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  1. Toolangi 14/4

    Never been to Toolangi before so thought I'd jump on Craigs ride, even though he did say the rain was coming. No rain when we first arrived and kitted up, but the signs were ominous and it wasn't long before the moisture started appearing from the sky. Craig took us on a varied selection of tracks that got progressively slipperier as the day grew longer. No major offs by anyone but I think we all ended up on our arses at one point or another. The skies really opened up and the temperature dropped, so was thankful that Craig was making his way back to the cars. The kiwifruits were turning into passionfruit and were looking for a warm place to hide. A quick towel down, warm clothes, heated seats and the heater on for the trip home and my day was complete. Thanks to Craig for leading, he sure knows his way around the area, and also Lucas and Andy for the company. Until next time
  2. Help with forks

    Close to the mark with your description Bear, the bushes had overlapped. Tried the heat gun but the bugger was stuck fast. Went over to a mates place who has more toys (tools) than you can poke a stick at and managed to seperate with a persuader (mallet). Evolution wanted $180 for a fork service kit which they don't have in stock (seals and bushes), same thing on the net for $110 delivered to the door. Was trying to get on Coggs ride this weekend but it's not gonna happen now, will try for the following weekend if the stars align. Thanks for the assistance
  3. Help with forks

    Will try tomorrow, giving me the shits at the moment and I've cracked the sads
  4. Help with forks

    Frank, I tried separating as displayed in the clip, and have been successful previously. This time around the inner and outer sections have jammed and I can't get them to budge.
  5. Hey guys, Changing the fork seals on my 05 WR450 and got one separated without a problem but can't separate the inner and outer tubes on the other. I was using the slide hammer motion and the forks have now got to the point where they won't move. Any suggestions on how to get things moving again. BA
  6. DirtriderZ in Cambodia - 32 mins documentary

    Another great well produced video, you have certainly got my interest in doing a ride like that
  7. Modifying roadworthy bikes

    What he said Frank
  8. Four Word Game

    Going up swamp hill
  9. Four Word Game

    described by Elton John
  10. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Up early and at the unload area by 7:30 with only one other there and a choice of parking spots. A steady stream of riders started arriving and it was good catching up with some of the crew I have ridden with previously and meeting some of the other members from the forum. After a quick briefing we were off with Egg leading us on a merry journey around parts of Tallarook I haven't been to before (not that I've been to many parts of Tallarook). A good mix of tracks kept the ride interesting and it was good seeing the more experienced riders fly past me on the downhills. This gave me confidence to speed up a little until a couple of pucker moments had me reassessing my abilities. 4 people on the corners gave everyone a chance to have a chat and the ride seemed to flow okay for such a large group. Thanks to Egg for organising and leading, Arbo and Bruce for sweep duties and Noodles and Macca for culinary duties after the ride. A great job done by all. Merry xmas (or happy holidays, whichever is politically correct these days) and a happy New Year to you all. Be safe over the silly season
  11. Being non mechanically minded, my understanding of the problem is the stator bolts sheared off and decided to bounce around the flywheel and starter clutch gear. Mechanic said I may get away with just a new stator so thats where we are starting.
  12. The "Is How It Is" Thread

    Well put Geoffro, and you are right in praising the efforts of the whole Mod/Admin group. During my time on the forum, I have yet to have one of the admin team come to my house and force me to log on to the forum, I have that choice myself. The rules of the forum are there for all to see and are not difficult to understand. If I don't agree with how the forum is being run, I will cease to use it Keep up the good work
  13. Well put a new battery in and still got the same response from the starter motor. Its due for someone with more knowledge than me to do some work on it, so into the workshop it goes.
  14. Level 2, Wombat East, 12/11/17

    Thanks for putting on the ride and leading Lockheed. Your right when you say the ride flowed well, seemed to only be on a corner for a matter of minutes. Thanks to the sweeps !Thumper and IanM, it was a dusty ride at the back of the pack. Nice mix of tracks to keep the ride interesting, and being my first time out that side, it certainly won't be my last. Until next time