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  1. Jono Jono Jono [emoji2368][emoji79][emoji2297] I understand why you went this option-it’s because you couldn’t find a ktm 150 [emoji12] When your son turns 10 you can get him a 150 then, lol Only having a joke mate - all the best for the little fella he will love it [emoji106]
  2. This weapon of a bike was the first 150 I ever rode and gave me the biggest smile & now I’m hooked [emoji106][emoji108]
  3. The thing that stuffs the oil pumps is getting dirt in there, I know guys that fill the engine oil up after every ride, there is no need - you can get an easy 30 hours out of the oil tank before the oil light comes on and even then you can still get a full tank of fuel with the oil light on with plenty oil still left. The less times you open the engine oil cap the better-the less chance dirt getting in. The new generation TPI’s have a oil screen now. So much dirt gets in under them caps. Since iv been running the Slavens oil cap cover no more dirt gets in under anymore. https://slavensracing.com/shop/ktm-hqv-tpi-oil-filler-sleeve-by-tworide/
  4. Yes he did mention the oil pump aswell-$1500 he said. I don’t know anyone that changes the oil pump less then 200hours.
  5. Fingers crossed for you mate[emoji1696] What bike you got your eyes set on mate ?
  6. With my curiosity I rang a well known ktm dealer yesterday and got a quote for a top (300tpi) $1100 parts&labour.
  7. Congratulations buddy - good times ahead Dann[emoji106]
  8. Electric bikes will well and truly be our only option by then[emoji106]
  9. I’m a little bit worried for you Hoff - your going to get bored with a tpi - not going to have stuff to fiddle around with[emoji8]
  10. Hey mate, there are a few 2020-21 300tpi with low hours popping up all the time they don’t last long you have to be quick. If the extra weight isn’t a issue check out the Gasgas there doing really good deals atm.
  11. Of topic a little bit- (I’m curious) , does anyone know what a topend will cost at a shop, parts & labour?
  12. Post up a ride there Pete I’d be keen
  13. All Brand Models Styles welcomed - The 2022s will be here in another 2-3 months , post up if you have put a deposit down on one or are thinking about one later in the year. Il get this started: Brand-Ktm Model- 150tpi Terrian- General trail riding & I’m also thinking about a Brand-Ktm Model-250excf Terrian- General trail riding
  14. Well yesterday I rode the 300 that had been sitting there for awhile as I was having so much fun on the “little Pocket Rocket” and it really showed me how much the 150 really teachers you technique and skills - were as the 300 you purely rely on the power to do everything for you. I actually felt more confident hitting the hills on the 150 then I did yesterday with the 300 & definitely slower on the big girl. Bring on the 2022 150tpi I can’t wait[emoji120]
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