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  1. Where's the videos trailz or has pudmud already gotten to you and sworn you to secrecy.
  2. Awesome day lead by Barclay made all the better with a great group who kept it flowing all day. Special mention to trailz who really stepped it up. Thanks again to pudmud for the beers to finish off a perfect day
  3. Yes agree with you all about it being a great day and even a good one to be sweep as everyone ride so well so I had a pretty easy time aside for the dust. Pudmud and Lindon will catch up this week to give each other pointers on pre ride preparation tips. Great lead Bear your rides are always great fun and your knowledge of the area means you easily adapt to any of things that crop up along the way and everyone is none the wiser. The Fluro zebra saved pudmuds day offering to ride it with no clutch which was actually quite easy as it wasn’t his gearbox to be gentle with. Don gets extra p
  4. Thanks to everyone for making the day a great one. The notion of the step up ride is a daunting one but with 99percent doing a great job leading and everyone else offering plenty of advice and patience it turned out just fine. Great fun just to meet some new people and spend another ripping day in the bush. See you all again soon.
  5. Thanks again to bear for a great lead
  6. Yes trailz another one of bears riding rides. Clearly Pudmud needs to learn sweep etiquette but I think we all had a great day and well done on the snags at the car park and pudmud for supplying the beers. I had a ball and look forward to finding with you all soon. That’s suppose to read ripping rides. Damn auto correct