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  1. If they brought this to Australia Farmer [emoji1842] Buzz would win the race on his Beta Farm bike.[emoji23][emoji106]
  2. The Racer guy rans Pirelli extraX front and Dunlop MX 52 rear tyres , good for flat tracks cornering speed.
  3. Lol [emoji23] -Rides a MX bike - no license or reg - no front & rear lights - rides for 1 hour and goes home - does carry a gps and gets lost - thinks his a hard enduro rider and starts riding creek beds
  4. I must of missed this ride in the organised ride section?
  5. Sweet bike Frank [emoji108]
  6. How bad are these fires ? I can smell smoke in my house and I’m in the north western suburbs??
  7. Shinko 525 Cheater still managing to find traction to get up The Wall unbelievable tyre[emoji108] And buy all means I’m not one to run tyres this low. I think iv been hanging around Buzz for to long [emoji23]
  8. Thanks for coming along guys and making this ride a enjoyable one . The ride blow out to 12 riders during the lead up witch was worrying me as iv only lead a max of 8 on this loop. We had a lot of Pornstars (pull outs) then ended up with 6 rides witch made it perfect. This ride I normally post as a higher lvl ride, but considering how dry it’s been and a couple of guys just wanting to take it easy the lvl 3 worked out well. Top effort from Grant for having a good crack, you rode well mate. I’m glad the ankle isn’t as serious than we first thought. I’m know how frustrating it is from coming back from injury it just take time. Keep getting out there Sabo , you rode good. Bubalu Dress Mevstar had a good solid day’s ride . Highlight of the day for me was watching Bubalu attack the left side XL track hill climb straight up through the middle over all the rock face step ups on the pegs, for anyone that knows this hill climb it is very hard and dangerous to attempt this line, awesome effort mate.[emoji106] Thanks again guys and till the next one Rock on [emoji869]
  9. Does anyone know or got any information if the 2020 Exc is going to get the new changes as the 2019 Xc has ????
  10. There is 2stroke and there is tpi [emoji41][emoji106]