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  1. Hey greasa both my plus 2 have pulled out softcocks so it opens up for to more but im still in looks like we might have a bit of rain aswell so nice & muddy. See ya at the servo. ....
  2. Hey greasa put me down for this one & +2 will take the missus & a mate if he is keen will sus him oit tomorrow. Cheers....
  3. chappo23

    Hazelwood 24-4-16

    Was a mint day great ride with great company nice to meet know riders & always good to ride knew places. Bring on the next one, definitely keen to go back there again. Thanks to greasa for leading half the day lol & thanks to jase for sweeping & then taking the lead after lunch.....
  4. chappo23

    NEERIM Labour day

    Was a good day on the bike not to hot with some nice muddy spots & a great group of guys. Cheers Mick for leading & all good on sweeping i didnt mind. Catch yous on the next one.
  5. chappo23

    Beginners ride Gembrook 31/1/16

    Awesome day had a good ride with great people again. Big thanks to Chris390 ,ktmShane & Brockie6, the wife had a blast really enjoyed herself & is keen for the next one as am i its nice to have a cruisey ride will keep an eye out for the next one.
  6. chappo23

    Micks Neerim Ride 6/1/16 level 2

    Had a mint day thanks Mick. I agree with the bike fitness i havent rode for about 4 months so will be filling it tomorrow. The level was spot on cheers to the other boys was a good group. Cheers Shane for the stickers nice one. Carnt wait for the next ride.
  7. chappo23

    Stradbroke 15/8 L3

    Thanks for a great day. Had a mint ride,great group of guys all stayed together good. The woops what more can u say but wow theres a lot of them & some are pretty deep, have to say my legs are sore as now but thats the price for having fun. Thanks Mick for organizing & leading. Carn't wait for the next one.....
  8. chappo23

    Neerim Half Day Monday

    Thanks for the day cheers to Mick for leading another great day nice mix of trails with good company we did all ride well together nice fast flowing day. Carn't wait till the next one.
  9. Was a good day definitely up for that ride again.
  10. chappo23

    Gembrook Sunday 12/4

    Had an amazing ride havent rode that stuff for a long time great group of guys. For my first ride with dirtriderz i had great day. Thanks to rusty for letting me tag along & to the rest of the boys for all the help & good laughs were had all round. Carnt wait till the next one sign me up..
  11. chappo23

    New To The Page

    Hi all new to the page looking forward to doing some riding with some new people. I ride a 2014 rmz250 am willing to ride pretty much anywhere on any terrain will give anything ago. Been riding for years now & have just started riding on the Frankston mx track & loving it. Carnt wait to catch up for a ride.