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  1. Ah yes, 2002, a good vintage, the rubber crop that year was excellent, just the right oiliness, a nice shade of black and a aromatic hint of fresh burnout.
  2. Any age is a good age to get into dirt bikes! Not that many Level 1 rides but they do get posted at times. The forests around Melbourne can get greasy in the wet but the main tracks are usually OK. Anglesea is good for a level 1 ride, the main tracks don't get greasy and are fun without being too technical. I've run a couple of L1+ rides there in the past and will probably post one in the next few weeks.
  3. 15 years! Beats my longest run of 7 years of regular use on a Pirelli on my old KX250. I succumbed to changing the front tyre on my KTM after a few people commented on how worn it was. I hope Frank warned you that the bike won't handle the same with a new tyre and you'll be oversteering everywhere.
  4. I'm jealous; which model KYB forks? Pricey? Is the shock a WP with the crap piston replaced with a bladder or a Jap shock?
  5. Bruce's riding regime is to thrash it to within an inch of it's life and then thrash it a bit more! I'd be comfortable with his experience on hours; they're actually probably conservative for more timid riders like me. I know I slag KTMs at times but they're pretty robust. I'll give you credit, your maintenance regime and mechanical skills have actually improved dramatically over the years; your local shop is technically very good too.
  6. Ripper ride Coggs, thanks! Your getting around Dissa better than ever; the 350 really suits you. Thanks Bushy for sweeping and Dusty for the optional tracks (really tested out my bashplate). Thanks to everyone that came along; great riding with you all and catching up after the ride. A few reflections on the day I don't recommend Habs inventive and unique way to pull stumps out of the ground. I've never seen someone pick up a bike with a stump sticking out of the side cover before. I need to get on more rides with Hoff. Pure entertainment; whether it's funny action and banter, believe it or not situations (a rear wheel total lock up from a rock wedged between chain and rear sprocket) or an impressive run up 3rd gear hill he delivered. Now that I love KTM's my Pumpkin Poop's behaviour has really improved; 2 consecutive rides without a malfunction or boil over! Habs mentioned camera settings, what I want to know is how everyone's photos all look good but when I'm in shot they make just me look like a fat tub of lard? Oh, must be the body armour!
  7. That sucks Walkhaz. What's with Euro magnets coming adrift; I know of a late model Husky flywheel magnet that came adrift; Euro environmentally friendly glue? It's probably a common starter on a few makes, you might be lucky and find something on EBay / Aliexpress.
  8. Definitely rider. KTMs are fantastic. They're built like, go like and handle like a KTM.
  9. I had a lot of trouble getting enthused for this ride once the DRZ had expired on Saturday's Neerim ride. I dragged myself out of bed wheeled out the KTM and got to the meet polnt early for a change. Well, I'm so glad I went! Great group to ride with as usual. Andy and IanM put on a great sequence of fast flowing tracks with Scott looking after sweep duties all day. The KTM ran and handled all day like a KTM and no tow rope was required. Lots of entertaining moments on the ride. Kudos to Pepperjack on the get out of my way rev pass and a good (honest) pass on me on a downhill. Loved the after ride BBQ and socializing - becoming a trademark of Andy's rides! Atomik!
  10. Thanks Mick for putting on this ride. Great group and ripper tracks at Neerim (pity I only got to do a few of them). Thanks everyone for getting the DRZ up the hill. Thanks Bruce and Riles for the photo's recording the DRZs inauspicious ending for posterity (oh, the shame, I'll never live it down). Great to see everyone back safe at the end of the hot and dusty day and stick around for some catching up and banter. Wasting no time with its punishment; locked it in a cold dark basement when I got home for good measure!
  11. Yeah, I do like to ramble hey! Shoulda just said buy a KYB suspended bike (it was my first thought when I read the post). When are we gonna see you on the trails?
  12. The dreaded WP low tension seal leak. The dust seals and fork guards are crap. May come good with a clean. Clean and wipe the leg down. Drop the dust seal; gently feed a flat blade screwdriver between the dust seal and upper tube and twist the screwdriver to lever the dust seal down a little and work it off. Slide it down the leg and give it a good clean and wipe with a rag. Feed the feeler gauge in between the oil seal and tube and work your way round, withdraw wipe off and repeat. Can also make a more robust easy to handle tool cut from a regular soft drink bottler or buy a tool at a bike shop. My experience though is none of these work well on WP. Feeler gauge worked fine on my KYB forks but I've only had to do that once. With WP it's a lucky dip; I've pulled a WP leaking seal, cleaned it and reinstalled it with Simon's seal grease and not had it leak again. Don't use any solvents on the seals. A rag and paint brush with light oil to clean (auto trans is good) is the go. And wipe down with a clean dry cloth to finish off. Travel the fork a few times a inches and wipe the leg clean plenty of times before you push the dust seal back in. If its not the disc side your pretty right to ride this week end. The actual amount that leaks whilst looking bad is usually very small.
  13. Yeah, it wasn't actually that bad but was expecting a cruisy L2 ride at most on the day. The rock wall at the top of lookout hill was definitely the toughest thing I've come across on the DRZ; pity the camera wasn't rolling for it.
  14. I'm getting a lot of dust on the lens which then produces lots of sun glare and affects the focus. Other than keeping out of the dust and remembering to wipe the dust off anyone got any tips? Anti static treatments? Taping on a shroud?
  15. Little vid of the wee little ride
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