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  1. Mathematically speaking the theory: "Kranky cop = good tour operator" and "fn (Temperament / time) = positive" is not likely I would have thought.
  2. Have to love this ride; lots of sand kms, well planned and lead and a great group; lots to thank, Arbo (tour master extraordinaire), Arthur (Mr Logistics), Tony (satisfying my caffeine fix), Bruce and Steve (feeding me on Friday night) and most importantly Jman (keeping my beer cold on Saturday night). Everyone set a cracking pace and it sure felt good to be able to open up the throttle a bit after too much tight trail riding (although the typically low gearing on dirt bikes was a bit frustrating on the faster tracks).
  3. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

    Thanks Coggs, as usual well done mate! Great to meet some more DirtriderZ riders (DirtriderZs?). Dissa tracks, DirtriderZ riders, BBQ and drinks - what's not to like (other than the overheating pumpkin; was envious of Centella's sweet little Honda).
  4. Wombat L1+

    Never seen one boil so almost as good as air cooled!
  5. Wombat L1+

    I do to but I like to think of mine as pumpkin although before I owned one I thought of them as camel (not just because of the color) but a camel would never boil would it. Still one good thing of owning it is it lead me to a couple of sweet air cooled bikes.....
  6. Wombat L1+

    Great stuff Andy! I missed your post so if anyone reads this there's more on geoffros post 'Andy's wombat ride' as well
  7. Wombat L1+

    Great ride, well done andy for putting this together, leading it and shouting the snags (not to mention a few cold bevvies) and to Barclay fo helping setting this up in preparation for next weeks big one. Super turnout and met and rode with a few more Dirtriderz for the first time as well as some regulars. These level rides are super sociable! Great mix of fun tracks - the DR650 lapped it up. Even the wrong hills worked out and gave the "+" real meaning.
  8. Smokers Lounge

    Wow Jman, great find and so much to like. Just had a quick look at your photo's and a few things sprang to mind............ Right side up forks vs USD forks that are no good unless a suspension technician has sucked a grand out of you Carby vs EFI that will leave you a babbling mess when it plays up Easy access big plug vs impossible to get to without special tools ridiculous high cost non standard 14mm long reach special metals plutonium enriched plug (that still fouls or fails just like the cheap ones) Simple CDI ignition vs ECU and wiring connecters nightmares that are super susceptible to both moisture and CIA hacking Beautiful solid blue color scheme vs sickly pumpkin or faded see through orangy red color schemes.........................................
  9. Help with forks

    Good to hear you got it apart. Sounds pretty steep on the parts cost but I guess it's been a few years since I had to buy seals or bushes (most of my bikes are on their originals). When you assemble make sure the splits in the bushes align towards the wheel in the assembled / installed condition (ie mark the position on the outer tube where the inside point facing the tyre would be as it would sit in the triple clamps with the air bleeds / adjusters / fork guides aligned properly, The lower legs are obvious because of the axle clamps). You don't want the splits facing forward or rearward as that's where the bulk of the loads are. Also I run grease in the oil seals preferably a seal grease (I use simons seal grease but I don't know if you can buy it anymore). I don't grease the dust seals but they do pick up a bit from the oil seals during assembly.
  10. KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    Bit of a update on the 350SXF. Couldn't find anything wrong with it. Eventually just put a new plug in and cranked away. Was about to give up when it started hinting it would fire and then came to life. Tried over the next couple of days and no problems. Put the old plug back in to see if it would fire and sure enough it fired straight up. Wasted a ride and a heap of time on it and I'm none the wiser. Took it for a cruisy ride at Wombat and it started every time. It did break up a bit one time tapped out in top gear and being a 350 felt a bit slow in the lower rev range but was otherwise fine. Oh well, at least it works again and I didn't spend any more money on unnecessary parts or battery.
  11. Anyone in or close to Melbourne got a DRZ250 I can try my CDI unit on? My bike has got fuel and spark but won't fire. All the basics check out ok so want to try my CDI unit on another bike to confirm it's ok. It won't take long (basically remove seat and unclip a couple of connecters to swap it).
  12. Help with forks

    Sounds like one of the bushings has wedged a fraction (kyb bushes are very thin and there can be a big gap between the inner and outer bushes). Tap the fork (compression) to unwedge it and get it moving again. Then heat up the the upper tube around the bushing area while the fork is extended with a heat gun and get it reasonably hot just like you'd do a wheel bearing. Then do the slide action again and use a solid motion (ie don't be gentle). Seeing os it got stuck you might need to change a bushing, check them for lifting of the Teflon coating although a little is OK according to work shop manuals. Pm me If you get stuck and want a hand; ill pop over if I can
  13. WTF! I can't believe it; I hope they find it and the thieving bastards get a dose of what they deserve.
  14. KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    Good one, I think that's it (memory is not what it was but in my defence it was over 30 years ago). Out of curiosity wouldn't the bike still start with a faulty sensor (with the exception of a roll over sensor if it's got one) and flash an error code on the efi light like on a normal bike?
  15. KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    I feel your pain. My pumpkin (93 hrs old) was fine off the trailer on Sunday but refused to fire again after we stopped at the first intersection. Nothing obviously wrong with it - fuel to cylinder and HT power from coil. I parked it in a dark corner of the shed to let it reflect on it's behaviour but it still wouldn't run today I hope the battery and kill switch does the trick for you. P.s. Great post and responses - great for some good tech knowhow for the memory bank and gives me some good ideas for my bike. I also agree with Mick501. So if you end up getting the new stator (in particular the pick up coil) checked make sure they use a meter that runs a high current (can't remember what those meters are called) not just an ohmmeter. Ohmeter is good for a failed coil (open or short circuit) but may not pick up weakened coil wiring that breaks down under load. Decades ago I had a near new '85 KX500 that started playing up when it was hot. I measured the pick up coil with an ohmmeter and it was in spec. I pulled the pickup coil out of it anyway and took it to Bert Neville in Geelong (the guy who started Small Coil Rewinds) who tested it under load and it was toast.