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  1. beeaye

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    Fresh start to the it was friggin cold and the extremities only gold colder as we took off to start the ride. Got put on a corner by Andy and then............nothing, no bikes no noise no nothing. Sat, jumped, star jumped and finally warmed the hands on the exhaust until Andy come back and went looking for the rest of the riders. He was back shortly with a new sweep in Greasa and off we went again. Haven't started from this side of Wombat so it was all new to me and Andy and Barclay did a good job of mixing the trails up. Thanks to Andy for organising and leading the first part, Barclay for tagging in and leading for the remainder of the ride, the sweeps, Greasa, Andy and lastly Kavs. As always thanks to all the lads that turn up for a ride with a great attitude and make it a great day. BA
  2. beeaye

    Peak hour traffic

    Now look what you started Scotland....think it may have gone of topic and needs to be restarted in the "What pisses me off" thread
  3. beeaye

    Peak hour traffic

    You wait until they drop to 40kph, you may never get home
  4. beeaye

    Hide and seek @ Bears Pyrenees

    The day started at 6:00am for me and with the trailer loaded I was on the road at 6:35. Little bit of drizzle until I hit Ballarat and then it got heavier and colder.....what a fricken miserable place Ballarat is. Fortunately Avoca is not like Ballarat and the rain backed of to a mist then stopped. Off to the unload spot and 12, hold on 13, mate i've counted twice and I only got 12, hang on your right theres 12, took off led by Bear and Lindon as sweep. Straight into an uphill climb that helped me get warmed up followed by Bear leading us on a merry trip through some tighter tracks as well as up and down some hills. CV was unaccounted for and there were a lot of cornermen saying they definitely saw him go past them where they had stopped. Needless to say CV was found about 5k from where we realised he was unaccounted for, so some people may need their eyes checked. No injuries for the day and a new tyre makes a huge difference in the wet (go figure). Thanks to Bear for leading, Lindon for sweeping (only losing 1 rider in 100K's is not too bad), Lindon for the frozen snags, Don for the beers, Trailz for firing up the BBQ and everyone else for making it a great day. Happy Berfdy to Dazz also .
  5. beeaye

    Whipsticks Bear Style

    Good fun day out at Whipsticks today and as Gypsy stated, the ground was slippery. Managed to ignore the need for a new back tyre for another week and boy did I pay for it today. I ended up on my arse within the first 2 minutes of the ride, had a swim in a large puddle, knackered myself and rode with a clenched butt hole not knowing when I'd fall off again.......but had a ball doing it. It was good watching the lads have a crack at the play hills, with the hills coming up the victor even though Gypsy refused to be beaten. Thanks to Bear for organising and leading the ride, Gypsy and Hoff for sweep duties and everyone else for the day.
  6. beeaye

    25th August Donnybrook pub social dinner/drinks Bit of a drive from Patterson Lakes
  7. beeaye

    Dirt bike tours in Vietnam Have a read of this and see if it's what your looking for
  8. beeaye

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

    Faulty Flux Capacitor?
  9. beeaye

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

    Bear posted another Tallarook ride, and having been on his last one a couple of weeks ago and enjoying myself, I thought why not have another go. Big crew of riders turned up on a chilly but warming Saturday morning and were ready (even Trailz) to go at 9am. After suffering the effects of man flu during the week (which we all know is much stronger than the normal flu), I was looking for an out after the first 10 minutes with my heart beating out of its chest and feeling like decorating the beautiful Tallarook greenery with last nights dinner and the half dozen Bourbons that I thought would help make me feel better. With stupid thoughts out of my head we followed Bear around Tallarook. The tracks were surprisingly grippy with the odd tree root or branch ever present to keep you on your toes (or arse if you weren't paying attention). Some play hills were conquered by those capable and the rocky uphill track that had me stuck the last time around didn't pose the same problem, even with CV stopping half way with a shortage of fuel and dirt bikes falling all around him with their lines taken. Thanks to Bear for posting and leading the ride, everyone that turned up and made it an enjoyable day and Fab who was the complete professional on sweep duties. I have a clip of Trailz exploits on a hill and Lindon performing a fancy pirouette after riding up same hill, but being a dummy on the computer it may take some time to post it. Until next time.
  10. beeaye

    New rider from sunbury

    $796 for unreg and the same for unlicensed, so just shy of $1600, (kids included, so be wary taking them into a state forest). TAC is the most important benefit out of the registration.
  11. beeaye

    Collarbone 2018

    Great report so far, keep em coming. Where's the customary selfie Macka?
  12. beeaye

    Tell ya what at Tallarook

    Quicker than normal ride around Tallarook with Bear leading and Wishy doing the majority of the sweep duties. As Trailz stated, we started with 5 and within 30 minutes we had lost one with a mechanical issue, possible an over tightened cam chain (should have bought Gypsys 450!!!!!, there were lots of hints during the week). Good mix of tracks, with some quite slippery, covering around the 70K mark for the day,. Struggled on the rocky uphill tracks until Bear deflated my rear tyre to an acceptable level (he did tell me so earlier in the ride, but who am I to listen). Thanks to all that made the day fun and for the bbq, beer and chinwag afterwards. See you on the next one.
  13. beeaye

    Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Vince, didn't you say the branch was only 3 foot off the ground and would have hit most normal sized riders on the leg
  14. I did'nt get a chance to look at mine and then went back to work