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  1. Looks like I've found myself on the bench for a bit. Fractured my left Fibula at last weekend's racing, wrong place wrong time situation as I got collected by another riders bike! In the moon boot for another month or so at this stage [emoji3061]
  2. So after a bit of a fiddle today after work. Im getting power on the cable that goes from the relay to starter when the cable is off the starter post, but as soon as I put the cable on the starter with the nut..... no power as I press the start button
  3. Don't think so mate, Fuel pump doesn't prime or anything.
  4. Hi all, After some advice. Went to get my bike ready for a post lockdown rides and I'm dealing with this.(video attached) The click you hear is coming from the starter relay So far ive... Checked earth under tank Checked fuses Charged/swapped batteries Swapped starter relay from another bike With no success Any ideas?
  5. How many kms to a tank is everyone getting? I know this is a broad question with many factors that can alter your answer...just after a ballpark figure [emoji106]
  6. Haven't had a set of cone valves mate but love my old wp twin chambers, they've come with me for 3 bikes now. Haven't heard anything bad about the cones over the years though, everyone has good things to say!
  7. Lucas just to clarify did tracrite just install his "cone valve" style pistons to your forks or you got a complete set of them for that price [emoji2962]
  8. Keihin + tsp head would be money better spent IMO, Tsp will also give you jetting and power valve specs to run.
  9. 2020 husky 250i with tsp head and ecu package - very happy!
  10. Forest and location needed here
  11. Forest and rough area needed here!
  12. Cheers everyone for a great ride yesterday! Flowed really well at a solid pace, was good to be pushed along by some of the boys down a few tracks and chase them down on others. Thanks to Mick for the tour and the other Mick for sweeping and taking us back to the cars to make it home at a reasonable hour [emoji106]