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  1. HsvJosh

    Trail Ride

    Anywhere around Kinglake (disappointment, Kinglake or Toolangi) I mite head out Monday!
  2. HsvJosh

    Free Shorty Boots!

    Yes if u r in need of boots u can pick them up tomorrow I live in Doreen
  3. HsvJosh

    Free Shorty Boots!

    They are fox
  4. Hi All, Hi have a pair of comp 5 size 11 (USA) boots to give AWAY!!! Only want to give to someone who struggles to buy descent gear not just ppl who want free stuff for the sake of it! PM me if u r interested. Someone else gave to me and they used them once as I know. So if u know someone who struggles a bit to buy descent gear let me know. Cheers,
  5. HsvJosh

    Temporary Engine Seizure

    Ahh that's sounds logical lets hope for my sake that what is was
  6. HsvJosh

    Temporary Engine Seizure

    In saying that when it wouldn't turn over and in N the bike rolled freely? Got me thinking!
  7. HsvJosh

    Temporary Engine Seizure

    My thoughts as well might start saving just incase
  8. Hi All, A bit of an odd issue, I was riding my TE450 and the I stalled the bike going over an obstacle and when I tried to start it the kick would not turn bike over in N felt seized. After pushing bike forward while selecting first it came good. No smoke, great performance and all fluids checked compression feels good no oil in air filter. Any ideas?
  9. HsvJosh

    What Age To Start Riding

    I could stand to lose some kg's lol.
  10. Hey Guys, I have a 18month old and can't wait to start him riding. At what age is suitable to start? He can ride electric quads. Been eyeing off the Yamaha 50 with the training kit. Anyone else start their boy or girl at an early age.
  11. HsvJosh

    Cracked Efi Intake Boot

    Got one from first class at lillydale $126 a bit steep for a bit of plastic
  12. HsvJosh

    Cracked Efi Intake Boot

    Yeah going to replace it before next ride not worth the risk if I can find one local
  13. HsvJosh

    Cracked Efi Intake Boot

    After right where it enters the top end
  14. Hi, Can anyone confirm this, During the Sunday ride my 09 husky 450 started revving high during idle. Checked throttle and other obvious stuff but noticed the intake boot is badly cracked will this cause this. Guessing the added air throws the ratio out. Also where can I find one as some ppl are aware husky parts take a long time for the dealers the order in!!!