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  1. 2014 KTM 350SXF wheel bearings

    Good point, I did look at the KTM kit; it's great that it's got all the pieces including the centre spacer but thought it's pricey. I liked the Chad's SKF kit that PeteV posted; it's also got the outer spacers but in steel and the seals are meant to be better and at just over half the cost the kit seems better value. In the end though I figured the twin bearing design would be less maintenance and risk of another DNF even if it meant a cost and weight penalty (that and shiny anodised wheels look pretty nice).
  2. 2014 KTM 350SXF wheel bearings

    Bit of an update. There's plenty of sprocket side wheel bearing failure stories on the net. Had the wheel off my '07 DRZ250 which is still on it's original bearings and it seems to run 2 bearings on the sprocket side which look to have larger balls / races than the single one in the KTM so I definitely think Cluffie is right about them being under engineered. Found out the aftermarket wheel sets are also standard with a twin bearing set up so have gone that way.
  3. Even by my standards that chain is rooted; well done!
  4. Andy, check out Torpedo7 for brake discs, don't know what the quality is like (generally the cheaper steels are better for braking performance / feel but will get some light surface rust over time where they don't contact the pads). Torpedo 7 rotors are a good price and they also have a 40% discount on brakes and wheels which I think ends today or tomorrow. Btw, their delivery time is usually only a couple of business days.
  5. Likely it's on the side that the axle is fed in from and is meant to keep it centred so the axle doesn't catch on a lip
  6. As much as I love my 07 DRZ250 it's low, wide, heavy and light on wheelie power which coupled with my lack of technique it really abuses it's bashplate (anyone that's seen me ride it knows I really slam the logs and rocks with my Sumo wrestler technique). So, unsurprisingly, it eventually needed some tlc (reweld on the LHS). Had no idea who welds alloy so thought I'd first try an enquiry on the B&B website. What an absolutely fantastic company to deal with. Quick response, good humour, can do attitude, pride in their products and workmanship and super hospitable. They not only do arguably the best motorbike protective gear but all sorts of stuff - alloy welding / repairs, fabrication (steel as well), aluminium materials and products. The people are really, really nice; I literally had a coffee and a chat while my bashplate was repaired in no time. Looks great too with new stickers applied. Too good!
  7. New brake lever

    If it's aluminium don't try bending it, it will definitely break. Best way is heavy hammer taps with the lever supported against the blows, ie on a piece of timber. If you've got a gas stove or torch heat it up before hitting it. It's really important to have it supported against the blows so your looking to hit it on the high points while it's supported on both ends of the low points behind it. With lots of taps it should slowly straighten out. If it's steel support it in a vice just below the start of a bend and then lever the free end with a pipe or big shifter spanner or tap the free end with a hammer. I haven't broken one in decades so aren't sure about aftermarket but would have doubts about their strength and brittleness.
  8. 2014 KTM 350SXF wheel bearings

    Thanks for all the responses, just what I needed. I remember buying Japanese bearings and popping the seals and repacking with decent grease on the bikes back in the 1980's but haven't had to do it since. Looks like that or the Chad's kit is the way to go' Btw, bike hasn't seen mud or much in the way of water and there was no signs of rust in what was left on the sprocket side or the OK drum side. Polish bearings sound like a good reason - the poles did a great job of stuffing up the excellent Sidi crossfire boots. Maybe the under engineered theory has some merit although it's a much more substantial bearing than on my 1989 KX500 for example which hasn't been a problem (In 25 years it's had plenty of use and whilst I've worn out 3 kickstarters and the output shaft splines for example the Japanese WB's I put in it when it was new are still fine).
  9. Rear wheel bearing failed on my 2014 KTM 350SXF; the races are still there but the balls have disappeared. Bikes done 90 hours and it's the first wheel bearing failure on one of my bikes in over 30 years. I'm suss on replacing them with KTM parts. The bike shop has a All balls kit. Anyone know if they're any good?
  10. Great choice and decision!

    Photographer extraordinaire - Ric (more dirt bike photo's in 1 ride than I've taken in a lifetime. Please join any rides I go on in the future) World's most unreliable bike - Husky (more precisely Ric's Husky and specifically its rear tyre; it has flats straight after a repair and before it's even been ridden!) Best MacGyver effort (and top bloke) - Tony (Josh's clutch repair) Best Rider effort - Josh (Josh, I agree, you rode better than last year and did it without the clutch; maybe remove the clutch altogether and get a bonus weight saving?). Special mention to all the desert first timers that gave it a go. Some were looking a bit shaky at the start but everyone progressed during the day finding their sand ridding technique and speed. Best looking bike - Mick's Husky 350 (I don't really like Euro bikes but that bike is bling riddled and yet super elegent) Best camouflage effort - Mick (one second in front of me and the next nowhere to be seen) Best liquid intake and output during a ride - Mick (winner by a country mile) Thanks again Arbo; this is a brilliant ride! Well done Bill on sweeping Friday and Bruce on sweeping all saturday (I'm so used to Bruce absolutely thrashing his bike and pushing the pace I never thought he'd stick it out all day when there where volunteers to give him a break).
  12. Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    Can do either night but probably prefer Thursday as there's a slight chance I could do a ride on Wednesday.
  13. What a good idea for a thread. I'm keen to get more rides on the DR650; that last ride was great. I also have Motard wheels with road sport tyres which work a lot better on the road and make a dirt ride pretty intense especially in the wet.
  14. Blackwood to Pig and Whistle Sunday 10 Sep

    Well Andy, I have mixed emotions. I slept in yesterday given the ride was off; only saw your post at midday and was kicking myself. However am very happy it worked out for you and that it was a great day (well done IanM).