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  1. Videos By Brucie.t

    Been a while since posting a video mainly because i don't have a gopro mount on my new helmet due to racing rules.. Got back from Bali yesterday and thought I'd go sweat out all the froffies I drank today on my 2 banga! First 2 banga vid enjoy !

    I've done a bit of night racing and use a led light bar just a cheap ebay 6" one and run a task one on my helmet the light on your helmet is a must if you want to see properly!
  3. Spring Hill - the rivalry ride

    Thanks Marko for a ripper ride yesterday,awesome flowing tracks most of the day with a couple of techo tracks at the end to top it off! Cheers to the sweeps,blokes helping push/pull bikes up out of ditches and all that fun stuff [emoji6]
  4. Bolting my head back on after TSP mod with jetting to suit [emoji5] Ps new pipe guard hasn't burnt at all after similar hours use to the old one.
  5. Yeah mate straight swap gave that blue one back.
  6. Sweet mate will keep an eye on it, Cheers for the heads up!
  7. The company that makes the pipe gaurds said in there last batch they made up,they've had a couple do it and wasn't melted just discolored as pictured. Got the jd jetting kit in it mate spark plugs running on the blacker side?
  8. Fitted: - Acerbis hand guards. - Acerbis front disc protector. - Renthal Intellilevers clutch and front brake. - ODI handlebars - new pipe guard (warranty old one was burnt after a few rides) On the to do list TSP head mod sending it after the weekend [emoji5]
  9. Tallarook

    Thanks baz
  10. Tallarook

    Hey guys, Thinking about checking out tallarook in the next few weeks, Is the Flat rock campsite the best spot to park or any other suggestions would be great, cheers [emoji106]
  11. Sure not rubbing in ST use in whoever's "watching" face is probably a good idea, But good luck trying to educate the blokes that post pics of the fresh tracks they've found on the weekend on a open to public Facebook page with 29K+ members. And lets be honest it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out if Joe Blogs is running a ride at Whoopwhoop forest on Saturday, 8.30am meet 9.00am take off Even if Joey pm's start point there's only a couple common take off points there and could catch up with you if they wanted to. Get out there people and enjoy riding your dirt bike [emoji110]
  12. Thailand

    100cc and 125cc 2 stroke go-carts a couple of good tracks in phuket. Shooting range.
  13. Smokers Lounge

    It's safe to say I'm loving the 250 2 banga. Corners better than the 3 fiddy,plenty of get up and go.. Still getting use to her..but early impressions are all positive and I can see my riding improving on this thing over time [emoji4]
  14. Smokers Lounge

    Got a husky because I'm use to linkage due to my current XC-F, like you mentioned triple clamps and map switch are nice touches and I also have a good relationship with the dealer which is 15min from my house which makes getting spares ect convenient.
  15. Smokers Lounge

    Took her out for her run in ride this arvo, She's officially named Wilma (which is the 8th most popular Swedish girls name for 2016) lol. On a serious note the bike is awesome! Xplor forks are so much better than the 4CS. The lack of vibration is pretty noticeable after comparing it to a friend's 15 300. Can't really comment on much more being a 4T bloke for many years, Wrapped with the new purchase [emoji4]