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  1. Thanks for the great day fellas was good to get some more Ks on the new RMX450Z!!! Turn out of 12, out of the 20 + that wanted to come made for a pretty good flowing group. Had a ball racing through the singles with Tim05. I definitely wore myself out.. Thanks to all the leaders and sweepers. Also massive thanks to kx450f for the BBQ and putting on the ride. Hope to catch you all on the next one.
  2. Another thing that points me to a WR is that the jap bikes are much easier to work on and parts usually dont cost an arm and leg. Has this changed for the euro bikes?
  3. I will probably settle for the WR. Weight doesnt really concern me as i used to ride a 1999 KTM 540 sxc And that thing weighed a tone
  4. Hi all. Currently ride a 2009 YZ450F, im thinking of upgrading and taking advantage of the run out sales. Problem is I cant put my finger on what bike to get!!! I love the the power of the 450 and was thinking wr450. So what you reckon peoples??
  5. Was right behind you, Saw the whole thing unfold. All happened pretty quick. Otherwise I probably would've thought you stalled.
  6. Gotta say kage the way you did a front flip and got up pretty quick would have been good footage. Done like a pro.
  7. Thanks for the good day rusty and thanks to Shane for sweeping. I'm looking forward to the next "trust me ride". Good ride fellas. Nice and cruzie in second gear might keep the new set up for next ride!
  8. Hi guys I'm looking for a good car mechanic, in aspendale region. Where I used to take it is too far away and has changed owners. I'm know its not a bike but the car gets the bike from A to B and needs a service....