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  1. lol..all good mate...i am ok...... before i order the seals you wanna swing by and check out the situation... i could be %&^&^%%$ing it right up in the technique dept......
  2. i didnt even think of it mate , i will order it...fancy a slab your way to say it out for me...i have 1 way valve, kick arse syringe yada yada... and cold beer... bty i am in franga just off crannie rd near parc
  3. before i top myself.... is it possible the rubber seals on the brake pistons are gone.... if i could pump my missus as long as i have this front brake you could call me john holmes (minus the big bit)a bit of air is coming out of the one way valve blood it is not consistent. However brake fluid is leaking out and dripping out somewhere...and its not the bleeder nipple.......here is my friend atm (and my dog) ...
  4. very funny...is it that hard arse? is there a level like: -doesn't do any bike maintenance - does do basic maintenance, but isnt a mechanic -or even wash their bike - no brainer -wears over the boot "freestyle pants " from 1996 - some prefer them for trails as they arent riding motorcross, I do but i not there to pick up chicks - wears mismatched gear - thats fashion interpreted, i do black basically -doesn't understand the corner man system - but when the lead rider asks at the start of the ride he doesn't say anything - stupid -doesn't carry tubes or a pump - guilty, never had a puncture in 20 years, but you are right I should -isn't bike fit - most of us are that, fair go, depends what level -doesn't respect the bush - stupid -leaves all their empty cans / rubbish in the fire they built for their post ride barbecue - stupid -forgets to pack his lunch - stupid, if you like to eat when riding -hits the piss the night before , this includes elitist westys with their red wine - well depends what level...1-2 level should be ok if you can butter up, if you put your name up for the ride...step up...like footy... dont do the crime if you cant step up...you look stupid -late to the meeting point - unforgivable -doesn't let other riders pass him - unforgivable overstates his riding level .................................................................................. o.k. o.k. i may be guilty of this but i'll just call it a bad day , sorry kmatt - well - unforgivable if a hard arse but sometimes we like to push ourselves, should be clarified in the ride description...which you guys do very well -loves single track .............but can't ride it... - unforgivable, but if posted as no single trail...well...see abobe? -thinks erosion mound refers to the pile of soil they have just dug up as they sit there spinning their rear wheel whilst stuck on a hill - unforgivable where does that put the 60% of us warriors?
  5. i havent watched the videos, but my 350excf had running issues...it would start...go about 100m then start to die....it was a fuel issue... a great man on another site...NP..... diagnosed it in one....its not the inline fuel filter...it is a fungi in the fuel filter in the tank...if it is dark it is a fungus....simple fix.....change that filter...flush out all lines with vinegar/water mix...then shellite so it dries and removes water.... fresh fuel/ and off you go...probably not the answer as better heads are looking at this one... but maybe worth a check
  6. thanks for the vote of confidence mate....
  7. thanks Bear and all for your help/advice i popped the caliper pistons out, they were stuck and not moving freely i am going to clean them up with metho/600 grit and reinstall with rubber grease... re the MC i have cleaned that out, taken the little filter out and blown (low) pressure air thru, ditto the in/out holes, there is no blockage as fluid comes out when i pumped the lever (when fluid in the MC) tomorrow I am going to get a decent one way bleeder from on-line racing spares in moorabbin, fresh bottle dot 4, 6 cans vb, and get into it......
  8. anyone used one of these, its a super5hit jobbie looks flimsy for cars but could be ok for bikes?
  9. took the caliper off cant move either piston freely... pushed one in should i be able to pull it out?...can i let it sit overnight in something to work it magic...if so what? i have shellite here, thanks NP and vinegar....ditto no bear not done anything special, changed my sons tyre, but he was having an issue with his front brake, namely he had air in it. pushed pistons apart to get wheel back on and here I am....getting shitty, beer is my friend tho
  10. i have tried top to bottom and bottom to top bleeding. I am starting to wonder if any parts have failed in the front brake system that is letting air in..... particularly around the brake lever. is this possible or is it more likely I am not bleeding correctly
  11. think they need 2 to make it a goer
  12. Hi All with the cancellation of Cruisers Labour Day weekend, I want to take my 15yo son fishing on a charter boat. I cant go saturday, but sunday is a goer if I can get a few more starters. They need 8, they have 4 with me and son (i thinks they are checking at their end) ...... 6hr - $120 7am lift off at hastings (i think) westernport charters....all stuff provided except drinks/snacks...short notice I know but anyone interested? give me a call Geoff 0488 081 657 if you want to do bit of bonding with the kids
  13. where is that mate? self employed?