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  1. After getting stuck in a valley for 6 hours with 5 bikes, 4 of didn’t have a tugger only then do you realise how much easier they make your life. I’d almost even go to the point and say carry a tow strap also. That would of made it even easier again. I find the front is useful when your stuck so others can help, rear is to help your self when you need to manoeuvre the back.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was hoping to try the JX8 Gekkota. I did ring a few mobs, MCSA @ MXSTORE etc. they have nothing in stock and can’t get anything until July. I’ll give your mob A call.
  3. Anyone know where I can get my hands on said tires in Vic?
  4. Just purchased these. Cheap and effective.
  5. Open trials, tight trails, hill climbs etc. Nothing to over the topic. The body can’t handle the spills and thrills like it used tho.
  6. King lake, Cobaw, wombat wallhalla are main places I go. The bike also has a knarly FMF exp Chamber. I’m coming off a 04 yzf250. Which was my first and only bike lol.
  7. Cheers. I assumed that was the basis of what it meant. Anyone got any idea on if it’s on par with what it should be?
  8. Hey guys Just brought my first 2smoke. A 2020 Sherco Factory. Just wanted some advice on the real basics. Oil Type of 2 stroke oil (are they all the same) Jetting etc The guy i brought it off did the 21 cdi upgrade and sent me these specs on the jetting. But it means nothing to me: 800 oil motul 40:1 170/40 RF Needle 1 3/4 mix Br8ecm ANY help and recommendations would be great.
  9. Thanks mate Just purchased a 2020 Sherco 300 Factory[emoji1690]
  10. Anyone got an actual review of the shercos yet? I’m still keen on a 300factory
  11. How is she I’m bout to drop a deposit on one.
  12. Spoke to Melbourne Gasgas dealer. They are not getting any 2020 or 2021 bikes now that Ktm brought them out. The new bikes will be Ktm, with different plastics and stickers. The dealer also recommended not buying any 2nd hand gasgas’s either as parts will be harder to get and possibly not made anymore. Spewing.
  13. Without having to scroll thru 58 pages. Anyone got some insight in the 2020 gasgas 6 days 300. Looking to upgrade and every time I have a search I end up back at this bike. Thoughts/experiences? TIA