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  1. Hi Noods What was the ETA on the Jersey? In no particular hurry, but wondering when to expect it Cheers
  2. Very sad to read @splints Best wishes to your whole family, who will be feeling the strain, and best of luck to your son for the path to recovery
  3. Throughly enjoyed the ride yesterday Fab. A great combination of bike deep ruts, gnarly hill climbs, creek bed action, slush pits and off square wet fallen logs conspiring to throw riders from their bikes. My first ride at Dissa in over a decade. I will definitely be back. Nice pace and flow lead by Fab and swept by Riles, Cujo and Bubalu until around midday when I bailed out.
  4. EFT payment made Confirming Name: Rat Finke (should be two words, not as I had listed above) Number: 707 Thanks Noods
  5. Book me in too please Noods Size: XL Name: Ratfinke Number: 707 I will eft the Fro Cheers Darren
  6. Rat Finke


    Another month and another change at the pointy end of the leader board, with @FullySick regaining first place from @Cujo as a result of "Afterpay Touch" getting the market comfortable following some negative media about their business model and "Tron" suffering a valuation diminution, along with most crypto currencies Another chart table i've posted shows the annualised YTD returns (internal rate of return for the technically minded). Use this to benchmark to the highlighted term deposit yielding 2.2%pa. If you knew nothing about picking stocks (most don't, including me) this shows that if you pick a broad based market ETF fund like Vanguard, you would be sitting on an annualized gain of 33.8% - without the anxiety of picking a single 'all or nothing' outcome. Naturally it does not always play out this way if the whole market moves south but in the sample below its proving to be a relatively low risk** - high returning investment. **Low risk relative to a concentrated single investment
  7. My tip is to compress a cushion or pillow onto your ribs when you sneeze. It takes the sharp edge of the pain
  8. Rat Finke


    Life would be better if we all lived on a self-sustained share farm and spent our nights cursing big business, government and capitalists under candle light whilst drinking our own urine [emoji846]
  9. Rat Finke


    Your investment has turned rogue Fully..... “Afterpay to be audited on anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws The financial crime watchdog will look into whether popular buy-now-pay-later platform Afterpay has become an avenue for criminals to launder money and fund terrorism” https://apple.news/AUCOOO79aTp-onnI2-s1zzQ
  10. Rat Finke


    Cmon Fully. Don’t go conservative on us now
  11. Rat Finke


    You’ve definitely covered a bit of ground there @Pepperjack !
  12. Rat Finke


    End of May and we have a new leader with @Cujo who was the only player to back a Crypto Currency in Tron @FullySick is still in a strong second place, but his investment, Afterpay Touch, fell 16% for the month
  13. Nice ride report [mention=1927]Biggie[/mention] [emoji106]
  14. Rat Finke


    End of the first 1/4 and its still @FullySick well out in front with his investment Afterpay Touch which exploits the less fortunate by providing finance to those who can ill afford it. If @FullySickis still leading this after the next few months, I am considering implementing our 'socially responsible investment policy' and making him cycle out of Afterpay Touch and donating his notional profits to charity
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