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  1. Dartmouth delivered an enjoyable weekend in spades. Worth the four and half hr drive. Couldn’t believe Bruce’s rear brake pad after first day, complaint about brake fade and the pad backing had no shoe and was bent from the heat. Frank came through with a pad that had a couple of mm shoe, seen him out on the second day. Loved the ride, the banter, the scenery, tracks, accomodation, food and most of all the group of riders. Bruce’s yelling as he roars up behind you and Bears DR650 rumble , you knew he was coming. The rocky hill on the way back on the second day, umm calling that third gear hill, what a ripper. Had another ball, as always. Will I be back, if the stars align and I’m invited shit yes. Thanks to Phil for a great lead, Rus for the tail and your insistence on your charcoal hand rub alleviates blisters and that after war face, priceless. Thanks to a great group of guys for making the weekend another to enjoy. PS Rolled in at the end of the ride with a flat. Tubeliss kept the tyre on the rim, but the Golden Tyre GT333, every side knob on both sides was torn where it meets the carcass and one enough to develop a slow leak. 10psi & 110 psi. Not impressed OR incorrect usage. Thoughts. See ya [emoji112] n the Dirt.
  2. GT80 This was the first bike my dad brought for me and my brother to ride!
  3. Firstly as Snowman said great report Greasa. This was the last of five rides I did for the RCHA. I rode in dust for four of those rides and got five days of much needed rain in one at Hazelwood. Started the day leaving home a tad after 6 hoping to get there just after 8, arriving I noticed I was the first one there, checked my message from Greasa and noticed it was a 900am meet not 830, just had a rhythm for two hour treks from home. [emoji849] Shortly after Frank arrived and than the others ventured in. Once we got over the usual pre start we hit the tracks with ten keen riders. The riding at Hazelwood is great fun with mainly overgrown tracks and a mixture of sand to clay. The sandy sections where awesome with the rain, but the clay sections where bloody slippery, with its first dose of rain, it was like ice skating at times. I was glad I put a new boot on the front on Saturday, this Golden Tyre was tracking wherever I pointed it, pity the new rear one was sitting in the garage at home. As said the first greasy rutted hill seen Greasa do a recoup. We thought he was going back to pick up three riders, so we headed up the hill a little to the junction. Than Katoman appears, with one of those looks, and comments well I got up, but with no one to see we reckon he slipped back into the overgrown tracks and weaved his way around, than appeared near the top of the hill. Greasa arrived soon after with the other two and we where off again. We slipped down this greasy hill, than it flattened out a bit before you come around a corner and start heading back up, thinking shit better get on the gas here, and as I come around the turn Greasa bike was on its side, just short of the top. Heading to the left so I didn’t run him over seen me loose my mojo and after riding over the his tyres dumped the bike, looked up to see Bigpete at the crest. Had the bike in gear front brake on and it was sliding down the hill, went most of the way backwards. At the bottom a couple of attempts from a few guys, than Frank went up, than one of the guys on the 500 (Rossi I think??), hit it hard left right than up the middle and made it, I than went & with a little aid at the top got over the crest, than all the fun started. In between some attempts Jordy than nailed it on the DRZ. Speed was the key! We spent a while on that hill, as Snowman’s videos show. A lot of Banter, Encouragement & Assistance seen us all at the top. We than headed back to the cars, wet & cold but most of all content with another great day on the bikes, some days as Greasa pointed out 30km can seem like a lot more. Thanks guys had a ball and can’t wait till the next one. Greasa thanks for another memorable day out and Katoman for your tail duties, much appreciated. Next time it’s raining I’m packing two spare gloves! See ya in the dirt Mick
  4. YES it is too long and markC a few shots of you lying down, and apologies for nearly running ya bike over but was sure you where over the log and going. BadBadger gotta stop running with ya bike, hope ya see the funny side to it, oh and I didn't mean to get that close sorry. Took the piss out of myself as well with drops and helping hands, all in good fun. PS Yes it is a bit of same same.
  5. Well thought I’d start this off. Never ridden Wombat before and after Monday’s ride was itching to get back. Whatever Andy and IanM are doing, keep doing it. Another early start for the Eastern trekkers, but keen to get to Wombat for another fun filled day. A few meets and greats and after some eye candy with the new KTM 450 we headed off with eleven keen riders. The tracks at Wombat are pretty awesome to say the least, Andy told me it was God’s country, being an Easterner I can’t agree or deny that this may be the case. It was quite dusty, as was Monday, but made for some pretty fast flowing riding, even if at times the track was somewhere in that dust. Some of the guys had some fun on the play hills with Harrydaggers showing us how the tractor likes to climb. There was a bit of a miss turn on one of the