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  1. The saying from the kick start bike days was never swing a leg until you've downed a stubby.
  2. I don't expect a cheap Chinese bike to leak oil. The ones I've experienced are good. I do expect expensive European bikes to leak oil. Euro bike saying - can't keep oil in, can't keep water out.
  3. Resistances checked cold, spark at cold / low revs (low electrical power). Check hot or with a Megger?
  4. Pretty weird. 10 mm strong spark sounds OK. Clean carby sounds OK and I assume everything's in place. I'm still guessing electrical and like Frank's back to basics approach. Blocked / pinched carb or tank breather hoses haven't been mentioned before.
  5. How strong is the spark? Does it do it or is it better or worse when cold or hot. Does it idle without giving it throttle when started after it hasn't been run for a long while.
  6. So sorry to hear that. Please pass on my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. You Shep boys are a hardy bunch so I'm sure Mick probably fobbed it off as "tis but a scratch" Monty Python style.
  7. If its not priming the pump its not getting power to the ecu. The starter is a different circuit and independent of the ECU / pump. The ecu is powered by a different relay that is energised by the regulator so its probably not related. It needs the motor to turn to power the regulator and kick it off. To check try rocking the bike in gear to see if it powers the regulator / capacitor, kicks off the ECU and sets off the pump. As for the starter, did you try it with the spark plug out (lighter load)? I'd probably also get eagle to chime in if there's any chance of damaging a starter w
  8. Redbook is showing $3750 - $4500 for the 2010. $3500 for one that looks in good nick especially compared to what you'd expect of a 2010 sounds cheap to me.
  9. There's something very therapeutic transforming something from shagged out looking to sweet looking with a bit of elbow grease and paint. Great job and thanks for posting.
  10. Having had a couple of bikes / trailers / etc stolen over the years I'm not sympathetic to "good blokes". Everyone that buys a bike cheap never realised it was stolen and is a good bloke. If they don't get it cheap they don't assume its cheap because its dodgy and actually check to see if it's stolen and also get some proof / references of who they're buying the bike from (legit sellers are usually keen to provide details to make the sale). Have the police caught up with the thief / seller? Has the "good bloke" made a formal police statement with description, legit name, addres
  11. If you're not getting a good deal at Repco and have a supercheap close by they're usually cheaper and regularly have oils on special.
  12. The Penrite 10/60 is good for the 350. Penrite oils are good and they specify it for the KTM 350. Like all the brands 10/60 motorcycle oils (motorex, motul etc) don't run it too long as the oil breaks down quick. I think the EXC is 15 hours in the manual and I reckon that's long enough. If your doing a lot of clutch use and close to boil over riding I'd consider changing oil at 10 hours. The 15/50 for the 2 strokes? No. Depending on peoples perspectives most run labelled synthetic 2 stroke premix oil / 2 stroke gearbox oil for the gearbox. I don't use either. I prefer non synthetic 2 stro
  13. I think the /1 is a newer spec filter, the body should be the same but the filter material is not as fine (I'm guessing pump life was a problem). So the /1 shouldn't clog up as quick, the pump should last a bit longer and the filter won't need changing as often. Downside is more particles will go through to the inline micro filter and will wear out the injector faster. The difference is small and I wouldn't be that fussed either way. I wouldn't go a finer aftermarket filter than the original 97 though.
  14. Does it have a gear position sensor? Did you measure the pick up coil resistance? Symptoms still seem consistent with one on the way out to me. Are you running premix till you get it sorted?