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  1. Thanks Gypsy for a cracker ride, good bunch of blokes as always !! The bikes today were'nt the norm, it was four 4 bangers and 1 smoker ! Laying in bed the night before restless with the pre ride excitment listening to the rain pissing down thinking, its gonna be a doozie ! Got there early still in the dark, everyone on time and I look up and blue skies are starting to appear, this was how the day went, no rain, blue skies and primo conditions !!! And yes,wet and slippery, just how we like it !! All in all great day, had one nice lose around a left hander on the hard pack clay where the back wheel wanted to pass the front which it did !! Not a big deal but my landing was spectacular that I landed directly in the water filled rut leaving me soaked from head to toe ! First time back at Wombat for me in approx 25 yrs , will make a point of getting out there more ! Well done Gypo facing your nemisis and jumping the gap !!! And watching you make light work of those hills especially the getting up the wall and attempting the other one which was steep A/F !! Cheers gents
  2. Thanks everyone for a great ride, thanks Mick for sweeping all day, Shaun for leading and as Gypsy mentioned Neerim Mick for pulling a rabbit out of his hat for a loaner bike after the RM decided not to play. Top bunch of blokes, ride flowed well no issues and we even timed the lunch break to perfection with the rain, will be going back ! Cheers
  3. Sensational !!!!! Incredible effort !!!!
  4. Live finish line, they havent come in yet, go Pricey !!! Its his atm !!!
  5. Met a top bunch of blokes today at Kingers, had a top ride and enjoyed the laughs and teamwork !!!!! And was it slippery !!!!!! We went and rode some nice slick tracks on the west side with a few creek crossings thrown in,logs, ruts, roots and a few more logs....and then went for a lap through the pines, all went really well and the harder stuff was done. Got together and decided that the BBQ was calling so we started heading back to the cars and got 3/4's of the way back when I came around a corner on the teflon we were riding on to see Pete on the ground in a shit load of pain,which he said seemed to subside after a few minutes which was great for Pete !! Quick decisions were made to get the recovery vehicle and get him out of there, Steve called the ambo's once he was loaded and by the time we got back the ambo's were already waiting, awesome response time, I honestly though they would be hours ! I read Steve's post above and Poor Pete has a busted leg and possibly a broken foot , that is shit !!!! Pete is as tough as nails because he certainly fooled us all with his level of pain he was showing ,he was pretty chilled and managed to get dunk out a few hundred metres to the car.....tough as nails !! Pete, sorry that it ended so shit for you at the end, and here's to a speedy and hassle free recovery and hope to see you out on the trails again as soon as possible !!!! On the bright side your gotta love a nurses outfit !!!!
  6. What an achievement !!!!! Something many of us only dream of and wish we could do !!, Well done gents !!!!!
  7. Great tracks & vid ! That dam in the pines could suck you in pretty easy if you are unaware !
  8. Best of luck gents have a fat time !!!
  9. Sorry Mitch, Chewy it is That was funny rolling down into the bush, it was a very slippery sucker !
  10. Thanks again Phil for making this ride happen and the sweeps, great day and top conditions Great mix of tracks nice climbs plenty of logs, rocks and roots and all nicely greased I was witness to a couple of spectacular dismounts that happened in front of me, one was Habs crossing a nice slippery angled log which bucked him off like a wild bull and the other was Chewy who done a lovely 360 degree twirl on the slippery hard pack red clay, followed by a high side smack down into the ground .....ouch !!! But they weren't alone !!! I didn't want to disappoint so I got involved in the action as well, my most memorable was as I came around a corner only to be faced by a series of angled slippery small logs that sent me flying air born over bars into the bracken .............plus many others !!! Good tracks, good blokes, no bike problems, no injuries = good day ! Cheers
  11. If you've got a lazy $53,995 here is the bike for you !! ( Id take it ) https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bunbury/motorcycles/brand-new-2019-ktm-450-rally-factory-replica-pre-order-now/1186648497
  12. Nice going, and what a great flowing track !! How many km's does that go for ?
  13. Never been out that way but looking at the pics and vid it looks sensational !!!! I do like a good sand run !
  14. Ripper tracks ! Thanks for the lead 99% and the sweeps. Had a good ride with a top group, good to meet some new faces and catch up with some old !! Pity our day had to be cut early with Davo having no rear brakes, seems like he damaged the brake line and lost all the fluid......... Thanks for the day, see you on the next one , cheers
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