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  1. Gypsy501

    Ktm 250 exc for beginner/intermediate?

    +1 for the 250 2t , makes you a better rider and definitely more fun to ride [emoji106]
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    Where to ride in Macedon?

    I agree with BearMX , Whipsticks would be a much better and safer place for you to ride.
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    Smokers Lounge

    [emoji817] Cluffie, I think 100hours for a first piston change on a 300 is more then enough imo. I know the manual says every 40hours for a gear box/ clutch oil change, this guy pushes his out to 50hours ( trouble free ) I change mine every 10hours, as you say each to there own.
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    Smokers Lounge

    And trouble free jetting and fuel economy issues. [emoji106][emoji869][emoji108]
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    Smokers Lounge

    I’m sure he mentions one of his TPIs has done 150hours with no piston change and trouble free, so no issues with the oil pump for this guy with his fleet of TPIs, I’m assuming.
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