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  1. A dexon & a Suzuki TM125. If only I had pics....
  2. I’m in full agreement with Sabre here. Toecutter/Pedro have the exact same writing style as Klaus. If you have ever received an email from him you would see the correlations (& trust me, I have had a few). He has come on here directly attacking me & no one else that has disagreed with him or had a bad experience with Klaus. I never directly called him names, in fact when this all happened he was told there would be a review & we would go to social media, his replies, & I quote ‘I’m not on social media’ ‘you can do what you want’ He was also made aware of the video being made of his tour & him still riding into his seventies (which we all hope to do) The fact ‘Pedro’ came in with false claims of helicopters not coming for broken bones (I have photos of this happening on one of my rides) & the SES taking hours to get moving (my partner is involved in the SES, there was a call out Thursday just gone, we were coming home from dinner when she received the message, it took us 20min to get home & we saw the SES rig fly past our house as we were getting out of the car) $5000 to do a five day tour??? Try $1550- which includes all fuel after your first tank, all meals including trail snacks, accommodation, fully equipped support vehicles (yes, that’s an ‘s’ on the end of ‘vehicle’) applicable forestry fees (I saw the brown bomber taking an interest in our group before we moved on..) first aid & communications, experienced guide, sweep & support crew. Not bad at all considering all you need to pay for is your alcohol. This tour company is Mount Buller Motorcycle Adventures & they have been running for 15 years & will have my business from now on. As for missing a check point between riders & support vehicle. You would have to be absolutely retarded to either miss each other or get to the check point & take off before the other arrives. Professional business of these types would never employ someone that careless. Good tour groups have measures in place & backup plans for any & all situations which might I add they let their clients know about as to make the best decision regarding their safety & fun factor. All this & all of the false facts reek of someone grasping at straws. Pathetic.
  3. Haha, I’m on the wrong side of coaching courses to be him.
  4. I’m too lazy & not childish enough to create more than one profile, besides all my spare time is taken up making popcorn lately.
  5. Oh look, we’re both online at the same time, but how is that possible??
  6. Hmmm, another brand new member with this this their fist post... Nope, nothing fishy here at all...
  7. I confirm, just the fact he took soo long to pay up & he never admitted fault when he admitted causing damage is just so irresponsible. Seeing as he is a *cough* business owner & former police officer, it really does paint a picture of him in general & his reputation through word of mouth does not help either.
  8. *****UPDATE**** Klaus has finally paid the costs of repairs (actually the parts) after he was ‘caugh’ persuaded. I will not say how I got him to cough up as I am not proud of it but needless to say, if anyone has issues with him or his tours, do not hesitate to contact me as I now have an ace on him...
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