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  1. Don’t worry, A few of us grabbed a card off Tone.
  2. I have started by sending him an email regarding the lift tickets to show I’m onto him, letting him know I can inform the other riders & even get their bank details to speed up the refund. He has replied by sending me an empty email reply
  3. He’s 76 now & still has the same reputation I’ve found... He even tried to pull his ex cop tactics about the damages. (He was a cop when they were all dirty) The more I look into him the worse stuff I find... he even made a guy ride with broken bones through the Hattah desert to get his own help...
  4. Looks like he dissolved the business a few years ago & runs it on the dodge tax free... the website was
  5. I'll start this off by saying I've done his tours a few times with few issues after hearing horror stories. ie; leaving guys for dead & his anger issues. I understand he has a schedule but telling guys to keep riding after cracking a valve cover & continuously leaking oil & saying it's fine after adding 1L & only just registering in the sight glass & making a fella ride himself to the hospital after breaking his leg.. I was cautious.... Enter the last experience.... On a five day ride (one day being 143km of black top) we stay at the Thredbo alpine resort with lift tickets included in the tour price, unfortunately due to bad weather the lift is closed for the day which Klaus Mueller happily tells us he will try to get a return so we can use it for lunch/beer etc. when asked about this later he just grumbles & walks away.. Enter the next morning.... Whilst having breakfast he comes over & say's (I moved the car round to load your bags but didn't notice your bikes chained to the trailer so I moved them also) all good, no harm, no foul. We come out to put bags in the car & saddle up to find he hasn't moved the bikes, he has dragged them all the way around the car park... Damaging two sets of grips, one peg, one muffler, one swing arm, ground down one axle nut, axle, an inch off one set of bars, broke a lever & badly scratched all the plastics... Two which he says 'I don't think I should have to pay for the damages' He is given a day before he is confronted with a fair offer to pay for the damage at cost of parts to which he still claims he doesn't see it as being his fault & refuses.. End of the ride he quietly slips $200 dollars to one of the owners, still does not accept responsibility & says 'this is about good will' We look into the lift tickets we were all supposed to be not getting back & he is getting a full refund which calculates to be over $410- do the simple math here & figure out what he has done... Am I being silly to think this guy is a crook & should be shamed, not trusted & let other people know to stay away?? If anyone else has any input on Klaus Mueller's Australian Trail bike Tours Good or bad, please feel free to comment. Sorry if it sounds like I'm winging.
  6. I’ll just leave this here.
  7. Enduro coaching in Victoria

    Beta Australia are doing some coaching at Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro with Ben Grabham & Pol Tarres 26/10/17
  8. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Looping out a brand new bike because you weren't expecting the map switch to make so much of a difference so you didn't cover the rear brake....
  9. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Doesn't work like that, T&C's are so they don't sue you if they fall off & hurt themselves. Same as any organised ride. 3 dealers/organiser & 70 plus potential customers gets a little hard to control as you could imagine. Some of the stories I've heard send a shiver down my spine. Bikes burning to the ground after exhausts setting fire to long dry grass & people walking away, bikes being stolen etc. you would be surprised what actually goes on..
  10. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Putting on a demo day & having people riding outside their limits, badly damaging brand new bikes then walking away without saying a word to do it many more times on other brand new bikes like it's ok... Then waiting an hour & asking to ride them again...
  11. Throttle cams

    4T g2 much more control. off/on throttle control is much better for singles. Have not tried one on a 2T yet. I'm the Australian importer for G2 Ergonomics so ask others as well for their opinion.
  12. Bruised / Fractured Ribs

    Yep.... they suck & there's nothing you can do. Try not to cough, sneeze, fart or laugh... it really hurts, about 3 or 4 weeks. I did my tail bone on Sunday & it's very similar but you can't sit down. Get well soon!
  13. Beta Demo day NSW

    ****NSW MY18 Beta Demo day**** The first demo day has been announced 7th & 8th October at Pacific Park Motorcycle Complex. RR250 RR300 RR350 RR390 RR430 RR480 Will be on available to test ride with Ben Grabham & NSW dealers happy to answer questions. no need to book, just ride the bikes as they become available. All rider must sign in at the park $20- if you intend to just ride the demo bikes or $30- to bring your own & make the most of the complex. Starts 8:30am & finishes at 4:00pm both days 274 Pacific Park Drive , South Maroota NSW 2756.
  14. Beta 4T Stepper Motor Thingo

    Beta has a standard map, plus 100 (100rpm), plus 300 (300 rpm) map & FMF maps. Higher the idle rpm, the less engine braking. Dealer modified only at the moment but MY17 models have a 'read only' accessible ecu via any can bus compatible scan tool & the adapter supplied when the bike is purchased new. Hope this helps.