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  1. Thanks Macka, 100% agree with Frank, awesome glamping with all the facilities you could want, definitely in for the next weekend at this spot👍 my first time on sand so was great to finally have a crack on the new (to me) 690, close call with a small kangaroo that trued to jump through the bike, luckily I stayed upright 👌 Thanks Bear for sweeping all day Saturday 🙏
  2. Thanks Dusty for putting together a great ride, awesome tracks and just the right amount of challenge 👌, good group of riders, always willing to help out when needed👍 Thanks Leigh for sweeping most of the day, Ross and Pete had a turn as well👏👏 Ill be keen to have another crack at Dissa next time.😁
  3. Ooops wrong report 😳
  4. Thanks for putting this ride on Stu, some awesome challenging tracks and a good mix of riders, was a full on workout that’s for sure, awesome job Leigh, sweep all day👏👏
  5. Thanks Tracy for putting on a great ride and thanks to the support riders, the ride flowed really well with a great mix of tracks. Always a pleasure meeting new people on these rides, special thanks to Bear for taking the time out to fiddle with my problematic carby! cheers guys, catch you on the next one 🤙
  6. Melissa & I had a ball!! Thanks so much for organising the ride & taking us to some new trails .. great bunch of friendly guys. Thanks all for your patience waiting at the of trails. I think you’ll agree Melissa did incredibly well today. Hope you had a blast after we left you at 50kms. Sorry we didn’t see you at the car park. Hope everything went well 😁😁 Thanks again, Melissa and Andy🤘 PS sorry Eagle didn’t get too fat but hope we can catch you on the next ride.
  7. Thank Cruiser for putting on a great ride yesterday, was loving it till my mate, Cooter’s bike decided to detonate was an interesting ride back to the car, two up!! thanks bushy for sweeping first part of the ride, great job mate catch you next time guys, hopefully I’ll finish the next ride
  8. Thanks Jay for putting on another fantastic weekend of riding, big thanks to Matt for sweeping all day Saturday, awesome tracks, campsite, weather, company! cant wait for the next one cheers mate
  9. Thanks Mark for putting on a great days riding at Hazelwood,thanks Greg for sweeping all day, hope we didn't keep you too busy mate. Great group, great ride, Thanks again.
  10. Sorry just the one photo to share!
  11. Was a great bunch of riders yesterday, as already stated it was hot and dusty at Neerim but that didn't slow this bunch of experienced riders.I decided it best for me to sit of the back because for some reason I was wrestling my bike instead of riding the f¥#*ing thing. Greg as always did a sterling job leading I was sweeping but the only bike I picked up all day was mine, we did 50ks but Grant and Anthony did +20 on their pre ride, Greg and Beau stayed out for another 1/2 hour after the main group headed back to the cars. Best thing was no one had a stack or any breakdowns, top bunch of blokes. Thanks for coming out and I'll catch you on the next one. Cheers Andy
  12. Great post Lucas, glad you enjoyed yourself today, flowed well I thought. ill do w full ride report myself tomorrow
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