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  1. just want access to dads laptop....not trying for govt secrets...dont matter to much...the bin is always an option....its just bloody frustrating if you pros have dramas what hope do us mere plebs have?
  2. thanks RF didnt think of that, my brother is POA, I will give him a call
  3. so my best bet is to try and proof dads identity to microsoft....so they will send us the code to reset the password?
  4. so my old man is 80 and has the beginnings of dementia... he has forgotten his password on his old toshiba laptop and the account he used to set up in we can't access as we can't proove it in the microsoft recovery page, he no longer has a credit card, has never used xbox/skype/outlook, and doesn't know previous passwords i contacted telstra and the email account doesn't exist....the bloke reinstated it (apparantly) but when I go into mytelstra (in dads name) it wont recognise the code I am sent anyway I have downloaded FREE 3 x by-passing software, problem is when it comes to a
  5. is that where you hide...cutting in that stuff?...tidy drop off on the LHS.....would love to see it...can you dink me?
  6. per above....great company and great tracks, Andy's black dog ride will cater for all levels.....from the 1+ perspective and getting some feedback....the 1 loop I had planned for the saturday will be divided into 2....so we will do the second half on the sunday....note this isn't a beginners ride, there are hills we go up and down which will need a level 1 to that extra + competence and confidence....there will be help.....but just letting you guys know that if you are in the "beginner or bit better" category then you are in for big days. that being said it was great to see the usual susp
  7. yep fair enough, i wear over boots pants so for puddles/small water crossings I reckon that will help, provided I keep going forward...so thats no guarantee...lol...current boots are crap, which is fair enough as they are cheap...first bit of water...and wet feet
  8. cheers O WISE ONE, that is a F&^%$ing magnificent find then...needle in a haystack stuff? ....i did that once with a WORK mobile....back tracked and kept calling it on the walk home i took from the pub...and sure enough... that ring tone gave me a movement in a certain region...
  9. great get habs, did it send a signal for you to follow, did you know where you dropped it, or was it just bloody lucky you found it?
  10. yeah mate I get you, SG12s for what I do I can't justify, although ironically coz I am a lower level rider, is probably more reason I should have them if that makes sense? i was looking at SG10 per OMG knowledge and wisdom, but I like the "waterproof" option...are the SG12's waterproof/resistant fellas?
  11. well macca I hope you are wrong mate (i know its just your opinion) as this arvo i lucked out and found a brand new pair of size 12 in dandy for $500... how ever they go they will be better than the $150 AMX specials i currently use....they are working a treat as I type this...😜
  13. a cheap, easy and effective option.... get an old tiedown or computer case strap, or any similar material that is web like nylon material cut a length to suit the triple clamp bolts on both sides, leave a bit extra so a hand can fit in make the holes in the centre with a soldering iron, this also melts the material and seals the edges use a cigarette lighter to seal the ends to reduce fraying undo top bolts, install strap and re-install the bolts with a large washer (bolt head end) to better clamp the strap strap sits in the gap between the bottom of the headlight