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  1. This was a very enjoyable ride report, who ties down a bike with chains I am thinking Tina Arena
  2. will update soon, but what a weekend of wine, cheese, riding and more riding. Absolute brilliant weekend away. More to come
  3. T7 website/deals have been very ordinary at best the last 2 or 3 years of late. I thought the original owners must have sold out and it has been crap ever since. I used to buy something nearly 2nd week when it was a great site with lots of good deals, but haven't bought anything from them for maybe 3 years since it went down hill.
  4. kmatts55


    Its great we have such a dynamic range of talents in the dirt rider community, So a big thanks to our resident accountant, Darren for putting the effort in, on a topic that may (or may not) help us fund our dirtbike activities. Should we host a mid year wine and cheese to check in on the ladder list ? Let the games begin.
  5. Moto Hub in Sunbury, its run by Rob Novak and not to far from you or facebook he is more active
  6. For me, Gellibrand Mt Cole Boho South (have done 2 rides there a long time ago, but need to re visit) I haven't been to Stradbroke either, lots of sand woops I hear Robe to Beachport Crusiers Big River
  7. kmatts55


    Ok I will kick off with my pick Tencent Holdings Ltd HKG: 0700 It trades on the Honker's exchange Darren, I assume you will run the ledger and are you locking the price in on day of selection or 31st Jan ? Let the games begin
  8. Now maybe if there was a bit of cheese, like a Le Dauphin Double Crème to go with the crackers and a few Spanish olives. I would have come. Oh btw it goes well with, unoaked Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Good stuff gents
  9. I always enjoy sitting back on a Sunday night and having a read of the ride reports, and this one didn't disappoint ! Looks like some nice trails were enjoyed by all. I appreciate the effort Cruiser went to on his videos, but think he needs to sack his sound technician. Also glad that Hoff's bike was only a minor freak loose bolt problem. Great stuff
  10. Hey Dr Orangeboy, plus 1 on the recovery, and hope to catch up soon on future rides, all the best, Rgds
  11. Crusier another cracking ride report, and just wanted to say, I love ......... that little extra detail, that little extra comment, that little extra photo, that little bit of extra advice, (let alone leading rides) and think it makes for a great teaser for future rides and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Just wish I was there well done to all . Keep 'em coming is what I was trying to say
  12. Cruiser, I think you have just won the best ride report for the year. Well done on a what looks like a well executed, excellent ride. I just wish it wasn't so far away.
  13. We had a great ride too, but they gave us something in a strange green can and said this is what the North boys drink.... get it in to ya, and said it was the same same.... you know like elephant / lion.