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  1. Other than the 3 listed above (Whittlesea, starglen and stump hill) your only other legal option is to look up AMTRA and see if they are still doing kids ride days - I think they are but not sure.... I believe they are predominantly at a property around Daylesford/spring hill way but also occasionally hold them elsewhere?
  2. Welcome aboard - have heard some great things about your work!
  3. Out of curiosity, are you using an android device Pepperjack?
  4. Tim Coleman up to 25th at checkpoint 19 - Carl's Diner
  5. #5 coming up! What a legend....
  6. Whoa - Green Hell to be action packed again!!
  7. What's the URL for that? Whoops, quoted the wrong post - what's the URL for the amatuer feed?
  8. I reckon Cobaw would have to be one of the worst places to attempt a level 1 ride at! But good on you for getting out there and giving it a go!
  9. Great news mate - good luck with the comeback!
  10. Seriously consider jumping on this ride if you are free - Habs (and I'm assuming Steph) will put on a great ride and will take care of you to make sure you get through the ride and learn a lot/build confidence in the process.... From what I know of the ride and from watching the video - as well as knowing Habs well - you will potentially only have an issue with one Hill but I'm sure those in attendance will help you either make it up your self or get your bike up it for you... L1 rides can be few and far between - so definitely consider taking Habs up on his offer to join this ride.. Cheers
  11. Pretty much sums it up... The Vic roads site has a list of exactly what the bike needs, once that all done and working book an appointment, take the bike in with proof of ownership and assuming it all passes then pay the fees, take it home and fit up the number plate and enjoy.....
  12. 2t4me


    dam - i was really hoping to see mine take a massive dive!!
  13. Awesome video as usual mate - its mind blowing the variety of tracks and terrains you can cover down there in just one day! sure looks like it was wet - the tip i did was cup weekend and i dont recall there being anywhere near that amount of ground water
  14. Great video Marko! I'll never forget my trip a few years back (even with the massive cost blow out I had!) And I really hope to do it all again in the years to come.... In a perfect world I hope to be able to do it with my son in 6 or so years time!
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