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  1. 2t4me

    Property Investment

    The content of the above URL ("house prices could drop 30 per cent in deep recession scenario") is certainly enough to send a shiver down the spine of any home owner.... But as usual, its a case of the heading of an article being designed to get an article read, so lets look closer for context; "Australian house prices could plunge 30 per cent under a "deep recession" scenario" "In the worst of five cases assembled by UBS analyst Jonathan Mott, Australia's 27-year economic expansion ends, unemployment climbs and the central bank cuts interest rates to zero" "The scenarios modelled by Mr Mott include strong economy, muddle through, housing correction, credit crunch, and deep recession and mortgage mis-selling." "Mr Mott currently forecasts conditions as reflecting the third scenario - a housing correction - but warns the risk of a credit crunch "is real and rising" So the headline - and as such, the content of the above URL - is in the worst case scenario out of 5 different scenarios modelled by an analyst. Makes sense as thats what will make people read the article. The scenario that the analyst himself currently forecasts, a housing correction, has been widely tipped by the bulk of people with an interest, but that wouldnt be anywhere near as attention grabbing for the editor would it? Who knows, the "real and rising" risk of hitting a credit crunch that he also refers to may well eventuate - hopefully not to many of us have over capitalized on our borrowings.. In my view (and I am far from an expert on it!) the only people that will be in strife with a property downturn and/or credit crunch are those that have borrowed to their absolute maximum buying the biggest mcmansion they can at the height or the market and then coupled it with interest free furnishings and electronics, financed cars and toys (yep, dirtbikes, jet ski's etc) and multiple credit cards.... Sadly, the areas i would imagine will be hit harder are the outer suburb growth corridors
  2. 2t4me

    riding bush unlicensed

    they keep making it older and older - it was 17 years 9 months last time I looked...
  3. 2t4me

    riding bush unlicensed

    Great post
  4. 2t4me

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Sorry to hear mate Here's hoping for a speedy and complication free recovery
  5. As its a "subscribers only" article, I have pasted the contents below so that anyone commenting is doing so from an informed basis - rather than speculating from the headline and/or other comments Victoria’s secret dirt bike underworld revealed DRONES and spy cameras have busted open the ­secret world of ­illegal ­motorbike racing deep in the Victorian bush. More than 200km of ­illegal tracks have been found in one park alone ­during a crackdown targeting motorcyclists who sneak in to protected areas to ride in clandestine competitions. Dirtbag dirt bikers have also been sprung in the act by stealthy rangers who map the trails and monitor their event plans before surprising them in the bush. Fines totalling more than $30,000 have recently been dished out to riders thumbing their noses at the law, during a blitz on the illicit racing ring. Whisperings of the secret meet-ups spread through word-of-mouth and hidden social media pages, enticing riders from across Australia. The resultant damage to national parks is expected to take a decade to fix. Authorities are now ­kicking their operation into a higher gear to catch the bush hoons, mounting surveillance cameras on trees to spy on the rogue groups. Motorcyclists who flee police and rangers are then tracked down by drones ­flying overhead, filming their every move. The Great Otway National Park on the Great Ocean Road has become a key focus, amid the discovery that riders were competing in an illegal version of a world-class five-day endurance race in Romania, known as the “Romaniacs”. Rangers found signs and hundreds of kilometres of ­illegal trails snaking through protected bushland and creek beds. It has become clear to authorities they’re not dealing with people unwittingly riding in the wrong areas but well-organised groups deliberately flouting the law. Law-breaking tactics ­include covering numberplates with duct tape to avoid identification. Trail biking is allowed on thousands of kilometres of designated tracks across the Otways and other parks and forests, but it is illegal to ride off-road on public land. Whether parks should be used for recreation or for ­rehabilitation — and how to strike the right balance — has long been a topic of ­debate. Riders have raised concerns about the impact of closing sections of the ­Otways as well as the closure of motocross trails at Barabool and Breakwater in Geelong, fearing a lack of trails would entice people to sneak into protected areas instead. “Force everyone into being ‘outlaw’ riders. On the bright side, I always ride ­better when being chased,” one motorcyclist wrote on a dirt bike forum. Law-abiding dirt bikers fear the behaviour of rogue riders could encourage authorities to impose more bans. Otway Trail Riders club president John O’Dowd said most riders respected the law and the bush but those ­sneaking into protected areas gave the sport a bad name. “There are plenty of areas across the Otways to ride — designated tracks,” Mr O’Dowd said. “It (illegal riding) is jeopardising the sport. “It’s a great sport and we’re lucky to have the park on our doorstep so we don’t want to see it locked up.” Parks Victoria ranger team leader Scott Nicholson said intelligence gathered during the ­operation had helped authorities know where and when to target illegal activity. “The further we get into the operation, we’re finding people are getting a little more evasive or going to greater lengths to obscure numberplates,” he said. “Not everyone pulls over (at roadblocks). A lot of the time they ride off. “Because we’ve been mapping all the illegal tracks, we can know where they go.” Mr Nicholson said rangers were confident they knew who the ringleaders were. About 60 people so far have been slapped with fines of up to $1773 for various ­offences relating to illegal ­bike and 4WD activity, ­concealing plates and setting illegal fires. Another 25 are expected to be interviewed.
  6. The article itself, for anyone who has read it (not just the headline) is focusing predominantly on some unofficial events that have been conducted, allegedly, in a national park... There is a certain element/degree of sensationalism in the article, including 2 photo's pertaining to show riders on illegal tracks - that look very much like firetrail - but the gist of it is about illegal activity.. As already stated by Frank, this site is frequented by members whom all obey the law and participate in social trail rides with the correct registration and license requirements in legal riding areas - as such, whilst we can all be frustrated by the name calling (Dirtbag Birtbikers etc) and the stereo typing bought on be the actions of a few, we can keep doing what we are doing without fear... We all know what is and isnt allowed under the current laws (whether we agree with them or not) so lets carry on..... (this thread will be deleted if it goes down the wrong path - keep it sensible please)
  7. 2t4me

