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  1. Thanks baz
  2. Hey guys, Thinking about checking out tallarook in the next few weeks, Is the Flat rock campsite the best spot to park or any other suggestions would be great, cheers [emoji106]
  3. Sure not rubbing in ST use in whoever's "watching" face is probably a good idea, But good luck trying to educate the blokes that post pics of the fresh tracks they've found on the weekend on a open to public Facebook page with 29K+ members. And lets be honest it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out if Joe Blogs is running a ride at Whoopwhoop forest on Saturday, 8.30am meet 9.00am take off Even if Joey pm's start point there's only a couple common take off points there and could catch up with you if they wanted to. Get out there people and enjoy riding your dirt bike [emoji110]