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  1. Your new found confidence and lack of self doubt has resulted in some nice riding mate, keep it up!
  2. Thanks for the ride@Andy350. Just like to say well done to the people who due to the conditions may have been out of their comfort zone
  3. Jump on my 350 next ride@trailz You keep saying that it’ll be too much for you but I think you’ll surprise yourself
  4. I’d assume they’d become a service centre of some description. Car dealerships generally make most of their money post sale (service and parts) anyway the only difference being now they are likely to see less and less cars coming though as the years go on. The support and parts by law must be available for 10 years after the sale of the new car so I think you’ll see Holden parts and service centres for at least that period wether Holden branded or some other form. As for the dealer in Sunbury and others like them they may try and buy into other brands to keep car sales going aswell. I for one will be holding onto my 2016 SS commodore and watching prices with interest
  5. KennyB

    Sailers Flows

    Thanks Barclay for the lead, awesome loop you’ve got out there. Thanks mojo and cobraone for sweeping for the day.
  6. How good was the atmosphere on Friday night!! GO PIES!!!
  7. Great day out, thanks to all who attended and thanks Bear for the lead
  8. [mention=2560]urustu[/mention] are you wanting to buy a proshot mount? Had one, now sold sorry
  9. I've got it there so I might as well use it ;-)
  10. Finally able to log back in, thanks to trailmaker for the lead, awesome loop mate! Thanks also to tbrider for tailing all day, sorry if I held you up. Thanks to trailz for organising a ride that for once coincided with a day off work/football/chores. And bear thanks for the on track tips and suspension adjustments, my bike felt heaps better with a couple of clicks here and there. Was a great day out but with lacking bike fitness I was glad to see the car park at the end of it all. Can't wait to go again!
  11. Sounds like a great day out, spewing I couldn't make it
  12. Do all the fmf mufflers have a branding sticker on the inside like that? Is it possible it's not the right muffler for the bike and on the wrong side?
  13. There seems to be enough free play, I just have an unsteady hand I think
  14. Just ordered the g2 tamer for my 18 ktm 350, hoping it solves my lack of throttle control issues. I've just recovered from a broken rib courtesy of unwanted throttle while cornering and the couple of rides I've done since the broken rib I've still had scary throttle moments, not really whisky throttle more so just slight movements over bumps and it blips the throttle which seems to give a fair amount of power when it's not wanted despite my best attempts to relax my throttle grip. Fingers crossed
  15. I've found the round variety of tyres to work better Vince
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