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  1. Wish I was young enough for that to have been an option!! (Besides the issue of it having those bloody valve things....!) Welcome to the forum and to the dirt mate You probably want to jump on the organised rides page and have a read of the ride levels/descriptions and then jump on a suitable ride!
  2. So went out on Saturday and got some new goggles... One thing I didn't mention in my original post was that I have "nose issues" (one nostril), so a good fit around/over my nose is vital! They had the Airbrakes but I couldn't justify the $250+ price tag so didn't even take them out of the packet (that way I couldn't talk myself into them!!) Was really impressed with the new top of the tree 100% Armega Google's. The salesman was going on about the "true optics" (or something like that) and credit where it's due, the view and clarity through them was sensational. The fit on my fac
  3. Yep, agree with Habs and Tracey - justification isnt required and in my opinion neither is naming and shaming. As a ride leader over they years I've built up a "memory bank" of repeat offenders from both my own rides and from watching most, if not all, organised ride threads... There are certain people whom I will add to my ride lists knowing that with them on my list I can pretty safely exceed my cap by one! The key thing is letting the ride leader know as early as possible that you can't make it
  4. Good stuff any pics of vids from the ride?
  5. His size and strength will be big factors as well.. As Tracey said, 230 will last well but if he is a small 12yo then it will be quite large and he will have bigger all chance of picking it up! At roughly 12 I got my boy both a KLX140L (L= big wheel) and a KX85... His riding opportunities were very limited due to sporting commitments (and lack of legal options to ride). He liked the 85 in paddocks but it was a handful on the trails around starglen, the 140 was much better suited. When getting the 140 I narrowed it down to that or the CRF150F. The 150 was slightly bigger so had the advantage
  6. The time has come for some new goggles - well technically I need a new lens but the foam is getting a bit ratty so figure a new pair will do! So, what ones do you wear and why? What do you look for in a pair of goggles? In the past I've always going for a pair that I can get dual layer lenses for but not sure if it's worth having that as a requirement or not... Discuss away!
  7. Thanks to everyone that came along - good to meet a new member, see an old school member getting back out there and to catch up with everyone else! The weather was a mixed bag, we had drizzly rain, heavy rain and patches of beautiful sunshine - overall though it was a pretty good day for riding! The group moved along well and coped well with everything thrown at them - I think most were challenged at some point during the ride which I think is a positive! We lost a couple at what was meant to be roughly the halfway point (but after the harder hills!) Due to a combination of fati
  8. I actually noticed a few today as well... Definitely easier to help when one is available..
  9. Great stuff gents.... Hats off Macka for taking Donnie out and Donnie, it sounds like you're at Level 2 already mate.....
  10. Great stuff Harry - thanks for the update... Great post Tracey, I think your spot on with how the view/perception of mental health has changed (for the better) in recent times..
  11. Can't offer any advice but it sounds like someone's getting a new toy!
  12. What a weekend What an event What an effort Andy350 - what a legend The efforts behind this were huge and Andy and his band of merry men put in countless hours of preparation over the last year or so - the likes of Andy, Murdoch, Bushy, Cruiser, Splints, Captain Kenny, Stinky, Harry (and I'm sure many others - apologies for not naming you) doing multiple day trips and overnighters scouting out suitable tracks and trails to put together the various loops that were on offer over the weekend. Then of course there's all the efforts put in with the coordination of the whole event (and
  13. The "official word" on his page (updated by family) is that the doctors believe has most likely surffered a severe episode of heatstroke that has lead to other complications. There are still unknowns as to what happened or what led to it happening and he is in an induced coma. (From his Facebook page)
  14. Thanks for that... now, please excuse my ignorance, but with the general terrain and riding being the same as well as no changes to the jetting, if anything shouldnt I be seeing less spooge from the Castrol (FP@>80c) then i was from the Motorex (FP@>110C)?
  15. Was just doing some googling and came across this thread! As per my post in this thread from 2017, I changed to Motorex from Motul 800 - no complaints at all with the Motorex I think from reading this again, I know what I need to do but having said that I'll outline my reason for googling and see what input the brains trust can provide! For the record, I have no idea about jetting (and Gypsy, as much as I'd love a TPI it ain't happening anytime soon!!). A member that's universally respected and thought of as the jetting fire did the jetting on my bike after I got it and that's the onl