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  1. Just want to wish our mate “Farmer Buzz” all the best as he leaves for Romaniacs in a couple of weeks. Please get behind our Dirtriderz buddy and send him a message of support along with any other Dirtriderz members going over there.
  2. Wow, what a ride TOBY you done it mate, this ride ticked all the boxes for me, earlier start time, prime DIRTBIKE riding conditions, a solid full days ride, plenty of challenging hills, endless flowing tracks, not many breaks, a good fun crew with plenty of banter, a true lvl 3+ ride. Big thanks again to TOBY mate you have done a awesome good with Tallarook, I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks also to Cluffie Buzz Nasty & Habs for a great day out on the bikes. High Light for me was watching Habs smash through rock garden hill climbs like they weren’t even there, your a natural mate. Till the next one guys, Rock On [emoji869]
  3. Do you know if there is any signs up saying private property Daniel?
  4. Welcome to Dirtriderz mate [emoji106]
  5. I haven’t been up there for a few years, but the guys the other day said they seen no signs.
  6. Iv just been talking to a couple of mates and the famous Tallarook look out that all of us Dirtridez have been to actually is Private Property can anyone confirm this ? The other question is can a land owner do whatever he wants ( cable across tracks ) on his property? Not fenced of or any sings saying Private Property?
  7. Well done Trent top effort mate[emoji106] Great coaching/pit crew Gary [emoji106]
  8. Metal Cable across track I was talking to a mate yesterday, him and his brother were riding Tallarook last Friday-heading up the track to the very popular look out when his brother who was leading got cleaned up from a cable tied across the track from 2 trees. Very serious guys please be careful.
  9. Team Orange [emoji521] now Danial [emoji106]
  10. I was going to say, you had me worried there for a minute- I was starting to think your lvl 3+ dindi ride was all fire trails to get 100ks out of a tank [emoji23] I know the TX has a 10l tank compared to the 8.5l tpi .
  11. Do you get a 100ks out of a tank on your lvl 3+ dindi ride ?
  12. To help you out get a little bit better fuel economy and not spending to much money the JD jetting kit would be your best bet mate.
  13. You mean buy a Yamaha WR450F Danial?[emoji13]
  14. I done this and help me get 80ks Save $1000 and put it towards a tpi imo
  15. Tori is that you in the Herald Sun today?
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