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  1. hoff300

    Xmas 18 Pre Ride

    Steve do the same next time I liked it!!!!
  2. I had an early model spot for years with a tracking subscription, worked very well tracking every 15 mins but missed some gps pings because of the terrain. It still gave a great reading of where you have been, and it had many options on it. Lost but okay message or broken down need assistants that goes to a friend or family, or SOS for a rescue, which I think would be like ambulance and police maybe??? But I would think that when you make a phone call for an ambulance the police come too, so I would say it should be the same for the SPOT. The new models can be programmed better, but yes you are relying on satellites!!! My model packed it in and I haven't replaced it, so my advice is see what the latest and greatest PLB can do and maybe ask someone like the emergency services if they really work! I'm not sure how good they really work, but my wife could track me pretty good, and I wouldn't rely on Optus out there! Now my wife tracking me maybe not sure if that's good!!!! Also GPS's rely on satellites and work well, SO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON WHAT WORKS THE BEST FOR YOU!!! Telstra I think may have the best bush coverage. Now do what you all want and stay safe over Xmas, ENJOY!!!
  3. hoff300

    Own a 17-18 tpi bike?

    Thank's I changed my post. Be a lot cheaper running a normal plug toooooo!
  4. hoff300

    Own a 17-18 tpi bike?

    Yeah I'm not being serious only taking the piss, it's great ATM so many great bikes to choose from. Check the slavens video out boy's, then make your own choice!
  5. hoff300

    Own a 17-18 tpi bike?

    Brand bashing is always fun!! I ride a 2 stroke and hate it, no fun at all on that thing probably because it's a Husky!!! Don't start me on which company makes the best oils!!! I know which brand it is though.
  6. hoff300


    Well done Andy!!! It takes time but your on the right track.
  7. hoff300

    Bone breaker king lake

    Well done boys for getting out safely, and a speedy recovery to Petebellco and Cobraone.
  8. hoff300

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Get well soon mate.
  9. hoff300

    Tallarook Cup Day Tuesday

    Well done men! Glad you boys had a great day out, and I'm one of the "withdrawals"! I'm just weak, I'll stand up and be counted again soon.
  10. WELL DONE Mev, Buzz and the reporter young Fab!!!
  11. hoff300

    Lal Lal with Gypsy

    Get well gents.
  12. hoff300

    Dissa Hills Cruiser Style.

    You did fine Andy you brought some banter.
  13. hoff300

    Dissa Hills Cruiser Style.

    Cruiser the way we came up hamburger 4 after swapping bikes looked like 2 clowns!!
  14. hoff300

    Dissa Hills Cruiser Style.

    Yeah Iv'e changed that stiff rear shock spring back out now, so it's back to normal now what ever that is!!
  15. hoff300

    Dartmouth 2 day

    Heal up well Russ.