as a pig in sh#t with the conditions. thanks Shane and Bassman for sweeping and Phill for posting up. cheers Andy
  10. badger66

    Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    any time your out buddy
  11. badger66

    Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    Thanks for putting on this ride Iconic, sorry for the hold up due to my rear break issues. didn't mind sweeping for the majority of the ride but had a blast trying to chasing the young guns when given the opportunity. Great bunch, great day, Thanks again.
  12. badger66

    350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Ok thanks Jay I'll give that a go
  13. badger66

    350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Yeh she usually did that but now it's as tho there's no clutch engaging at all, like I said it didn't have such a kick before the rebuild
  14. badger66

    350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Not sure what oil went in on the rebuild Frank, would have thought they went with the recommended oil tho
  15. badger66

    350 exc top end rebuild issues

    I'll give that a go tomorrow and let you know mate