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  1. Gypsy501


    GO THE PIES !!!!!!![emoji869]
  2. Gypsy501

    new guy

    Welcome to Dirtriderz mate
  3. Gypsy501


    Welcome to Dirtriderz mate [emoji106]
  4. Gypsy501

    350 Club

    Out of all the bikes iv owned iv never started one WITHOUT using the choke
  5. Gypsy501

    350 Club

    Depending on what sort of riding your doing Fully , but your good for 110ks of the real tighter tracks. Read the book, if your choke isn’t staying in you need to adjust the throttle cables from the throttle tube, once the choke is pushed in you turn the throttle tube forward and she pops out, awesome design from KTM once you figure it out how it works.
  6. Gypsy501

    Gypsy’s lightening strikes at wombat

    No sorry mate
  7. Gypsy501

    End of an era (for me)

    Lol [emoji23], good to see your enjoying the 350 Scotland [emoji106]
  8. Gypsy501

    Gypsy’s lightening strikes at wombat

    Big thanks to the group of guys that came out yesterday, a very capable group of riders , it was on from the time we left the car park and pretty much didn’t stop , with the pace constant the hole time ,and no waiting on corners was awesome. Thanks Sabo for leading the last 15ks and Mevstar for sweeping. I very impressed with the fuel economy on the little 250tpi , pulled into the car park 99k and the fuel light had just come on , 1 tank of fuel. Thanks again guys , till the next one rock on [emoji869]
  9. Gypsy501


    Burke & Wills double swag has been good to me.
  10. No that’s not what I mean, RACV DONT INSURE REC REG BIKES at all , that’s what I mean.
  11. Iv been refunded in full aswell, Bruce trust me on this one your not covered, ring back tomorrow mate.
  12. It’s wrong mate, I spend hours on the phone with there managers arguing about this , you are not covered.
  13. Gypsy501

    Trax Shock

    Also the front axle is a different size
  14. Gypsy501

    Rider Grading System

    I was told parks Victoria put the pink ribbons in so they wouldn’t get lost.
  15. Gypsy501

    Trax Shock