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  1. Hi, did you go out today, I’m keen to go out tomorrow if you are still looking to go out

  2. it sure was good fun and I’m sure you will meet a lot of top blokes on here and ave a heap of fun rides
  3. Yes another top ride from Pepperjack, now you know why I sweep ride, no one sees me sit the bike down for a rest. We all found ourselves a little unfit and rusty but had a load of fun. I had the perfect weekend, Friday Wombat, Saturday Kinglake and the Sunday Cobaw, man do I feel better now back on the bike, mind you I wish I had done something to keep my fitness up during the time off. see you next weekend, where we going?
  4. Well it was a great ride and we had a lot of fun, thanks for putting the ride up. Well it felt like more than 52ks of tracks I gave never been on and we never made to the usual slippery areas of Kinglake Always good to meet other riders and a couple of great guys groined in for a bit of a challenge, I see one of them has now joined up here, great. Turned out to be the perfect weekend, PJs Wombat ride Friday, maccastrewth at Kinglake Saturday and followed by PJs Cobaw ride Sunday cant wait for next weekend
  5. Hi Albert, great to see that you have joined up, I’m sure you will find a lot of fun rides with great like minded bloke. See you out there again
  6. Great way to get back to riding after the long break. Great tracks and great company. Thanks guys. Bring on Sunday and Cobaw
  7. Get well soon RobKTM, its always good knowing you are riding with guys like this who will make it happen if something goes wrong. Well done all
  8. Another great ride with a great group of guys. THanks PepperJack, Riles and the sweeps Always a fun ride at Cobaw with PepperJack and friends
  9. Another top ride, as said, top blokes, great track. Where are you taking us for your next birthday Cruiser? i had loads of fun
  10. MESS

    Boxing day 2019

    it took me a while to get in the grove but finally managed to get my head switched on and thanks Macca for the pain pills for this dam thumb. Good mix of tracks. Thanks to our lead riders. Ive been to this areas many times and every time the lead riders come up with something that I haven’t been on before. A great way to spend a Boxing Day and the pie at Gaffneys in Heathcote on the way home topped it off. where are we going next
  11. Dinking the girlfriend, keep your eyes of her.
  12. 260ks in 2 days, A great ride guys and a huge thanks for putting it on, day one was 170ks and day two was about 90ks, the second day was less dusty but hey its summer what do you expect. Fantastic lunch puT on by Sandra and Joe, dont you just love it when 80-90 is into a day you just pull up and there they are on the side of the road, cooking, watermelon, grapes, cold drinks, and our fuel containers, now thats service. Big thanks to you both. A good choice of tracks both days but my preference would be the second day which had a few less transport sections and some really good hills and tighter sections and my thumb was giving less pain, thanks to the Panadol. Yep the bed was just ok for me and Badger had the fold out and he ended up putting this 25mm thin mattress on the floor and sleeping there, i recon i got the best of the beds in that room. Big effort by Lance to drive 5 hours, hope you got home safe. Captain, Harry, Stinky and Arein thanks for leading and sweeping, great ride. Bring on 2020
  13. Pete, you pretty much summed it up, great ride and thanks to Toby and the sweeps. For me it was going great until my ambition outweighed my ability about 2/3 through the ride and on a rocky fast down hill section i forgot that i need to stay on the bike, pretty sure my thumb is broken so of to get that attended today, after that i tended to make hard work of it and became one of the early drop offs. Grreat ride, have a great xmas and see you out there next year
  14. Well Jono, called around at 0600 and we loaded up the bikes and off to Carrolls lane, not too such what the day would bring as this was Rolands first ride lead. The ride was limited to 4 of us and geared up and off we went. Roland had put together put together fun and flowing track linked by very little transport. All 4 rider managed everything thrown at us and well except the couple of times I dropped the bike, big thanks to Jono for helping me get the bike off me as my arse was right in the middle of a very angry bull ant nest. The day went well with only a couple of short stops, Roland upped the pace and terrain for the second part of the day, a great day out thanks to Roland and his his 65km loop. I have been to Carrolls lane before and yes I did recognize a few of the tracks but many that I have never seen before. Where you taking us next Roland?
  15. My Clay, well it rained but that didnt put us off, great tracks and i loved the sand, a little different to Dissa, Wombat and Tallarook. We did everything that Lance threw at us and had a great day. I even managed the 5hr drive home without having a little sleep in the ute as i sometimes do. Thanks for the great ride Lance.
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