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  1. Property Investment

    Mate your house block is so big you could put 20 units on it and still have room for a mx track !
  2. Got our Rocks off at Cobaw

    I have some 2013 ktm exc OC forks for sale
  3. Otway Magic

    Well when I get the call to ride Wye (the Otways), I make sure I clear the calendar and make it happen, as I have a soft spot for that part of the world. On Friday afternoon, myself, Rob and Riles joined in a road convoy and with UHF radios on hand, made for an enjoyable road trip down the Great Ocean road, with lots of conversations along the way. Many thanks for Darren (Ratfinke) for putting on a first class weekend. It was an absolute pleasure to ride with the young fellas on this ride, A couple only came for a half a day ride, so when we parted about midday on the Sat, I lead the rest of the group (Cujo, Eammon, Riles) through some nice trails.....but before heading out to the abyss, there was some innuendo we might not make it back........ I heard the comment he will get us stuck in death valley. Anyway we pushed on and had a good ride home with plenty of time for some sun downers. On Sunday we discovered a nice little track into what was described as the "lost world" very beautiful. Only one picture from me .......... they say this makes you ride better
  4. Blackwood to Pig and Whistle Sunday 10 Sep

    Yes indeed. Well Done....all I can say, you were in very good hands and lucky to be guided by Ian, a fantastic bloke with great knowledge of the area. Very funny actually, I was supposed to be on a ride that day and the guys ended up going to the P&W too. Need to ride again soon Ian
  5. Boot repair/replacements

    The Mevstar did my sidi's once and did a great job, where only the back half of sole came away. When the front half gave way a year later, had to remove completely and the back half that Mev did was still extremely well stuck, took a bit to get off. Then clean, and used sikaflex marine 291 (bunnings has it) clamp and weight sole down best you can and perfect. This is the only product to use.
  6. Spring Hill - the rivalry ride

    Thanks for doing the numbers Gypsy
  7. Spring Hill - the rivalry ride

    Yes indeed, when you see one of Marko ride's...... one must drop all other plans and make sure you get on it....and on it we did. Like all others have said top crew top ride... I absolutely love the start of that 2nd leg after lunch where you can get on the gas a bit, then a few hills and some dodgy water crossings,, just so you know the ones that didn't continue missed out. My only problem was I had to kick start the ol girl all day, as at 8.30am no life in the magic button, anyway found the culprit today, a wire had come out in the white plug that goes into the start relay in the airbox, near the fuses. Great to see habs was able to recover his bike with the metal putty trick. Thanks to sweeps and every rider that made for a great day. Out of 20 bikes....yes I think there were more 2 strokes, but maybe not by much ??? anyone know the count
  8. Garage build working bee

    Hey Chris, yeah I'd be more than happy to help out if you weren't so far away......but more importantly if I wasn't rid'in this w/e...sorry to rub it in
  9. Report from Glen Helen CA

    Great stuff Bruce, love to hear all about when your back
  10. Genuine Rear Brake Pads 55hours

    Hah that's funny I get 56 hours out of my cheap no-name pads and have never had to replace a disc......Not all cheap pads are created equal is the moral of this story
  11. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    Thats great news Craig.......but I'm guessing you did not get it X-rayed ???
  12. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    Arrh shit CV, two broken hands on the one ride (albeit nasty to confirm and hope both recover without problems very soon) ......Now I must say it was a fantastic ride that had it all and would love to do it again and again, but as the hoff said.........Bermuda triangle, ......nah the riding there is too good to stay away from, in the words of Arnie.....I'll be back
  13. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    Oh..... highlight was the hoff blasting pass me on a treacherous rocky hill, which I had the good or slightly smooth line, and meant hoff had to do his over passing on ridiculous rough stuff. I put it down to his superior
  14. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    If you like rocks and good banter........get on Steve CV ride. It was my first time there too, and I'd been eyeing off CV Chewten's ride for awhile and just never been able to get there until Sat.12th. and it did not disappoint. When I saw a few regulars going back for more, I new I needed in. I think it was the most rocky terrain I have ever ridden on, but actually thoroughly enjoyed the tracks. I did feel more comfortable knowing I had fitted a mousse to the rear the day before. Not sure how no one came out without a puncture from the ride to be honest. Even though there was a bit of moisture precipitating, you were working hard so didn't seem do worry to much about being wet, except for those 4inch greasy angled logs. Great group of riders today that on the 2nd half of the loop really put on pace and kept it flowing nicely. Thanks Steve for the lead and Riles and Jazz for sweep duties. Nastly..... let us know how the hand is and if your good for next weekend! Rgds MK