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  1. Still using the same frame from the last 30 years [emoji23][emoji12]
  2. Lucky you didn’t buy that $170 GT Gummy than, you would be crying after 1 ride-she would be toasted.[emoji23] Try the Dunlop MX53 F&R then .
  3. I edited the post about gummy tyre isn’t the tyre for sand
  4. Imo I don’t think the GT Fatty is the right tyre of choice for sand riding, the Fatty is more suited for rocks & roots- same as a Gummy Rear is totally not the right tyre for sand. The Fatty would just float on top of the sand and you would have no steering-you would be better of with a Dunlop MX33 80-100-21 front & 110-100-18 rear which would cut into the sand and steer much better.
  5. Dan, well done mate-she looks cool, all that work mate-you have to ride it before you sell it-or you would always wonder how she went.
  6. It would be awesome if JW could get a podium At Erzbergrodeo on a 350excf.
  7. The Dunlop 110-100-18 is fine for your 350excf mate- the next size up in the Dunlop is a 120-90-18. The 110 is better for turning and tracking through ruts -the 120 will help you get more traction on the steep hills and roll over slippery roots better.
  8. Iv heard this mentioned ( off idle ) a few times now and I just can’t understand what people are talking about, maybe I’m not In tuned enough with my TPIs - maybe next time we are out you can show me what it means. Thanks again for the video[emoji106][emoji108]
  9. Thanks for that Ben - I’m hooked on these bikes.The review after that one was good aswell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPlXYdd4op4
  10. Im assuming if your uses it for hard enduro style riding your running low pressure - and I know Britto normally runs low pressure aswell-I run 10psi-maybe these tyres don’t like the harder pressure-which makes them chunk out -dunno .
  11. Yep, that’s the problem with the tpi-the power delivery is that smooth you don’t even realise your spinning up the rear wheel.[emoji1783]
  12. Bicey, hows your Ibex holding up mate ? My with 4 rides on it is nearly cooked [emoji2]- 1 ride Wombat 3 rides Dissa 1 more ride left and she will be completely flattened. Awesome grip though.
  13. Noodles, are you doing dry July ? This is the first picture iv seen of you without a beer in there,haha
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