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  1. Some use locus map. You can run it offline and out of cell range. It's free to use and you can pay for extras if you need them. You can use it without any purchases so you can try it out on a few rides.
  2. Sorry buddy, software updates and the GoPro refused to play ball. and my patience had me giving up a number of times. I've only managed a short vid of your starring role on the tractor tyre wall of death (well, not really a wall of death, but entertaining nonetheless).
  3. Thanks to HABS for putting this ride on and leading us around a ripper area, so much fun. Thanks also to Olly for sweeping. Shame we had an injury early on - hope its nothing too serious and you have a quick recovery. I loved the fast flowing trails, even the odd slick bits that nearly dumped me a couple of times and although I rarely ride them the rocky sections were good too. Everyone rode a decent pace and i reckon enjoyed being able to give the throttle a workout as much as i did. I was pretty stuffed by the end of the ride cramping in both legs and struggled using the clutc
  4. Not being Japanese I'd be concerned the 390 reliability will be the same as the 790?
  5. I doubt the problem your describing is due to the chamber. I'd be checking reeds / reed block / gasket leaks and barrel / head warpage / gasket leaks (also top of the cases). The cases can leak at the join too. When the motor's assembled a leak down test is a way to check these before a tear down. Assume you've already checked but don't forget Carby worn slide (especially if its a model that wasn't hard plated) needle and seat / float height). Also if you return to stock jetting it should run reasonable (not perfect but not with the problem you describe) if everything else is OK.
  6. I can relate to some of what you say and feel but in my case I actually am a grumpy old man. I think just your awareness that you're not sure is worth at least having a chat with your GP. Don't over think it or dwell on it, after all it is just a chat with your GP.
  7. Thanks everyone for making it a great day. When I saw myself in silhouette in Phil's photo's I thought I'd make a good Santa; no fake belly required - ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!
  8. The saying from the kick start bike days was never swing a leg until you've downed a stubby.
  9. I don't expect a cheap Chinese bike to leak oil. The ones I've experienced are good. I do expect expensive European bikes to leak oil. Euro bike saying - can't keep oil in, can't keep water out.
  10. Resistances checked cold, spark at cold / low revs (low electrical power). Check hot or with a Megger?
  11. Pretty weird. 10 mm strong spark sounds OK. Clean carby sounds OK and I assume everything's in place. I'm still guessing electrical and like Frank's back to basics approach. Blocked / pinched carb or tank breather hoses haven't been mentioned before.
  12. How strong is the spark? Does it do it or is it better or worse when cold or hot. Does it idle without giving it throttle when started after it hasn't been run for a long while.
  13. So sorry to hear that. Please pass on my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. You Shep boys are a hardy bunch so I'm sure Mick probably fobbed it off as "tis but a scratch" Monty Python style.
  14. If its not priming the pump its not getting power to the ecu. The starter is a different circuit and independent of the ECU / pump. The ecu is powered by a different relay that is energised by the regulator so its probably not related. It needs the motor to turn to power the regulator and kick it off. To check try rocking the bike in gear to see if it powers the regulator / capacitor, kicks off the ECU and sets off the pump. As for the starter, did you try it with the spark plug out (lighter load)? I'd probably also get eagle to chime in if there's any chance of damaging a starter w