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  1. Didn't even think of putting it beside my bladder, I use a 3 litre bladder so automatically pictures it in one of the side pockets
  2. If anyone's looking for a good setup for getting away with their riding family, friends of mine in Adelaide are selling this....
  3. Nahhh.... I think you've just got a really small hand! I did look at some bigger ones but was conscious of size in my flight vest!
  4. 2t4me

    Word Association...

  5. 2t4me

    Word Association...

  6. This thread got me thinking about saws and the fact that I don't carry one.. there have been a couple of occasions where people on my rides have pulled out a saw to do some maintenance which has been great so I thought I'd join the club whilst I was at Bunnings today... I wear a flight vest so didn't want to get anything too big so figured this was a good size (works a treat too! $29.95
  7. 2t4me

    Address, Times, Cost

    Hi Leanne, There are no membership or subscription fees etc - it's a public forum..
  8. 2t4me

    What bike should I get

    Welcome aboard mate.... You'll need to give some info as to what sort of riding you're doing...
  9. department of constant name changes.... Dont know how much truth there is in this, but was told years back by a "public servant" that name changes generally happen towards the end of a budget period when a department has spent well under their allotted budget. The subsequent name change costs a sizable amount of money (significant re branding of stationary, signage etc etc etc) thus using up most of, if not more than the remaining budget. This then means that their next allocation will either stay the same or increase as opposed to a potential decrease which may have occurred had they finished with a sizable surplus.. again, not sur eif true or not - but i'm sure no one would be surprised if it is...
  10. yep - rubbish left behind in the bush is a big problem - particularly at our parking spots as it really is a poor reflection on us as a community. Whilst it would be nice for there to be bins I agree with Cluffie that it can lead to bigger problems, but i'm sorry mate, blaming the councils for the rubbish left behind due to there not being any bins is a joke - try blaming the lazy disrespectful ignorant c**ts that bought it in without taking it home....
  11. 2t4me

    How’s it going !

    Look up and call small coil rewinds in geelong
  12. 2t4me

    What you watching.

    Where are you watching season 2 of Mr Mercedes (season 1 was great!)... Just finished season 1 of Designated Survivor which I really liked - started season 2 last night! The last kingdom was a decent watch too.. Both seasons of Ozark were great (really really rate this one)
  13. 2t4me

    Two Stroke Pipe Repairs

    My pickles guard is going to heaven.... I'm getting a force bash plate pipe gaurd combo
  14. 2t4me

    Two Stroke Pipe Repairs

    After 4.5 years and 238 hours on a bike being ridden by someone who is shite at crossing logs etc but loves the trails where you tend to find them my poor expansion chamber was looking a little worse for where! Since new the bike has had a pickles cage and a carbon guard fitted but the cage had gradually been pushed right up to the point where the bottom of the pipe was getting pushed up (see photo below - I didn't realise just how much till I got it off!), It was touching the radiator and had also been pushed around and was touching the starter motor cover.... As well as having a few other debts in various places! The bike is going down to TSP next week for some loving so I figured something need to be done with the pipe. A new genuine pipe is about $600 and an FMF Gnarly is about $400... Neither were that appealing with everything else that going on (bike, home renos, school fees etc) so I asked Dave at TSP if he does repairs... He doesn't but he gave me the name of the bloke he uses... I looked him up, had a chat via FB Messenger and chucked it in the post last week (wrapped in bubble wrap, cost be $13 - Nunawading to Doreen). It's been finished today and will be back by the weekend.. cleaned/polished up, repaired, reshaped and new O Rings... $180 plus $10 for the O rings (charged a bit extra due to how long it took him to clean it up which is fair enough) plus $18 return post (he sends it back in a box) So - for any 2t riders that don't want to tackle a pipe repair themselves, look him up on facebook - his page is TWO STROKE PIPE REPAIRS.... The communication and service has been fantastic and I reckon the price is pretty impressive as well.... In this next photo you can see where the cage had started pushing up to underside of the pipe! For the record - I've never met Adrian, I didn't mention the forum at all in our chats and I didn't receive any sort of discount for putting this thread up...
  15. 2t4me

    Dakar 2019

    See if I get any bites with the below comment on an article bemoaning that the Hewitt / Tomic spat is overshadowing the performances of other Aussies at the tennis....