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  1. Moisture wicking undergear

    I wear a moisture wicking Reebok (I think it's Reebok) one that I got from rebel for about $30 (from memory) acouple years back - it's awesome and so much better than a normal tee shirt....
  2. Didn't realise they were still going - drove past the old North Melbourne site last week and had memories of hiring a TTR350 many many moons ago! great to know there is still hire bike options available!
  3. What are you watching on TV

    the first episode of season 4 of Peaky Blinders didnt dissapoint.... a little bit slow to start off with but boy did it set the scene for what should be another awesome series.... if you have already done so, I suggest you get on board and watch it from series 1 - great show!
  4. What are you watching on TV

    Peaky Blinders season 4 kicks off tonight - looking forward to it!
  5. 2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    Lol - I just looked at it in tapa for the first time... Looks really big in there! I typed it in word, 5 pages and 3000+ words - still, an awesome weekend deserves it!
  6. 2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    Well, I’ve been extremely slack with getting around to writing a ride report (sadly, I haven’t been alone)………. I was really looking forward to getting back up to Starglen on a couple of fronts, my first Annual in a few years and also for another opportunity to ride with my youngest son, Ned, for a few days…. I’m always nervous when I get the chance to take Ned out as any injuries would cause havoc with his basketball and the lead up to this trip became extra worrying as He has just been selected for a new Rep team and we had just booked a xmas trip to the US and Canada – so any injuries (to either of us) would have been a disaster! Thankfully we got through scott free! Our weekend began with us leaving home shortly after 7am towing a trailer I had borrowed from Habs (thanks again mate) loaded with my kato, Ned’s trusty KLX140L and the new addition, a little KX85 for Ned to acquaint himself with the joys of oil burning on! We had a good run up and arrived shortly after 10am – the first ones there! After unloading our bikes and putting all of our gear in our room we jumped back in the car with my trusty Bunnings special Ozito 16” chainsaw and drove up to the ridgeline to start cutting up wood for the weekend. When we got up the top and found the first fallen tree to cut up I realised that I hadn’t bought any fuel up so we were just working with what was in the saw already! We spent about ¾’s of an hour cutting up and making 4 piles of wood before the saw started spluttering and then ran out of fuel. At this point we headed back down to the lodge to wait for someone with either a 4x4 ute or a box trailer to show up so that we could collect the wood we had cut! When we got back Cluffie had just finished unloading his trailer so we quickly commandeered that (bloody nice trailer too) and headed straight back up to fill it. (with a refuelled chain saw!) As it turned out we had judged it (more likely fluked it) to perfection with only a minimal amount more wood cut up to top the trailer load up! The drive back down the with a fully laden trailer in tow was interesting, the first downhill from the ridgeline was a little hairy and I could definitely feel the trailer pushing me down! When we got back there were a few more arrivals and so after a few quick hellos’ we went around to the main fire and unloaded the wood with the help of Geoffyboy and Coise (thanks!) Ned and I then geared up and headed out for our first ride of the weekend. From memory we covered about 20-25k’s of some of the properties finest trails and once again Ned blew me away with how well he rode (due to his many bball commitments he only gets on the bike 2-3 times a year) – it was as if we had been riding 10 days ago, not 10+ weeks ago! Once back at the lodge it was time to crack into a few beers and start chatting to members – new and old alike! Noods and I also decided that the bottom fire needed lighting so a nice little tepee was made, then doused in woof juice with a “2-3-meter-long woof juice fuse running away from it – lighting that was a lot of fun and looked really impressive (I think it also highlighted whilst Elly doesn’t really trust me taking Ned camping!!) The rest of the night involved plenty of chatting, a bottle of Mr Beams finest (which must have had a hole in it), a killer Parma and shiteloads of general chit chat with some awesome people before I called it a night at around midnight… The alarm was set nice and early to allow enough time for breaky and to be geared up ready to ride at 9am so that I could get a quick squirt in with Ned before the 9:30 meet time for the main group ride… I must say at this point that Elly’s recommendation of “Hydradol” tablets from chemist warehouse was a ripper – I had no right to feel as fresh as I did! Ned and I had a quick 30-minute ride around the tracks close to the lodge, along with young Nathan (Bassman’s son) on his KX85 and we quickly discovered that the magpies were quite fond of swooping – not really an issue with all your armour and helmets on! At 9:30(ish) we all gathered round and listened to Nood’s rider briefing and then headed off for the morning group ride to the lookout. This ride flowed really well along some very scenic firetrails and was going along incident free until Bassman pulled up at a corner with a gear lever that had about 160 degrees of movement – sadly it wasn’t as simple as just being loose on the spline as we had hoped it might be… he was able to nurse it up the road to the regroup where Daniel C kindly volunteered to head back to the lodge with him along some friendly roads and avoiding the hills that we were about to embark on. We sat at this regroup for a bit whilst GB