    Wye River 13/14 October 2018

    Great report - like I'd imagine most other people, I'm jealous as!
  8. 2t4me

    Can I ride in reserves?

    was following this post and having a hard time believing it would be OK to ride through there! you must be popular amongst the other conservationists/environmentalists?!?!?!?
  9. Go old school and bring back the open face helmet!
  10. 2t4me

    Dartmouth 2 day

    First - sorry to hear of your off and injuries Russ - at least you would have a few good contacts up your sleeve! great ride report and it sounds like it was a cracking weekend for a brilliant cause - so hats off to all involved. High country riding generally holds little appeal to me but I reckon, assuming its at roughly the same time, that I'll have to keep an eye out for next years ride (as it falls between basketball seasons - meaning its a rare period where weekenders are possible for me!).... Cheers
  11. I know I have a massive soft spot for the rmx but I'm having a hard time believing the ergos and the handling of a drz400 would be any better than the handling of an RMX.... I didn't ride the circa 2000 katos etc so am only going from here say, but my understanding is the euros of that era werent the best handling bikes - I think it's fair today the Japanese bikes had them well covered at the time... But with a budget around 1500 and the intent to ride it into the ground I'm thinking it's the old thing of not necessarily looking for a spfic model as such, more so just looking for the bike in the best condition (if that makes sense!) I highly doubt you'll find the first of the yammi wr/yz 250 2 strokes in that price range as I think they have become a bit of a collector's bike, the difference between them and the yz was basically in softer suspension and wider gear ratios.... As above electric starts are great, and they certainly make life easier but don't rule out bikes because of not having them - let's face it, bloke have been trail riding for decades and buttons are only a wide spread feature of the last 15 or so years! Yes, it was apart of my reason for moving on from the rmx and I couldn't imagine not having one now BUT all my learning and early years of riding was without one!! Good luck
  12. 2t4me

    Sidi Crossfire 2 - Stretching

    well done - gotta love a bit of backyard ingenuity! for anyone looking at the Sidi's (particularly from OS without trying them on) - my understanding is the half sizes in sidi's relate to a wider boot (i.e. a 9.5 is no longer than a 9 BUT is wider)
  13. thats a very good - and extremely relevant - question! I really should have asked that before rambling on above!