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  1. Only just saw your post; love it! May have to buy a new CRF450 to go with it.
  2. The copyright music is a PITA. YouTube can check what songs you plan to use before you use them, there's a search function on the site. But, what's OK today can change over time and block your previously ok vids like happened with ACDC music. YouTube also has free music to use which is what I use now.
  3. My thinking is it depends on the group and type of ride (and if there is a competent rider available). To me the basic requirement is to keep the cornerman in position till the last rider. So at the very least the sweep is really just the designated last rider. But, it's faster and safer overall if the sweep is competent. Plus they're less likely to get in trouble and need help themselves. I think radios on the lead / sweep seem to be a good idea too.
  4. Carry a hip flask of your favourite poison for you and a box of matches for the bike?
  5. Great day! Thanks to everyone involved in putting this together, leading, sweeping, giving a hand, cooking, bringing food and drinks - awesome effort! Special thanks to Gypsy - outstanding! I rode the L1+ ride and Rider did a great job leading plus he seemed to be everywhere managing to be in the right places to give a helping hand and Ari.g did a great job sweeping for the whole ride as well. So good to be on a ride with a decent representation of ladies in the group. Reminded me of when I started trail riding many years ago. I reckon the conversation and jokes are much better when there's a good mix and that was certainly the case on this ride. The ride had a bit of everything for a L1+ ride (quite a bit of the + actually) and everyone gave everything a go handling it really well without any issues or injuries (other than Rider needing to relieve himself of some of the excesses of the night before). After the ride I got to enjoy two of my other favourite pastimes - Beer and food. Bad Badger is evil - not long after getting off the bike he wheels out a huge esky full of beers. So much great food put on by so many. Love the reports, videos and photo's everyone's posted. Speaking of the reports, what is it with Gypsy and tyre repairs? I'm considering getting fit and learning how to ride so I can get on rides he's on and not have to worry about getting flats.
  6. Awkward no matter what you do. I use a cheap siphon pump, the cheap plastic ones you get that have the bellows on top. I put the jerry on top of the engine pump a couple of times to get the siphoning started and release the air bleed on top to stop it siphoning. For the bike I rest the jerry can on the seat. I do remember seeing a plastic siphon pump for petrol a long time ago that had a trigger nozzle on it styled on service station pump nozzles.
  7. I got quite a bit better mileage than Josh. I reckon I probably used under 41 litres for the Birdsville to Oodnadatta run. I ran stock gearing 15/41 (Josh had a lower 14 front) and stock carby / airbox / snorkel / pipe with a straight through muffler. I could cruise at highway speeds with very little throttle and got under 5 litres per 100 km/h. In the sand it was a touch over 5litres per 100 km. The bike felt very sharp in this tune; in the sand it could pull top gear from as low as 60km/hr, cruised nicely at 100km/hr, had no problems getting up the dunes (did big red from both sides) but while it was great up to 120 it was a bit soft above it and didn't want to go much over 130 (or 140 on the bitumen). I highly recommend stiffer suspension springs for the crossing.
  8. I don't understand; shouldn't a few decades and lots of coaches have passed before the Tigers make a GF again?
  9. Speedy recovery Macca. When I'm out with an injury I like the glass half full approach. Its a chance for all those other niggles you're carrying to heal up as well so that when you get back on the bike you'll actually be in better shape overall.
  10. Depends, do you barrack for Collingwood?
  11. Not familiar with the klx 300 conversion. In general though the 250 trailbikes are pretty good. If its got a good piston / barrel I wouldn't waste money on a big bore kit. It may not be a problem as there was a KLX300 but you may run into issues of overheating as well the clutch might not be strong enough for it. Better to gear it for the type of riding you do (for off road go lower gearing - smaller front sprocket , bigger rear or both). Also look at better breathing from the airbox and exhaust. If you have the yearning for more power / torque better to look at trading up to something that fits the capacity and type of riding you do. Having said that if your happy with the bike in all other respects you will get a touch more torque with the 300
  12. Didn't send me broke but I did shed a tear and took a moment to say farewell to my money before I handed it over.
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