was out scouting a few trails and were all entertained by Sean Mac entertaining himself on someone’s new looking kato 2 smoke with a variety of slow monos and other things that I could only dream of doing on a bike! From here it was up some entertaining firetrail hills to the lookout for the obligatory group photo and break before embarking on the ride back to the Lodge. The ride back was a cracker with a couple of long and steep in places downhills on firetrails that were at times reasonably rutted and covered in very loose and large rocks! Once back at the lodge we were treated to a ripper “gold coin donation” BBQ for lunch – special thanks to Fro for supplying the goods and to Tracey, Shane, Mrs Shane (sorry, shocking with names), Donna and anyone whom I’ve missed for putting the salads together and cooking it all up for us….. After a good feed and a bit of a break we geared back up and Cluffie took the die hards out for his 100k epic whilst I lead a group totalling 13 (I think) around what I consider to be some of the properties finest trails. I thought I ‘d take a punt with my first track and test the group out so headed straight for a nice long single track (the advantage of private property!) that climbs up to pretty much the end of the ridgeline track. This hill proved to be a challenge for a few but with a bit of help here and there everyone made it up and I think most agreed that it’s a pearler of a track! I then lead everyone onto a great flowing single that makes its way around to the hut and play hills where a few of us had a play and marvelled at Dan’s ability to make his own line, which included a large log (which became a jump for him) and get to the top as if it was a nice smooth freeway! We then did another loop made up of single and firetrail that looped us back around to the hut so that we could tackle the earlier single in reverse! A quick regroup and a survey of the group to see if they were happy and we continued back down the ridgeline to the start of Mr T track which I would think would be universally regarded as the choice track of the whole property! For those that don’t know it, the end we entered from is like a fast flowing roller coaster and the rest is just mint single with a few nice techy bits thrown in. it’s that good that when we got to the end I decided to turn the group around and do it again in reverse! (after a few of us had had a play on another challenging rutted steep hill climb that is!) Once we got back to the end of the end/start of Mr T Dan and Mitch decided to call it a day and head back whilst the rest of us decided a few more tracks were in order! This is where I took a punt and headed up a track that I hadn’t done in a long time… it all started out well, slight climb with a few ruts but as it went on and we rounded a few corners it got steeper and ruttier (if that’s a word) and by the time I reached the top I was thinking I had made a big mistake and would be quite unpopular with some of those following!! Sure enough there was a bit of carnage behind me but actually not as much as I envisaged there being! I made my way down to give Marj a hand – she’d done really well to get to where she did – and ended up jumping on her bike and riding it back down to get a run at the hill. This is where I had my biggest pucker moment of the whole weekend as I discovered the rear brake pedal had a massive amount of movement and seemingly no effect – so here I am rapidly picking up speed on a little mid-sized bike, scared to apply too much front brake picturing myself having a rather nasty stop when I found that if you pushed the brake pedal enough that it felt like it was pointing straight down it did actually work! Thankfully the ride back up was fine and once at the top, with the help of another member (sorry, once again I’m shite with names!), we quickly adjusted the rear brake (drum set up) so that the pedal was a little more user friendly… I also stopped and thought that Marj had done really well on all the days riding with effectively no rear brake! I think from here we headed back to the lodge, bypassing the normal way down and showing them a nice little off camber single instead! When we got back to the paddock above the lodge I found Ned and Nathan having ride together so I said farewell to the rest of the group and took the boys of a quick ride up on to the property, taking an alternate track up to the ridge, heading over to the single loop at the hut then hitting Mr T in both directions and making our way back… A quick shower and beer and then it was time for the Saturday night Spit, giveaways and general shenanigans. The choice of beverage for the night was a lovely black bottle of my friend Mr Beams wares intertwined with a few user friendly cans as well! The night started well with a ripper spit roast before I then somehow found myself in charge of the megaphone reading out ticket numbers and merchandise descriptions – doing this really drove home the generosity of our sponsors and MASSIVE effort put in by Fro chasing them all up (so please peoples, show some respect and gratitude to both the sponsors and Fro and jump on Noodles thread – found HERE – and let us know what you got and what you think!)