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  1. Wobbler I guy over here in SA builds the kits up. The usual kits are dual rectangles, but I splurged on the round more expensive spot. There are some setups around second hand for a few hundred. From memory, fitted this setup was around $800 all up. Professionally done. Won't flatten batteries, never blown a fuse or globe. Bullet proof and take 3 minutes to switch from the standard to night light setup. Riding at night is great fun with good lights.
  2. I've got a Tenere that I absolutely love. Great to smash out a 400km day and end at a pub. However in a time poor lifestyle and with a new born son, I have begun to feel it is a bit selfish to get on and take off for a day of self indulgent site seeing. So I don't spend the time I want to on it. Best thing is the bikes don't get upgraded often so you can buy one and sit it in the shed. Second hand people care more about the kms traveled rather than what year the were manufactured. Am tossing up moving it on and getting another one down the line, but once it is set up it seems a shame.
  3. Phillips HID H1 spot on the bottom 55/60 top light. Set up for the South Australian road trial series. Day/night racing. Big race is the 24 hour trial in July. Saturday lunch to Sunday lunch. About 14 hours of darkness.
  4. Here's my 2013 6 day 350 with its new retro 2012 sticker kit. Also new grips wheel bearings and swing arm bearings. Ready to go for a few more years.