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  1. Cobaw from a different angle

    Great man and I for one wish him well. Thanks for the great times Jase you're a legend.
  2. Noodles glad to see you have taken over from me!!! Riles great catch and thank's Cujo for catching it.
  3. Wish you all the best with your recovery. Not the best injuries to have, keep your head up mate.
  4. Lal Lal RCHA 2018

    Well done gentlemen. Mev or Buzz that tyre has at least 2 rides left in it!!! Happy Easter Dirtriderz.
  5. Looks like you all had a ball, great grew lots of smiles.

    Make sure your teenagers are travelling okay!!! Many of them struggle with this part of life, this time of year can be hard for them to cope.
  7. Cobaw from a different angle

    Sorry Dakota for being a mongrel and not thinking of the single scene!!! I say ban the Hoff on these rides, he can only go play with the boys!! Now that my wife has read this I better go buy some flowers. Had a ball Jase thank's again.
  8. Cobaw from a different angle

    Start with a big thank's to Dakota, once again a brilliant ride put on by the master of Cobaw. Then there was Fab the man eating (Australian curry - dust) at the back sweeping, well done Fab. Had a great day out yesterday nice relaxed and calm, good to be riding again after a few weeks off. I've only heard of the young man kage, it was great to finely meet and ride with him. Nasty had a good day out by look's of things. Great attitudes from all that's what leads to fun and banter.
  9. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Cluffie is going to come clean, he has connected oil injection to the rear wheel so he can do burnout's!! He told me he needs to jet the fuel pump, and change the choke cable manifold gasket!!! He think's it's the best bike ever.
  10. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Don't believe you, Gypsy told me he ordered one a while back. He apparently likes the crack's in the oil tank!!!
  11. Bruised / Fractured Ribs

    Yeah can't be good, a mate of mine hit a tree water skiing many years back. Broken rib and fractures we were mongrels back then, had to make sure he laughed and we made sure he was a bit jumpy (bastards).
  12. Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    Yeah it's still a little bit wacky to me, but I'm interested in how it goes, BP 95 for me as my bikes running well. But remember I'm not quite right!!
  13. Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    I didn't pull out!! I was just a weak little man, that ended up having a soft weekend at home
  14. NEERIM 3+. 22/9

    Okay Mick I think I've been caught out with the Vegemite sandwich story, I'll fess up! I'm just to unfit, fat and your ride killed me.
  15. NEERIM 3+. 22/9

    I'm alive again!! Let's go and do another 200 km's of this easy terrain! Oh we'll just have to wait until it's 35. Nah just kidding around had enough yesterday for a while, and I'd wait until it's a little cooler. It was funny looking at some of the boy's yesterday, the track's and the heat got to a few of us. Well done Mick this was exhausting but very funny at the same time, Fantastic.