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  1. hey guys as well as breaking my bike went to doc's on monday and realized I'd also broken a toe
  2. thanks greasa for a great day I did enjoy my self til my bike died thank you so much to the guys you had to keep helping me out much appreciated hope you all enjoyed the last part of the ride without me and be able to go at your own pace I,ll be practicing lots skills hopefully you will run another one thanks again sue
  3. hi geoffro you probably didn't notice but I have put the money in your account 4th july for a red sticker I'd like to change it to white if you haven't already sent it thanks sue reed

  4. I would like to say a big thank you to every body who helped me out yesterday big thanks to Bill for taking my bike to the ride and taking in home another big thank you to the guy, I'm sorry I don't remember your name but for waiting so long for the racv guy to turn up and also to coise for all her help on the phone with them I am so grateful to everyone can't thankyou enough your a great bunch of people to go riding with spent the night in warragul hospital got home late yesterday afternoon car still down there I'm pretty right except for a fracture in my shoulder bone won't be riding for a litlle while anyway THANKS HEAPS TO EVERYONE who help out on my day of my troubles still enjoyed the ride heaps thanks sue
  5. hi shane what servo in longwarry do you meet at and what time

  6. hi geeoffro sjm10 sue I would like 1 small I have paypal but don't know how to pay you or pm me your bank details thanks sue
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