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  1. Nice ride report [mention=1927]Biggie[/mention] [emoji106]
  2. Rat Finke


    End of the first 1/4 and its still @FullySick well out in front with his investment Afterpay Touch which exploits the less fortunate by providing finance to those who can ill afford it. If @FullySickis still leading this after the next few months, I am considering implementing our 'socially responsible investment policy' and making him cycle out of Afterpay Touch and donating his notional profits to charity
  3. Some pics from our special Tassie adventure......
  4. Rat Finke


    Good question [mention=1985]faultline[/mention] I referred your question to my mentor, @kmatts55 and he said “it depends” Hope that helps your friend [emoji846]
  5. Rat Finke


    Fully - had you bought in 2015 when I suggested to, even at current prices you would be 25% up today.
  6. Lucky we were on private property [emoji106]
  7. Rat Finke


    Not even quarter time yet@cruiser Plenty of time on the clock [emoji106]
  8. Rat Finke


    After month 2 of the investment game, @FullySick remains on top with a 53% increase in investment value via Afterpay Touch. A great choice ! Other notable gains were @kmatts55 with Hong Kong based Tencent Holdings and @Cujo with the exotic crypto currency selection, Tron
  9. Rat Finke


    Hold tight Fully - been to busy riding motorbikes to focus on the investments I assume the prompt was because you are feeling pretty self assured
  10. Only one challenge on the “Sunday track” which required lifting the bikes over double logs I know there is a detour track (perhaps yours) but could not find it due to thick/dense growth Otherwise it was ‘as expected’ after a good dose of Otway rain
  11. A couple of times a year I try to gather some Dirtriderz members for a ride to explore the Otways down at Wye River. Given timing was close to April – RCHA appeal month – I thought that we could get the Dirtriderz appeal off to a good start by asking the guys to “pay” for their beds in the form of a donation to the RCHA. The guys didn’t need much prompting for the appeal and donated a very generous $588. In fact some of the guys selflessly donated money, not to get the best available bed but to make sure kmatt55 slept on the floor The first day (Friday 29 March) involved a small exploratory ride with @riles, @kmatts55and myself. We managed to find a track which had forever alluded kmatt55 down a step hill, through a river and up the other side. The track was named Area 51 (think aliens and Nevada desert) because of the mystique which surrounded this track and the many tanks of fuel kmatt55 had burnt over the years trying to find it. It was a spectacular track which gave a hint of what to expect given rain, logs, clay and wet foliage when the rest of the group arrived. Later in the afternoon we were progressively joined by the other riders @Cujo, @Marko_FE250, @Glenn T and @Ghost Rider. Dinner Friday night was spaghetti bolognese, prepared by Riles, salad and cake for dessert. A few beverages were had to help prepare for the next day. As promised by the BOM, it rained all night and partly through the day. Conditions were very slippery and threw challenges at everyone through the day, but particularly me who spent considerable time sitting next to my fallen bike. Kmatt55 owns leading rides through the Otways and did a great job taking us through amazing rain forest and tracks which (I thought) should never transgressed in the wet. Highlights for me were a solid days riding, beautiful scenery, teamship and camaraderie to get all bikes and riders through the day and Cujo for doing the bulk of the sweep duties. Special mention to Ghost Rider who can do some amazing things on a bike, and then have us all in stitches by launching his bike into the shrubbery after attempting to clean the mud from his knobbies in the only bit of solid ground in a 50km radius. Saturday night dinner was at the Wye pub. Pre-dinner we enjoyed Ghost Riders special cob loaf and smoked salmon dip. Sunday was a shorter ride on a track which featured a dozen creek crossing and a few challenges due to the slippery conditions. Back to the house for some “wog” food brought, cooked and served by Marko which was delicious. These weekends involve lots of laughs and hands on contributions by everyone involved including helping each other on the trails, taking photos, and also the essential chores of cooking, cleaning, bike set up and repairs, so I am grateful to everyone involved. The crew are honest, genuine and nice people to be around and spend time with.
  12. Rat Finke


    "In every major economic downturn in U.S. history, the villains have been the heroes during the preceding boom." -- Peter Drucker
  13. Rat Finke


    At the end of the first month its the canny @FullySick who leads with his choice of Afterpay Touch Group. For those unfamiliar with ATG, this is from the company website. "Afterpay Touch Group (ATG) is a technology driven payments company with a mission to make purchasing feel great for a global customer base. ATG comprises of the Afterpay and Touch products and businesses. Afterpay is driving retail innovation by allowing leading retailers to offer a ‘buy now, receive now, pay later’ service that does not require end-customers to enter into a traditional loan or pay any upfront fees or interest to Afterpay. Afterpay currently has around 3.5 million active customers and over 25,000 active retail merchants on-boarded. Touch comprises innovative digital payment businesses servicing major consumer facing organisations in the telecommunications, health and convenience retail sectors in Australia and overseas." In second place is the first of my benchmark investments, Vanguard ASX300. If you know nothing about the share market, these "Exchange Traded Funds" give great market exposure without the concentrated risk/opportunity of an individual stock. Cheers - And good luck for the next month
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