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  1. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Well done TRAILZ for having a crack and stepping up [emoji106], your only going to improve, you won’t get better if you keep riding the same lvl and forest each week imo, top effort mate keep it up.[emoji106]
  2. Who Havn't You Seen On Here In A Long Time ?

    Good to here your back on the bike mate.[emoji106]
  3. 350 riders

    Frank if you can try and stretch yourself and get a 2017 350excf hole new engine and frame design at a 104kg the bike is so smooth & light to ride and heaps of power and the Xplore forks are awesome imo . Oh buy the way iv had no problems with flame outs either, keep in mind Sprocket ratios and aftermarket Mufflers play a big part in flame outs.
  4. Cobaw from a different angle

    Well said mate [emoji106]
  5. Who Havn't You Seen On Here In A Long Time ?

    Cammo300 (Roostinfile)
  6. Eye Spy

    Kick this thread off again
  7. Caption This Photo

    Beta riders be warned!
  8. Four Word Game

    About the start time
  9. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    The weekend is taking to slow to come around [emoji35]
  10. Toolangi 14/4

    Good ride report guys, Toolangi is awesome riding especially in the wet[emoji3]
  11. Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    Primo weather today we have been waiting for the wet weather for so long , how could you think of canceling [emoji86], bring on the rain I say [emoji3][emoji108] Good ride report, well done to the 3 that pushed on.[emoji106]
  12. New knee braces.

    Pod k800 or K400
  13. New knee braces.

    Amx Keilor Park have a good range