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  1. Rat Finke

    DirtriderZ in Cambodia - 32 mins documentary

    Nice video Faultline [emoji106]
  2. That’s disappointing to hear. I hope you get everything back unscathed ...and the cops catch the thieves
  3. Rat Finke

    Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    Good luck with the recovery
  4. Rat Finke

    Street trackers

    [emoji846][emoji846] I hear you [emoji846][emoji846]
  5. Rat Finke

    Inspiring Mini Documentary

    I like the idea of being better off spending $300 on fuel than $300 on bike bits, to make you a better rider
  6. Rat Finke


    Saw this relic on FB if anyone has cash, time and motivation (not me)
  7. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    25% loss in bitcoin value is now 50% loss in bitcoin value http://www.news.com.au/finance/money/investing/bitcoin-loses-nearly-half-its-value-in-187-billion-wipeout-as-crypto-correction-continues/news-story/fc40b9f1b11d07011c0b95dc7659bfa1
  8. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    I always start with the principal of only invest in things you understand. I don’t understand bitcoin Whilst on the negative team, this article from India gives some perspective to reflect on https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/wealth/invest/7-reasons-why-you-should-not-invest-in-bitcoins-cryptocurrencies/articleshow/60891341.cms
  9. Rat Finke

    2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    I think this hot weather is making ppl cranky
  10. Rat Finke

    What are you watching on TV

    Stick with it - it all comes together in the last 3rd of the series
  11. Bought a pair of new riding boots today Great service and 10% off the marked price for being a Dirtriderz member. Spoke to ‘Dean’ on the front counter [emoji106]
  12. Hey Fro. I need some boots and knee protection. What deal did you end up negotiating with MCA? And is there someone I should ask to talk to? Cheers
  13. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    There is all sorts of advice out there. My advice is get some good advice that is bespoke for your individual circumstances.
  14. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    Pete. A can of worms there. You get into the realm of individual financial capacity so there is no answer which is either A or B. If you had stacks of cash and access to debt, for example, you would do both. Also needs to make sure asset portfolios are balanced and not excessively weighted to say, just property
  15. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    Whilst it may seem that the purpose of this thread is to taunt every 6 months or so, its purpose is that it’s useful to go back over the 2.5 years and see what people say and if their prophecies come true. Go and review the Sun (or Herald) from 1963, or any other year, and the theme of overinflated property prices is constant. It’s a staple which gets repeated over and over because it appeals to the average punter and sells papers. You still need to buy smart and stay away from oversupplied markets....but the whole property market is not contaminated by inner city apartments, for example. In all honesty though, how many people do you know that have lost money buying/selling property over your lifetime? Anecdotally it does happen - but the vast majority make money. The reality is that it’s not that risky as a class of asset to invest in, despite what you read in the papers or on this thread. [emoji106]