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  1. hoff300

    Dissa Hills Cruiser Style.

    You did fine Andy you brought some banter.
  2. hoff300

    Dissa Hills Cruiser Style.

    Cruiser the way we came up hamburger 4 after swapping bikes looked like 2 clowns!!
  3. hoff300

    Dissa Hills Cruiser Style.

    Yeah Iv'e changed that stiff rear shock spring back out now, so it's back to normal now what ever that is!!
  4. hoff300

    Dartmouth 2 day

    Heal up well Russ.
  5. hoff300

    Dissa Hills Cruiser Style.

    Thanks Cruiser for a great fun day out! That photo of me doesn't look like I'm having fun but I was, thanks Howard for looking after us old men today, and teaching the young bloke Andy! You don't have to teach us old blokes because it would do your head in, good to see everyone give it a fair crack today and to meet the flying Flynn! Mike always a pleasure riding with you, and your also young. Okay Cruiser your good fun to ride with toooo!
  6. hoff300

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Cruiser you might have been burn't on the legs protecting your coffee water on the fire! I think I'm trying to say thanks for cooking on Dans you beaut BBQ, but be careful next time please! We need you up and riding as your great for banter. Also thanks goes out to Cluffies family for cooking and organising a feed when we got back.
  7. hoff300

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Thank's goes out to Gypsy, Dusty, Coggs, and Buzz for organising and running this awesome Dissa ride. Then thanks to Marko for being a great cameraman. Dusty thanks for looping us around some of your Dissa favourite tracks best thing was it looked like you were having plenty of fun as well, that was riding and afterwards! For such a big group our ride flowed pretty well. Thanks for "Rider- Dan" for sweeping and the other fellow who had a go sweeping, forgotten who it was but thank-you. One standout moment was Hamburger - 1 when riding up, Longy's bike turned around on him and took off down hill with out him on it!! Had a great day out and great to catch up with some old and new faces.
  8. hoff300

    Avoca ,big hills and bike issues .

    Yes big shout out to Bear for leading us around on another great ride, and Simon for sweeping eating the most dust for the day! Started with some nice flowing tracks and a little banter, then slowly the banter increased! How you may ask? A bloke on the ride ended up with no clutch due to a bleeding issue, oh boy did he cop it and I loved every bit of it!!! It didn't stop there though. We had another rider with a toothless front sprocket, more banter but some clown carries a spare front sprocket that fix that little problem! Oh well we had fun changing it, all in all great day out with lot's of dust and fun thanks gents.
  9. hoff300

    Gypsy’s lightening strikes at wombat

    Sabo that mud was rank! But sucked in too me, I copped it and now I laugh so much about the dry reaching.
  10. hoff300

    End of an era (for me)

    Ah Scotty!!
  11. hoff300

    Gypsy’s lightening strikes at wombat

    Yeah thanks Gypsy for leading us around some great tracks and also great to have Mev on-board doing the sweeping duties, thanks boys. Yesterdays ride was another ripping ride with everyone looking like they were having fun, I'm a little sore today as well " leg muscle" keeps getting a little tear in it and that is just proof that I'm old. Highlights were watching the boys taking on one of the hills, no-one got up!!! Then I overtook Drezz to chase Sabo only to get about half a minute further on then, Sabo got stuck in a puddle and proceeded to spray me with the stinkiest muddy water ever!! LOL I think he had know idea I was there or he thought it was Drezz! Mev told us a little about a his fun in Romania, or was that torture.
  12. Great work gentlemen, I have finely got around to changing to swann insurance and I don't need my bike in an enclosed trailer! Also full comp.
  13. Checking out swan and Shannon's policy ATM.
  14. So who has the best policy that really covers REC REGO bikes? Not just on cost.
  15. hoff300

    Father’s Day Dissa

    Yeah thanks Mike a small climb out, much better when it's clear!!! Sorry for my little tantrum, silly fat old man LOL.