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  1. Not yet. But got out today. Uncle Toms place. Aidan on my FE350. Photo a bit blurry but you get the idea. So I think I’ll be getting YZ125 as a track bike. And hopefully a 150 TE or XCW for the bush, just nothing out there, with the 350 in the near future. They pick it up quick! PS When your following on a KLX140, have Comms and he asks if you want him to slow down for you, is that the OMG moment. [emoji23]
  2. Use whatever works, just don't have that first one. You'll be glad you stayed the course, trust me.
  3. No You want one but don't need one. Will power.
  4. The 25km for me is about 5km too short. Adventure bike loop from home will have to suffice.
  5. Seriously looking at a Yamaha 125 at the moment, good track bike and at 14 its more of where he will be for a while. His also got my 350 try out when he wants.
  6. 11000? Yep tossing all that up, problem with what to spend is, it is being driven by demand and market at the moment. Frank sent me that and seeing as he wants 11000 for it, didn't look much further into it.
  7. I agree, and in saying that a small two stroke will give him, and me😁, a lot of enjoyment for years to come. The boy will grow to love it, light and zippy, and Dad will enjoy a blast around the track as well. When he develops and he wants a crack he can give my 350 a go.
  8. I did look at the Beta and was a bit concerned about reliability and ongoing maintenance, don't know much about them. Thought about the small step big step thing. He has had a lot of little steps and it has seemed to work, just flows from bike to bike without being intimidated, so that's in my mind, but you are right with how quick kids adapt and move on.
  9. Thanks for the info Cluffie, My sons not at that level, so more for fun than anything.
  10. Thanks, Just had a look electric start, 95KG, 950mm seat height, ticks a lot of boxes. Is the SE Factory with KYB Suspension worth the extra dollars? One thing with the SHERCO, ongoing maintenance and reliability, I don't know much about them, where as the Yamaha are known for their reliability. More research.
  11. Have you thought about the Kriega Bags. R20 is a great size for trail riding, also fits a 3l bladder. They don't have any compartments as such just a front & small inner waterproof but they are very comfortable. There are some new models Trail18 and Trail9, bit on the dearer side. They are pricey, but well made will last for ages. There's a lot to choose from, good luck with your purchase PS You have to buy bladder separate.
  12. KTM 200EXC 2015 29HRS $7500 Gumtree Bendigo Anyone else see it or know who the lucky chap was. Advertised last night Sold at 0600am Missed out by an hour. Its getting ridiculous trying to a bike.
  13. That actual bike is sold. But guess what, Dave has a new one for you.