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  1. Is 04 the red Huskies or was that when they were still yellow and blue? As for the bike, if you know it's history for a grand it's probably your safest bet (assuming your budget is in that vicinity) more so buying a complete random bike in the same range....
  2. I agree with the 2 posts above - although as you said Beta then Raceline would be the go! I know it's not as convenient to you but I know several people who have used Matt over the years and I'm yet to hear a negative about him or his service
  3. Great responses so far people's - and I'm sure the support is appreciated!
  4. Hi all, Quick addition to what Fro has just posted, this came to light a few days ago and Fro has been having (sometimes heated) discussions with the printers as all communication during the design and mock up of the tees and singlets had the artwork on the front. Unfortunately it came to light that the final proof provided and signed off on had the artwork on the rear and this was not picked up. Fro has tried to get them reprinted correctly but the printers are standing firm and have only offered to add a single colour logo to the front as a resolution - and Fro has no option but to pay for them as is.. Being the man that he is, he is giving people the option of not accepting their orders - what he hasn't explained is that will result in him covering the cost of those cancelled tees and singlets out of his pocket... The choice is entirely yours but I'd ask that you take the full situation I to account when deciding. Cheers
  5. Put me down for one Fro
  6. Like above, if she can comfortably touch the ground the ttr/crf230s are a good choice due to the bigger wheels. Biggest issue is they are heavy. If she wants something a little smaller then the Crf150 is a good choice BUT if looking at that then I'd also throw the KLX140L into the equation. It is slightly smaller than the CRF150 -which may or may not be a good thing) but whilst still heavy, is lighter than the CRF. It had front and rear disc brakes whilst I'm pretty sure the CRF has drum rear. Another good thing with them is that the KLX140/150 is huge in Asia and as such aftermarket goodies are readily available online and a 180kit which apparently makes a huge difference can be sourced for $3-400... I had a KLX for Ned which I then sold to Rob and his partner who was getting into riding and from what I understand she is loving it - hell, I used to have a ball on it myself! Then another possibility to throw in the mix, if you are prepared to look around would be either. kDX200 or IT175 - older 2 stroke tailbikes that aren't as potent as what we are riding now but are both a little smaller (whilst still being full sized) and ripper bikes
  7. If anyone responds to this can you please pm it directly to Richard Thanks
  8. Just saw this in Aldi and thought of this thread - $7.99
  9. Dazz and Pete - you are both spot on and raise a really good point! At one of the weekenders years ago up at Starglen I was sweeping one of the big group rides and we were on a gravel road that was twisting around a hill, embankment on one side and fairly steep drop off into thick bush on the other. I was right behind a rider and we were moving along at a pretty brisk pace when all of a sudden my old RMX just died and came to a complete stop, meanwhile the other rider just kept on going dissapearing around the next bend... It was a good 10+ minutes before someone else returned.... Apparently she stopped at the next corner and was having a chat to the guys marking it. After a bit one of them asked her how many riders were behind and she said just the sweep, he was right behind me for ages and then he wasn't... Showing no concern at all - for all she knew I could have gone straight off the edge of the road which would have been pretty hard to find! Thankfully all was good and for those familiar with the RMX's it was the infamous pink switch block behind the headlight - pulled it apart, roughed up each of the pins, put it back together and we were off again! Ever since then though I have always made sure to keep an eye out for the sweep if I'm the last rider, if you want to come off a corner and then try racing through the pack wait untill you've both either caught one rider or ideally till you've passed the next cornerman!
  10. Welcome to the forum! First, we'd generally recommend that you jump on a ride a level below what you think (level 2 in this case) just to get a feel for it... It may end up being a bit easy for you but that's better than it being to hard and you'll still have a tipping day with some good blokes! As for what to carry - there's plenty of threads that can give you heaps of info there.. but in general you want the basic tools to get out of trouble (be able to remove your plug, your wheels your seat etc), 21" tube, pump, tyre levers etc unless running mousses, chain link to suit your chain, some cable ties and tape... Plenty of water, snacks, lunch if required.... With the tools - a lot recommend that when you are doing you basic maintenance at home you do it with only the tools you carry (adjust that as required) - that way you can cover all most all issues that arise on the trails.....
