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  1. Bike upgrade

    I can't give you any advice on. Specific models that you've mentioned... As I'm sure you're aware it's always a "risk" (for want of a better term) buying second hand bikes in a price range where the bikes will be older than 12-24months old... In theory the Yammies and Honda's in that price range offer "Japanese reliability.. but again there will be a certain amount of pot luck with what ever you buy.. This isn't meant as a sales pitch, but in my mind, when a fairly active member lists their bike for sale on the forum, knowing that a fellow member may well buy it, I would generally assume they are confident that what they are selling is not a time bomb... With that said, have a look at Nasty's 350EXC - it has highish K's/hours on it but it also has a hell of a lot of extras and it's an honest ad - obviously not all of them are (surely not every bike has "a fresh top end" like most that are advertised seem to have!). Have only ridden with Nasty a couple times but he comes across as a legit bloke and his bike is always well presented! Look at it here https://www.dirtriderz.com/topic/15743-2012-ktm-350-exc/ Good luck with your search
  2. Can now welcome my son Ned to the bench... Took him to Starglen yesterday, was meant to be there till tomorrow.. With his recent growth spurt he's now able to throw his leg over my bike and touch the ground so he was riding it around the tracks within site of the bike shed with now issues - was actually riding it better and more comfortably then he was riding his 2 bikes... We went for a ride up onto the property and on some of the single out the back bear the hut we swapped bikes and he was riding it fantastically, got to the hill at the end, had an issue with a log at the bottom, I got him over that and then he was off, blitzed it to the top, just as he cleared it he gave the throttle a bit of a twist, caught a small deflection and clipped a tree with the left side of his bars - as the bars flicked around he wrenched his right thumb and that was it.... He wasn't keen to ride out so I went back to get the car and trailer and one of the blokes staying there told me to jump in his cruiser, too me back up, I rode Ned's bike down whilst he drove Ned back via the road. Quickly packed up and headed home, took him to box Hill and x-rays have confirmed a fracture at the base of his thumb... Need to see a specialist in a week or so to see if pins are required but for now they have it totally immobilised in plaster... There goes his basketball season!!
  3. That sucks JT - good luck with the recovery...
  4. High country isn't really my thing - but if I ever decide to do a hc tour it won't be with him! I can't possibly see how dragging your bikes around the carpark wouldn't be his fault?!?!
  5. Mo-tow (or similar generic carriers)

    are you using the chain and carabiner in place of the existing shackle or as well as it?? anychance you can put up a photo with it loaded so we can see what you mean?? cheers
  6. Newbie

    Hi Mate - welcome to the forum! have a read of this post - it will give you a rough idea of the ride grading we use on the site. its always subjective and there will be variations in ride grading depending on who has posted the ride but it should give you a rough idea... As a general 'rule" we recommend that people head out on a ride a grade lower than what they think they are first up just to get a feel for it all - no one wants to be "that guy" that rocks up to a ride that is above their ability and holds the group up all day! "That guy" doesnt enjoy their day (and possibly ends up hurt or with no confidence) and everyone else on the ride has their day effected as well! Cheers
  7. that sucks mate... have shared Fro's facebook post... fingers crossed you get it back undamaged...
  8. I managed to break one of the knee/patella caps on my pods on the weekend.... before I go and order a new set I thought i'd throw it out there and see if anyone had an old set of braces they are no longer using that may be willing to part with a cap - long shot I know but no harm in asking!! Cheers
  9. 1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Sorry to hear of your loss mate. Good luck with the Resto - look forward to seeing the finished product!
  10. now that would be one way to ruin a good day on the bikes...
  11. Re-hashing this old thread - worked a treat last time so thought I'd try my luck again! On Sunday's ride I somehow managed to brake one of the knee/patella caps on my pods, i was able to secure it in place with cable ties which was fine on the day as I was riding in shorts but when I zip the legs back on the cale ties will tear the pants up! So, do any of you fine people have an old pair of braces no loner in use with e L/XL knee/patella cap that you no loner need?!?!! Cheers
  12. Before you read any further, please understand that this thread is not intended as a discussion thread, I will be locking it as soon as I post it. It’s intention is to clarify some of our stances and the reasoning behind them. Please feel free to PM myself or any other Moderator/Administrator if you have any queries – for those new to the site the Moderators & Administrators can be found HERE. . . Members – why do we encourage that people join up (rather than being perennial +1’s): First let me dispel the biggest myth out there – its not so that Geoffro can sit back and make a living off the forum (I’m sure he’d love it if he could but that’s never going to happen). Plain and simple, members make the forum. Without members there is no forum, there’s no one to post rides, there’s no one to attend rides, there’s no content to bring people to the forum, no one to ask for advice and no one to respond to requests for advice. With members all of those things are possible. There is obviously a financial reason to have as many ACTIVE members as possible and that’s to attract sponsorship and advertising (the banner adds you see across the top of the desk top site). But again, that is not to line anyone’s pockets, it’s to keep the forum running. Believe it or not there are hosting fee’s and tech support which need to paid for every single month regardless of whether or not any upgrades or tech support were required. In order to cover those costs, without individual’s having to pay them out of their own pocket (i.e. Geoffro), sponsors/advertisers need to see value in advertising on the site and that value is by way of active members and page views (or “hits” on the site). Organised Rides and Who Can Attend Them: This has been a subject of much conjecture historically, and as many of you would be aware, has reared its head over the past few days. Although it has caused many headaches in this recent period I feel that it has actually a good thing as it has caused much discussion – hence this tread being posted. My intent here is to outline our stance in black and white (hopefully) – and yes, if you read on you will see that there has been some changes to what it’s been in the past! Member Prioritised Rides – Rides will from time to time be posted where PRIORITY will be given to members. Designating a ride under this "category" is purely at the discretion of the member posting it. Examples of these rides are Arbo’s annual Big Dessert or High Country Rides. Arbo (and others involved) put in a lot of work behind the scenes in planning and organising these rides for the benefit of Dirtriderz members (THIS IS HIS/THEIR CHOICE). This includes pre-riding and planning loops for multi day rides, organising local accommodation, organising multiple 4wd support vehicles to cart fuel & belongings, prepare lunches/BBQ's and provide breakdown assistance etc. Riders are generally asked to chip in for the meals and fuel for the support vehicles and their crews and to pay a minimal amount for accommodation, but otherwise there is no fee for the ride itself. Ultimately, these rides are open to anyone who has gone to effort of creating an online alias! General Rides – this really covers all other rides! It’s a public forum and as such is ultimately open to everyone. With that being the case there will be no exception on who attends rides, but we ask the following please: 1 – When posting a ride, which you have also posted/organised elsewhere, please state the overall number of people you are expecting on the ride. i.e. State whatever your cap is and say that you already have xx amount attending. There is no need to list their names if you don’t wish to. We would just ask that there is clarity around ride numbers. 2 – When posting a ride, which you have also posted/organised elsewhere, please adhere to existing forum guidelines such as outlining as much info as possible about the ride itself and requesting that everyone has the appropriate registration and license. . . Whilst in a perfect world we would prefer that everyone attending a ride that is posted on the forum was a member we understand that for various reasons this just is not feasible. For the forum to survive and thrive we need as many people as possible utilising it, and we recognise that the most common way it is used is by people looking for a ride. In summary: · For the forum to thrive and survive active members are crucial · There will be SOME rides where priority is given to members – this is at the discretion of the member posting the ride · Whilst we would like everyone attending all other rides posted on the forum to be members this is not a requirement Speaking for myself here, not the other moderators; my story is the same as I have heard from many others over the years. Without finding an online forum full of likeminded people I would never have gotten back into riding and I wouldn’t have met countless people that all share the same love of our great past time…. Its for that reason that I want to see this forum thrive, to ensure that everyone – those that ride today and those that will take it up in the future – have somewhere that they can find online and hopefully get as much out of it as I have over the past 8 or so years.. I’m sure that if everyone reading this asked themselves what bought them to the forum in the first place, a high percentage would have a similar story!
  13. Dissa feel the burn!!!!!

