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  1. The big question to ask is.....If we have a global pandemic, why the hell did the leader of our country not have a plan for Australia as a whole and instead leave the decisions to the premiers of each state....who the **** is running this country???????
  2. Rob, you need to be 18y/o to get a motorcycle licence in Victoria. If you don't have a motorcycle licence you can't legally ride in our forests and as such are limited to ride parks or private land. If you are caught riding without a licence you could/will be charged and a trip to court. Your bike can also be impounded for 30 days which will then cost roughly $1000 to get back. Starglen lodge at Bonnie Doon is on private land and allows riding by underage riders - plenty of forum members have been there with their kids.
  3. Welcome to the forum, think this is what your looking for Rob
  4. More than likely yes. What are they like, been looking for something lighter than my WR450 and the attraction of a 102kg bike had me sniffing around.
  5. Its still a 4t but about 20kgs lighter than the WR450
  6. Hi guys and gals, Anybody own/owned a 2010 Sherco SE250i. I tried the google machine and got limited information. After any reliability issues (push button only), fuel range (appears only a 7.5lt tank), suspension or any other info about the bike? TIA Brian
  7. What about one of these, may be easier to source and they sound fantastic in all conditions.
  8. Stunt double went alright but a pretty piss poor effort on my account