  11. Great post Riles Local knowledge was one I overlooked...
  12. Good thread Cruiser and some valid points/input from all so far..... I too feel that the role of sweep has, in a lot of cases, become the "I just want to take it easy and ride at the back with no pressure" option which isn't what it should be. Yes, on certain rides where everyone is known to each other and abilities are similar and/or the group is small then as Bear has said the role is (or can be) really just to pick up the cornerman and keep it flowing... And yes, for certain people who have all f the attributes it can be used for the "I just want to take it easy today" - as long as they are willing to help out! But I find myself at times reading organised ride threads and/or ride reports at times and seeing who has, or is going to sweep and find myself shaking my head knowing the person involved (no names mentioned!) In my opinion, and the way it was always explained when I started out on forum/group rides, the sweep should generally meet the attributes touched on by Cruiser, being: * A very capable rider - able to ride any bike * Calm - can keep a cool head both with getting people through obstacles and dealing with potential injury * Mechanically minded - not an a grade mechanic with a magic wand, but have a good general grasp to be able to assist with general trailside issues - flats, drownings etc * Physically fit - capable and willing to assist lifting bikes over logs, out of ruts etc over and over again (particularly on lower rides)... Anyway, probably also coming across as harsh but so be it! Cheers
  13. Wasn't a fan of the X30 personally... Did have awesome straight-line grip for climbing bit I found it was a shocker on off camber trails and it also seemed to drop off quickly once it was a few rides off and started the get rounded off... It's always the million dollar question and everyone has different opinions! I for one used to love the Michelin S12xc till the y stopped making them - think I still have one new front to fit! Keen to try one of the shinko 525's next - bit at the rate I'm riding that's still 12 months away!!
  14. First and foremost - the thanks.... Gypsy - the main driver behind this - a mountain of work behind the scenes! Rider, Coggs, Bushy, Cruiser and Buzz - our legendary ride leaders who not only led on the day but also spend countless hours pre-riding and planning their loops Sweeps - I won't try and name you all but to all who swept thankyou very much Everyone who came along and made the day what it was Finally, to the camping crew for W very entertaining nights!! (Watch out for that crazy South African Bad Badger - when combined with Chivas Regal he becomes the very entertaining very bad badger - along with his partner in crime Mr Andy!)... (Although they'll both blame rider for forcing them to endulge!!) Oh yeah, 2 more - thanks to mark for the pillow and blanket on the Thursday night and to Robb (Bassman) for swinging past my place yesterday morning to grab my pillow and sleeping bag! ............ I arrived Thursday arvo, got set up whilst the others were out riding then settled in for what became a very amusing night around the fire before retiring to the swag around midnight. Friday morning spent a couple hours getting around talking to different people and watching the first couple rides take off before jumping on the bike and taking off with Bushy's 2+ ride. The ride was flowing well and I was enjoying the selection trails (many of them new toe which was a nice change) up untill we struck bike troubles with Orangeboy's Kato... Once it was decided we couldn't get it going a few of us dragged it out to the road (side note here -and you can call me a grumpy old C&@t if you wish but it was dissapointing that a large contingent of the ride didn't even bother asking if we'd like a hand or a break..... Pretty poor in my opinion) Whilst waiting for a recovery vehicle we then unfortunately lost Bushy to a nasty off whilst jumping a culvert on the side of the track... Thanks here to mrs Cluffie for driving down and taking Orangeboy's Kato and Bushy back... Orangeboy then rode Bushys bike back whilst I led the rest of the crew through a few old flogged trails before calling it day and heading back just after one.... About 2pm, with the hand of the first Jerry can I spotted we got the fire going and put the BBQs in position and the 2nd phase of the day started.. thanks to Rider and ouzo (I think it was ouzo - apologies if I'm wrong) for a brilliant job of cooking up a variety of the different meats on offer on 3 big BBQs... During the afternoon and into the evening people slowly headed off until there was about a dozen or so of us left sitting around the fire drinking and carrying on... I bailed to the swag at about 10 and slept like a baby before getting up this morning, packing up, assisting with the start of the clean up ND then made my way home... Am now sitting in the backyard enjoying a nice hot spa whilst typing this before getting ready to watch the grand final - all in all a great weekend! Cheers all!
  15. Getting ready for the grand final eve ride. Took the air filter out to clean, had 2 others needing doing as well... Didn't go so well, as I was squeezing (not wringing) 2 of them out I noticed they were coming apart where they had been glued.. both of those were 5 years old so probably due, thankfully the 3rd is fine! About to do an oil change, dismantle and reseal the muffler (was repacked 2 rides ago but noticed last ride it was seeping from the entry side seal General checkover And whilst it's not the worst I've removed [emoji44] I thought I'd best replace this (it can go in my flight vest as an emergency back up!)
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