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  1. As others have already mentioned, it was particularly slick and greasy which had you learning to adapt to the conditions post summer riding. The motoz EURO ENDURO 6 rear gummy tyre i had on was bloody horrible - don't buy one is my advice. I even had ol mate Rat-finke ready to over take me on an uphill ! Happy with fuel economy from the Xtrainer 5.5lt for 70klm Great crew and very nice to meet a few new riders too. Well done Riles and co, Gypsy - I believe is now very close to being a honorary C&W member !!!
  2. Cobaw is up there as one of my favorite places to ride, so when the call goes out, I am in for a nice ride. We had an excellent crew of co riders on the day, that were all there for the same thing........... cheese, prosciutto and beer at the end of the ride Riles always delivers on a nice loop and somehow manages to put a little bit of something in for everyone. It's like he is a chef or something and gets all the ingredients just right ! :)) My highlight for the day, was watching Eric, absolutely nail a short rocky hill climb like a boss, he seriously rode that section bett
  3. Yes indeed, I also had an excellent day out on the bikes with some fine gentlemen. The trackside banter was high, the weather perfect and a great selection of tracks. Many thanks for all that made it happen, on and after the ride. Only one pic from me, the black assassin.
  4. Thanks Phill for posting up the ISO breakout ride on the first day we Melbourne people could get out and ride again. There was a fair bit of drag racing and bar banging going on all day, hit reserve at 97.3klm and ended the day bang on 100klm. That rocky hill at the end was a nice feat ! Thanks Heath and Bruce for the videos to relive the ride.
  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your project updates Crusier, many thanks for sharing and gives us all ideas for future projects and what can be done, well done and look forward to seeing the finished job in person on a ride/camping trip sometime in the distance future when we are allowed back to play
  6. Well what can I say except ........ what Eddie Rabbitt said about I Love A Rainy Night !!! I love a Dusty Dissa Ride :))
  7. 5 Five Fabulous things to say about the "Rona reunion ride | Smoked trout ride" ....... Nice tracks Nice hills Nice Banter Nice post ride cheese n wine with smoked trout feast Nice video On a side note The Ballarat boyz represented extremely well, I think Faultline does his best riding on a bald tyre, must have been that Sumatra training, I really don't know how he managed to get around all day on it, even I would NOT use it in summer ! Roger on the Beta 430 seemed to make that that bike go up anything anytime. Cujo, well he was on fire, I tried chas
  8. Can't wait for it's maiden voyage. I believe it was going to be an ol school, Carby, kick start only ride !
  9. Wow great vid and Britto, that RMX250 was on fire, you and the yellow machine did a great job of all the hills, well done
  10. I rode a few inclines (not big hills) and it pulled well. If the revs drops off, it's easier to get the revs back into the meat of the torque range, as it revs up quicker. I actually can't wait to re-test the beta 200. Did I say it has no vibrations and feels as light as the XT
  11. Mick - FYI I rode a 2020 beta 200 on Sunday and have to say I was very impressed, back to back with my 2020 beta xtrainer 300, my comments are as a comparison between the two bikes not others; On a side note, I wouldn't worry to much about holding out for the KYB, as stock form was very usable. - the 200 - seems to get better rear wheel traction, this was noticed by both riders during the bike swap. - the 200 has enough bottom end and torque and almost feels like the XT 300 in power, but lacks the length of torque. - the 200 you have to gear change more. - the 200 has min
  12. Yeah I agree on the Mikuni's....... I love them, I have had them on 2 x 17' 300's and 1 x 18' 300 all with Mikuni and had no reason to change. Perfect power and fuel economy. I must be a pussy though, as the Mikuni's have so much punch and so much power I run the green PV spring, 1 turn out. and jetted to mute all that power that comes out of the Mikuni. You're just a machine, Crusier running the red spring !
  13. Nice, I forgot about my DT125, metal tank, probably forgot a few others too
  14. I am only after people who have owned a carby bikes - 2 strokes only please Year and Model - Happy or Not Happy........ are the response I’m after. No other comments required please ! 1971 Ag100 1979 DT125 1980 Ag100 1983 kx80 F1 - Happy :))) 1985 yz 490L - Happy :))) 1986 yz125 - Happy :))) 1989 kx125 - Happy 1989 KR-1 250 - Happy 1991 RGV250 - Happy:) 1999 ktm250exc - Happy 2005 ktm250exc- Happy 2014 berg TE300- Happy 2017 TX300 - Happy 2017 ktm 300exc - Happy 2018 ktm 300exc - Happy:))) 2020
  15. Geez yeah, that's going back into the fault, great ride that one, I see MoJoe, Rider and Rage and of course i know where, as i have a map, ol school,