…. I had a ball doing this (even if I felt I was starting to lose my voice – thankfully I was able to get Ned to run to the cabin for much needed replacement cans, purely for lubrication purposes of course), it was entertaining looking over the crowd and seeing some of the reactions – I think Kossy’s took the cake though! It was also here that I found out that apparently letting rip from one’s rear end into the megaphone’s microphone isn’t appreciated by the others that need to use it, despite how funny I thought it would be…. The reception doesn’t get any better the 2nd time either ?!?!? Following the “formal” part of the evening the kids (with some guidance from one certain Sean Mac) entertained themselves (and a lot of us) by seeing how many stickers they could get on people without them knowing! I moved around between the 2 fires until deciding again to call it quits at around midnight – wondering what time the inevitable door knocking would occur – surprisingly it didn’t happen until after 6am, by which time I was already stirring! Following breakfast (once again appreciative of the Hydradol tablets) I geared up and spent the morning riding with Ned and Nathan, our only hiccup coming when Ned’s clutch on his KLX started slipping so bad that it wouldn’t move. Thankfully Steve (SteveRR I think??) was behind us so we were in the process of getting ready to tow it out of Mr T when Cluffie came along, he questioned if there was free play on the lever (there wasn’t) so after Steve made a quick adjustment the bike was fine and we were able to continue on our merry way! Again both boys blew me away with the trails we were riding and the level of competence they displayed, even when I threw a track at them that I thought for sure would get the better of them! (which it did with Ned initially, but by the end of our stay he had conquered that as well!). Nath’s day came to an end at about midday so he and Rob could head home whilst Ned and I rode through till about 1-2pm before we decided to pull the pin ourselves and head into Mansfield for some lunch. When we returned the bulk of the people had left leaving only about 12-15 of us there…. Even Noods had surfaced from the bunkhouse and headed home – hopefully still with the sound of Destry’s pee wee ringing in his ears and the smell of its smoke still in his nostrils! Ned and I sat around for a short while before deciding we’d go for a bit of a 4wd (something which I have very limited experience at!). my initial plan was pretty much to just drive up to the ridgeline and along it to the end of the property. Once I got to the end I decided to try and back track along the previous day’s tracks to the look out. This ended up being a great experience and quality bit of time with Ned. There were some definite pucker moments on one of the hills which is really bloody steep in its own right but also has 2 short sharp erosion mounds thrown in for good measure – whilst this would probably be nothing for experienced off roaders for me it was a definite ring tightening experience! About half way through this explore I became really thankful that the car was duel fuel and running on gas as I suddenly noticed I had not petrol at all despite setting out with a half a tank – it would have been a long walk back if not for the gas! Sunday night was a much quieter affair that started once again with a few fireside cans followed by another ripper Parma and more of Starglens excellent hospitality which included some homemade sweets and cakes which everyone raved about and free bowls of ice cream for the kids! A few more drinks around the fire after tea and general chit chat amongst those left before everyone pulled the pin by about 11pm! On Monday morning we had a relative sleep in (about 8:30 or so) before getting up and enjoying another great breakie, saying good bye to those that were heading off then gearing up again for what was to become our last day of riding. Ned and I headed out once again covering our favourite tracks which included Ned smashing both the long uphill single that had caught people out on my Saturday ride and also smashing the short climb that had beaten him the day before (although it did take 2 attempts – the first resulted in his first flip! Ned then decided that the time had come to tackle a trail ride on his KX (up until that point he had just been riding it around the tracks close to the lodge) so off we went on that. I wasn’t sure how he would go as he is not overly aggressive and having ridden it a fair bit myself I had discovered that it had no bottom end at all – if it wasn’t revving it wasn’t going!!... much to my surprise (and pleasure) he rode it really well and whilst he opted not to tackle any of the “optional hills” that he had been doing he smashed all of the singles near the hut and ripped along Mr T as well! Although I had initially booked to stay the Monday night as well we decided at about lunch time to pull the pin and head home so that we could spend cup day with Elly and Jac at a bbq we had been invited to so we packed up and headed off in the early arvo. I’ve got to say that the feeling when getting off the bikes after that last ride and looking at Ned who, like me, was injury free, was one of the best feelings of the weekend – our xmas trip wasn’t going to be ruined!! Whilst loading up I remembered my petrol situation and got nervous when I noticed that my gas was flicking between red and orange (meaning it was really low) so before leaving I made a couple of phone calls, first to Bonnie Doon servo who didn’t have gas and then to Merton who thankfully did! The drive there was very slow and it was a huge relief to pull up next to the bowser! From there it was a stock standard trip home full of Ned telling me all about his rides (I think he forgot I was there on them with him!) and making plans for our next trip (which won’t be till April next year L ). Anyway, well done if you’ve read all of that and see you on the next one!!
  7. Great thread Noods Being tasked with the job of reading out each of the give aways on the night it really hit home just how many great sponsors there were and the huge amount of items donated! Like you noods, I walked away with a Funnel Web filter voucher and a stubby holder. Ned got a $50 B&B Offroad voucher and a Barkbusters stubby holder. Very keen to get the filter to try it out and to have a browse of the B&B site to select something for one of our bikes! Come on peeps - share some love and let us all know how you went!
  8. Property Investment

