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  1. BearMX

    ADV riding

    Sounds pretty good; it's on this Sunday and only $50. Weather's not looking all that good though for Sunday.
  2. BearMX

    Wet boots

    Maybe designed for specific left and right positions and to cater for those with 2 left feet (and in the interest of equality 2 right feet)?
  3. BearMX

    level 1. ADV, Blackwood/Trentham area

    Nice contrast in bikes - looks like David and Goliath
  4. BearMX

    End of an era (for me)

    Progress is so strange. When I got into motorbikes in the 80's I fell in love with my brand new KX500B1 and ended up progressively modifying it for more and more power. I was convinced (and still am) that you can never have too much power and that 4 strokes are what you ride when you get old and fat. I now have a few 4 strokes.
  5. BearMX

    To be or not to be night ride

    Used to play race in the desert on our 500 stroke MX bikes with pissy little 15 watt headlights that barely lit the front guard let alone the whoops. Amazing what a bit of booze and dares around the campfire will do. Don't know if I'd be keen on a night ride in winter but could be fun when the weathers better. Lights not that important as long as your close as you can guess logs, rocks, bog holed by watching the helmet of the guy in front.
  6. BearMX

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    I would've thought the mx motor /close ratio gearbox with less gears is a better starting point for a competition enduro bike.
  7. BearMX

    Wr 450 overheating

    Probably just fortuitous that he found the post from Saturday. Maybe a budding forum sponsor? I like the head gasket repair product; only problem is I can't work out how to use it on my DRZ250.
  8. BearMX

    Wr 450 overheating

    Yeah, exactly what I said, science, use the Evans waterless coolant...…...or not...………..
  9. BearMX

    Wr 450 overheating

    Exactly; different liquids have different heat transfer properties. Btw, just in case someone is tempted to run straight water - DON'T; the motors need engine coolant for many reasons (unless it's an emergency on the trail and there's nothing else available and if waters not available I'm told piss works).
  10. BearMX

    Wr 450 overheating

    Ummm, different liquids / coolants actually also have different heat transfer properties (not only boiling point) and can affect the efficiency of the cooling system. I can't comment on the testing veracity but read some time ago Evans dropped the temp on a KTM 350EXC around 7C over engine ice.
  11. If you got booked riding on the immediate runoff sides on a main bitumen road - probably could be argued as justified. Booking people on those parallel tracks on the side sounds like a stupid non consequential technicality that would only waste their time and piss people off. Seems to me if they're going to book you for that then even if you have full road reg they'll just find something else to impress (book) you with. I'd rather see the police actually do something effective about assaults, break-ins, thefts etc. The recent experiences of my friends and I are pathetic.
  12. BearMX

