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  1. I'm with swann. $375 for $10,000 insured on a 2017 beta 300. I also have a road bike with them so I think there's a discount applied.
  2. I used to do a fair bit of offshore yacht racing and I have a "ocean signals rescueme". https://www.whitworths.com.au/ocean-signal-rescueme-personal-locator-beacon-plb From memory Whitworths have a 10 or 15% sale on during the boat show at Jeffs shed around the middle of the year. There are plenty of brands out there and at the time of purchase a couple of years ago this model came well recommended and was the smallest available. It is about half the size of my old unit that I replaced. The rescueme has a GPS built in so when it transmits the distress signal it also transmits your LAT and LONG co-ordinates which gives AMSA your axact position. Without the GPS feature AMSA needs to wait for another rescue satellite to pass overhead to triangulate your position, I seem to recall that these can be up to 8 hrs or so apart. So I would definitely buy one with GPS. You register the unit with AMSA and provide contact details as well as emergency contact details as well as the type of activity you are doing. If it's set off they first try to contact you to see if it was set off by accident and then contact your emergency contacts. It would be worth telling these contact people that you are a very seasoned dirt bike rider, always travel with experienced and self sufficient riders and you would only activate this devise for immediately life threatening situations and not because you have run out of fuel and can't be bothered walking back to the cars. I think from memory PLB's generally have a 7 year battery life and generally it is the same cost to replace the unit as it is to get the battery replaced. Further to this most manufacturers will discount a new current generation unit instead of replacing the battery. Also all these suckers are designed to be set off around water, and the surrounding water acts as a ground plane. So if using one in the scrub its good to place a space blanket underneath to create a ground plane. Intersting read about "spot" units. It seems it's more about being able to send a message to overly worrisome loved one's at home when you're away for longer periods. BUT your relying on a private independent operator to alert authorities. http://www.advridermag.com.au/spot-or-epirb/
  3. Looking Forward t seeing in the scrub Zebra. I'm only a stone throw away, if I can give you a hand Hoff just sing out.
  4. + 1 for all balls use cheap crappy bearings. As above, use any of the major quality Japanese or Euro brands.
  5. I bought a Clake pro without rear brake pedal for my beta when I the bike was brand new. It took about a ride and a half to get completely used to it. I think it gave me a lot more control over the rear brake (ie not locking up) especially noticeable on very step descents particularly when off chamber and the right foot needed to dab or stop and stand. Also stopping up snotty hills and in the tight stuff when carrying speed it enabled putting the right foot down while still braking the rear wheel. I felt I had three issues with this setup. The way I was using it it required two fingers and I felt three fingers for gripping the bar would be better. The way the brake and clutch proportioning worked based on location of effort when pulling the lever, I found logs difficult because once the front wheel was high enough and I wanted some clutch to keep it from going further I would pull a little too much and engage the rear brake as well sending the front wheel or expansion chamber crashing back down. Perhaps I could have gotten used to this with more feel for how much lever to pull. I also own other motorbikes and I found that I got onto my road bike and using the rear brake was not automatic anymore which I needed to rectify before riding it again. I guess one solution was to fit the same lever to the other two bikes but it's very cost inhibitive. So I felt the solution was to buy the components to activate the rear brake pedal (dual control system in Clake speak) and to change from the Clake pro to the Clake two. The main body of the system is the same and only the levers and one screw are different. Now the system is working how I like, I use rear brake pedal predominantly, have three fingers on the bar most of the time, have a very light clutch pull so use the clutch more and have rear brake at my finger tips. The rear brake on the left hand is great when I get stuck going up a snotty uphill and I can either rollback slowly with my right foot on the ground or turn the bike around standing beside the bike with rear brake control. I have also found it much easier to get going again after stopping on a steep uphill. Whether this is because I have more feel with the Clake or it's lighter or perhaps I've just gotten better at clutch control, I'm unsure. To answer your question I wouldn't consider a Clake without dual control again for the reasons above and the ones PeterV mentioned and also if someone needs to ride your bike past an obstacle or your no longer able to. For me I want the natural instinct for rear brake to be with my foot. I find now I use both fairly automatically and the rear brake on the road bike is intuitive.
  6. Geoffro, can I take the black one please?
  7. So after reading this thread I thought I'd look at insuring my beta. RACV sounded good and the quote was $216 or something annually. BUT when I asked about rec reg she initially didn't know what it was and when I explained it she spoke with her supervisor she came back and said they definitely do not insure rec reg. And if others have insurance they probably didn't disclose it and could be an issue at claim time.
  8. Geez talk about being victimised by a bright zebra, if the zebra didn't push Dazz in the drink we wouldn't have had enough time for banter. Fantastic day out guys always a pleasure to share some great tracks. Dazz I hope the recent rebuild wasn't for naught and no damage was caused by the swimming lesson and the Zebra's knee recovers well. Thanks for leading us around Disa Dusty great mix of tracks. Cheers Peter.
  9. I saw this video last night on FB. Couldn't agree more about the bad reputation unlicensed and unregistered riders give the riders who try to do the right thing especially on a slow news night on TV. I did however find this "News Story" interesting considering what the DELWP will be doing at Nerrim. It seems more then a coincidence that VICPOl is conducting Operation Motus and DELWP will be making riding at Neerim "Safer".
  10. Polso from raceline reckons 80hrs. I havent done one yet though.
  11. It's under the organise rides tab. About the 5th one down.
  12. I have sidi's and like them very much. I'm led to believe the narrow thing is with the SRS sole as opposed to the standard sole. Recently had to buy new boots and thought about buying the CF 3's but they were only available as SRS and did feel tight. Ended up with the CF 2's which was the same model and size they replaced and felt the same as the two year old ones did. I was also interested in looking at the Gaerne sg12's for comparison but no one seemed to have stock to try and buy.
  13. Payment sent Geoffro, Could I please have a black XL with a zip. Cheers Peter.
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