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  1. Use the link in Jays post above ( you have to have the /forum on the end
  2. You need the /forum at the end
  3. It will be great if something pops up to fill the void, like you said, I don't think Facebook groups or similar have the same benefits... Will be interesting to see what takes place
  4. Sad times - but I get it.... Thanks to you for providing the forum - it's been a massive part of my life over the past 12 years and has provided some absolutely brilliant memories and like you I've made some life long friendships as well. It will be sadly missed by many I'm sure..
  5. Was the tyre brand new when fitted? This isn't the text book way to do it, but the way I deal with that is to the air out of both, loosen off the rim lock, squeeze 100/150ml of tyre slime in through the low pressure valve, bounce the tyre whilst rotating it for a minute or so (which in theory gets a good coating of slime between the tyre and the red sleeve) then return inflate everything ( usually inflate the low pressure to 20 or so and recheck it after an hour or so
  6. Great report Chris and well done being a finisher - HUGE effort!
  7. 2t4me


    Shit... I read not that long ago that he was having a battle with the big C but didn't realise the seriousness, very very sad to hear. I didn't know his wife or daughter but rode with Aaron quite a bit in the past - condolences to them all. RIP Rupert
  8. I went 4 wheeling with my son and one of his mates on Sunday at Dissa. We heard some bikes very early on but we didn't see any on the trails (4wd tracks admittedly). We only saw 3 groups of 2 at their cars in 3 different locations (all looked to be father's with kids).. What really surprised me was driving past the DSE car park on Main Mountain Rd at approx midday and there was not a tight car in there.... As the previous 2 posts have said + the bush just seems dead at the moment...
  9. Good to hear you had a positive outcome - congrats! I get it, and you're right, I'm sure there is plenty of confusion out there (along with rumours, opinions, insinuations, assertions etc etc etc).... In my opinion, I'm actually glad you bought it up, I know for me personally, it's been a dilemma as to what, if anything, should be posted about it... Whilst I am obviously not going to rehash it or delve into it, hopefully the content of the past few posts in some way provides a bit of insight for anyone that has been wondering about it or dare I say it, has only heard one side of events that took place... Again thanks for your post, I think your summary was excellent with some really good points.. Look forward to catching up for a ride and some of your dirtbiking wisdom in the not too distant future!
  10. Thanks for your input ohmygewd, and I agree with the vast majority of what I you have said. Before I go any further, sorry to hear the extent of what you've been going through over the past year,I knew you had a mean looking lump on your knee but had no idea it was the big C (assuming that's where the big C was) so best wishes with your fight and recovery with that. In reference to your second last paragraph, I'm not going to go into details here, but as you have stated there was some unpleasantness that took place and yes there was 2 members who were banned. Now once again, I'm not going to go into intimate detail, but it's certainly no where near as black and white as you may think it was and sadly the type of posting that took place and led to it had happened previously as well. When every body joins up they agree to some rules about posting, as moderators we try our best not to edit or remove posts or "police things" - beleive me, it's not something any of us enjoy- but unfortunately from time to time we need to, or more appropriately, we have no choice but to. On very rare occasions, when we have seen no other option the extreme option of banning gets resorted to. And remember, there's always two sides to every story... Whilst this probably isn't the right place - or time - for this, I want to emphasis again, that this forum is run by volunteers, Geoffro, as the owner of the forum, covers the majority of the costs involved with operating it out of his own pocket, it's not a money making enterprise, it's not a business, it's effectively, dare I say it, for all intents and purposes, a charity - a free service (or location) to enable like minded people to talk about dirtbikes and organise rides on said dirtbikes. Not everyone's going to agree with the way things are done and people are free to come and go as they see fit.
  11. Hey gents - hope your both well... Love the passion you both have for the forum and I know 100% that you both have the forums interests at heart... The thread itself and the original posts are both really valid - it has been dead, we can all see that and there are many reasons behind it as have been covered.. the forum generally gets quiet over the summer months, admittedly it's probably a bit quieter than most years though which is a shame but I'm sure it will pick up again - it's always been peaks and troughs sadly. I'm guilty of it myself, I generally post reasonably frequent rides but life and other priorities since the last lock down finished have meant that I've only been free to ride since mid Feb... Quite frankly I haven't been fit enough to post the loops I would usually post and my track record of posting level 2 or below (or even 2+ for that matter) isn't great cos I tend to get carried away and take tracks that aren't fair to those expecting a 2 (or 2+!!). I was stoked to jump on a ride Maccastrewth posted a couple weeks back but certainly realised my fitness is shit! I then went out with a mate this past weekend to work on a new loop and it drove home that I need a couple level 2 rides to get some L's under my belt! So that'sy story - everyone will have their own... I fully understand that some people don't like to lead - but hopefully there'll start to be plenty of takers again for any rides that do come up!
  12. Was just having a play Jono, try this Go into the organised rides sub forum and scroll to the bottom, push on the FOLLOW button and you should see this:
  13. Certainly does.... I can't run hot water throughine, but if I'm washing the bike at home and need to mix up a batch of truck wash (I use a 5litre weed sprayer) i mix the wash with hot water and then spray the bike... Always notice a difference when. I do that... One of the car wash places at Ballarat has hot wash as well - brilliant
  14. This is what I went with (and it's an aluminium pump Dann!) https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-2400w-2500-psi-pressure-washer_p6210799
  15. Not sure if it's still the se, but I used to love the very left bay at the Wallan car wash, 2 bucks, bike and trailer done really well plus back of the car and it would still be going when i left! Used to get the odd funny look when I'd line up for it whilst others were empty! As for pressure washers,y old old Karcher dies at the start of this year, did a heap of research and spoke to different staff at different stores, ended up going with a 2500psi 2400watt Ryobi with a decent length hose that winds up onto a wheel in the frame. Couple of different Bunnings staff at a couple of different stores said they get quite a few of the karchers and hernia come back and they get sent away for X amount of time but they don't see many of these come back and if they do it's a straight swap for a new one - that swayed me in the end - so far so good, really happy with it!
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