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  1. Get well Grant heal up and get on it! I wish I could have been on this one, but I have a little ankle problem that I'm not that confident with ATM! So hat's off to Gypsy and a great crew on a good ride.
  2. I can't remember who got knocked off the bike at Dissa about 6 months ago, copped a stick in between the arm and chest! Had a bit of luck he was laying on his arse, and the bike went down the embankment, just a little bruising.
  3. Yeah the bloody sticks coming straight at you in a corner are a problem , and should be moved!
  4. Last post from me about this! Bike is rebuilt perfectly thank's to Don the service manager at Firstclass!! I totally miss read him at the start, great guy who gathered the information he needed and did his job perfectly. Bike is great but my riding wasn't the best yesterday, need a little fitness.
  5. Yeah out on it for a little play around tomorrow, a little check over then wait for the next cooler day then let's go!! I will even put the Zebra gear on. Oh and I still owe Nathan a tow rope!
  6. Firstclass also turn it around pretty quick!!! I'm stoked!!!
  7. Job done Husqvarna / KTM has warrantied my bike!!! I have new cases and the stripped key on the counter balancer shaft has been replaced. They also checked the crank for balance. I'm very happy that Husqvarna backed their product, and Firstclass made it happen!
  8. + 1 Ben is a GUN RIDER!!!! I would say a little modest!
  9. Okay all I have been contacted by my Husky dealer today!!! Good news mostly they said they would see what they could do for me, and Husqvarna / KTM have said they will supply part's which is good in my view. The bolt is holding up okay but how long for? Then I've noticed that there is a big vibration through the engine now, not rideable!! Maybe the tiny keyway on the counter balancer has stripped from the bolt locking up the counter balancer. Anyway I now have the motor out for the dealer to strip it down to see what's going on, this is a good will repair so I will pay the labour costs which I've cut by taking the engine out, then I will reinstall it!!! So great brand to deal with and the dealer, has been very helpful Firstclass in Lilydale, I hope all goes to plan!!!
  10. Thanks Bear MX! if there's room to wire it I'll do it after I get a reply from the dealer!
  11. Yeah I've used some Loctite thread retainer so I think it will be right. I think it is holding in there by about 4 to 5 mm, and holding 10 NM of torque" BUT". I've spoken to the dealer and the workshop manager, he told me to email the photos I have of the bent bolt and the wear marks on head of it , and one of the hour meter.
  12. I put the piston in yesterday bike is running so all good. I still have to contact my dealer and talk about the bolt coming loose, it's been flopping around in there chewing up the thread in the cases. The 45 mm bolt that came out of the hole was to short to use, so I cut a longer bolt down so I had a 5 mm longer bolt. It does up to 10 nm but I don't trust it!!
  13. Yeah Cruiser my bike was silent in the end but my mouth wasn't!! I would have ran the piston a little longer but have the top end stripped down with the new piston ready to go "when I get off my arse".
  14. Yeah thanks for yesterday Nathan. I don't think there would be to many assembled with that little problem, or I hope not!!