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  1. kmatts55

    Blackwood with Dylan

    We had a great ride too, but they gave us something in a strange green can and said this is what the North boys drink.... get it in to ya, and said it was the same same.... you know like elephant / lion.
  2. kmatts55

    Overheating Husky te300

    Crusier, make sure you have the correct oil vol in the gearbox, low oil and heavy clutch use will also cause extra heat load. Even run an extra 50ml of oil and stop abusing the clutch. FYI, I don't run a fan, use stock coolant and have only ever had one very mild case of a near boil (with the 35P). Most people with a 17' with the JD kit run a 30 pilot, my was hanging (but never boiled), so went to a 35 and still hangs a bit, with a blue needle at 2.5clip, I'm going to try going back to the 30 P and see if it does it more. Hope you get it sorted and let us all know how it goes
  3. kmatts55

    Found it Cobaw 3+ with Marko

    Geezzzee, looking at all those photos, you forget what punishment Marko put us through, but wow it puts a big smile on your face when you get through it! My day started Friday morning......... I had to go to my new favorite Lebanese bakery in Reservoir to buy my trail snacks, Fatayer sabanekh, later on when I get home from work, prep the bike, make my special green kale jungle juice. Yeah that got me through. I was sporting an elbow injury from a previous ride two weeks earlier, not sure how it happened, but nothing that 100mg of African strength diclo fenac couldn't fix. Now thats 4 x times the dose the Aussies dish out. I thought I may not have been a finisher due to the sore elbow, but felt better as the day wore on, could have been because after being soaked to the bone for the first few hours, I put a new dry set of gloves on half way through the day, which felt good and happy to make it back to the cars "at a very early at 4.00pm" after completing the full loop. Marko was ecstatic. I did a calculation on how many hours my rear tyre had done before this ride and it was 68hrs (@23klm/hr = 1564klm). Riles said it would be fine ( would you believe him), that was all the encouragement I needed not to get my hands dirty, albeit, I didn't have the time or inclination leading into this ride. BTW.... i estimate I have another 68 hrs or more left in it over summer. So driving out to the ride destination on Sat morning, it rained the whole way there, and continued to rain for the first few hours into the ride, so I was thinking this is going to be fun. Well so many highlights and just dam good riding. Crusier doing a fist pump as he over took me, rocky hills, rocky down hills rocky straight bits, rocky side way bits. I love getting to the next check point and Marko's eyes lit up with excitement about what the next little bit of trail brings and you know you got some omg coming up. No pics from me as it was to wet to put the phone in the bag today, but big thanks for Marko and a top crew of riders that moved incredible well. Thanks all
  4. kmatts55

    Wye River 13/14 October 2018

    The Wye not weekend was absolutely fantastic ! It starts with a fair amount of planing, sometimes weeks, months and years in advance. Things like, bike preparation, tyre selection, tyre pressure, food preparation, wine selection, beer selection, trail snack selection, recon rides beforehand and then of course track selection. I just have to say, it's always a privilege to attend and assist with the Wye River Otway's ride and a big shout out to Darren (aka, Ratfinke) that makes it all possible. Many thanks for putting it on and all the crew that attended, I'm still smiling in the after glow from a great weekend. The weekend has so many highlights, funny moments, OMG moments. The main ride day being Sat saw us take in some very nice trails that is from a lost world. I think the first few hours saw us sweating profusely, not sure if it had anything to do with last Friday night., but we soldiered on. I hardly ever pull the camera out on rides as I just like to enjoy the moment, But here is a little collection to enjoy.
  5. kmatts55

    Dirtriderz favourite recipes

    It's a growing trend ........ a lot of dirt bike riders enjoy great food, banter and wine whilst discussing the finer points of dirt bike riding and refining their culinary skills.
  6. kmatts55

    Rockin and rootin at Chewton...

    The Kamarooka Lord thanks you for an excellent ride Steve. I thoroughly enjoyed every thing we got... and I think you took us to the cleaners down washing machine among so many other great tracks. There was one down hill that had you tighten the sphincter. As others have already said, you have an excellent loop CV with many challenges. I hadn't ridden for nearly 7 weeks and found a bit of arm pump on a few rocky uphill adventures, but thoroughly enjoyed the day in the golden triangle. The highlight for me, was watching Nasty (and Bicey, Petev, Brownballs, Sabo, Hoff) smash a hill on the pegs to perfection, that had some dire consequences if not delivered correctly! Thanks again for a top crew and the master sweep Cujo,
  7. kmatts55

    Dissa in winter

    The main thing is not to get your gloves dirty Mr B
  8. kmatts55

    Murrindindi with BenG = magic

    Some very nice pics by all, I liked the look of that rocky creek drop off. Looks like you boys were treated to some nice trails....If only Dindi was a bit closer ! Excellent stuff and love to read and see a good ride report.
  9. kmatts55

    Cobaw in search for Dakota`s tracks

    Many thanks Marko for leading a fantastic Cobaw ride. Loved every minute of it. It was another long day in the saddle, back at the cars near on 5pm. The conditions were a little wet and chilly in the morning, but still good grip. What I love about this ride, is that over the course of the day, there is just so much variation in terrain. From tight technical stuff, to rocky stuff, to hills, to flow'y stuff, it has it all. I can't decide if I like the second half better than the first half of the ride, as they both have so much good bits, but the second half I haven't ridden much before so will go with that as my favorite bits. We had a very capable crew which all flowed very well and was great to meet a few new dirtriderz that ate up everything Marko through at us and more. No pic's as to wet to carry the phone. Thanks Gypsy and Sabo (and BenG) for sweep duties. and big thanks for Bruce in transporting me.
  10. kmatts55


    Yes indeed what am awesome effort to make this happen, all the best Mev and Buzz on your adventure, love the work you have both put into this and can't wait to hear the epic stories. I think we need to plan for a welcome back ride/bbq, but at a level us gummies can ride. Safe travels and riding.
  11. kmatts55

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    Haha..... nah it was that white cream Jason Bayer gave me to put on it ....I thought it smelt a bit funny
  12. kmatts55

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    Bee sting the day before ride
  13. kmatts55

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    I must have upset some dirtriderz yesterday and woke up right completely closed
  14. kmatts55

    Queen`s birthday with King leader 99percent at Dissa

    All I can say is thanks for 99% for stepping up and taking charge with the lead to make the day go ahead. Excellent job. Marko's first post with great photos says it all..... goodtimes And just for every single rider on the day for bringing the right attitude, banter, skills, help, jokes and good times........and of course it was all that bit better riding with ol mate the Hoff on his come back ride, he certainty hasn't forgotten how to ride, not sure if it was his new bike, but I know I was holding him up whenever I was in front. I tweaked by back on a down hill into the creek just before lunch, so a special thanks to Jason Bayer for the Viagra he gave me to get me through the rest of the day. I haven't been to dissa to many times, so happy to make it up swamp hill for the first time, first attempt......but it was ugly. up is up. Yes that was a very nice welcome cold beer pudmud and co at the end of the ride. Thanks
  15. kmatts55

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Nice work Bruce, Looks the goods and I suspect more suited to big bore 4-stroke territory. I will have to get on one of these desert rides, as never been in that neck of of the sands before. Great pics