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  1. Great choice and decision!
  2. Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    Count me in.

    Photographer extraordinaire - Ric (more dirt bike photo's in 1 ride than I've taken in a lifetime. Please join any rides I go on in the future) World's most unreliable bike - Husky (more precisely Ric's Husky and specifically its rear tyre; it has flats straight after a repair and before it's even been ridden!) Best MacGyver effort (and top bloke) - Tony (Josh's clutch repair) Best Rider effort - Josh (Josh, I agree, you rode better than last year and did it without the clutch; maybe remove the clutch altogether and get a bonus weight saving?). Special mention to all the desert first timers that gave it a go. Some were looking a bit shaky at the start but everyone progressed during the day finding their sand ridding technique and speed. Best looking bike - Mick's Husky 350 (I don't really like Euro bikes but that bike is bling riddled and yet super elegent) Best camouflage effort - Mick (one second in front of me and the next nowhere to be seen) Best liquid intake and output during a ride - Mick (winner by a country mile) Thanks again Arbo; this is a brilliant ride! Well done Bill on sweeping Friday and Bruce on sweeping all saturday (I'm so used to Bruce absolutely thrashing his bike and pushing the pace I never thought he'd stick it out all day when there where volunteers to give him a break).
  4. Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    Can do either night but probably prefer Thursday as there's a slight chance I could do a ride on Wednesday.
  5. What a good idea for a thread. I'm keen to get more rides on the DR650; that last ride was great. I also have Motard wheels with road sport tyres which work a lot better on the road and make a dirt ride pretty intense especially in the wet.
  6. Blackwood to Pig and Whistle Sunday 10 Sep

    Well Andy, I have mixed emotions. I slept in yesterday given the ride was off; only saw your post at midday and was kicking myself. However am very happy it worked out for you and that it was a great day (well done IanM).
  7. ADV/L1 Sunbury > Bendigo > Woodend

    Today was sensational. The track selection was great and navigation was seamless. Winding hardpack clay fire roads with slick spots - hard on the gas out of corners, hard on the brakes into corners, weight the peg feed gas and drift out, repeat. One of the best tracks had a fine gravel surface - it was like riding a speedway track with both left and right turns and a few inclines thrown in - drift city, yeah! Best bike note - the big KTM 1290. Best rock launcher - the big KTM 1290 (copped a ripper on the pinky finger - it still hurts!) The KTM must have enjoyed the attention, it decided to have a bit of a spruce up bath in a river crossing and you guessed it - hardest bike to pick up the big KTM 1290. Super keen to do more of these type of rides. Thanks Pepperjack and IanM for a great day out.
  8. KTM boiling fuel?

    As it's pressurising so much I'd be doubting the cap is the updated one or if it is would suspect it's faulty or KTM still hasn't come up with an effective fix. You've tried a lot of things so far any chance you can you borrow a cap to try from the dealer or another bike? Maybe a SXF cap fits? The SXF caps don't have as stringent emissions standards to meet and whilst they have had problems over the years with the threads I haven't read of any venting issues and you can at least confirm if the cap is an issue this way. Btw I'm not saying the vacuum is definitely happening but as it isn't venting properly it's possible and if it is it'll go through the phases during running of run normal - build vacuum - starve - run lean - overheat (on carby engines without the pump the motor will actually stop as it stops getting fuel altogether). As you've also said the fuel and air in the tank heats up, expands and builds pressure particularly when you stop running and the heat soak is at its highest whilst fuel is no longer being drawn. However petrol boils at quite a high temperature (not as high as water at 100C but not that far off it - maybe 5~6C lower) hence I like the idea of checking it with a thermometer as Dazzrmx suggested.
  9. You've just reminded how crazy the prices were in the 80's and 90's. By 1985 the KX500 had jumped to $2800 RR, mine was $3375 on the road. If I remember correctly by the end of the 80's they were nudging $6000.
  10. Love the KX's. Doesn't matter what bikes you have if there's a kx in the collection it'll be the bike of choice. Most exciting and hi tech (for it's time) bike I ever had was a brand new, full road rego 1985 KX500 (water cooled, power valved, boost bottled, disc braked, fully adjustable suspension including fork preload adjusters and Hi/Lo shock compression slim and light power monster). Unfortunately it was stolen in 1986 and I still miss it. Still have the 1989 KX500 (the one in the avatar), not quite the lean mean power monster the '85 was but probably the best all round dirt bike ever. p.s. Geoffro, thanks for the stickers
  11. KTM boiling fuel?

    Agree with Dazzrmx. Just a note on the venting, make sure it is venting into the tank and not just out of it (KTM has had trouble coming up with a petrol cap that works for decades). This is actually critical. Blow into the hose to see if there is a lot of resistance. If it's not venting into the tank as you are running and using fuel the tank starts depressurizing (and creates a vacuum). This causes a lot of issues; the pump struggles against the vacuum and will start to starve the motor which will make it run lean which in turn the motor will run hotter. Even worse the pump will cavitate (which it will in a vacuum) it will pass very little fuel with little pressure. It'll also aerate the fuel and may damage the pump. Also as I mentioned previously the fuel boiling point will be lowered at a vacuum. It doesn't take much fuel to be consumed to start a vacuum - If the tank starts off full (ie there is little air in the tank) it can be within a few kilometres of use. At lower fuel levels it'll take longer. As well as checking the venting I'd also do a simple flow check on the pump. Haven't done one on a KTM. On a normal bike it's pretty simple. Disconnect the fuel line at the quick release connector. Point it into a measuring jug. Tap the switch to get it through a series of prime cycles. Time the pump time and compare it to the volume it pumped. There should be a spec for how much it should have pumped. While you've got the connecter disconnected pop out the little fuel filter and replace it (or clean it with compressed air if it's reasonably clear).
  12. Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    Not quite a westerner (Preston) but sounds like a great idea. Might not be good for the 13th but will try and make the next one after that.
  13. KTM boiling fuel?

    Probably not much help but a charcoal canister is specifically designed to catch the fuel vapours let them condense and return them to the intake system. A couple of problems on a dirt bike is the lack of space and how to plumb the return system. I don't think you'll actually collect fuel in a bottle so I'd probably try cable tieing a small bottle like a round fork oil bottle to one of the fork legs (between the leg and the head stem behind the headlight) to test if it'll actually collect any fuel. Just drill a hole in the cap and slide the breather hose into it. Btw, if the tank isn't venting properly, it'll cause a vacuum and the temperature at which the fuel boils will be significantly lowered. p.s. this issue and support sounds pretty right for KTM
  14. Lal lal 1 more time

    Sounds like I missed another good ride. Bad Badger, my sympathies on the clutch. Is it the new bike? My DRZ 250's clutch has kept me out of the last couple of rides (the new aftermarket one didn't last long;seemed to be road duty cork type) am now looking to get a complete EBC heavy duty Dirt set (will have to wait for it from the states though). In the meantime I'll slum some rides on my KTM, just put a bash plate on it so hopefully can join in the next ride.
  15. Any chance of a couple of yellow a couple of red and a couple of green?