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  1. Magnesium powder daily, about 3 litres of water daily, regular exercise, lots of stretching and salt tablets throughout the ride has got my cramps almost under control. I've got a pair of compression pants for Christmas so looking forward to see if they help aswell
  2. Level 2, Wombat East, 12/11/17

    Thanks Alex for the lead, great selection of tracks! Big thanks also to the two sweeps Tim and Ian. Had a great morning of riding and home by lunchtime, gotta love that. Still can't believe I went over the bars early on but I got up laughing
  3. I love those days, I had one last ride at tallarook
  4. Tallarook Bliss

    Great day out as is any day on two wheels, thanks bear for leading, baz for sweeping all day and everyone else for the company.
  5. Can I please get a green and an orange?
  6. Pyrenees with Bear and Co 5th Aug 2017

    Yeah was real toasty
  7. Pyrenees with Bear and Co 5th Aug 2017

    Well said beeaye, ''twas indeed a great day out. The Pyrenees seems to be the gift that keeps on giving with a new challenge around every corner. Thanks bear for the lead, bad badger for sweeping all day and beeaye gets the biggest thanks for some fuel to ensure I got back to the car. The weather left a little to be desired but sure made some of the hills a fair bit more interesting, especially that first one from the cars, bikes going everywhere, I couldn't keep the damn thing going straight but somehow managed to get all the way to the top.....eventually. Was great riding with familiar faces and meeting some new ones.
  8. Pryrenees - Saturday 22 July 2017

    Sounds and looks like another great ride led by bear, spewing I couldn't make it, bloody work
  9. Tazzy's What's Made You Happy Today Thread

    The look on my little fellas face when picking up his first ever new bike!!
  10. Dirtriderz Fitness Support

    I've recently decided to look after myself better after having to call it quits on a couple of rides and pulling up sore afterwards. So far I've lost 15kgs in the last 3 months or so and feel so much more energetic in every aspect of life. My changes include cycling on an exercise bike most nights for 30-50 minutes, depending on how hard I go, I've also changed my diet and now I eat better predominately lunches as my usual choices for lunch were not great, the biggest change for me is the amount of water I drink, previously I would drink almost nothing throughout the day, a morning coffee or two and a couple of coffees when I got home. Now I drink anywhere from 2-4 litres of water every day. I've gone from 118kg down to 103 and want to get down to 95 ideally. Here's how I keep myself pedalling every night, moto vation as I call it
  11. Vicroads and RWC FOR Rec Reg

    So apparently they still haven't listened, received a letter demanding a rwc or rego will be cancelled, I'll be on the phone tomorrow [emoji35]
  12. Vicroads and RWC FOR Rec Reg

    They tried to tell my wife the same when she was transferring my bike for me too, she set them straight
  13. Whipsticks/Bungal 20th May

    Didn't quite feel right riding at trailz' place without him
  14. Whipsticks/Bungal 20th May

    Some footage of the ride