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  1. Mx store sponsorships

    Also just a bit of a FYI When you vote and enter your email address it's not to smash you with spam emails ect... So if you were going to vote and didnt because of this it's not the case! It's so they can regulate 1 vote per person every 24hrs - so in saying that ypu can vote more than once [emoji4] [emoji4][emoji106]
  2. Mx store sponsorships

    Thanks mate.
  3. Mx store sponsorships

    Thanks mate appreciate it!
  4. Hey all, Some of you may already know about it but MX store are doing a massive promo giveaway. With 20 different packs from pee wee girls to adult MX with a 100k prize pool in total! Im personally going for pack #4 so if you ladies and gents have a spare minute up your sleeve could you please vote for me! [emoji4] It would be a massive help financially for my 2018 race season and achieving some goals The link to vote for me (Taylor. S) > Cheers! P.s also a good opportunity for other members to win some free stuff so get on board people!!
  5. Murrindindi 2018 RCHGFA sat 31st march

    Nice looking bike mate [emoji106]
  6. NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

    Great day out at Neerim today, Spot on tracks and conditions cheers mick! Hats off to the sweep and all the others behind the scenes organising rides for such a good cause [emoji106]
  7. TE 250 - bogging down problem

    Yeah mate A type kit, Yeah the clips look like fun.[emoji58]
  8. TE 250 - bogging down problem

    Tip end kit has been ordered, Original hone marks still on cylinder but as you can see in pics a little smooth in two spots. Also a build up dirty oil behind power valve cover?
  9. TE 250 - bogging down problem

    Got dirty water in at around 15 hrs mate has got nearly 50 on it now (47.5.) Only noticed this bogging problem the last few rides...
  10. TE 250 - bogging down problem

    Thanks cluffie, A/s is right on 1.75 , bought the carb of dave from TSP so float height and jetting spec he provided. Ive noticed it on my last few rides which have all been around 20 -25 degrees this lack of get up and go, and when I first put the keihin on this wasn't happening, I'm leaning towards putting a top end in it, now that I wind back the clock I also stacked in a large puddle at dissa when it was around 15 hrs old didn't fully drown it but that also isn't going to help the engine out at all! Where you at three bridges the other weekend? I'll make sure I come say gday if I see ya at one of that clubs events!
  11. Hi all, Having a little issue with my 2017 TE250 at the moment, Seems to bog down at low rpm for example, if I'm coming down a straight section in 3rd roll off the throttle out of band click 2nd as I go to accelerate out of the corner it seems very flat/ no torque to lug and i notice that the bike sounds louder and makes a bit of a deep tinny gurgling noise. Bikes got 46hrs on it I've changed spark plug, Pulled apart carb and looked for any trace of dist being sucked through or blocked jets Gone richer on the air screw. Which is a keihin pwk FYI Potentially low on compression? Top end rebuild? Anyone thats gone through this or has any ideas please feel free to comment below Cheers!
  12. Thermo fan

    Sweet gypsy thanks [emoji106]
  13. Thermo fan

    Hi All, Just wondering what is everyone setting there trail tech fans at temp wise on 17/18 ktm/husky 2 strokes cheers
  14. Nice pics Riles [emoji4] Cheers for the ride gents ripper of a day out there and surprisingly not to hot with that breeze floating around!
  15. Anyone heading out for a squirt this sunday? Temps in the low 20s L3 - Anglesea,Dissa,Wombat ?