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  1. I agree with the sentiment that the reward must equal the return when it comes to designing and selling merch to members who may already have a cupboard full of previous seasons merch. If there is ‘merch fatigue’ developing amongst members perhaps it’s time to look at a new funding model for the forum. This could involve moderate subscriptions, elected representatives, an agreed charter and transparency on receipts and payments, which is a natural by-product of a subscription/elected representative model. This does not and is not intended to denigrate any of the hard and fine work which many people have done to get the forum to where it is today, but sometimes if the model is not working to its optimal financial or utilitarian level, it’s appropriate to look at alternatives. This is a question worth asking the members.
  2. Good constructive and thought provoking post, Gypsy. Only issue is that the government will now put tugga straps on the limited item list given the surge which will be perceived as panic buying. [emoji846]
  3. That sounds unsafe and a touch irresponsible
  4. Yes Matt. The “kick start only ride” is in concept stage still. Need to get rec reg and a few other bits sorted for the bike. Also I would want to take it for a day out first to confirm all those bolts I thought had been tightened.....were actually tightened [emoji846]
  5. There are a few more things I need to do with it before it can come out and play with the big boys.....but rest assured, it will get dirty
  6. I will ugly it up a little by putting the original fender extender on it temporarily to get it rec reg’d. Whilst it’s ugly, it does have a number plate light, which is a requirement
  7. Happy to declare ‘practical completion’ on my RMX250 ‘iso’ project
  8. $160 Habs. Bit of an issue with the tank graphics not aligning. But came to a mutually agreeable compromise with WMG. Max was a gentleman when it came to finding a solution
  9. The iso project in race trim....but the wheels yet to be attached
  10. I’d be happy just to see the list of all the bikes you have owned Dan.
  11. Shout out to forum member @twisti3s from Moto Melbourne who took on the challenge of dent removal on the original RMX expansion chamber. He did a great job a a very reasonable price. Only mishap was that it took over 2.5 weeks arrive from Croydon to Williamstown via “express post” due to the Covid-19 induced postal delays. Before and after pics below
  12. Chocolates go to Mick. Well done
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