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  1. Is this legal?

    cant see why it wouldnt be?
  2. Tubeless tire sealants

    the problem with the fronts is probably just my gumbyness! i've done 2 successful front tyre changes but I've also had 2 occassions where i have managed to damage the inner HP tube (and damaged the actual red liner to point of ruining it once).. I just find that I have trouble getting the tyre off - and back on for that matter - with out catching the inner with the tyre levers... much easier on the rear with the wider rim... again, this isnt a issue everyone experiences and is likely down to my incompetence! (allthough I know I'm not alone)
  3. Tubeless tire sealants

    I just use tyre slime in mine from Repco. I carry a plug kit and a small hand pump in my flight vest and just a have a cheap pump at home for the the HP tubes... one of THESE I tend to ride every couple of weeks (usually - but less of late!) and the night before a ride I just chuck that pump on the HP tube, give it a few pmps till the guage is reading 110 or there abouts and then check my LP valve.... you won't regret the tubliss - its a great set up... my only issue is fitting front tyres with it - rears are easy but I dont have a good record with the fronts and now pay someone to do it!! another tip i'd recommend is putting both of your rim locks in your bag if going on group rides - in the rare event of you puncturing your HP tube you'll likely be able to grab a tube off someone on the ride but will need a rim lock!
  4. New to the forum

    Welcome to the site - nice choice of bike!