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  1. Wow what a great day out with a group of like minded people. First of all thanks to Bear for putting on the ride and the the sweeps Lindon and Dazz. After a long break of the bike, Trailz just had to ensure the Rona virus would not be the centre of attention and the spotlight should be on him. To do this he first of all turned up 10 minutes prior to the suggested arrival time and was geared up in a timely manor (Something not often seen). We discussed how clean the bike was, radiators, fresh oil and filters and air pressures in the tyres but when he tried to start the bike it refused to come to life. The brains trust diagnosed a spark less spark plug and it was off to Ballarat to get a new one. While Trailz was sourcing a plug, Bear took the group around the myriad of tracks that are found in the Bungal forest. The pace was good, the grip was good and the only downfall being the mass of other riding groups enjoying the freedom of being on the bikes again. Back to the cars to collect Trailz and @ohmygewd and we were off again with Bear taking us around the rest of Whipsticks. A couple of small offs by most riders due to slippery stuff being on the ground but no injuries which is a good thing. Back to the cars for some snags, burgers, beers and a catchup on how life has treated everyone. Great catching up with everyone and meeting a few new riders to the forum. Until next time be safe.
  2. Thanks PJ for being the first to post a suitable ride after the Rona had us all locked up. The day started off on the coolish side, but even with the low number it was bearable. Mr pink took up lead for the first part of the ride and the tracks he introduced us to were fun to ride and flowed so well. The group moved well with no real holdups and it seemed like there was very minimal transport sections. We crossed paths with the Badger and Ian M for a chin wag and then Mr Pink, Mess and BearMX bid their farewells and headed back to the cars. PJ took over and and I think we covered another 30 odd k's before arriving back at the cars. Pulled up ok for a fat bastard but managed to shear off a foot peg on a log about 1k from the cars. (Its a little bit awkward when you don't have anything to put your foot on). Anyways thanks to Mr Pink and PJ for leading us around and Mess for sweep duties. Thanks to BearMX, Mojo, Lucas and Marko for making up the rest of an enjoyable group. Until next time be safe.
  3. Found a couple of likely folks that have had dramas with the TPI.
  4. Can see this happening Bushy
  5. Thats the spot- your up
  6. Not Bendigo area. I think this may have been the first climb of the day and someone else may have assisted the bikes to the top of the hill.
  7. Couple of photo's from the same ride.
  8. Bendigo/Wellsford/Sugarloaf - somewhere in there
  9. Done....will it make you get ready quicker if you win?
  10. You know your right @Britto
  11. Easy one but I like the view
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