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  1. BearMX

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Wtf Paul, that's awful. Hope you're getting looked after well and you have a speedy recovery. if you need any help with anything feel free to text/call or pm me.
  2. BearMX

    VMX @ Stoney Creek

    Gee Eagle, that's hilarious, you not only raced a Maico but got a hole shot by accident as well! Ah yes, Maico break-O, I used to laugh so much when a Maico 490 riders carb would blow off their manifold on a backfire.
  3. BearMX

    Big Desert Yaapeet Treat

    Yep, KTM was up to it's normal standard once again. This time it was a cooked clutch, I rarely slip it so it must be all that ready to race power that had it expire at 138 hours. On the bright side it limped back to camp on the main roads without a push or tow. Also it's very economical, last ride on the GF at dissa I only got to use 3 liters before the oil filler cap abandoned ship and this ride I barely used a tankful. With the KTM I did end up drinking a lot more over the weekend though compared to other brands. Bruce did a great job; even managed to get us all up early! The banter was diverse hilarious and stretched the limits of good taste; Derek and Clive would have been proud. The group were all (too) fast. A massive effort to do all of the loop as well. I only did a small portion and am stuffed.
  4. BearMX

    Where can I buy genuine Honda parts?

    Agree it's a risk with cheap pads but they can be very good. The best rear pads I'd ever run on the rear of my CRF450R were off ebay and under $10 (even better than the Braking pads I used to run). Worst pads I've ever used is SBS pads on the front of my kx250 which delaminated after little use. Moto GC spare parts prices are outrageous. Better off at team moto as rider mentioned (there's a AMX next door as well) or Peter Stevens in the city. .
  5. Too cool Walkahz. That 465 would be fun in the desert (get some rec reg on it for the next desert ride!). Forks are super easy to DIY if your that way inclined. Stiffer springs (you can cut the stockers), higher oil level and weld and re drill the damper rods (if needed). Won't be as good on chop, square edges and whoops as cartridge forks but will handle big jump landings and jump bases / g-outs fine at b grade pace.
  6. BearMX

    L1+. Adventure Bike Ride. Vic . 19-23 Oct

    Great report IanM. The Kevington Hilton was a great stop off for a beer back in the day. We'd roll up covered in mud, lay the MX bikes on there side out front and warm up by the fire with a cold beer. Shame about the rain and breakdowns.
  7. BearMX

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Woo hoo! Nice one; yeah, I'm a gun, a gun of the bar that is.
  8. BearMX

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    Hmmmm, a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner won by a septic tank, sounds rigged
  9. BearMX

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    I'm kinda curious to know as well. From my limited riding experience on KTM MX bikes I don't like them for MX riding. I now ride my SXF350 offroad only which has the added benefit of not scratching up my good bikes. I think I prefer my SXF350 to a 450EXC though for offroad which seems a bit electric, soft and vague in comparison (I'm not a hardcore offroader, just level 2+). Be good to hear your take on it compared to your 500 (and other bikes).
  10. BearMX

    Seat cover ripping

    My 2014 KTM 350SXF stock cover looks a similar material (thin and stretchy) and started doing this same thing but I got over 80 hours of use before I noticed it. It's just a really crap cover from the factory which my only theory is they came up with it on the basis of low cost and ease of assembly (without wrinkles). The aftermarket ones are stronger material (won't let water through to the foam as well like the stocker does which will eventually rot the foam). Haven't replaced mine yet and can't vouch for them but I've heard the cheap Chinese ones on Aliexpress are much better than the stock KTM ones. Probably a better solution than trying to tape up the stocker.
  11. BearMX

    Air filter oiling.. enough?

    Most people over oil their filters. A KTM size air filter only needs about 30ml of oil. It's hard to work so little oil into the filter evenly. The thin oil let's you do this because it's got a thinner in it like shellite that evaporates after the oils been evenly distributed. The filter should only look damp rather than wet. If you pinch the oiled filter between your fingers you should feel oil residue on them when you separate them and for tacky oils almost have some oil stringing off the filter. Green No toil is super easy to work with but I find it rots your filters prematurely. Otherwise I use about the same amount as I would oil (30 odd ml). Filters look and feel drier than oil and i think the dust goes a touch deeper into the filter but I haven't had any issues with it getting past the filter. An old trick to check filtering is to put a smear of white grease in the air passage. When you pull the filter you can see if any dust has stuck to it. The white glove dust test also works.
  12. BearMX

    Can I ride in reserves?

    It's pretty funny when no one worried about mining an area but we can be concerned about riding on it after it's been mined. Seriously though, your good to go; If you can drive a car onto a track and there's no gate / fence or signage you should be OK on a bike. Check out the link:
  13. BearMX

    Dartmouth 2 day

    Real sorry to hear of your injury Russ; all the best on a complication free and quick recovery (and a heap of pampering).
  14. BearMX

    2015 KTM 350 excf Oil Residue

    The rocker cover gasket is rubber, reusable and doesn't need a sealant but a smear of silicon is still required on the 2 semicircles on the head side on assembly. Whoever checked the valves last didn't do this (or given my opinion of ktm it could've been the factory that forgot what their own procedure says). No big deal, it's not gonna leak a lot of oil. I think ktms probably dont deserve a decent wash but clean it with a rag and a bit of WD40 spray if you must. Don't hit it with high pressure spray. When you get tired of having to clean it all the time just pop the cover off (have fun pulling the plug cap, plug and head stay) wipe clean the surfaces, add the smear of silicone (just on the semicircles) and reuse the gasket. Ahhhh, the joys of KTM ownership.
  15. Never done one myself but should be pretty straightforward. You need a wiring diagram for the bike; if you have the original owners manual it'll have it. Your looking for a regulated DC power wire to splice into. If there's a separate regulator it's easy but on the the CRF it probably won't have one and the only line available will be the one that goes to the throttle position sensor on the side of the throttle body. There'll probably be 3 wires connected to it from the ECU. One should be 12volt regulated supply (this is the one you want), one should be the return variable voltage from the sensor (don't touch this one) . You'll need to measure which wire is feeding the power to it which isn't to hard - disconnect the connector and run a voltmeter to each pin on the ECU's side, only the powered wire will give a reading when you kick it over. I wouldn't try connecting to the ignition side like the kill switch / coil (the kill switch just earths the coil). Oh yeah, can you scan and attach the instructions, someone here may be able to make sense of them for you.