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  1. beeaye

    riding bush unlicensed

    Another thing to take into account is an unlicensed rider could/will have their bike impounded for 30 days. Expensive process to get it back. Snippet from VicRoads, laws changed on 28 October to include first time offences.
  2. beeaye

    Ballan 11th

    Thanks to Steve for posting and Louie for leading. Straight to some hills as a warm up and some good attempts by Louie and Floody at getting up the big one (Don't know what its been named but its a steep sucker). Beechy and Mess went up the outside track closely followed by Dom and his chainsaw (Thats what it sounded like when he got stuck on a log). A regroup and we were off on our projected 60km of trails of which the group flowed fairly well. Early breakdown in the cornerman system but this was sorted pretty quickly. Louie pretended to be Stevie Wonder at one point when he hit a largish log in the middle of a track after his white cane failed to pick up the object. The end result was a punctured front tyre and some aches and pains. Floody was straight into changing the tube while everyone else kicked back to watch and offer support. Another 2 hours of riding before we ended up back at the original hills. Floody again having a good crack at the big one before giving up after taking a nasty tumble back down the hill. Thanks again to everyone that made it a great day. Until next time
  3. beeaye

    Mt Dissa Sunday 28th

    After finally getting the parts for my bike and putting it back together Saturday afternoon, I put my hand up to jump on Maccastrewths GPS navigation of Coggs GF day loop. The day started with me arriving earlier than the posted time so I could go for a short spin and make sure the bike was working how i hoped it would. Started getting changed and Maccastrewth (Tom) shows up with the Gas Gas on the back. Hop over for an intro then off to check the bike on a quick loop. Make it back in one piece, both bike and rider and its not long before JimmyD turns up closely followed by Bushy Brows (Matt). Game plan is shared and we are off on Coggs loop with the help of the GPS . Couple of stops to realign with what the GPS is telling us but overall we're doing ok. Matt knows the area pretty well and takes over lead showing us a variation of tracks to get to Andersons Gardens. We stop for a break and Matt being on a time restriction left us at Andersons and headed back to the car. This is where the fun began. Tom started following the GPS again as we made our way towards the Hamburgers. Before long we may have turned left instead of right, or right instead of left, but we are down the bottom of a steep hill and faced with a creek. We go left because we thought it was a good idea at the time. 2 hours later after going under and over logs, across some slippery rocks, collecting tadpoles (Tom can explain this) and disrupting a wombat from his sleep, we make it back to where we first met the creek. We go right from here and are faced with a bit of a loose rocky climb to get out which we all navigate, but it wasn't pretty. At the top of the hill I picked a spare lung up so I can breathe and we make the group decision to head back to the cars, which we manage without any dramas. Thanks to Tom for putting on the ride, Bushy Brows (Matt) for showing us some tracks and sweeping first up and Jimmy for the company. Just a touch above the projected level 2 cruise but a great way to spend a Sunday. Until the next time. BA
  4. beeaye

    Bike unloading spots in the east

    Hey mate, have a look at this site and see if theres anything on it that can help.
  5. beeaye

    Dissa blast & BBQ

  6. Rumor has it Michael Jackson had the same problem while riding around Neverland. He had his nose done and didn't look back.....may still be an option. For me I just duck the branches and cower from the stones.
  7. beeaye


    Dentists if Collingwood teeth for all the cheer squad
  8. beeaye

    Goughs - Level IV

    i use one of those to cut the steaks and snags up on the BBQ
  9. beeaye

    Greendale - Nice for some

    Thanks Fab for organising and leading the ride. I had a lot of fun while it lasted with some fun slippery tracks keeping you on your toes....or your arse if you weren't paying attention. Richards bike launch on one of the hills we tried to conquer was something special, and I hope he had his camera on. My battery decided to die at the bottom of a short uphill start to another of Fabs tracks and being a supremely athletic specimen and unable to kick start the bloody thing, decided I would head back to the cars and not hold the others up. Spewing that I didn't get to the 3 sisters but that will have to wait for another day. Thanks to Fab, Mike, Richard and Chris for the day.
  10. Welcome Kris, I have an 05 Wr450 and have the same problem. Suspect its the speedo drive on the front wheel causing the problem. Ive plugged the speedo cable into a drill and the speedo worked but once plugged back in I got nothing. The drives are not that easy to come by and are quite costly also. I'm looking at a Trail Tech type speedo to replace the current one, or continue to ride not knowing how fast or far i've gone.
  11. beeaye

    E.O.I Toolangi explore ride

    Thanks for posting and leading the ride Simmo, had an absolute ball. The day started with the hour and a bit drive out to Glenburn where I met up with the others, Simmo, Thommo, Matto, Messo (renamed to fit in with the first two names). Simmo led the small procession to the unload spot and after a quick debrief, we were off. There are some great tracks around and Simmo certainly found some good ones for us. Some of the hills looked a bit daunting from the bottom, but like the big bad wolf we managed to huff and puff our way to the top. As Simmo has already said, I was waiting at the top of a hill for Thommo and Matt to come down an ugly rutted hill but there was nothing for about 10 minutes. I turned around and attempted to climb same ugly rutted hill. With no skill whatsoever, I made it half way and thought i now know my limitations, so turned around once again and went to find Simmo and Mess. Informed them of what was happening (or not happening) and we headed back as a group to find the others. Shortly after taking off, Thommo appears with the bad news that Matt had broken his handlebar and was miles back. we head of to get Matt and lo and behold there he was down the bottom of said ugly rutted hill. Buggered if I know how he got down unscathed. Managed to get the bars serviceable with a stick and some cable ties and we were of again heading for the road. Simmo offered directions back to the car for Matt and we continued on our way. A couple of more testy tracks and then Mess decided he had enough, so he was directed back to the cars (not very successfully apparently). A bit of an explore and another nasty rutted, root laden hill and we had enough for the day and headed back to the cars. One last trip into a bog hole where I managed to fill my boots with water 5 minutes from the cars and the day was done. Thanks again to all that rode today, I had a great time. See you on the trails soon.
  12. beeaye

    Romainiacs 2018

    Great effort Buzz and Mev, only a select few have the ability to complete what you have just done, something to be extremely proud of
  13. beeaye

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    Fresh start to the it was friggin cold and the extremities only gold colder as we took off to start the ride. Got put on a corner by Andy and then............nothing, no bikes no noise no nothing. Sat, jumped, star jumped and finally warmed the hands on the exhaust until Andy come back and went looking for the rest of the riders. He was back shortly with a new sweep in Greasa and off we went again. Haven't started from this side of Wombat so it was all new to me and Andy and Barclay did a good job of mixing the trails up. Thanks to Andy for organising and leading the first part, Barclay for tagging in and leading for the remainder of the ride, the sweeps, Greasa, Andy and lastly Kavs. As always thanks to all the lads that turn up for a ride with a great attitude and make it a great day. BA