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  1. Have had the smaller unit for years now! Once the bash plate is off you can strip the whole bike down at the right height to work on!! When you take the rear wheel and swingarm off it's a good idea to take the front wheel off first, as my bike tried to tip over front end down!!!!
  2. Geoffro and mod's well done on 10 years! It's been great and meeting so many people, then there's been so many fantastic rides.
  3. Fantastic Ben you're a legend! Excellent result.😃
  4. KTM 2014 and 13 Happy. Husky TX 300 Happy.
  5. Tpi hasn't helped your stress Gypsy!! Your still helping Mick and myself tune our carby's every day!
  6. Oh shit I tried to delete that Buzz you got it in time! Shit happens with the cover just another dollar spent, that's dirt bikes!
  7. Need to get this thread to 1000 posts at least!
  8. Just went to the garage to look at my 2018 husky tx 300 carby model! Those euro fools forgot to put the oil pump on my bike, I might go Jap.
  9. Boltons ktm has oil pumps listed for $294! Fitting them is not that hard, just make sure everything is clean and then don't forget to prime them with the plug in your service kit. Oh yeah after disconnecting the old pump you need stop the oil draining from the oil tank before you connect the new pump, or just get the bike shop to do it!! Bikes are mostly fun pick what you like and what you can afford, have fun!!! Shaun P what a post!
  10. I'm fat! It's going to take some time!
  11. Hoff has removed this post thanks to the people who liked it!
  12. I wish Rob a speedy recovery and well done to everyone on this ride with all your efforts!
  13. Ben G with the carby Gypsy! Oh and I forgot TPI man how many 2 strokes have you jetted???? Oh yeah my hair is white or grey I can't remember!!!
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