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  1. Oh, my late ride report and a few pics. Loved Nasty's rock ride at the Rook. Great crew, awsome trails. It's ike a box of chocolates, something for everyone. I'd like to tackle that massive downhill we did.....uphill one day ! Oh and the reason why the 1/4lt 4 strokes were battling it out and banging bars is they couldn't keep up to with 300 hungie 2 strokes
  2. No..... Engine characteristics/behaviour completely different between the two.
  3. Congrats on the new bike Fab, will be keen to hear your 1st ride bike report. And CV commentary on the videos is gold !
  4. My brother is working in Senegal atm in a gold mine, what were you doing there Ian ?
  5. Congrats on the new bike Fab,......... But already need a repair manual for that TPI ?
  6. Just remember there is absolutely no need to change your air filter after every ride if there is no or minimal dust. Or you don't ride in big groups, Just use good filter oil (not that spray shit in a can or that no toils stuff) The more you wash your filter the more it breaks down.
  7. Excellent news, we can do that loop (you loved) again i took you on in Wombat a year or so back
  8. kmatts55

    Vid's by HABS

    Excellent video Habs, and some familiar places. I'd be happy to do that loop next time you guys go out. Great stuff
  9. This was a very enjoyable ride report, who ties down a bike with chains I am thinking Tina Arena
  10. will update soon, but what a weekend of wine, cheese, riding and more riding. Absolute brilliant weekend away. More to come
  11. T7 website/deals have been very ordinary at best the last 2 or 3 years of late. I thought the original owners must have sold out and it has been crap ever since. I used to buy something nearly 2nd week when it was a great site with lots of good deals, but haven't bought anything from them for maybe 3 years since it went down hill.
  12. kmatts55


    Its great we have such a dynamic range of talents in the dirt rider community, So a big thanks to our resident accountant, Darren for putting the effort in, on a topic that may (or may not) help us fund our dirtbike activities. Should we host a mid year wine and cheese to check in on the ladder list ? Let the games begin.
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