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  1. BearMX

    Ktm Shane’s Birthday ride at Neerim 19/7

    YouTube finally digested my video
  2. BearMX

    my rare Yamaha xt660z tenere

    Love the look! Only problem is it looks way too clean - needs some dirt on it! Dual sport riding is great and we have a very good variety here from forest trails to sandy deserts. There's only a handful of rides / ride reports on these types of rides on the forum but they're increasing and there's plenty of Dirtriderz who have adventure bikes as well (mine's a DR650). Check out my subscriptions for some Australian adventure bike channels as well as a short video of a recent trailride on my YouTube channel Arkouda Motosikletes
  3. BearMX

    Bear in the Swamp - 21 Jul 2018

    Wish I could've gotten on this ride, love Bears rides and that area is great. I've done a lot of those tracks on the DR650 (in the summer though and a few in the reverse direction of whtat you guys did; big difference to the wickedly wet conditions you guys had!). Love all the vids. Shame there was a couple of offs; hope everyone is ok and heals up quick. I'm definitely in for the next one.
  4. BearMX

    Ktm Shane’s Birthday ride at Neerim 19/7

    What a great way to celebrate a Dirtriderz members birthday! Congrats Shane for the excuse for a weekday ride and the awesome weather and conditions (the weather god's birthday present?). Great teamwork with the leads and sweeps - big thanks, especially for filling in at the last minute and showing us around Neerim (I'm guessing the planned leaders DNS bike is a KTM?). I've never ridden Neerim before and it is a ripper area. Lots of good humour before during and after the ride and other than a couple of bike and crash damage issues (both KTMS, yeah?) was surprisingly crash free; even I managed to keep it on two wheels the whole day!. I've put together a short video which if youtube plays ball I'll post tomorrow. I've caught a bit of everyone in it unfortunately with the exception of Eagle; sorry mate; I was probably too slow to keep up with you early on and just fast enough to steer clear of you as sweep later on. Only rant is (as Toysrus commented) everyone ganged up on me to point out and hang it on my bald front tyre. I just want to reconfirm on the record that Innova tyres from China are going to be the next must have item (assuming they're still in business). My tyre has been great (yeah, ok, for me that equals cheap) and it grips just as much bald now that it did when it was new (see, that's what I was saying, excellent consistency!) and I expect it'll continue this grip level for at least another couple of years and may even beat my 7 years dirt bike tyre life record! And anyway, I don't think it made my pumpkin handle much worse if at all. Cheers from Zig (or is it Zag?)
  5. BearMX

    hello from Greece

    Yassou, awesome to hear from someone in Greece. I don't hear much about riding from there other than when the 6 day (ISDE) was run a few years ago. My father used to love riding his scooter on the tracks there when he was young and used to tell me many stories of getting it through rough tracks and up steep rocky hills. You definitely need to tell us about dirtriding there; if you ride there a ride report would be awesome! Hey, imagine a Dirtriderz ride in Greece - I'd be there!
  6. BearMX

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    that's weird, my phone struggles to play it too, starts ok and then freezes. ...............and it's also weird that your post looks like you've quoted your own post that you're posting; wow it's almost like one of those mirrors facing each other situations and there's a never ending reflected image, and it blows your mind and your brain starts hurting...………….and next thing you know you've just bought a new KTM.
  7. BearMX

    Chain guard busted.?

    I've been running MX bikes in the bush and on the track for over 30 years and none of them have had those guards and I've never had a problem. I also removed it on the DRZ250 but I left it on the DR650 but only as I sometimes run it around town and it does help keep some of the spray off your street clothes and shoes.
  8. BearMX

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    I almost like watching the videos more than the riding, it's warmer, no bike maintenance or washing up is generated, I can do it on the couch with a cup of coffee and donuts and I don't feel sore in the back and neck afterwards. Hmmm, if everyone takes their cameras and posts the footage I could probably stay home!
  9. Yeah, it's better but still not as good as my other bikes for wiping down the fork legs. Ones now broken from mud building up between it and the fork leg forcing it so far forward so I was hoping as I have to replace it anyway I'd try and get a better shaped pair for wiping and less mud buildup.
  10. I can't stand the stupid KTM wrap around fork guards on the previous generation KTM's. The new model ones are better but won't fit as they changed the bolt pattern. Anyone know if there's anything aftermarket or OEM available that fits? A lot of Euro bikes run WP maybe there's something interchangeable? I read one years sherco six days runs the bladder forks, maybe they might fit? Anyone know which year it would be?
  11. BearMX

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    Footage is in. Didn't catch my little slide towards the tree (I blame the bike but with the fun of heavy use of throttle on slick surfaces I think I got a bit carried away). Trailsz - I did catch part of your outside line but it's hard to see in the distance. The lead up for this ride had some very funny posts (a lot questioning my pumpkinhater views and my manhood, so I decided to man up inspired by Coggs pumpkinater tag). As for my day it started pretty bad with a couple of hits on the snooze button and getting up and heading off with all the enthusiasm of a visit to the dentist. Unsurprisingly all the feet dragging ended up with me a half hour late to the meet point and at the time I was a bit disappointed that the group hadn't already left without me. I guess I hadn't quite manned up for the pumpkin after all. The day actually was great and I had a ball. Super slick tracks made the bikes motor feel like it had come out of a top fuel drag car and instead of a modest power output it was breaking traction with ease at the slightest use of throttle so I spent all day chopping it on and off and occasionally getting my weight way forward and weighting pegs to get some great slides and roost happening (I can be so childish). Just goes to show it really doesn't matter if your bikes a pig or you're a slow unskilled rider, it's all about getting off the couch and going riding with a great bunch of Dirtriderz! Thanks to the prep and lead sweep duties of Andy, Barclay & Greasa and to everyone who had a joke (at my expense) that got me along to this ride.
  12. BearMX

    Peak hour traffic

    Great point. Australian rules have big ramifications if a manufacturer's speedo reads less than the actual speed (but nothing if it reads higher than the actual speed) so it's only natural they're set conservatively from the factory (and the more conservative the manufacturer or the more options in wheels / tyres, the more the safety margin). Locally made cars generally are pretty close (around 3 km/h off) but the imports are much worse and can be over 8km/h off)
  13. BearMX

    Peak hour traffic

    I like it when the traffic is banking up in the opposite direction to where the tracks are (I love being retired and going riding when it's a workday for everyone else)
  14. BearMX

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    That's a really great bit of video with some fun looking tracks; enjoyed every second of it!
  15. BearMX

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Good point Gypsy. For sure, 350 is great size for the tight trails and trail riding. The sxf has a lot of bark even compared to a 450EXC but i think it just falls short of the 500EXC and definitely falls short in the 450 MX class. And hey, the way I ride tight trail maybe i'd be better off on a peewe!