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  1. Excellent day out yesterday Riles thank you for leading us around, as usual you went to another extreme bringing many Easter surprises, thanks again!!! Thanks to young Eric for the hot cross buns also, my wife think's if I go riding I lose weight you have got to be kidding!!! First track for the day was a warning to keep a look out for the dreaded hard packed red clay, as later on in the day I found myself out of control heading for a tree, don't know how I stayed on the bike!!! Plenty of banter on this ride with a great crew, as always the slippery hills provided great entertainment for every
  2. Big thanks goes out to Andy for organizing this ride, and all the others involved in putting this ride together. Thanks to all who put all the loops together spending many hour making sure all ride levels were catered for, then all the leads and sweeps. I was lucky enough to be on Cruisers and Murdocks ride, which I had an absolute ball, even fumbling my way up Murdocks rocky play hill " I was a complete Gumby. Great cause and great get together by all for this fundraiser, I was only there for the day but the atmosphere was awesome. Yesterday was also a great day to straighten my bent exhaust
  3. Thanks young Fab for leading us around those rock and shale tracks. It was a shame that Ryley had to leave us with a few bike problems, get back out there choose a little easier ride and you will be fine. Bit of banter as usual, with Eric going a little quite after he disposed of his water, just a few cramps for the young man, better you than me!!! Thanks to Riles Dann and anyone else who swept.
  4. Happy birthday young Pops!!
  5. Thanks Riles for putting this great ride together, plenty of talented riders on this ride and a good mix of banter. Easy sweeping with this crew, I enjoyed a relaxed ride at the back. So enjoy new years eve all, and hope to catch up next year.
  6. What a great day out with a cool crew. Big thanks to the gentleman Riles for putting on this ride and to the two great sweeps, Habs and Eric. Yeah Eric mastered that rock outcrop, but he is very young, so he should!!! Great entertainment provided by Habs giving a big rock a cuddle while we were taking a break, he had three flat out cracks at this hill making it twice, great job! So it was a great day out, yeah we lost Habs on purpose but things happen, Riles and Crusty told him to comeback to play though!!!! Great to catch up with everyone good banter, with a little food and drink. Oh and Crui
  7. Wish you all the best mate so far you have nailed it just talking about it!!
  8. Just got back in from the garage been jetting my bike for the last 3 weeks, and thinking I should mix my fuel at 3000 to 1 OR 40.5 TO 1!!! It's been so hard working the jetting and fuel out for this ride!!!!😂
  9. All the best in the recovery Mick. Also great work to all getting the emergency services in to help him out.
  10. A big thank you to all the blokes on this ride, just what the doctor ordered!! Banter and fun to be had touch the ground twice, man it's a struggle picking the bike up when you've had many months off. I've put on weight but picking that bike up, thinking it might have put weight on also. Must thank Riles for stopping Cujo and I going into the bog hole area that the other boys were fighting there way through!!! Love it!!! Talk about being unfit a little sore today, few more rides and it will be all good. One section was a little tough with tree roots everywhere, but the master Riles showed us h