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  1. I hear where you're coming from Jman but I'm not going to take it there. Thankfully and touch wood nothing happened to my bike in the last 12 months, I've been given my full refund and some (old mate on the calculator might of done the old + $100 by accident). I'm done with it as far as I'm concerned [emoji108]
  2. Brucie.T

    Trax Shock

    I've got 2012 twin chambers on my 17 husky. Different wheel spacers,bearings, axle and crush tube for me
  3. Also went with swan [emoji108]
  4. My bike is 12 months old and got reimbursed the full years money, so from July 2017 for me. I was never insured from the day I signed up by the looks of it.
  5. Received my reimbursement cheque on Friday, all done over the phone directly with RACV. Even knowing how poor it was on racv's behalf to not be insured and not notified, at least the guy I spoke to wasn't stringing me along. Told me a few days to process the refund and a fortnight from then I'd receive a cheque which happened. Now I've got about enough $ to go buy myself a new Alpinestars or Airoh stack hat for my birthday lol
  6. Brucie.T

    Dylantopp’s Blackwood blast

    Thanks Dylan for putting on a ripper of ride! Good to see a few familiar faces again and meet some new ones. The weather was spot on and the tracks were in good shape, a few slick spots and other parts moist loamy delicious dirt that you could really hook in to. Cracking pace from the get go, was good to chase a few quicker guy's down tracks and also have what felt like a freight following me down some others. Highlight for me was just some of the rainforest type gullies we went through the tracks through there were cool,but also some nice scenery to take in. All topped off with a pot and parma at 1:30pm [emoji108]
  7. Can confirm I haven't been covered by RACV for however long they've processed a credit and should know what's happening within 48hrs. Being 25 years old my premium is always going to be a little higher. But so far Youi want $49 a month full comp, Swan full comp $42 or dirt bike $31
  8. Looks like I'll be calling them up today also, pretty poor no notification from them regarding the change [emoji19]
  9. Brucie.T

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Any idea of where the 4 day will be mate
  10. Brucie.T

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Yeah I did both days was a very sore man afterwards. I actually sent a email to the committee recently about getting merchandise made up for the series like other states do, the profits from that alone would cover all costs for that and some. Would be good to see it back on the 2019 schedule.
  11. Brucie.T

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    I heard that it cost them to much last year the allowance basically only covered the road management, blew out on permits ect. It's a shame that was a ripper last year!
  12. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Very true but going by Riles theory which worked for me, If you went to a slightly richer needle and up one main you'd more than likely have similar success as me, Or just call Daveo he's always happy to help his customers.
  13. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Had the 14t front sprocket sitting in my adr kit box from original purchase so put that on. And went with the jetting I first posted but left the 40 pilot as per riles recommendation. Ran fuel at 38:1.
  14. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Thanks everybody that offered some advice/help bike ran great and had a ball on the weekend! Bike chewed 7.8L in around 60-65 km to robe and about the same on the way back to Beachport, a couple of pics below [emoji106]
  15. Brucie.T

    B&B bashplate/pipeguard

    Anyone got a photo of one on a 17/18 ktm or husky ?