    Some beauty from Greece with xt660z

    πολύ ωραία I have to definitely do a Greece trip in the future! Thanks for the video and please post more when you can.
  13. A first for me - a chance to ride a couple of larger Adventure bikes around Wombat. I'm in the market for a replacement for my much loved DR650 (which was recently stolen) and decided to consider all options. Pepperjack very kindly offered me a ride on his 2 big adventure bikes - a very cool KTM Super Adventure 1290 and a very nice BMW 1200. I started the day jumping on my Z1000 and making my way to Pepperjack's place on a very clear morning that held the promise of perfect weather - so good to get on a Jap 1000cc 4 cylinder on days like this;. After a coffee I was handed the key fob to the KTM (keyless starter!) and before we got started I was shown the basics - you know, essential dirtbike stuff like heated seat and grips, a heap of rider mode settings, cruise control etc! It even displays the tyre pressures on the dash! Jumping on it was a bit alarming - I know I've shrunk a bit in my old age but the bike is freaking tall and I have a flashback to my first 500cc smoker MX bike. Hmmm, no time to chicken out now and lose face so I smile make a little comment that it's tall (I think I actually said "this is tall!") and we headed off. Had a great days ride with Pepperjack (the human GPS) leading me through a great mix of dirt roads and 4WD tracks around Wombat as well as some awesome bitumen twisties (I think around Macedon). Throw in awesome sunshine, lunch at Blackwood pub and a vanilla slice and coffee at woodend and it was pretty much perfect. Well what can I say about the KTM, this bike is freaking AWESOME!!!! It's super light and agile on the road and has an awesome note. The big knobbies have excellent grip on the bitumen. I obviously didn't hit corners as fast as I would on the Z1000 but I reckon it grips and turns well enough that if it was my bike and I got used to it there wouldn't be much difference. In sports mode it's got big grin acceleration and whilst it's not as manic and doesn't rev out as much as the Z1000 it's still exhilarating. I managed to get in a couple of acceleration runs (when it was safe to do so) on the bitumen later in the day - in Dirt mode it's quite a smooth and sedate run through the gears. In sports mode it's another bike - gave it a squirt and went from 70kmh to 165kmh pretty damn quickly with one gear change. Didn't get that nice hovering above the ground front wheel effect I love though - apparently I needed to switch off the traction control for that. First impression in the dirt was that it's so stable, well suspended, gets traction and tracks so well you don't actually get feedback from the track surface or a feel for the traction. You can ride it like a granny or boy racer - it does both sure footed and extremely well. Acceleration in the dirt mode is spot on for the dirt (surprise!), if only my other dirt bikes had this type of power - lots of it and yet super smooth and controllable. So easy to get speed up quick - come out of the corner load up the outside of the seat with your weight and pin it - around 4000+rpm it starts spinning and the traction control kicks in. I found it a bit hard to feel the transition into wheelspin and break lock ups as the traction control and ABS are so good that I think you lose a bit of the sense of what it's doing due to your input when feathering the throttle or brakes as an old school rider does. Drifting is super easy (I tried to limit myself though not wanting to chew out the tyres but Pepperjack rides it pretty aggressively and gets fantastic mileage from them). The bike grabs traction in the dirt and builds speed very quickly. At 120km/h it feels like your just plodding along - punched it up higher a couple of times and it felt real good - something I can't do on the DR650 as it needs too much run up (and a tail wind) to get up to decent speed. I found myself going way faster into corners but the brakes are very good and again the bike grabs great traction. On the open dirt roads I felt heaps faster and in control on this bike than on my DR650 or 350SXF (not sure about the CRF450 though). We hit some slicker trails with a few short hills and it was superb on the downhills. It was also great on the uphills and you can ride the cambered lines between and on the side of the ruts confidently but I was pretty reserved thinking of the weight and height of the bike if I stuffed up. The bike has the best WP suspension I've ridden and you get a super comfortable and yet firm and sporty ride. I'd probably go up a couple of teeth on the rear sprocket for slower going and to tighten up the gears - 6th is super tall so it'd still be good enough for top end and cruising. This is without a doubt the best KTM I've ever ridden. I'm a bit of a pumpkin hater (yes, really) but I really like this bike, it's pretty damn good and I'd be surprised if there's anything better from the other brands. Will I buy one - not sure; I think it could be a bit much for me on deep sand - I want to do a Simpson desert trip and a more technical Cape York trip. I doubt I could do L2 tracks on it like I do on the DR (slowly that is). it's also super expensive to buy and kit up with a go fast bits. I could buy an Africa twin and a DR650 and have enough change for the same amount. If I do get one it could probably replace the Z1000 in the collection as it's good enough on the bitumen (I'd miss the scary acceleration though) and buy another DR as well for the more dirt oriented rides. Ahhhh, decisions. I also rode the BMW - first time I've ever ridden one and it was very surprising. It's super light to control (steering, throttle, clutch) and super smooth and comfortable. I can see why people who do long rides love these bikes. It handles very well in the dirt as well and to me felt better than the KTM in the faster more open corners although could be a bit twitchy at times, especially when the front wheel caught an edge on the side be it a rut or rock. Mentioned it to Peppperjack and he said it's probably the front wheel size and sure enough it runs the more road oriented 19inch (I've never ridden on one before). It handled the dirt so well though I reckon I'd prefer the 19 for an Adventure bike over the 21 for overall use. For me though the KTM is more fun when you start getting stuck into the throttle and your body position starts creeping more and more forward.
  14. BearMX

    Lal lal no rain ,almost.

    Hey cobraone, i have a theory, could it be the bad weather doesn't make it past Ballarat? Seems it's always colder and wetter there than anywhere else. That's probably why someone from Ballarat would think lal lal misses the bad weather hey. Miss your rides and lal lal, will have to get bak on a few.
  15. BearMX

    Strathbogie/Boho 18/8

    Loading up takes forever on the weekends and evenings. I've found middays during the week are pretty quick. Loading seems pretty easy, you just tap the arrow at the top. After it's loaded up add your notes and hit publish. Don't put the notes until its loaded as you lose them if the download gets interrupted. Glad to hear the weather worked out and looking forward to the video.