overgrown tracks, with a few us heading down a hill with no end. Bit of a turn around and Bear (my apologies if I got that wrong), came to retrieve us and show us the little right we should have taken instead of that left turn into the abyss. I struggled a bit through this section, but eventually got myself back on track, even though I had to have a sit down on a log on one of the steeper declines. A couple of the guys headed back with IanM and the rest of us headed back in a bit of a reverse of what we did in the morning, and if the dust was bad earlier it was definitely not getting any better. Back at the cars with smiles, and 60km on the dial, called the end of a great day. No major dramas for the day except for a bash plate that didn’t like going over trees and a seat that came adrift. Andy and of course IanM thanks heaps for taking us on a tour of Wombat, like I said earlier keep doing what you’re doing, it works! If I may speak for the group you made another nine Dirtriderz very satisfied with an awesome day out on the pegs, if only you could have made it rain, something to work on. Harrydaggers , we’ll what can I say, thanks for eating the dust from ten bikes today, thanks for your help on the hill and your commentary from the back at times, it had me in stitches. To all who shared the day, thanks, great bunch to ride with. Seems to be always the case with Dirtriderz. Video to follow, I’ll try to shorten it this time. See ya in the dirt. Mick
  6. I won’t name the motel Bridge Rd Richmond
  7. Hope the link works. Its a bit long 16min, bit rusty on editing and remember it’s tail duty video.
  8. DG great day out. Nearly wasn’t going to go due to the rain? Go figure, dust than it rains, than should I ride? But after all the pre-ride banter on the forum, better show up, and glad I did. The rain was on and off on the way in and I guess that set the mood for the day. Arrived early, and keen, had some meets and greets and than had a quick spill from DG. When the subject of sweep came up it didn’t really take much for me to say yes, it was the least I could do to make up for the pre-ride banter. Started with 15 and after a testing track and regroup we where down to 14 with one of the locals wanting to warm up a bit. We than headed down one of those red slippery hills, splints all good. Some flowing tracks, overgrown tracks with a few turn arounds and than a nice little slippery hill for 8 of us to tackle, all got up without help, we’ll done, the left line definitely offered more traction. Regrouped with the other 6 and headed towards the pub, and yes, as said that was done in a S fashion, but it’s all seat time. On the turn off to the pub we where down to 12 with two heading back. While the others went to the pub 5 of us had track side lunch and chats. The group gathered and off again, as said hit a nice flowing tighter track & some open stuff. Than some nice overgrown tracks where I did a count and could only come up with 11 riders, counted again, yep only 11, than was told one of the locals headed off his own way back, mental note, that’s good to know as sweep rider. We made our way back with 73km on the clock. As the sweep rider I had an easy time, no break downs and no picking anyone’s bike up, except mine! I’d take that any time. Really enjoyed the day out, had a ball, and got the bug again after last year off the bike. Thanks to a great group, who where all patient with what unfolded and made my job easy at the back. As always with Dirtriderz like minded people enjoying a great day out. I’ll see if I can put a short vid together , but as sweep it’s all tails. Thanks to DG and all who came. See ya in the Dirt. Mick
  9. IMO The 64s is a good GPS if you've got good eyes, screen for me is a bit hard to see, but I wear reading glasses (its an over 50's thing apparently). It does what its meant to, easy to use, apart from having to use buttons to input information, and value for money. The Garmin Montana is however a lot better, with the touch screen and larger display, but comes at double the cost, my preference if I was to upgrade. The aluminium bracket I had was available on ebay, but believe the guy that made them doesn't do them anymore, this is just the aluminium bar clamp which uses the RAM type holder, which is useless without modifications to stop the GPS from falling out. If you look at RAM mounts I'm sure you'll find something suitable, whatever you do put a lanyard on it. There are other Aluminium brackets that are nearly the price of the GPS, so you'd be better off getting the Montana 680T and a charging cradle which work a treat.
  10. Ausberg

    350 Club

    I was told under normal conditions you don’t need the fast idle to start the bike when cold. Seems to work for me and start fine without it.
  11. Ausberg

    350 Club

    I don’t use the fast idle to start even when cold. As Gypsy said it disables with a click when yo7 back the throttle off. Try start the bike, if it doesn’t start leave it for a good 30secs to 1minute. Don’t keep trying to start it. Than give it another go, should sound like it’s cranking the motor quicker and pop to life. Something to do with lithium battery warming up? I know it sounds odd but read this in the manual and seems to work. Did a consumption on mine and was looking at 17k to the litre. Reckon 15 easy, so 130km plus? Mic
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