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  1. thanks. I've never given it any thought (other than "i dont need one of those do I?"), but when you put it that way it sounds like a great/safe/no-brainer idea. off to the shops i go
  2. Depends on the business you run and/or your tolerance to anxiety about getting audited. If your business is farm related (or something that requires motorbikes), then you're getting closer to being legitimate. If you ran a legit motorbike tours business etc, then sure, it's a valid expense. (Dont take my word for it though - you're better off asking your Accountant!)
  3. good day out on the bike. Nice to finally get out into the bush proper again since isolation. Wasnt wet when i left home, but was by the time we got to Murrindindi. On the way 99percent called to say he had issues with tubliss holding air, so he was out. Got to carpark and we were all sorted to setoff for 9am. Right on schedule - just how i like it. Murrindindi can be very slippery on the red clay roads when wet - today was no different. It can be challenging but no plans to stay on it too long. Skipped some of the better tracks because needed to keep it a level 2 and considering it was wet added to the challenge. Got up to some good tracks finally. Some slippery hills had us breathing heavy pretty quick. Actually the whole day was a little slippery but i think everyone enjoyed themselves. Plenty of slippery logs to spin your around if your werent paying attention (1 may have spun me around. I was at the back so would have got away with it had i not tooted the horn on the way down - spotted by Simonj!) Special mention to Bravocoy1027 for having the perseverance to keep on going despite the wet conditions making it more to the L2+ end of the scale. Well done mate. Thanks for everyone having a turn at sweeping so everyone got a bit of a small go up the front to stretch the legs a bit (expect maybe Simonj?). Couple of pic from the day thanks to all for joining in.
  4. Well done to get it off the ground and subsequently 10 yearsold. FWIW I think is the best resource on the whole internet. Once mates stopped riding, dirtriderz was a god send. So simple and effective at hooking up 😉 please keep it up
  5. Was looking at the news today and saw a familiar face being interviewed. Well done BenG. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/autistic-teen-found-after-days-missing-in-cold-on-mount-disappointment-20200610-p55153.html https://www.9news.com.au/national/will-callaghan-missing-teen-with-autism-mount-disappointment-victoria/
  6. Awesome day shaun. Thanks. Great tracks. Thanks Pete for sweeping. Hope the arm doesn't bruise too bad. Couldn't believe how many dirtbikes I saw dueling up at the servo
  7. I'll second that. Assuming the date suits, i'll be in on this.
  8. thanks for joining me on the weekday ride Crusty350 and BenG. Weather was awesome. As Crusty said, it was a little cold to start with. On the drive in, the car temp gauge got down to -0.5 in a little valley and there was loads of frost - everything was white and almost looked like it had snowed!! I was worried i wouldnt have suitable riding gear for 0 temperature. Anyway, by the time i got to parking area Crusty was there and the temperature read a more suitable 6! Was a nice surprise to see BenG turn up just as Crusty and I were about to head off. More the merrier i say! After Ben geared up we headed off on some of my favourite tracks. The tracks flow pretty nice with not too many obsticles or tricky hills (just a logs here and there). The pace was relaxed with plenty of stops to deal with a bit of arm pump on my behalf - it was also a good excuse to catch my breath. Crusty and BenG are very accomplished riders and had no problems with what was on offer. There was a couple of spills and thrills on my behalf but i dont think i saw any from Crusty or Ben. After about the 1.5 hours mark my back starting giving me trouble and I couldnt continue so we had a quick chat about were the next track was. BenG was all over it and lead Crusty for the rest of the morning. I had to pack up and head home :-( See you again soon
  9. Yep, great ride - thanks to 2t4me for organising and Bayerj for sweeping. Always nice to ride in new spots and especially with the Dirtriderz as I always feel very welcome. I must put my hand up and say that i was happy to follow 2t4me back to the cars to make sure he arrived safely. It was great to experience many of the challenges on this ride that I had only read about in many previous ride reports. Definitely feeling it in the muscles today and everything has to be done a little more slowly! thanks again.
  10. I used mustard successfully in the past. Here’s more info on it. It also talks about the pickle juice too http://www.coreperformance.com/daily/nutrition/mustard-a-cure-for-cramps.html
  11. I've got a rack n roll too. Aussie owned. I think Aussie made too but don't quote me on that. Likes: Not dragging a trailer around. [emoji106] This one is very well made - doesn't wobble around as 2t4me said. Dislikes Take slightly longer to get onto car and then bike onto rack vs hooking up trailer and tying bike down. I basically only use the rack if i know access at destination will be tight or loads of km on dirt road. Happy to loan it if u want to try it out. I'm in Silvan.
  12. Reading through this thread I've decided to upgrade to knee braces from the Thor Force knee guards (which have served me well over the last 10 years but are now showing their age). Are there any recommendations on best place to buy them (around eastern suburbs of Melbourne) and get fitted/adjusted properly?
  13. That looks nasty. I came across a YouTube video about how to repair them because I've got a set that need some love. I haven't got around to doing it myself yet but if you're that way inclined it looks straight forward;
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