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  1. That's another great ride day completed thanks to young Bushy!!! Thanks Wayne for taking on sweep duties for the day. Fun day out for this "fat old man" lots of logs to get over, which the group did with ease! Other than a few little logs the ride flowed well, and looked like it may have made a few of us a little tired!!! Also it was great to see young Dann on his new Sherco with a grin from ear to ear, just loving it! Also it was good for me, I had time to have a mud pack face scrub out there!! Rule number one don't get to close to young people, they don't like old people!!!!!🤣 Some new faces and old faces made for a great ride, until next time have fun.
  2. Hopefully KTM will sort it with the latest extreme map, and new barrel!!
  3. That bloke who park that KTM next to the tree deserved everything he got, should have been given a parking ticket!! 🤣 Great to see things like that still happen!!
  4. I would just like to say thanks to Bushy for leading a great bunch of bloke's around Dissa. Then a big thanks to Rob for sweeping the whole day, I felt a little guilty for not putting my hand up to take over. With lockdown taking it's toll on many of us this is just what we needed. Great weather, people, tracks and banter, made it such a fun day moving through at a constant pace. Later in the ride some of the better riders put on show for us on the steeper hills and gnarly terrain, perfect timing to give this unfit rider a little break!🤪 Thanks again everyone for a perfect day. Welcome to the new bloke who's name escapes me, because I'm old!!
  5. It's going to be worth the wait Dann.
  6. Someone will put there hand up Dusty.
  7. I welded my Kato 14 model years ago and no problems after. But you need someone else to weld it Dusty, I only have a gasless welder ATM. It still does the job but my skills aren't up to it anymore!
  8. Unfit and fat as usual! Socially I will have to take it slowly. We'll all get there.
  9. Congratulation on the new bike Dirt girlie enjoy.
  10. Glad you could get out for a ride Peckers.
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