    Was fantastic to get back out on the bikes after such a long - non injury enforced - lay off! Thanks to Cruiser, Alex, Daniel (99percent) and Paul (Pmac) for coming along - and sorry Paul if you and your body hate me with a vengeance now!! As Cruiser indicated I did end up cutting out planned sections of the ride to try and keep to my aim of a 1pm finish but personally I was still happy with the tracks covered - and judging by how knackered I was that night my body probably thinks it was just about right! Thanks to Cruiser and Daniel for sweeping - the dust must have been insane for most of the day.. Finally, with the corner man issues that we had - I have to solely take responsibility for that - I was definitely slack on that front, in hindsight its probably lucky we didn't have more issues.. Cheers
  14. Just tried looking up any info on the demo days and it appears that the multi brand days have been cancelled for 2018.......
  15. Welcome to the site! you've just opened one of the below, but i'll give my thoughts - plenty more will likely follow!! I personally ride a 2014 250exc (smoker) and think it has plenty of torque and is a good all round bike (probably not the most ideal high country or desert bike but I don't do either of those so that's irrelevant to me!) Whilst I haven't ridden a 200 my understanding is that whilst they are a tight trail weapon they do require quite a bit of rider input (clutch work and correct gear selections) to nail most hills. The 300 smokers all reportedly have much more torque than a 250 smoker and in the eyes of many are the ideal all round bike, nimble in tight stuff, heaps of torque for climbing, light with low centres of gravity and most importantly, that sweet sweet sound that only a 2 stroke can provide! As my username would suggest, I'm kind of biased towards the magnificent oil burning, timing chain-less 2 stroke bikes........ But, on a trip to tassie a few years ago I seized my smoker on the afternoon of the first of 3 days riding... luckily for me the tour guides had a bike I could hire, the down side was that it was a 2014 350exc.. Whilst this greatly amused the others on the ride, who kindly stuck electrical tape that read 4t4me to the headlight surround, it had me dreading this so called engine braking I had heard so much about and indeed even questioning my own sexuality . Much to amazement and, dare I say it, my delight I absolutely loved the 2 days I spent on it and was really impressed with how "easy" and forgiving it was to ride - so much so that when my time to upgrade comes around I would seriously consider making the dreaded switch (and I didnt even notice any engine braking!).. So, I've just kind of contradicted myself and recommend both a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke... and that will be the theme of this thread, you'll likely get recommendations of both 2 strokes and 4 strokes, then there'll be recommendations of various different engine capacities and brands for each... ultimately there is no right or wrong answer and no matter what you buy you can guarantee that you'll have a ball on it either way... You're best bet would be to keep an eye out for any upcoming demo days, the Beta dealer in Ballarat (Raceline) generally hosts one or 2 a year or there's also generally one or 2 a year arranged that tend to have each of the main brands in attendance.. either of them would give you the opportunity to ride multiple bikes of each stroke back to back to help you decide what way you want to go.. The other option, depending on your situation, is just to get hold of something cheap, as a stop gap so to speak, and get out on a few forum rides - you'll generally find a few members more than happy to bike swap for a bit and once you've had a go on a few different bikes upgrade to the bike you decide on (granted the feasibility of that probably depends on how accurate your username is!)