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  1. Thanks to CV for leading us around Chewton. I took the sweep vest and was quite happy at the rear of the group, plodding along and helping Warwick where required. Not something to laugh about but it was funny when he hit the same tree twice while trying to navigate a couple of rocks on a track. It certainly shows how important ride fitness is when you have to pick your bike up a few times. Anyways Warwick pulled the pin at the right time before any injuries. The pace picked up a bit from this point and CV took us along some enjoyable tracks with just under 60Ks covered on the day. The dust was bearable and only really evident on the fire trails, but the rocks certainly take a bit out of the arms and wrists which I realised when I woke up this morning. Chewton is a place I'd like to explore some more and will certainly jump on another of CV's rides (If he'll have me). Until the next one, be safe
  2. beeaye

    Angelsea 11/3

    Thanks Bearmx for organising the ride and showing us some of the tracks around Anglesea. Even with the big DR650 there was no problem with the speed you were leading at and would love to have seen you run through those track on the big KX. Thanks to Coggs for taking over sweep duties, it was fun chasing Wayne, Evros and Bear around. Loved the sand and whoops and will definitely be heading back again. Bit of a hiccup with a Parks Vic employee taking offence to us not being on a formed road, and hopefully takes pity on us having to feed the kids and doesn't send us anything in the mail (not holding my breath though). Until next time stay safe
  3. The good old USA don't have silent letters do they?
  4. Second ride i know you've been on and someones broken bones. Gonna pass up any more invites from you to go riding until your strike rate improves.
  5. The day started with a trip to Coles for some bread and then a cruisey drive to Greendale which was surprisingly faster than my last few trips there. Thinking I would be first to the meet spot I'm surprised to see Andy already there and Stinky not far behind. The rest of the crew arrive and we head off to the unload spot to kit up. We're all ready to ride and Andy decides to have a seniors moment and misplace his car keys. A quick Q&A to jog the memory and Andy finds them in a pocket of a jumper in his bag. We head off and I'm happy to say that my predicted off within the first 100 mts didn't eventuate even though the fat accumulated over the xmas/new year period was constantly on the wrong side of the bike and felt like I was going to run of the track on every turn. Andy was having fun with his GPS sending him this way and that and was quite amusing watching the u-turns followed by more u-turns followed by more u-turns. Riles and Bear got us onto Andys intended loop and there was a great mix of narrow trails and a couple of hills. Thanks to Andy for putting on and leading the ride (with some assistance from Bear and Riles), Stinky for copping all the dust at the rear, Andy for the BBQ, Riles, Evros, Stinky and Andy for bringing cold drinks (went down a treat, and now blame Stinky for making me buy more bourbon on the way home) and all the other riders for making it a great day. Until the next one, stay safe.