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  1. Good point Mick about billet guards in both cases, Dean you mentioned above you went through a dealership and the newer frames had the same issues, did they have gairds or any common trends that can give us some ideas? Including the guy who you mentioned had the same thing happening on his husky???
  2. Some pics of rusting, 9 months, 850km. Minor, but still, shouldn't be there
  3. I checked my 2019 te300, 9 months old, I can see a fine line of rust at the weld points. No good
  4. I just bought an oset 24 2017 mdl ex demo last week and so fare this thing is one of the best purchases I've ever made! Can ride down near local creeks and parka with no noise and no attention, do hill climbs, 2m drop offs and the bike handles it no problem. I'm 85kg, 182cm. Looking forward to building up balancing and control skills in prep to enter some extreme enduro club races at Wildwood next year
  5. Great feedback. Another review here:
  6. As for legal, in Vic it's not considered a power assisted bicycle as it exceeds 200 Watts (1400 Watts) and has no pedals. Bumber, but I figure you've got less chance getting into strife with the cops if ur making no noise and little speed, compare that to the Stealth Bomber and Kuburg freeride where you would be getting up some decent speed and hitting jumps near public places that might get some attention. As for performance in rock gardens I'd imagine very good at 49kg, sandy not so good without enough power. These are definitely the sort of situations I'd love to hear how it performs on, I
  7. Interested to hear if anyone has any feedback on Oset 24 2017 electric trials bike or any electric dirt bike for training? I live inner city near parks and see the Oset 24 as a potential game changer to get out and ride more often and train for extreme enduro on my KTM300 'not so quite!'. For $6K new it looks a lot better than the $8-$13K options such as Stealth, Kuburg, E-motion and others. It has come out this month in Australia but little info online. If there are any other options also very happy to hear?