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  1. Good question mate - 97.5% sure it will either be a 250 or 300 smoker... Haven't really looked much at pricing etc but from the little bit I have picked up I'd probably lean towards a gas gas if buying now, the lower price allows for suspension changes and some protection gear... Will pay more attention over the next year to people's perceptions of them over that time... The dark horse, dare I say it, would be a 350.... Yep, will see what the situation is when we are ready as far as how far off the 23s are and whether there's any deals going for 22s etc...
  2. All things going to plan over the next year and I will be buying a newie in approx August.... Fingers crossed!
  3. Come on peeps - there's heaps of awesome new Dirtriderz merch out there, let's see some entries.... We may be locked down at the moment but who doesn't want to hit the trails with a couple spanking new tyres after lockdown just for sharing pictures of their snazzy new gear?!?!
  4. does it count if i buy a 2022 model in like 2028 or there abouts?!?!?!?
  5. looked like a fun day!
  6. Welcome to the site Keep an eye on the organised ride section and you should come across some ideal level 2 rides to get you back out there! Save the adventure riding for retirement 🤣
  7. just as an FYI for people, over the past year or so i've had 2 periods of approx a month where bye I couldnt open the site (either direct or on tapatalk) on either my phone or laptop when connected to my home wifi (bigpond NBN). If i turned my wifi off and used my mobile data (hotspot the lap top to my mobile) the site would open and work fine.. Unfortunately i have no idea why or how to resolve it - both times it has started working again off its own accord without me doing anything...
  8. Once again, was a sensational weekend Andy, your organisation efforts and passion for mental health awareness cannot be underplayed and it was a privilege to see a little of that behind the scenes and then to be a part of the weekend itself. I cant wait for the 2022 edition to be announced and to come around! Also, well done to Fro for getting it into ADB, will hopefully put it on the radar of even more riders for future events
  9. Sorry to hear that Tracey - all the best for your recovery
  10. Cracking day! Thanks to Ratfinke for organising it, Cujo for leading the early stages, Riles and Cruiser for sweeping and Cujo for moving interstate, this giving us a reason for the ride!!! Was a strange lead up to the ride, am not used to following someone else around Dissa and then as I was approaching Wallan I had a sinking feeling that I'd left my helmet at home so it was a great relief when I got there and opened the back of my car to see that I had indeed packed it! Then within a minute or two I was informed that after the first couple of tracks I'd be leading - so all in all things were feeling kind of normal!!! Like a few others with "local knowledge" I was thinking the first hill was going to be "interesting" due to the amount of rain we have had. I'm also used to having the benefit of being first one up where it's not yet chewed up and there is no one ahead to block your path! I would have been give or take about 10th to the hill and was pleasantly surprised with the run I had... Biggest mistake I made was getting to the top and walking back down instead of parking in the spot where I ended up walking back to!!! Bloody hell I'm unfit!! The section of creek leading to the base of Ladder track was interesting as it's the first time we've been able to stay in the creek - and it also had more water than I've ever seen. Cujo's request for when I took over was to take in the burgers, 3rd gear and "tractor" hill. Due to the amount of water in the creeks (not surprising!) And having already had one drowned bike, I thought it would be wise to bypass the creek traditionally used to get the burgers and instead throw in a cracking climb and a trip around the block to get to them. Lots of laughs at 3rd gear hill and then in turn at Tractor hill (was greatly to see Matt launch off the rock (knack knack and all) and in turn see Chris blast up the rock face at tractor hill - guess it must have been a draw in the end?!?!) Then threw in a quick blast along a 4x4 track where a fallen tree scared the bejesus out of me - approaching it I stupidly thought it was one to go under but as I got closer realised it was probably at headlight height which caused a bit of a pucker moment!! Then got to take in 2 of my favourite tight tricky climbs before then backtracking a couple of the earlier tracks back to Anderson's. I then sent most of the group over to ladder whilst I took a few back along Raynors to the top of ladder (as I was knackered and figured a few others were as well!) At the top of ladder we directed a few back to the cars and the rest of us waited at the entry to the famous (or infamous) one last track for the rest of the crew to arrive. From there it was a thankfully uneventful trip through the one last track and back to the cars! As others have said it was great to catch up with quite a few people I hadn't seen in years and to also meet some new people (and of course seeing others that I regularly ride with!) Yesterday was right up my alley - as much as I love riding, I love the social side of it almost as much! Made me really keen for this year's grand final ride as well! Cheers
  11. Give it a ride or two and it will be perfect!
  12. Re fitting different size cheek pads it depends on the helmet in question. Manufactures will generally make 1, 2 or 3 different shell sizes and then have different size padding to give the different helmet size... I.e. they may make 2 shells, a smaller shell the becomes small and medium and a larger shell that becomes large and extra large - in this scenario if you had a medium then yes the small cheek pads would fit, but if you had a large then the medium cheek pads may not (if that makes sense.... My understanding though is that within each "shell size" it is just the cheek pads that differ, not the rest of the lining
  13. When your buying them, are the helmets a nice comfortable "perfect" fit on your cheeks or are you buying them a little tight?? Reason I ask is I made the mistake of buying what I thought was a perfect fitting Arai helmet a couple helmets back and within about 4 rides had to buy a new medium set (helmet was large, so medium pads were thicker).. As for maintaining them, I will occasionally (rarely!) Take my helmet into the shower with meremove lining and pads and rinse them out then rub some shampoo through them before rinsing again, and clean helmet itself the same way... That's it... Should probably do it more often, and often regret not doing it more often when putting it on (mainly during summer!!) But yes, I now get a tight fit on my cheeks in expectation of the pads "giving" a bit
  14. Correct, Rocky bastard is what I've known that as since before the hamburgers 1 & 2 got given those names! Haven't heard it referred to as hamburger 3 (or at least not connected it to that name), have heard people mention a hamburger 3 and/or 4 and knew the hill you have as 4 (that runs up to Spur/Main Mtn) was now known as 4! Never really known it by a name, just referenced it as the hill with the old chassis near the start that goes on and on and on! Haven't done it for years, it used to be part of some epic Strath Creek pub rides many moons ago! Thanks for the offer of the file, but I wouldn't know how to access them!! I'll have to tag along at some point (it's highly likely I'll know it, but just can't place it - hell, I didn't recognise burger 1 till about half way up it!!)
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