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  1. Olly610

    Romainiacs 2018

    What an achievement !!!!! Something many of us only dream of and wish we could do !!, Well done gents !!!!!
  2. Olly610

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Great tracks & vid ! That dam in the pines could suck you in pretty easy if you are unaware !
  3. Olly610


    Best of luck gents have a fat time !!!
  4. Olly610

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    Sorry Mitch, Chewy it is That was funny rolling down into the bush, it was a very slippery sucker !
  5. Olly610

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    Thanks again Phil for making this ride happen and the sweeps, great day and top conditions Great mix of tracks nice climbs plenty of logs, rocks and roots and all nicely greased I was witness to a couple of spectacular dismounts that happened in front of me, one was Habs crossing a nice slippery angled log which bucked him off like a wild bull and the other was Chewy who done a lovely 360 degree twirl on the slippery hard pack red clay, followed by a high side smack down into the ground .....ouch !!! But they weren't alone !!! I didn't want to disappoint so I got involved in the action as well, my most memorable was as I came around a corner only to be faced by a series of angled slippery small logs that sent me flying air born over bars into the bracken .............plus many others !!! Good tracks, good blokes, no bike problems, no injuries = good day ! Cheers
  6. Olly610

    KTM Rubbish

    If you've got a lazy $53,995 here is the bike for you !! ( Id take it ) https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bunbury/motorcycles/brand-new-2019-ktm-450-rally-factory-replica-pre-order-now/1186648497
  7. Olly610

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Nice going, and what a great flowing track !! How many km's does that go for ?
  8. Olly610

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Never been out that way but looking at the pics and vid it looks sensational !!!! I do like a good sand run !
  9. Olly610

    Queen`s birthday with King leader 99percent at Dissa

    Ripper tracks ! Thanks for the lead 99% and the sweeps. Had a good ride with a top group, good to meet some new faces and catch up with some old !! Pity our day had to be cut early with Davo having no rear brakes, seems like he damaged the brake line and lost all the fluid......... Thanks for the day, see you on the next one , cheers
  10. Olly610


    G'day Davo, Welcome aboard, great site plenty of great folks and great rides !!
  11. How did it go Nood's before and after, much difference ?
  12. Front and rear suspension re sprung and re valved, replaced my front and rear summer slicks, 3 weeks ago it was still a dust bowl here in Kinglake. Looking forward to see how the suspenders are going to feel !
  13. About 35 years ago a Bombardier Bantam
  14. Olly610

    Life in Zhengzhou China

    Yummo 'Chicken Suprise' !!!! I would definitely become a vegetarian whilst in China !!
  15. Olly610

    Purchasing my first bike! Help!

    With everyones info in here you have got a pretty comprehensive check list and realistically can all be done in 10 minutes. One main thing that I dont know if its been mentioned, is check the frame and engine numbers and get online and check its clear from finance and that its not stolen most important !!