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  1. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Very true but going by Riles theory which worked for me, If you went to a slightly richer needle and up one main you'd more than likely have similar success as me, Or just call Daveo he's always happy to help his customers.
  2. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Had the 14t front sprocket sitting in my adr kit box from original purchase so put that on. And went with the jetting I first posted but left the 40 pilot as per riles recommendation. Ran fuel at 38:1.
  3. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Thanks everybody that offered some advice/help bike ran great and had a ball on the weekend! Bike chewed 7.8L in around 60-65 km to robe and about the same on the way back to Beachport, a couple of pics below [emoji106]
  4. Brucie.T

    B&B bashplate/pipeguard

    Anyone got a photo of one on a 17/18 ktm or husky ?
  5. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Perfect Riles thanks for the response [emoji4]
  6. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Yeah got 13/50 on at the moment for normal riding, probably go 14/50 for the play trip at Robe and if I need it can always go 14/48 for the race in a few months [emoji4]
  7. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Appreciate the input mate! The bike's gearing is stock 13/50 is what on there at the moment but might take your advice and go with a 14 front. Im really happy in the 1/4 - 1/2 area at the moment so may just play with the mains and go with the fuel ratios you've suggested I'm no toby price but the race is pretty high speed like hattah
  8. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Pilot 40Necw #3 172 main And normally run 50:1
  9. Brucie.T

    The Dunes

    Hey guy's I've got a trip to Robe coming up and also a race in some deep sand for a Vic round. Just after some input on what specs to run. I've got a rough idea on what to run and know it's common knowledge to go a bit fatter with jetting when riding deep sand and being on the gas all the time. Bike's a 17 TE250 with a keihin pwk38, Thinking of going 42 pilot, nedh #4, 175 main, running 40:1 Thoughts?
  10. Brucie.T

    Show Us Your Bike

    My TE250 before I scuffed it up
  11. Brucie.T

    Smokers Lounge

    Noods TSP's head and ignition mod makes heaps of difference on the 17 250s, so happy I did them to mine!
  12. Brucie.T

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    Regardless of Tpi being better than carb or carb better than Tpi, I'm more spewing from a price point of view. The reason I jumped over to the 2 banga side cause I didn't want to fork out 14.5k plus on roads for a FE350 now the TPI bikes are going to make them around the same price.. Cross country models or another brand might be the go for me when I update from my 17 model
  13. Article below but as of 2019 TPI only!
  14. Brucie.T

    Mx store sponsorships

    Also just a bit of a FYI When you vote and enter your email address it's not to smash you with spam emails ect... So if you were going to vote and didnt because of this it's not the case! It's so they can regulate 1 vote per person every 24hrs - so in saying that ypu can vote more than once [emoji4] [emoji4][emoji106]
  15. Brucie.T

    Mx store sponsorships

    Thanks mate.