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  1. Do you have those south coast gps files?


  2. damien087

    Garmin Gps 64S Mounting

    Here's some Etrex style mount porn
  3. damien087

    Tubliss Vs Mousse

    Mousse tubes cut to start with to get a lower tyre pressure around 6psi then add the part back in when you feel you need to(REARS ONLY) they do have a dead feel to them like no input for the terrain but they are the bees knees. Will take you abit to get use to the front mousse feels like front wants to roll over itself but you get use to it I run a 90/100-21 mousse in a 80/100-21 tyre dont cut the front keep it whole to start with
  4. damien087

    How specific are Barkbusters??

    Shouldn't matter what they are for so long as they are for 7/8th or 1 1/8th bars which ever you have all mounting system is the same whether Honda, Ktm, Yamaha
  5. damien087

    Arm Pump!

    No Caffeine the couple of days leading up to the ride, grip with your knees stay loose in the arms set your bars and levers up correctly and the most important one way to overcome arm pump is to ride constantly I ride every weekend and find I'm fine don't ride for couple of weeks and get it for the first 15minutes
  6. damien087

    FREE dirtriderZ Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got my stickers Thanks Geoffro
  7. damien087

    Watagans 2015

    Legally yes... but in practice who cares you run the risk of getting caught
  8. damien087

    Watagans 2015

    Not that hard though you can ride up on the pegs if you have the speed, there's more hills that are worse then this and thank god they don't use them in the rally or we wouldn't be to happy with them getting rutted out
  9. damien087

    Watagans 2015

    It's got a rock ledge at the bottom now the video is back in 2012 and 4wd use it alot now so it's chewed now
  10. damien087

    Watagans 2015

    Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me6FGBYjBtU
  11. damien087

    Watagans 2015

    No that's not the hill they called Erzberg, the hill called Erzberg that they used is actually called Farrells known by locals
  12. damien087

    Watagans 2015

    Glad you guys enjoyed my local happy for you come up again, the ruts don't get to bad as alot of the area is either sandy or nice loamy dirt so rejuvenates pretty quick
  13. damien087

    Michelin Tyre Sizing

    The reason why S12 and M12 are sized different is so the meet FIM requirements and can be used in enduro events over in Europe
  14. damien087

    Stator For Ktm 250

    Think you could also get a trailtech stator not sure on the price though
  15. damien087

    Stator For Ktm 250

    If it has a SEM ignition system get rid of it and replace with a Kokusan ignition system I had to change my 1999 250exc to the newer ignition as its to hard to find SEM parts now