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  1. Tool Insurance For Tradies?

    Elders tool insurance. $8k cover for $220 a year.
  2. Crash Course In Crashing 2015

    That head on in the sand looked nasty
  3. Who Knows This Track At Mt Dissa

    It actually is. Made it up once on the rocky side but it was out weighed by the several times I necked my self coming down in the wet hahah
  4. Towbar Bike Carriers

    For the price wouldnt a 6x4 be more universal?
  5. Best Intermediate Tyre?

    I didn't really notice it all that much tbh. I'd say the mx51 is slightly more grippy. But when I can go close to 10-13 rides on the mc5 as apposed to 3-5 on the mx51 I can't justify the cash saving. Not for my skill level of riding at least.
  6. Best Intermediate Tyre?

    Killer mate. Cheers
  7. Best Intermediate Tyre?

    Was using the Metzeler mc5. Lasted ages and absolutely loved it. Currently back on the mx51 as I couldn't find any metzelers. It's a good tire but lucky to last 3-4 rides.