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  1. Used motionx for a long time. Yes is no longer available. I’m switching to Gaia gps. Seems to do the basic tracking I need.
  2. 😂 "have a lie down", that about sums up my day after a Big ride. Seriously though, thanks for sharing. I'm going to try and aim for something similar to see if it makes a difference to my longevity 👍🏼
  3. Great write up - thanks for sharing. Glad to hear everyone had a great time and got home in 1 piece. It's always a worry after a long stretch off the bike.
  4. Yep, me too. I’m plotting all my old riding spots out in gembrook. Think I can put together a bit of a loop and explore.
  5. Hi Guys and Girls, does anyone know if there is access via dirt roads/tracks from Marysville-Woodspoint Road (Cumberland Junction) to Reefton Pub? (I know access from the East, now i need to access from the North) Im trying to plot a route to the pub and back and dont want to ride on the Woods point Rd. I can see that the forest to the west of the Woods Point Road is State forest (yellow in the attached VicEmergency App Map), however all the access points seem to have a gate symbol on them (according to the VicEmergency App Map, marked with green circle attached) so thought i would
  6. thanks. I've never given it any thought (other than "i dont need one of those do I?"), but when you put it that way it sounds like a great/safe/no-brainer idea. off to the shops i go
  7. Depends on the business you run and/or your tolerance to anxiety about getting audited. If your business is farm related (or something that requires motorbikes), then you're getting closer to being legitimate. If you ran a legit motorbike tours business etc, then sure, it's a valid expense. (Dont take my word for it though - you're better off asking your Accountant!)
  8. good day out on the bike. Nice to finally get out into the bush proper again since isolation. Wasnt wet when i left home, but was by the time we got to Murrindindi. On the way 99percent called to say he had issues with tubliss holding air, so he was out. Got to carpark and we were all sorted to setoff for 9am. Right on schedule - just how i like it. Murrindindi can be very slippery on the red clay roads when wet - today was no different. It can be challenging but no plans to stay on it too long. Skipped some of the better tracks because needed to keep it a level 2 and considering it
  9. Well done to get it off the ground and subsequently 10 yearsold. FWIW I think is the best resource on the whole internet. Once mates stopped riding, dirtriderz was a god send. So simple and effective at hooking up 😉 please keep it up
  10. Was looking at the news today and saw a familiar face being interviewed. Well done BenG.
  11. Awesome day shaun. Thanks. Great tracks. Thanks Pete for sweeping. Hope the arm doesn't bruise too bad. Couldn't believe how many dirtbikes I saw dueling up at the servo
  12. I'll second that. Assuming the date suits, i'll be in on this.