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  1. Other than the 3 listed above (Whittlesea, starglen and stump hill) your only other legal option is to look up AMTRA and see if they are still doing kids ride days - I think they are but not sure.... I believe they are predominantly at a property around Daylesford/spring hill way but also occasionally hold them elsewhere?
  2. Welcome aboard - have heard some great things about your work!
  3. Out of curiosity, are you using an android device Pepperjack?
  4. Tim Coleman up to 25th at checkpoint 19 - Carl's Diner
  5. #5 coming up! What a legend....
  6. Whoa - Green Hell to be action packed again!!
  7. What's the URL for that? Whoops, quoted the wrong post - what's the URL for the amatuer feed?
  8. I reckon Cobaw would have to be one of the worst places to attempt a level 1 ride at! But good on you for getting out there and giving it a go!
  9. Great news mate - good luck with the comeback!
  10. Seriously consider jumping on this ride if you are free - Habs (and I'm assuming Steph) will put on a great ride and will take care of you to make sure you get through the ride and learn a lot/build confidence in the process.... From what I know of the ride and from watching the video - as well as knowing Habs well - you will potentially only have an issue with one Hill but I'm sure those in attendance will help you either make it up your self or get your bike up it for you... L1 rides can be few and far between - so definitely consider taking Habs up on his offer to join this ride.. Cheers
  11. Pretty much sums it up... The Vic roads site has a list of exactly what the bike needs, once that all done and working book an appointment, take the bike in with proof of ownership and assuming it all passes then pay the fees, take it home and fit up the number plate and enjoy.....
  12. 2t4me


    dam - i was really hoping to see mine take a massive dive!!
  13. Awesome video as usual mate - its mind blowing the variety of tracks and terrains you can cover down there in just one day! sure looks like it was wet - the tip i did was cup weekend and i dont recall there being anywhere near that amount of ground water
  14. Great video Marko! I'll never forget my trip a few years back (even with the massive cost blow out I had!) And I really hope to do it all again in the years to come.... In a perfect world I hope to be able to do it with my son in 6 or so years time!
  15. better late than never! Thanks to Coggs for putting on a ripper ride. Thanks to Bushy for sweeping all day. Thanks to Bassman for the lift there and back. Finally, thanks to everyone else that attended the ride and made it the enjoyable day that it was! It was a nice change to ride Dissa and not be leading - although it did feel strange following people and having to sit on corners etc - not something i'm used to doing... It also had me scratching my head trying to work out how you all put up with that dust (but reinforced one of the reasons why I like leading!!) it was a great bunch of blokes to ride with and like always, the banter at any breaks etc was exceptional. having been on a bugger all rides over the past 18 months it was great to catch up with a lot of old faces and to meet some new people. Coggs puts on cracking 2/2+ ride that I would highly recommend to anyone at that level (or like me, anyone looking for a cruisey ride whilst getting back into it!). (Coggs - I think it would be good to see your name on my next L3 step up ride at dissa!) finally.... 3rd gear hill..... boy is it flogged..... got the better of me again - still, theres always next time! (and yep, Pudmud was right, I didnt realise i had an audience when i told by dear old bike that i would c it next tuesday!) Cheers
  16. Those 2 bikes are chalk and cheese mate.... The ttr will be way less maintenance but is heavy and depending on the type of riding you do, how often you do it and how quickly you advance, you'll find its limitations at some point.... YZ's are great bikes BUT they are motocross bikes and as such not always ideal in the bush - unless of course you either spend a bit of coin setting up the suspension, changing the rear wheel to an 18" and looking at the hearing - or quickly become a gun! If your preference is blue then you're best bet at this point is probably a WR250F.... Still heavier then the YZ, and a little more maintenance than the TTR but it's a true enduro bike and have a reputation as a great bike....
  17. No clash with Gough's... Easter is the 19th to 22nd (with Anzac Day the same week!) I'll be in Adelaide for the Easter Classic (basketball) - if not for that then I reckon there wouldn't be a better way to spend the Easter break!
  18. I'm gonna guess he's reducing the diameter of the old bearing to use for knocking in the new ones??
  19. It's been a big couple of weeks for my poor old Kato.... It visited TSP for a top end, had the barrel replated, head modified and ignition modified... I removed the forks and had them serviced (thanks twisti) Fitted a new front tyre in preparation for the now cancelled big River weekend (thanks again twisti - me changing fronts with tubliss just doesn't work!) Replaced the head stem bearings (thanks again to twisti for removing the lower bearing) Repacked the muffler Had the expansion chamber blown back into shape (a few weeks back now) Fitted a new force pipe guard and baseplate combo Flushed the brake and clutch fluids out... Now just need to grease up the swingarm... Now I just need to try and ride more than the half a dozen or so rides that I managed to do over the past 18 or so months!
  20. Nice looking bike - congrats
  21. 2t4me


    good luck guys
  22. like Cruiser I just use a tap/hose for most of my bike washing - the exception being that on really muddy rides I'll take my weed sprayer full of truck wash (CT18 currently) with me and spray the bike once loaded on the trailer, I'll then stop on the way home at a car wash and give it a blast to get the bulk of the mud off (better there than in my yard!) but i avoid the bearings etc... I then give it a better go at home....
  23. Didn't even think of putting it beside my bladder, I use a 3 litre bladder so automatically pictures it in one of the side pockets
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