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  1. All the best in the recovery Mick. Also great work to all getting the emergency services in to help him out.
  2. A big thank you to all the blokes on this ride, just what the doctor ordered!! Banter and fun to be had touch the ground twice, man it's a struggle picking the bike up when you've had many months off. I've put on weight but picking that bike up, thinking it might have put weight on also. Must thank Riles for stopping Cujo and I going into the bog hole area that the other boys were fighting there way through!!! Love it!!! Talk about being unfit a little sore today, few more rides and it will be all good. One section was a little tough with tree roots everywhere, but the master Riles showed us h
  3. i

    1. dazzrmx


      Didnt quote you in anything, your quote is no longer there. Dont be so hard on yourself, I agreed with most of what you said, catch up soon hopefully,   

    2. hoff300


      Might need to stay away for a while, the plan is to come back with Pudmud and see how I go. Get into the riding Dazz.

  4. The XT 500 was a ground shaker!!😁
  5. Only rec Rego or ADR road? The 2018 XC and TX are rec rego only! So interesting if you could get them with full rego for that price.
  6. No problems yet with my Husky tx, it could be just around the corner the I ride. Yeah I crash alot!🤣
  7. Is the EC 300 a non rego bike like the Kato / Husky XC and TX 300? If so there's not much difference in price with that model!!
  8. Thanks Cluffie, you will be seeing me on the old 2018 Husky tx 300 probably until I stop riding, the wifie has a good right hook and I will obey!! If I was looking I'd probably go with the Kato, but it's great to see more bikes out there!
  9. You're not going north, we've already lost a few interstate!!!🤣
  10. Thanks for that looking good, next up the new Beta!! More options the better. I think we're going to see many more Sherco's on the trail!
  11. I have no idea about these needles, but I'm sure someone can help you out!
  12. I'm very interested in seeing how the new Beta and Sherco 300's stack up against the KTM /Husky the bikes / dealers and parts supply.