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  1. Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    any time your out buddy
  2. Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    Thanks for putting on this ride Iconic, sorry for the hold up due to my rear break issues. didn't mind sweeping for the majority of the ride but had a blast trying to chasing the young guns when given the opportunity. Great bunch, great day, Thanks again.
  3. 350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Ok thanks Jay I'll give that a go
  4. 350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Yeh she usually did that but now it's as tho there's no clutch engaging at all, like I said it didn't have such a kick before the rebuild
  5. 350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Not sure what oil went in on the rebuild Frank, would have thought they went with the recommended oil tho
  6. 350 exc top end rebuild issues

    I'll give that a go tomorrow and let you know mate
  7. 350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Yeh, I haven't touched the clutch, was just fine before the rebuild mate, wouldn't of thought the clutch would have been adjusted by the mechanic
  8. 160 hours Ok guys I've just had the 350 top end done as per the title and it's true to say I'm no mechanic, I understand their will be better compression= more power!! But now I come to start it... first kick, loving that! I allow it to warm up for 5mins or so and in the past that would be enough, now when I put it in gear she stalls pretty violently. can anyone tell me what's going on here?? Cheers Andy

    Great post but the only area I'm kind of familiar with is your back yard Mick, always happy to lead a L2 for L2 riders When my leg is fixed that is!
  10. My new ride!!

    For sure Adam, I'm not the ultimate athlete you are
  11. My new ride!!

    Thanks mate Dont tell anyone but I may have a short fire trail ride with Melissa on Sunday Probably won't start to ride in anger again till the end of the month at the earliest all being well
  12. My new ride!!

    Kato just gone in for a top end didn't really need it but..... was still going strong at 170 hours!!
  13. My new ride!!

    You mean, drop it!!!
  14. My new ride!!

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd introduce you to my new bike, I've taken the plunge and bought a TE 300 to find out what all you 2T smokers keep bragging about!! Still got the old faithful 350 exc f as back up if me and the new girl don't work out Anyway here she is, 19 hours on her, suspension is set up for my slender 85+ kg and Mario has done a fantastic job on the seat!!!
  15. Cowwarr/Seaton Ride L2.5 27th August

    And I'll still be back for more guys!!