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  1. BearMX

    Space Blankets

    I also think having a lighter is a good idea, could always set fire to the broken down bike for a bit of warmth and signal beacon. I hear as dirt bikes KTMs make good bonfires.
  2. Haha, that takes me back. When I started riding overalls were the trail riders standard outfit. I remember buying dark blue dye and dying them for that "factory racer" look. They were soon replaced though by modern race gear; motocross denim jeans and a thin cotton long sleeve jersey.
  3. I reckon an anodised kickstarter should do the trick, you'll be one up on me as my KTM is estart only.
  4. Nice work; let's you press both the inner and outer races with perfect contact evenly (you use a flat across the bearing to hammer on and support the opposite side bearing the same way) unlike the sockets that most use and only contact the outer race. I've even seen well respected tuner's video's on YouTube who have terrible methods and end up side loading the bearings inners against the outers.
  5. Sorry Dazz, I couldn't resist. I'm sure Andy will explain all (there is a good reason).
  6. Good choice, I got one for my KTM plus the matching bling tip for the brake pedal. That's on top of the oil filler cap, clutch/brake reservoir caps, levers and wheels I already have. It really works, I can feel I'm really fast now and I haven't even ridden it!
  7. Yeah, ever since full face helmets became popular it's hard to smoke while riding.
  8. With modern high powered dirtbikes I like to run full knobbies for high performance traction. My front knobby is pretty warn which is probably not the right thing to do but my rear is only a couple of years old and still has a few knobs in the middle; reckon I'll get another year out of it, maybe two!
  9. Crap, I'm good for at least half of these traits......
  10. Real racer guys go on level 1 rides to pass everyone. And a pass that sprays everyone in dust and rocks, involves a puddle dump or takes out a few riders is worth extra points!
  11. Good info, I always try to buy Honda parts when they're interchangeable for all my bikes regardless of brand. They're usually a much lower cost and stocked. I'm hoping my KTM will eventually become a Honda.
  12. Wonder what crime this would fall under and what penalty could apply in the unlikely situation of someone bothering to catch someone who is doing it. If there was a commercial interest rather than recreational interest I'm sure our pollies would be all over it and these loonies would be caught (like in spiking strawberries).
  13. BearMX

    Angelsea 11/3

    Great day for a ride. First off road venture on the new (to me) 2001 DR650 in the very fast "racing yellow" colour scheme. Road down on the bike joining Evros on the way and met up with Coggs, Wayno and Beeaye at the Gum Flats road meet point. Main loop was around 50 KM - starting with the relatively smooth Harrison tracks and building up to the nice flowing ups and downs of Denham's track and finishing with the sand and whoops of Alardyce track. This loop is great for all levels of skill and bike type - just tailor the speed to your own level. For me, the DR650 was awesome. Great down the freeway (although the seat's a bit hard and I had to stand a few times to get some circulation to the rear end). Haven't ridden a DR650 off road since June last year and I was again amazed at how good these bikes are. There was a bit of moisture in the ground and the traction even with well used Pirelli MT60 road / trail tyres was excellent. I love the big chassis and torquey motor feel on these bikes (wish I could get this feel on all my bikes) and felt comfortable pushing it right from the start the only limiting factor being the bottoming super soft suspension. Everyone was on the pace and there was little dust to bother us. Ride was pretty casual schedule wise with some breaks with chat time and recollection of some of the memorable moments of the ride. Seems like everyone had some moments with the soft sand traps and the strategically placed pot hole bottomless pits. Funnily enough not many mentions of the whoop monsters from the others but I had trouble forcing myself to slow down for them given the suspension. The ride home was crazy. The traffic was one big jam from the end of the Anglesea road at the Geelong end to the Western ring road at the Melbourne end and I reckon I did half of it lane splitting.
  14. That's amazing, I often go through the leave it for a week, no hair to pull out shoot it and myself thoughts with my KTM too (although having been a big Hakan Carlquist fan I also contemplate digging a big hole to bury it in. Maybe at some point in time in the future.....) Good tip on the slave cylinder, mine started playing up (started to get a slight drag with the engine stopped) which I guessed was because it was moving into a position in the bore where it was restricted or tightening up. It's fine with an in spec clutch pack though.