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  1. And this right here is why I don't ride other people's bikes!!! Was chatting earlier with Haydo, we were discussing a hill buzz took us up last week and I commented that that was the type of track/hill that made me wish I had a 300 instead of the 250 and he said next time we were out I should try his (TE 300 TPI), my response: "Thanks but no thanks... I dont ride others bikes - makes me realise what I'm missing and want something I can't have!!!" So basically, I need to avoid riding other people's bikes for at least another 18-24 months - untill Neds getting close to being able to get a license, at which point I'm hoping he can have mine and I'll be allowed a new one!!!
  2. Scott was telling me about the eye when he did my garage floor - wouldn't have been fun.... Had a close call myself on Sunday when I rode without goggles for a bit - something I rarely do - came off on a log in a creek and fell into a thorny bush at the side Will have to link up for a ride - got a fun loop going at Dissa if you like wet feet!
  3. Good to see you back out there mate!
  4. Have wanted one of the small ones for ages - other things keep coming up to spend the money on though! I like the idea of being able to lock the pegs in and then lift it to an easy working height and remove pretty much everything!
  5. How good were conditions out there today?!?!? We saw you boys - well I'm 99% sure we did, we had just conquered a buzz special hill and I was in an upright version of the fetal position when we saw you guys pass just below us on Boundry Rd (99's yellow yammi tends to stand out!) Little bit of drizzle at different times but the traction on the hills was great The creeks... Have never seen them flowing like they were today we did a small section heading towards the Burgers but then decided to back track and take the tight uphill to the top of the second hamburger.. did a few sections of creek I had never done before and the flow in some sections was unbelievable - thank god we had sir Buzz with us to point out the 3 deep spots to avoid! He also used himself as a guinea pig at one stage! Also had the honour of showing him some track he had never seen (the little practice loop that Bushy loves so much!! Had one lucky break in the last creek, had the goggles off to get some airflow and came off on a log, as I fell to the side a prickle bush hit the side of my face leaving 4 or 5 nice scratches to the side of and below my eye... Goggle went back on then! Anyway, sorry for the hijack, glad you all had fun Cheers
  6. Yep as already said, it isn't fancy but the rooms have heaters, pretty sure the double beds even have electric blankets from memory, the showers have hot water, you get a little bar fridge in your room, the meals are good, continental breakfast (toasts, cereals, juice, coffee) Inc in your room cost. It's kind of the best of both worlds - a couple of good fire areas for sitting around in the evening and then a basic motel room to retire to for the night - as well as a warm dry place to shower and change after a day on the bikes. Great spot to go either with a group of mates or for a legal place to ride actual trails with your kids
  7. So... Had an old tie down laying around that i haven't used since having a little cheapie quad for the boys years ago .. Well it's now been cut up and made into a front tugger strap... Worst case I'll buy a proper one down the track if need be!
  8. Dissa holds up pretty well in the wet, can be a few slick areas but in general it's not to bad - some of the climbs I think become better in the wet as opposed to the dry when they can be quite loose and loamy... Just make sure you make efforts to avoid the ruts where possible in some of the more frequented tracks as some of those ruts have ruts of there own and cam be quite deep!!
  9. Remember that day... Think of it everytime I pass that spot (which no longer has the log there).....
  10. Great thread Gypsy.... Guess I had better get myself a tugger strap!
  11. Glad you enjoyed it! My next leave pass will be the 5th but that will be some exploring to put together part 2! So part 2 will tentatively be the 19th
  12. All sounds good.... Except for the hill climbing competition bit - but I'm keen for the camping, ice cold beers, BBQs, ice cold beers, camp fires and ice cold beers!
  13. Thanks for the kind words mate both very humbling - also very amusing, have never considered myself a sadistic leader!!!!! Thinking I can guess two of the times you thought that - approaching the ridgeline and then again at heart starter?!?!?
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