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  1. kmatts55

    Wombat pub run 2+ May19

    Oh CV you need to lift your game to support the "Kamarooka Lords" !!! LOL
  2. kmatts55

    Wombat pub run 2+ May19

    It was very nice to join your ride and have a nice feed at the Pig n Whistle. Prime conditions , albeit slick here and there. Had a ball. and is all about what drz is. Excellent stuff fellas. Love hour work. Great stuff
  3. kmatts55

    Green Day Wednesday

    Excellent work lads, good to see you all making the most of it. Great pics and report
  4. kmatts55

    Beechworth bikes bourbons an bonfire

    Great stuff, I thought about jumping on this adventure, as was curious to what type of tracks might exit around Beechworth area. Anyway dates didn't work for me, but would be very interested if you do a take two !!! ....As the ride report looks like an excellent weekend was had by all, which is what it's all about.
  5. kmatts55

    Fluro Zebra

    Good news travels fast Hoff...... and glad you saw the light re your choice in Husky TX300, Excellent bike choice. Just need to work on some new Zebra graphics before you release it into the wild. Hurry up and get your shoulder right ol mate. Congrats
  6. Apparently after a big knock the fuel line inside the tank connected to the fuel pup can come off. So I suggest take the tank off and see if internal fuel lines still connected to fuel pump etc.
  7. kmatts55

    Goughs bay on a perfect day

    Nice to see you boyz had a good time. Plenty of blue sky's and haven't seen Riles on a blue bike for a long time. Possibly the only 4-stroke..... ? We never know what new bike the Gypster is riding these days.
  8. kmatts55

    Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Oh I forgot to add.... the funniest quote of the day (and there were many) came from Fixxy. Now bare in mind this quote came towards the end of of a hard day's ride and we were all getting a bit tired .....anyhow, it went a bit of something like this ..... "No matter how hard she's begs me the answer is no " ..... I left out a few bits, but fill in the gaps!
  9. kmatts55

    Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Yes always good to go to wombat for a ride, and Sat didn't disappoint. Top bunch of riders made for a great day. Bruce taking his brand spanking new Husky FX350 on its first outing and seemed to be loving it, more than his 300 he said ! We had a new member come along but decided after about 10 minutes into the ride, it was above his comfort zone and decided best to return to the cars. His plus one (the boss, Bruce Springsteen lookalike), continued on for a bit over half the ride and did a great job on his WR400 vintage machine. First time I have ridden with crusty350 and he seemed to eat up everything we through at him with ease, notice he was running a full trials tyre and loved it on all terrain, I may have to try one of these soon. Oh, Being a firefighters ride we made sure we had 4 lunch breaks too. At the end of the day (was nearly 4pm I think) we only had 5 riders left (started with 10) I wanted to check a track out I found whilst riding solo, but didn't risk riding down, as it was a fairly steep decent and didn't want to get stuck in a valley, so with with 5 riders we ventured down to check it out and as other had said was a very steep impossible hill out the other for Gypsy to try I think !. Fab seemed worried and so was I, luckily we managed to turn around and get out of there. Excellent stuff.
  10. kmatts55

    Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    Excellent work fellas, Great report and photos. I must say it is always nice reading each and everyone's individual ride posts/comments, as this is what makes the forum work. Looks like this weekend marks the end of summer, dust and heat...... dust off your wetsuits. For some strange reason I thought this was a Sunday ride, so was unable to join in....... but a part of me was slightly happy I didn't !
  11. kmatts55

    DirtriderZ in Cambodia - 32 mins documentary

    All I can say........ is yes, yes and yes, this was a fantastic trip from start to finish. Being on the bikes (2013 KLX250's fitted with 300 kits aftermarket muffler), we were fortunate to be able to see first hand some very remote villages and all the spectacular sights Cambodia had to offer. Roughly a 1000klm in 6 days of awesome sights, smells and tastes. Oh yeah and a just a few Cambodian beers !
  12. kmatts55

    Tubliss sale

  13. Hah. The belly button exposure was a trick I learn't in Cambodia (from Glenn T)........ allows ventilation apparently ! Well that's my excuse
  14. kmatts55

    Property Investment

    Mate your house block is so big you could put 20 units on it and still have room for a mx track !
  15. kmatts55

    Got our Rocks off at Cobaw

    I have some 2013 ktm exc OC forks for sale