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  1. A bit everything in this ride thanks to some earlier rain and partial track drying sunshine late in the ride. Essentially 70km of Wombat's finest. The loop we covered was Riles infamous 'Pepsi and Acetone' loop which I had not seen for 18 months given fun restrictions in Victoria last year. As typically happens with time, some inclines get easier with traffic and others get more gnarly so the route was always interesting. I read above that @hoff300 lost control on the slippery clay and saved himself from hitting a tree. It may have been the same section because I managed to collect a tr
  2. Rat Finke


    What are you sensing FullySick? Looking for wisdom Asking for a mate
  3. My journey was short lived as i felt ill (and a little cooked) early on and made my way back to the car. Ironically based on my odometer, i was still there long enough to cover 1/3rd of the overall distance covered on the day. I was pleased to hear that the alleged ‘cruisy ride’ did not get more cruisy as the day wore on. Appreciation to Dusty and Hayden for leading and showing me a previously unsighted part of Dissa. Big thanks also to @Cujo for sweeping and coaching me through my ramblings of should I spew, ride or skulk back to the car. I eventually took the first and last options. Sound a
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    @FullySick has correctly predicted every financial apocalypse (aka depression/recession) for the last 40 years He sees what no one else sees He hears what no one else hears @FullySick is the chosen one [emoji4]
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    Give us a date or the month of the apocalypse, prophet @FullySick We need to prepare
  6. @Marko_FE250 provided a grappa shot at the start of a ride on a couple of occasions. Apparently an ancient Croatian custom. I cannot remember anything of the first hour of riding, but will assume it was the most technically proficient riding I’ve ever done.
  7. Perhaps a more fuller answer is that whilst your dad still has capacity for decision making, ask him to sign a power of attorney (and a medical PoA) now, if one does not currently exist You can use the PoA to get what you need from Microsoft. More importantly, as your dad has more memory challenges (assuming the dementia gets worse) you will be prepared to deal with almost anything to help You can see a lawyer or I can email you a std form if you wish
  8. I’m sticking with my Sopwith Camel
  9. Some on you ride Fab have multiple prior convictions for this [emoji4]
  10. It’s a little thing called the Australian Constitution which specifies the powers and authority between the state and federal govt. The responsibility for health (and therefore pandemics) is a state responsibility
  11. I thought it was just a mindless rant [mention=2315]Sink[/mention] until I noticed you gave me a special mention. Love and respect to you too [emoji4]
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    [mention=1603]FullySick[/mention] You must be living large like a Russian oligarch these days with your power investment selection of Afterpay Touch. I hope that you followed your conviction with hard $ and cleaned up ? You would be up almost 6.5x your original outlay
  13. It’s a myth that you need to spend big money on R&D to have a great product. You buy the R&D that other companies invest in and you leverage access through you existing component relationships I think that you are correct in saying enduro is not where the Japanese want to be, simply because there are other more lucrative markets
  14. I took this pic ~35 years ago. Fortunately progress has been slow at Woods Point
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    A clever response [mention=990]silent[/mention] which had me smiling for the day [emoji2]