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  1. i dont think anyone is having a crack Geoffro......well it isnt from me mate....we all (well most) respect your decision.... I think its more a case of how to keep the massive amount of info and a contact list alive....i have done heaps of rides with peeps my level but I dont have their contact details .....is there a .txt file or something with contacts we can access?
  2. full cudos to you geoffro, and all that kept the joint going for so long...we had chats at times and I appreciate life goes on.. also appreciate your call its time to walk away and your comments re keeping it alive... Please come to the last hurrah mate....you and all mods deserve 3 cheers around the campfire where we can all raise our respective beveridges.... and say thanks for being the reason so many of us have so many friends over the last 10 or so years because of your efforts...
  3. where was that FL? looks good
  4. splints


    ok....wow ...we always talk about that when we get to the top...thats weird this has happened....check your PM and let me know your thoughts....
  5. splints


    nice chris... condolences to all who knew him and family....vale Rupert....what hill...i will make a sign and install it ?
  6. thanks gents, unfortunately the weather was crapola, my mates wife's uncle lives down there and was going to take me fishing....what a bummer.... to wet and windy for golf...so the pub was it for a bit, then a nanna nap, then back to the pub for dinner and a couple...early night and on the road by 7.30 this morning.. beautiful town...i wonder if all the tracks off the main road in are allowed to be ridden? it is state forest as we did all the signage for the area for Parks Victoria after the fires...tipping it would be fairly flat riding ? I didnt see (or make) any signs stating no trailbikes
  7. Hi All So on Friday 1st I am delivering a job to Parks Victoria depot around 1sh. I am coming from Frankston so have booked a room at the pub and will be driving back satdy....meaning I basically knock off once delivered... so if any of our fraternity down that neck of the woods can get a leave pass to play golf, has a boat and wants to go fishing (happy to contribute fuel/bait etc), has a spare bike to ride ...yada yada...let me know. if no takers I will play at least 9 holes and probably (no thats crap...will) hit the front bar of the mallacoota hotel for a few beers and a meal before hitting the fart sack.....ready for the drive home satdy...I will be the sad bastard sitting by myself at the bar...lol cheers all Geoffa
  8. all good macca....i dont have the brownie points at home and I think or the ability from what I have seen....we will catch up on a camping weekend at some stage...never ridden out your way but would love too
  9. ok macca.. i stand corrected...and apologise i went off half cocked... just love this forum and dont follow every post... dont need a teaspoon on this occasion... have enough during the week...
  10. what level you want to ride macca? there is lots of rides posted here for rides,,,, the better blokes CBF posting up bc peeps think they are better than what they are..... and they spend their day saving them....why should they? I run a great L1+ loop at stockmans... have done x 3 times....you are being a bit harsh posting that.. you can run a loop whenever you post it up...you will get riders...try leading and not following
  11. more importantly... any of those t-shirts floating around
  12. along the bearmeister lines.... does it sometimes run like crap? check the inline fuel filter in the tank....if its black the 98 octane has gone off and clogged it.. how long you had it.... all 4 bangers have engine braking....you sure it is backfiring?
  13. so that is where you come in in case it has a dypsy....
  14. call it $6 including gear...catch up soon mate
  15. i just swing by the car wash and spend $4 on the way home and its done in 5mins including the trailer deck, cbfed getting getting the karsher out, untangling the 20m electrical extension lead, setting it up, untangling the karsher hoses, and putting it all away....also dont get the boss cracking the s4its about the s4it that gets washed off....
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