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  1. 3 things I noticed from my 19 250tpi is that the 2020 is unbelievably smoother again - there is a lot more punch of the bottom & Suspansion seems plusher.
  2. 4th gear wheelies isn’t tight technical - sounds like you like riding firetrails so the big bore 4T is the bike for you.
  3. Mate you say you ride tight technical tracks-as Mick has mentioned above your looking at the wrong bikes.
  4. I was actually telling Wade the only way the SC5 rear gets grip if you run them a really low psi with Tubliss like yourself Mev & Habs , they are terrible for someone like me who runs UHDTs at 8-10psi, but he each to there own[emoji106]
  5. Oh yes Chris please thank your wife for that wonderful cake [emoji106]
  6. What a bloody good ride today it was. I had a blast. Wade & Shaun are top blokes and can ride. Neerim Mick puts on terrific rides with endless amazing tracks that gets the adrenaline pumping.[emoji108] We could not have asked for better weather conditions with the ground so wet and the sun shining for most of the day. It was grouse. My first ride on the 150 and I absolutely loved it. 150tpi might be coming soon[emoji41] Great job Mick501 for sweeping all day and thanks again Neerim Mick and thanks to the rest of the crew for an awesome day. Till the next one......Rock on [emoji869]
  7. Mate your going to kill that 110 Shinko with 1 ride on a 450 doing 3-4th gear, the 525 Shinko is a soft rubber compared to the bridgy x30 witch is a intermediate tyre plus the x30 110-100-18 is a wider tyre then the 525 110-100-18.Imo you should of went the 120-100-18, I destroyed my 110 Shinko on my 250 in 4 rides . The 120-100-18 is unreal for grip and wear 50hours and she still hooks up.
  8. What bike do you ride Adste?The reason I ask is the 525 Cheater 110-100-18 is a very narrow tyre, more suited for a low capacity bike like a 200,150,125.
  9. 40hours Mick will be time for a update soon.[emoji16] I’m happy to carry a spare Carby in my backpack for Saturday’s ride mate just let me know .[emoji41]
  10. Welcome to Dirtriderz mate, there are a few on here that ride the Grampians.
  11. Thanks guys for a fun day out at Dissa yesterday- most who know me know I like riding in the rain. With 2 pornstars we had 5 riders 1 mechanical problem so 4 finishers. “The Hoff Show” the Zebra ate up everything that was served to him, like a champion he is,well done old mate. Good to meet Mile23 a positive fun kid to be around with a good attitude-I think we will be seeing more of this guy on Dirtriderz. It was a bummer to see you go so early Chris-Hopefully to ride again soon once the bike is sorted. It’s alway good riding with you and having you on a ride Bubalu.i can never find anything bad to say about you only that you ride a Beta[emoji23] For me it was good to be back on the 250- I have some work to do as the 300 has made me become lazy and the skill lvl as dropped backwards. Big thanks again for everyone making yesterday a great fun day out on the bikes. Cheers Till the next one Rock on [emoji869]
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