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  1. Rat Finke

    Dissa in winter

    Powerful contribution, Steve [emoji846]
  2. Rat Finke

    Murrindindi with BenG = magic

    Great collection of pics !
  3. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    The little bit of insight I can give (I work in finance) is when you hit the roll over date of your P only loans If you have a stack of equity is cross collateralised properties and solid repayment to cash flow ratio, you will get lots of love from your bank to roll over your P only loan. If circumstances are different you may encounter some headwind including switching to P&I or no desire by the bank to refinance Whilst everyone loves a good bank bashing royal commission, ppl are waking up to the consequence that banks will tighten their loan book lending to protect people from themselves. The good will suffer with the bad
  4. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    Whilst everything to you say is correct, don’t forget that the real purpose of this thread is purely for me to have a friendly dig at FullySickO [emoji846]
  5. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    Thanks Fully. You just need to remind yourself that because you are on the leading edge of brilliance, sometimes you need to help the rest of the pack catch up. You can be Rainman (Dustin Hoffman) and I will be Charlie (Tom Cruise) [emoji846]
  6. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    Hey Fully. Sometimes your responses are so cryptic not even Sherlock 🕵️‍♀️ Holmes could decipher them.
  7. Rat Finke

    Property Investment

    I’ve previously owned a big boat, Fully. In term of value destruction, the annual maintenance costs on the boat make your property crash scenario look like a teddy bears picnic [emoji846]
  8. If you want a positive Fro, the debate seems to have given new member numbers a kick along [emoji846]
  9. Personally, I like Pedro’s alternative view. 2 hours a member and one solitary post as a members seems a bit fleeting however. The views on epirbs and gps don’t seem grounded in reality. My GPS is 15 years old and not once have I lost my car, despite trees, cloud and the occasional airplane. Pedro is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician name for Peter. Its French equivalent is Pierre while its English and Germanic form is Peter. Pedro es un idiota sin idea de lo que está hablando
  10. Rat Finke

    What are you watching on TV

    We are up to S2 at home. Very watchable and something for everyone
  11. Rat Finke

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Is Kmatt the poster boy for eye protection?
  12. Had a few in the day. This HMV Roadhound was my first
  13. Rat Finke


    Sat down to a lazy couple of hrs watching the race highlights on red bull tv. Highly recommend if you can squeeze it in over the long weekend
  14. Rat Finke

    Property Investment