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  1. only 1+ jay...there was help that is insane stuff right there.....
  2. welcome back mate.... word of advice if i may... get rec reg and be licensed....most rides on here recommend that... what pub you sell?
  3. what did flagellation run off...looks a beauty
  4. lol....will need all the help I can get...does gypsy home deliver?
  5. well i wasnt gonna sit at camp and sink cans...lol....did plenty of that afterwards. I did fire breaks 6 8 9 10, sheep dip (?) magazine tk, taylors, sheepyard, ridge track .....pretty much every track on the left hand side of the camp...was great in the wet with a with a shinko? i would think those tracks in the "wet" would be very very tricky ...not so much ridge track once up there... but getting to it would be interesting was great to catch up with ouzo at edwards lookout (?) and show him around....very very enjoyable...same tracks with no pressure..... i will be back mate....name the date
  6. Just wanting to say straight up, big thanks to all that came up for the weekend!!! I know it's a long drive from Melbourne and l hope the ride lived up to expectations, l wanted to pull the pin on this ride last Sunday as the hand was still swollen and bruised but such was the interested, just had to grin and bare it (apologies if my leading was a little slow but it was a L2 pace!). Big thank you to BushbrowDBT for sweeping all day with the help of Stinky and big BruceKTMGuy...really could not have done this ride without you blokes eating dust throughout the day!! Big shout out for Splints and in particular Ouzo for recognising that the terrain may have been a little too difficult or outside your levels - takes an honest bloke to know when their in too deep so hat's off to you!!! Still l saw you blokes riding around the lake bed and up some of the firebreaks which is what it is all about at The Pines!! no worries jay...great to meet you and everyone.... not so much the terrain as the pace...from chatting with the blokes you covered pretty much what i did... confidence thing I guess.. great area to ride...well worth the travel.,..no wonder you been going there for 20 +years
  7. how good is the quality of that video? well done mate
  8. well done Miranda... great bunch of people....i reckon we got to plan S trying to get to the pub...how different did the tracks become on the other side? they were fantastic....fast and flowing (too a point)...lol.....my time frame got a bit sketchy when we got out of "you know where" so the pub was out for me ..... shit to do at home...catch up soon mate...great to catch up...yes and thanks to Mick..he did a great job...I fuc&*&^$en hate slippery clay5hit downhills...your patience much appreciated mate
  9. you are talking clutch mate...me front brake.... dunno if its the same principal ?
  10. the result so before I went all in and buy a replacement kit I tightened the nipple, topped up the MC pulled the lever in half way for a bit of load/pressure, tied it off and went inside. gave it a few pumps in the morning...repeat and went to work...got home repeat...this morning it is not perfect, but as close as 5hit is to swearing. i guess gravity did its thing....also do the seals in the caliper "swell" with brake fluid, as i think this has contributed to the result as fluid seemed to be coming from somewhere beforehand... As always, thanks all for suggestions and help, especially OB for popping over to have a look
  11. all good mate, I spoke to cruiser, he said Ill be right, i have followed him around so I am more than competent...maybe I just read more into it being people I haven't ridden with before and don't want to look like a tool or slow blokes up....see ya early friday arvo...looking fwd to it

  12. lol..all good mate...i am ok...... before i order the seals you wanna swing by and check out the situation... i could be %&^&^%%$ing it right up in the technique dept......
  13. i didnt even think of it mate , i will order it...fancy a slab your way to say it out for me...i have 1 way valve, kick arse syringe yada yada... and cold beer... bty i am in franga just off crannie rd near parc
  14. before i top myself.... is it possible the rubber seals on the brake pistons are gone.... if i could pump my missus as long as i have this front brake you could call me john holmes (minus the big bit)a bit of air is coming out of the one way valve blood it is not consistent. However brake fluid is leaking out and dripping out somewhere...and its not the bleeder nipple.......here is my friend atm (and my dog) ...
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