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  1. What day was that Matt?
  2. Thanks Jay for putting on another fantastic weekend of riding, big thanks to Matt for sweeping all day Saturday, awesome tracks, campsite, weather, company! cant wait for the next one cheers mate
  3. Thanks Mark for putting on a great days riding at Hazelwood,thanks Greg for sweeping all day, hope we didn't keep you too busy mate. Great group, great ride, Thanks again.
  4. Sorry just the one photo to share!
  5. Was a great bunch of riders yesterday, as already stated it was hot and dusty at Neerim but that didn't slow this bunch of experienced riders.I decided it best for me to sit of the back because for some reason I was wrestling my bike instead of riding the f¥#*ing thing. Greg as always did a sterling job leading I was sweeping but the only bike I picked up all day was mine, we did 50ks but Grant and Anthony did +20 on their pre ride, Greg and Beau stayed out for another 1/2 hour after the main group headed back to the cars. Best thing was no one had a stack or any breakdowns, top bunch of blokes. Thanks for coming out and I'll catch you on the next one. Cheers Andy
  6. Great post Lucas, glad you enjoyed yourself today, flowed well I thought. ill do w full ride report myself tomorrow
  7. hi Macca,

    will this be a cruise ride, im thinking about bringing Melissa along for this ride, if we are holding you up we could always peel off.


  8. Great day out guys, Melissa and I was loving the tracks, lots of traction and a good mix. if i splashed or roosted anyone i apologize, if i pass anyone i try to do it slowly and at a point where theirs plenty of room. Thanks Greasa
  9. You would have been spewing if you'd traveled all that way for your bike to pack up 10 minutes into the ride Jay
  10. badger66

    Kinglake L 2

    Awesome ride yesterday, cool and sunny, quite slippery in the morning with a few challenges thrown in Good group of Dirtriderz always ready to help each other when needed. thanks, Macca
  11. From my experience the gap between L2, even L2+ is huge, if anyone wants to jump in to L3 be prepared to be honest if you're struggling at L3 pace, pull out if you're slowing the majority of the group.
  12. Has anyone ridden on a guided tour in Vietnam or have any info or recommendations to share ? Looking to do a 3-4 day tour at intermediate level cheers Andy
  13. Don't think he's broken anything, he rode back to the car so.. Be great if we could all do a little track maintenance here n there along the way!
  14. My mate got lanced in Neerim this weekend, we went back through the track and clears a few other potential injuries, guys if you see something dangerous please take a minute to remove it if you can, you never know, next time it could be you.
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