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  1. Hope the link works. Its a bit long 16min, bit rusty on editing and remember it’s tail duty video.
  2. DG great day out. Nearly wasn’t going to go due to the rain? Go figure, dust than it rains, than should I ride? But after all the pre-ride banter on the forum, better show up, and glad I did. The rain was on and off on the way in and I guess that set the mood for the day. Arrived early, and keen, had some meets and greets and than had a quick spill from DG. When the subject of sweep came up it didn’t really take much for me to say yes, it was the least I could do to make up for the pre-ride banter. Started with 15 and after a testing track and regroup we where down to 14 with one of the locals wanting to warm up a bit. We than headed down one of those red slippery hills, splints all good. Some flowing tracks, overgrown tracks with a few turn arounds and than a nice little slippery hill for 8 of us to tackle, all got up without help, we’ll done, the left line definitely offered more traction. Regrouped with the other 6 and headed towards the pub, and yes, as said that was done in a S fashion, but it’s all seat time. On the turn off to the pub we where down to 12 with two heading back. While the others went to the pub 5 of us had track side lunch and chats. The group gathered and off again, as said hit a nice flowing tighter track & some open stuff. Than some nice overgrown tracks where I did a count and could only come up with 11 riders, counted again, yep only 11, than was told one of the locals headed off his own way back, mental note, that’s good to know as sweep rider. We made our way back with 73km on the clock. As the sweep rider I had an easy time, no break downs and no picking anyone’s bike up, except mine! I’d take that any time. Really enjoyed the day out, had a ball, and got the bug again after last year off the bike. Thanks to a great group, who where all patient with what unfolded and made my job easy at the back. As always with Dirtriderz like minded people enjoying a great day out. I’ll see if I can put a short vid together , but as sweep it’s all tails. Thanks to DG and all who came. See ya in the Dirt. Mick
  3. IMO The 64s is a good GPS if you've got good eyes, screen for me is a bit hard to see, but I wear reading glasses (its an over 50's thing apparently). It does what its meant to, easy to use, apart from having to use buttons to input information, and value for money. The Garmin Montana is however a lot better, with the touch screen and larger display, but comes at double the cost, my preference if I was to upgrade. The aluminium bracket I had was available on ebay, but believe the guy that made them doesn't do them anymore, this is just the aluminium bar clamp which uses the RAM type holder, which is useless without modifications to stop the GPS from falling out. If you look at RAM mounts I'm sure you'll find something suitable, whatever you do put a lanyard on it. There are other Aluminium brackets that are nearly the price of the GPS, so you'd be better off getting the Montana 680T and a charging cradle which work a treat.
  4. Ausberg

    350 Club

    I was told under normal conditions you don’t need the fast idle to start the bike when cold. Seems to work for me and start fine without it.
  5. Ausberg

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    I don’t use the fast idle to start even when cold. As Gypsy said it disables with a click when yo7 back the throttle off. Try start the bike, if it doesn’t start leave it for a good 30secs to 1minute. Don’t keep trying to start it. Than give it another go, should sound like it’s cranking the motor quicker and pop to life. Something to do with lithium battery warming up? I know it sounds odd but read this in the manual and seems to work. Did a consumption on mine and was looking at 17k to the litre. Reckon 15 easy, so 130km plus? Mic
  6. Glad you’re liking the new bike Deb. It’ll inspire confidence. See you on the trail.
  7. Its up to you. More of a ADR requirement for them to be road registered. Have a look at what other riders in the bush do, I'd say the majority remove them because at some stage a stick will get caught in it and break it anyway. Motocross bikes I believe come without. If you feel more comfortable with it leave it on, just trim it?
  8. I've had a few done all top quality . Max will keep modifying the proof till your happy, also had a couple for the 640 done.
  9. Everyone to their own but, I'd buy OEM OR quality seals and bearings from a bearing shop.
  10. Well what a weekend. If I could use one word to sum it up, Extraordinarily. Ric awesome photos and vids. Made the trek up with PeteM and met some of the crew at Beulah, than off to Yaapeet to meet the rest and gear up for a quick ride. Sand is new to me , only ever rode on it fifteen odd years ago at Beachport, so it was a very educational warm up ride. With a lot off downs and some tips from the regulars, it eventually started to make sense. Lean Back, Relax, Faster is better and if your not sure Gas it! With a flat, and repair in the rain, we headed back to dry out, eat have a few drinks and get some rest for the day that was to unfold. This warm up ride gave us a good indication of what was to come. Saturday was one of those days that I will remember for a long time. Had some OMG moments, with a few track detours which could have landed me in trouble with the DSE for plowing down trees, and one close call with a Roo. Had some good fun chasing and being chased by Jman, (he can vouch for the Roo). Every time I thought I was humming along, there was this noise behind me followed by a glimpse of BearMX , he hums! Thanks to Arbo, Arthur, Dale and Co for the ride lead and support, A special thanks to Bruce for tail duties, his patience and tips. I think the tail man is the unforgotten Hero, gives up his free run for the benefit of the group, he also mentioned to the group if your on a corner and need a squirt point it in the direction of the ride leader, think I nailed that one. Thanks to Ric for the practice in tube changing and a most sincere thanks for the next days efforts. With 350 odd KM's for the day, and two assisted tube changes, when I got back I knew i was going to feel this one, which is the case right now. For someone who was in two minds about going I'm glad I went and also not. Why not you may ask, Sand Blasted The New Bike & some good battle scars. Spark Arrestor Fell Out Broke the Buckle on my BumBag. Lost my GOPRO and with that, all the footage. Some signs off Concussion. Why Yes, ALL THE ABOVE (In the Why Not Bit) Awesome Location Awesome Riding Awesome Crew & Backup Awesome Locals (I think the attendees know who I mean). Awesome Weather (which you can't plan but we had it). Every time I meet new people on Dirtriderz I'm always blown away, what a great group of people this forum Attracts! Ric offered to try find my lost Gopro on Sunday, it was like trying to look for a needle in a haystack, but was worth a try, if your ever out in Big Desert and on Moonah Trk, Eagle Trk joining Nth Sth Trk and you spot a Gopro, let me know. If you haven't done it, give it a go, but be prepared, it's a BIG DAY OUT. Would I do it again, let me get over this one and I'll let you know. Thanks again Arbo and to all the group who made it a memorable weekend. Till next time, See Ya In The Dirt/Sand.
  11. I have had mine come out as well, five bikes and a 20KM round trip and spotted it on the ground, lucky. Drill two holes in the top of the cradle and two near bottom, if you do them right the bottom cable tie sits across the Garmin inscription between the screen and IN / OUT buttons. Never moves now and the roller doesn't matter. Just need two cable ties for every ride, normally i don't take it off through the ride, but spare cable ties its back on again. These are of the bracket I made for the 640, the bottom photo is whats on my Husky now that use to be on the Berg. I don't think the guy makes these aluminium brackets anymore, but they are pretty good.