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  1. Oops.... Didn't notice I left the price off (and to be honest I didn't really look!) But he's got $11k on it - and judging by some of the comments I'm assuming that a bit on the high side complete with a nice covid tax increase!
  2. Hey mate, look up small coil rewinds - I think they are in Geelong. They will have -or make - a kit to suit They also will be able to discuss potentially beefing up your stator to deal with it a little better Cheers
  3. I don't know a great deal about the KLX... From my limited understanding the KLX sits between a "Road trail" bike and a full on enduro bike - if that makes sense.... Short answer, yes, would have benefits over an MX bike in the bush but is not on the same level as say a WR, CRFX or any of the Euros (KTM, HUSKY, BETA, Sherco etc) I think they are more aligned with a Suzuki DRZ
  4. Hi Angelo - there is no weekender organised for this year mate - it's a handful to organise at the best of times - there's been (and is still) way too much uncertainty to be able to organise it and to be able to expect people to commit. Behind the scenes we have discussed some options for a return next year but won't be making any decisions for at a while yet
  5. You've answered it yourself mate - you can't legally ride on public land without at least your learners, which for a motorcycle license can't be obtained untill your 18 It sucks, we all (or at least the vast majority of us) agree that it sucks and that there should be an option for an underage recreational type license -even if restricted to riding only with a guardian etc - but unfortunately it doesn't exist. Your legal options are MX style ride parks, private property if you know someone with enough, or heading upto Starglen Lodge in Bonnie Doon - this is my recommendation and what I am restricted to with my 16 year old lad. It's a 350odd acre private property with basic motel room or dorm style accommodation (emphasis on basic!) That also allows day riding for a fee (no riding fee if staying overnight). The riding is great with options ranging from absolute beginner to a couple of hills that are easily 3.5 - 4... There's enough riding to keep you occupied for a couple of days Again, yes the law sucks, no your not alone in being frustrated by it, yes I'd love it to change... But unfortunately it is what it is.... The benefit we have hear in Vic over most other states is our proximity to a wide variety of excellent riding and the option of Rec Reg instead of needing to pay $400+ a year for our rego plus it gives the ability for any bike (with the required mods) to be ridden legally off-road... You beat me to it Beeaye!
  6. Can't offer any advice on those - but will now be looking them up as my reliance on glasses has skyrocketed during the last 6 months. It has gone from having the for the best part of two years and barely using them at all ( basically only if I was needing to do lots of writing) to needing to wear them for pretty much everything. The only times I find I don't really need them are when out walking and when driving - but don't think that's too far away either sadly So will be watching this thread with interest as I suspect it will be an issue I'll face soon enough! Have you seen or tried the goggleman inserts?
  7. whilst I agree with your sentiments mate, i think theres far bigger fish to fry.... government coffers are going to be/have been effected significantly and with any likely legal cases to come resulting in compensation wits going to contiue for years - our grandkids will likely still be paying for what has occurred this year...
  8. Just in case your getting bored mate...
  9. Would be lighter, but it's still an MX bike.. My recommendation would be an enduro specific bike such as a WR250, EXCF250/350, CRF250X - I'd probably steer clear of the 450s unless your wanting to do lots of open high country style riding.. Then there's the 2 stroke options as well - either 250 or 300s... But again, look at enduro specific models not MX options... MX bikes can be ridden in the bush with rec reg but generally it will be by experienced, FAST riders unless lots of suspension mods etc are done... A mate I used to work with was a prime example, he had a KX250F, considered himself a sound 2/2.5 rider with reasonable experience... Took him to Dissa one day, tried to tailer the rider accordingly and adjust it where needed, but by halfway through he was knackered - could see the bike was beating him up, especially as we hit some more technical hills and he started needing to kick start it more and more often (MX bikes also tend to "flame out" easily).... After the ride I convinced him it wasn't the right bike, he sold it, bought a good secondhand WR250 and reckoned after his first ride that it was the best thing he'd ever done... I rode with him acouple months later, he'd been out 3 or 4 times since and his riding was like chalk and cheese - I shot up a couple hills, got off and started walking back down thinking there's no way he's getting up (we were exploring, I didn't know the area) and he'd come up them and straight past me with no issues... A trap people can fall into, particularly when they are new to riding without experienced mates (so to speak) is buying MX bikes - when your looking through the classifieds they stand out as they are generally a couple grand at least cheaper than a same year enduro model..
  10. Welcome to the site! That's a hell of a lot of bike for riding in the bush, especially if you consider yourself to be a level 2 rider! Ultimately the main thing is to be out there enjoying yourself - but you mnay well find you enjoy it an lot more (and ride better) with an enduro bike over a full on mx'er - difference in suspension and gearing will be very noticable! ANyways, once again, Welcome! (the above isnt meant as a negative by the way!!)
  11. Hi Robert - firstly, a disclaimer, I've never used a gps on a bike in my life (partly due to being hopeless with technology and partly cos i thankfully seem to be able to remember loops well!!) you may find THIS thread interesting, was made by someone for more tech savvy than myself and seems to be a great cost effective option... Good Luck
  12. I found the same thing Splints when I did mine (whether things have tightened up in the 10 years since who knows!), Did things that are normally a no no such as the 2 fingers like you say - the I structure spoke with me but he made an allowance cos I had my dirtbike helmet and gloves and made it very clear I never had any intention of ever riding road!
  13. Seems a ripping price I like having a switch as well, when i fitted mine to my kato i used the temp sensor and never had any faith, seemed to come on when not needed and then didnt come on when steaming! ended up fitting a swtich so i can turn it one when i think it is needed - plus its fantastic if your goggles have fogged up, flick it on, hold the goggle beside the tank and they are clear in no time!!
  14. Thanks mate - i'm stoked with it (even though i havent physically seen it!). Dad tagged me in it in the Ballarat buy sell page and i looked at it, saw the price and thought that even if I decided it wasnt for me I could move it on with out any loss at all so it was a no brainer in the end! Initial plan is to fix the water leak and reline the inside front wall as well as the first foot or so of the side walls at the front. in the process I will work out were I can sleep, I believe the wooden structure at the front is intended as a bed and being 7 foot wide that should be fine. Initially i will want to get it weighed so I can establish if im setting it up for 2 or 3 bikes (its ample big enough for 3 - probably 5 if need be - but no intentions for that) and then use it as close to as it is now for a trip or two so I can then decide what I want to do if that makes sense..... In a perfect world I want to set it up to accommodate myself and my son for when he gets back into bikes in the next 2 years so I kind of envisage the following: * setting up for 3 bikes - i want to hopefully put 3 cut outs into the floor for the front wheels with covers for when not in use and have recessed anchor points - keeping a flat floor * a bed hopefully across the front for me with drawers/storage underneath * a fold down bed mounted on one wall * it appears to be wired for 240 volt powered from a lead, would like ideally to be able to have a battery fitted with 12v power for lighting and maybe some sound/charging options * water storage built in if possible (not a priority but believe it has or has had a tank on it) * Line one wall in "mesh" or similar so that occy straps etc can be used to secure things in transit * potentially look at having a pull out kitchen fitted and sliding in under the front bed - that would be a non essential nice to have at some point in the future! its 12x7 with a 6.5 interior height so there should be ample space for all of the above - the issue will be weight - may need to look at beefing up the axle size (but thats where Cruisers newly acquired expertise will come in handy!!!
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