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  1. I use mine as a phone. Works great and I haven't broken it yet (I have a habit of breaking them). The WiFi is good and use it for my PC to get access to the internet from it. Screens good for surfing the net, email etc. For around town and getting to ride spots I prefer navmii as it's simple and gives good voice directions like a regular car GPS. Its free too and works great offline so I run both it and locus.
  2. No shortage of power in the mid 90s Jap MX bikes including the YZ. That was a period where a lot of engine changes were being made so its important the parts you get are for your year. Power valve needs regular maintenance as mentioned. The governor bearing and thrust washers wears as well. Do a compression test to make sure everything's sealing OK and its got the right piston (height) in it. Shouldn't be lower than 190 psi and should be pushing 220+ psi if it's been tuned. Check / clean carby, has it got stock jetting or close to it? Check the reeds, they lose tension over time and can fray or chip. Usually they are changed at least at every couple of pistons. Poor ignition can cause issues - but most will stop it running or make it run with a lot of breaking up if there's a problem.
  3. If someone got injured I'm pretty sure whoever did it will have broken the law, but, who's going catch and charge them????
  4. In general, in tank pumps need to be submerged so if the bike runs low on fuel or if it's going to be unused for a while make sure there's at least a couple of litres in it.
  5. You didn't miss it. On the SXF the micro filter in the fuel line is every 10 hours (Waste of time / money imo as bugger all gets through to there). Nothing for the tank filter but it lists fuel pressure and flow test every 10 hours. Unlike other bikes you'll need a male quick connector / line to connect your pressure gauge (if you've got one) or buy the KTM tool (no idea what that would cost but if the filter kit is $102 I reckon it'd be scary). I assume EXC will be 15 hours instead of 10 hours.
  6. I think their pistons are still good. My guess with the filters / pumps is something, probably the pump as previously posted, is shedding the "black powder" (maybe materials that have been changed due to environmental laws?) together with filters trying to filter too small a particle. Of course if you relax the filtration spec the injectors will wear a bit quicker (considering the pump works harder and the hours for the filter to clog I reckon it'd be worth it if they haven't already don't it on the later models).
  7. That's a good alternative. Price from Trumpland for the genuine Mahle wasn't exactly cheap especially with shipping cost but a whole lot better than KTM here who sell it only with the clamps and strainer as a kit. I miss the good old days of keihin carbs and gravity pumps.
  8. Decided to have a look at mine. Its coloured up a bit but doesn't seem too bad (my bike is low hours / fuel use). Screen was clean. Inline micro filter was clean. Thought I'd change it anyway as the pump was out. WTF, $102 from KTM! The guy tried to tell me the KTM parts prices are improving! Hate to see what I'd been missing out on over the last 30 odd KTM free years. Ordered a couple and a 10pack of clamps from Trump land instead and will change it when they arrive.
  9. Awesome result! That's a real tough race.
  10. All the yellow ain't fooling anyone - you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.
  11. Sounds like a great day; massive turnout! looks like someone had a classy bike in Pepperjack's photo; please post more Yellow bike photo's for me to drool over.
  12. Could you notice anything from looking at the in line microfilter at the fuel llne connector or was it all getting caught at the pump filter?
  13. Found this great site; it has all the tech documents for KTM models. The docs have all the manuals (owners, parts, repair) and even include the dealer predilvery manuals and suspension shim stacks! https://www.ktmshop.se/index
  14. Yeah, good point. Andy's riding has really progressed. Even his stack looked pretty cool on the vid. Pepperjack also impressed; he's really taken to the new TPI 2 stroke.
  15. Thanks Ross, Ian, Mick and everyone for making it a ripper day. I love Strathbogie! I'm still sore in all the muscles I haven't used in a while (which is pretty much all the muscles I've got). Not riding my bike again until I get a new tyre on it, too.
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