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  1. Might be worth a shot getting hold of 2 stroke pipe repairs on Facebook, send him a message with some photos - worth a shot to see if he can fix it?
  2. The rack n roll is meant to be the ducks guts... But also the dearest!
  3. Good vid mate (other than your bloody hydration mouth piece)!!
  4. That's "good"...... there were reports before I went to bed last night that he had done his shoulder, both wrists and a foot.... Glad that they appear false..
  5. Dont undersell it mate - that was a bloody inch ant!
  6. As has already been stated, thanks to Murdoch for putting the weekend on and for all who were involved in one way or another, be it leading a ride, sweeping a ride or attending a ride (and to Mel for watching over the camp site whilst we were all riding!) The weekend was perfect timing for me to test out my "new" van and I'm so glad I did! I had to work Friday so didnt get away from Nuna until approx 6pm and after a couple quick stops I phoned ahead and picked up some fish and chips on the way through Yarra Junction before meeting up with Cruiser in Millgrove. After we'd eaten we then set
  7. He was loving it - we even foolishly followed Murdoch into the unknown at one point yesterday and he was very impressed with the Mousse and tyre combination that he has fitted !
  8. This is spot on and by far your best option.... 350 odd acres of private property for riding (making it totally legal). Basic (very basic) accommodation on site - choice of either bunks in a dorm type room or "motel" rooms with a double and bunks. They have BBQ's on site that you can use but they also offer a bistro/bar with well priced pub style meals that always hit the mark and are well priced. Your accommodation also includes a continental breakfast each with a good selection of cereals, toast and tea/coffee/juice (usually some pastries and fruits as well). They also offer a cooked brea
  9. Good video Andy - what area was that, looked like fun!
  10. 2t4me

    Tapatalk Issue

    Alright - this now seems to be resolved. I had to search for the forum again in tapatalk and then log into it in tapatalk but is now working fine... You may also find that if it had disapeared for you and you've got the ap open that you may need to close it again and open before searching for the forum again. hope this helps
  11. Morning All We are aware of an issue where Dirtriderz doesn't seem to be available currently on Tapatalk - it is being looked into and an update will be provided when possible - we have no idea what has occurred or why at this point of time. IF you already have it open it seems to still work until you close the app - if you close it when you reopen it it is no longer available - so if you use tapa and its open i'd recommend you dont close it for now!!!! Again - we will provide updates when possible and we don't know anymore about it than you do!! Cheers
  12. Pretty sure at some stage in this thread the question was asked about a dealer network for the new orange Gas Gas bikes.... just saw this pop up on my facebook: https://www.gasgas.com/en-au/find-a-dealer.html
  13. nothing wrong with the TT350 (besides being 4 strokes of course!) congrats on the bike and welcome to the forum - check out the rider grading thread and keep an eye out for a suitable ride!
  14. Great day! I'll start with the thanks! Angelena for getting the ball rolling - great effort - we had discussed one and thought with such a small time frame between restrictions lifting and Xmas itself that it wouldn't get much interest (how wrong we were!) Toby, Bear and Yates for putting your hand up to lead the 3 individual rides Bushy, Bruce, BearMX and Odie for sweeping and assisting on the beginners and L2+ rides The various people that went with Bear and Yates over the past week or so to put the respective loops together Efraim for coming along and Manning the BBQ despite not being