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  1. Riles, thanks for the great ride
  2. Thanks guys, great ride, great tracks. Let me know when you’re going out again
  3. Didn’t have time to get it Rego
  4. Another great ride and apart from me dropping the bike on a log and the bike flips all went great, good mixture of riding. Having no front brake makes you ride better, cant hold it on hills if you stuff up No spare lever so i will take the Sherco for a run to kinglake tomorrow
  5. Ride heaven, we got off to a slow start with Bear having technical issues, the pudmud thought he was in a submarine but the bike didnt like that idea. But once we got going it flowed great letting us cover 100k in pretty good time Big thanks to Barclay for an awesome ride.
  6. Thanks Bear, great day on the bikes with plenty of rocks and logs. had a lot of fun
  7. MESS

    Chewton Explore

    another great day out on the bikes. thanks Biggie and Twincam for taking us on some great tracks. let me know when you are going back as I'll be in
  8. Another great ride, shame I didn’t keep my mind on the job and made hard work of it a couple of times. Thanks to those that gave the help
  9. Thanks Egg and the rest of the group, was great fun and with an early finish.
  10. Thanks for the ride Bear, great ride, great group of guys and a real fun day
  11. Thanks for a great ride, ill be in next time as well. those zip ties sure are handy
  12. If you’ve got something in mind I’m keen to do Saturday
  13. Thanks Nasty, was a great ride, Riles, the pics aren’t that bad either. Had a blast guys 3rd pic, man those ruts are deep
  14. MESS

    BIGGIES Dissa

    Thx for that, I am aware of the act and the Kilmore police, the Mithchell shire and DEPI have all been advised. I have heard from both the Mithchell shire and the Kilmore police confirming that this is covered by the relevant act. 666rmx, yeah I might get annoyed with bikes, 4wds, trampers & horses on my property, but perhaps I would fence and sign my property properly.
  15. MESS

    BIGGIES Dissa

    These would be hidden when the shrubbery regrows and if a rider sees the clear over the other side of the strubbery/pickets and comes up short it would not be nice. No dam excuses, this has been set to hurt people, moto riders, mountain bike riders, trampers, or horse riders How about a clear sign showing that it is private property if that is the case. and yes agree with your last comment.