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  1. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    I used mustard successfully in the past. Here’s more info on it. It also talks about the pickle juice too
  2. Mo-tow (or similar generic carriers)

    I've got a rack n roll too. Aussie owned. I think Aussie made too but don't quote me on that. Likes: Not dragging a trailer around. [emoji106] This one is very well made - doesn't wobble around as 2t4me said. Dislikes Take slightly longer to get onto car and then bike onto rack vs hooking up trailer and tying bike down. I basically only use the rack if i know access at destination will be tight or loads of km on dirt road. Happy to loan it if u want to try it out. I'm in Silvan.
  3. In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    Reading through this thread I've decided to upgrade to knee braces from the Thor Force knee guards (which have served me well over the last 10 years but are now showing their age). Are there any recommendations on best place to buy them (around eastern suburbs of Melbourne) and get fitted/adjusted properly?
  4. Replace radiators

    That looks nasty. I came across a YouTube video about how to repair them because I've got a set that need some love. I haven't got around to doing it myself yet but if you're that way inclined it looks straight forward;
  5. E.O.I 2017 Merchandise order - Hoodies

    i'll take a large Hoodie in Dark Heather with a zip and a large black tshirt
  6. RCHA day 3 sun 9th April Toolangi lvl 3

    Top ride guys thanks for that. Got to see some new tracks round toolangi and some old favourites. It was a bit wet but it didnt stop any of the fun we all had. The pace was great with everyone keeping up. After the 60km mark my body wasnt keeping up my enthusiasm and i was dropping the bike too many times for comfort, so called it a day before i caused myself any major damage. Cluffie, I love the fact that all the photos show me doing the tube changing work, when in fact i have to give all the credit to 5excf for the tube and the changing of the tube. Thanks mate - a replacement tube and beer coming your way. (I better brush up on my tyre changing skills so that i can repay the gesture to the next rider that cant do it themselves!). Cut open the tube today to see what happened. It appears its was just a nasty old stick that brought me unstuck!!
  7. Show Us Your Bike

    Finally made the switch to a two stroke and loving it. No turning back now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 2017 KTM/Husqy 2T jetting & carb issues

    I read somewhere that Keihins don't make then anymore so Ktm was forced to use the Mikuni. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Word Association...

  10. Hi Guys, glad to find this forum. Good to see there are loads of people near by who are up for a ride so often. Can ride some weekdays (weekends are harder to negotiate with other half!!) I live Dandenong Ranges but generally happy to ride anywhere. Currently ride Toolangi/Glenburn and Bunyip. Recently discovered an awesome ST in Wombat which has been worth the trek from my place. Just bought my 2nd KTM 250 EXC-F (this ones a 2014. The promise of extra torque and full injection is what appealed to me). Anyway, see you on the next ride Im free Paul
  11. Navigation & Gps

    MotionX on the iPhone is the way to go. Just download the maps of the area u r riding the night before. Then u have maps available when u r out side of 3G/4g reception. U can plot yr tracks, share then with friends, view them in google maps even. All the options r a little over whelming to start with but I just spent one night playing with it and got the hang of it