    Have heard of inner city boutique real estate agencies employing people to manage portfolios of clients proprties on Air BnB ..... first heard of it when I went to an open for inspection at an apartment in a warehouse conversion at the back of Richmond Station, the whole marketing campaign was around short term holiday rentals (air bnb) - they had projected lease returns v projected short term rental returns etc available at the inspection... they allegedly managed other properties in the area and alleged that January short term returns alone equated to over half of a 12 month lease!
  9. Leatt 6.5

    I think that will get snapped up pretty quickly! If I wasn't on a spending freeze I'd be dam keen myself!
  10. Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    That's freaky watching on your phone and being able to look everywhere- brilliant!
  11. Otway Magic

    can someone confirm that I've logged onto the right forum thismorning - this image is not even remotely like anything I've ever seen from a dirtbike weekend before?!?!?! jokes aside, sounds like a great weekend - well done for putting it on Rat Finke one day I will eventually make the effort to experience an Ottways ride! (one day!)
  12. Buzz's "cruisy" level 3 ride

    Good Summary Adz - was a brilliant day... Early in the week I was thinking that my only opportunity to ride would be a 1/2 day on Sunday, so I was thinking of trying to organise a Dissa ride when my phone beeped with a message from Buzz - we'd been trying to do a ride together for quite some time but due to our kids sports leaving us with incompatible ride days it was proving to be easier said then done! There had been one or 2 opportunities for me to jump on one of his rides but I knew my fitness (and I use that term VERY loosely) and snail pace would see me holding his normal group rides up and yesteday confirmed that for me! with the exception of the one climb up out of a new creek section that Adz referred to above the terrain is OK but there is no way I could get through one of his normal 80k + rides with his extra goodies added in! Anyway's onto yesterdays ride - was an absolute pearler! I was familiar with probably half of it but as usual the way Buzz joined it all together was brilliant. we covered a few tracks early on that I hadn't done in ages and its always great to revisit some old tracks and late in the day we did a couple older classics in reverse to what i normally do them with once again was fantastic. My day didnt get off to a great start with a trip into and then over the bars less than 5 minutes into the ride - my neck, chest and shoulders are feeling it today! we were on the same track I normally start my rides on but doing it in reverse and we were riding into the sun with the trees providing a bit of a strobe light effect and I popped over one exposed tree root and didnt see the 2nd one, which of course my front wheel jammed up against meaning before a i knew it my back wheel was doing its best to get in front of me! thankfully that ended up being my only real off as such for the day (the bars did touch the ground on numerous other occasions though!). Everytime I went to get off the couch last night i was waiting for the cramps to hit but surprisingly they didnt - even with cramps though it was the sorest and most tired I've been following a ride in a long time! Thanks Buzz for putting on the ride and Cruiser, Booj and BigAdz for joining in on the fun - was a great days riding! and hats off to those of you who manage to follow the man around on one of his normal loops - impressive stuff!
  13. The Walking Dead

    Yep, didn't watch it for the 1st 3 or 4 seasons then bit the bullet and was hooked pretty quickly! Have also been watching Fear the Walking Dead but whilst I enjoy that as well it's just not the same!
  14. Beta 300 leaking coolant

    been a few years - hopefully they have rectified it now... pretty sure Cluffie was one of the people on the ride who recommended I replace them all!