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  1. Technically true but as I outlined above there are some options! I've never seen a bike stranded or getting towed out/ retrieved by a 4x4 due to a tubeliss failure - but seen those occurring for countless other issues! It all comes down to percentages and risk v reward!!
  2. I'm in the tubeliss camp.... Main reasons being as follows: * Tyre pressures - I tend to run a few psi less than I did with tubes (12f and 10r on tubes v 10f and 8r on tubeliss), whilst I don't tend to play with them much it's nice to know you can drop down to as low as zero if that really snotty hill is getting the better of you!... * Less to carry - no longer carry a spare 21" tube and tyre levers, just a tube of rubber cement, some plugs and a pump. * Easy rear tyre changes... Mind you, I now refuse to do the fronts after killing and replacing 2 complete front tubeliss setups through my incompetence! * Lighter - mind you, at my level of riding I can't say I notice this, but they are much lighter than a pair of uhd tubes! There are some negatives though - generally commonly discussed, so I'll list the ones I can think of and give my thoughts on them! * Inner tube puncture - yep, if you should happen to have an inner tube (or high pressure tube) failure then your technically stuffed for the day! Options here Inc carrying a spare HP tube (about $15) which would be a pain in the ar$e to change on the trails. I opt to carry both of my original rim locks... My theory being if this happens then 99% of rides I'm on there will be someone with a tube I can steal! I have also seen a couple people just use a heap of cable ties spaced around the tyre to get back to the cars! Worth noting at this point as well that I have personally put close to 250 hours on tubeliss without ever damaging a HP tube and in that time with countless people on rides with tubeliss with me I have only seen 2 failures.... *Allegedly not suited to some tyres with softer sidewalls... But I've not experienced this Think that about covers it.... Someone will be sure to pipe in and tell you to go with mousses... But that's a whole other discussion! (For the record, my opinion is if you are racing then 100% go with them, but I think the flexibility, cost and longevity of tubeliss make them a better option for the weekend warrior!)
  3. Mate.... I know your not fishing for sympathy, but my heart goes out to you and your family... I can't begin to imagine what it's like to be in your shoes, but with a 17yo and a 15yo you are currently living one of my worst fears.... Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for the best possible outcome tomorrow... And yes, both my boys will be shown this thread...
  4. I didn't either at the time but then realised that the vid I linked was them playing around (have since seen footage from the same attempts taken at the bottom), not actual race footage which is what I initially thought it was
  5. Lol... So they finish 4 days of racing on the toughest terrain in the world of hard enduro and then "play" around on a hill like that.... If there was ever any doubt as to whether or not they're human, that confirms they're not!!
  6. Here's a seven minute video on face book of Billy Bolt, Walker and a few other top riders on that hill - Billy has several failed attempts (as does Walker!)
  7. Well done mate - keep at it and stay in one piece!
  8. Heads up for anyone who didn't watch last night.... For the first time Redbull TV will be broadcasting day 4.... So, you have untill 5pm this Saturday to sort your viewing options out..... Cheapest option would be your phone, laptop, PC or tablet...if you have a chrome cast then you can cast it to your tv Smart TVs I'd imagine could bring it up Or use a Telstra TV /apple tv box.....
  9. I can't answer your question re GPS but I did hear them interview someone last night who said they use 2 X gamrin etrax, 1 zoomed at 80m and one at 150 (at least I think that was the distances he said)
  10. And an Aussie, Brent Brady, wins the Bronze Class Prologue
  11. You can watch redbull tv on your phone, tablet or PC - free app.... Or I have it on my Telstra TV box and I believe it's also available through an apple tv box etc
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