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  1. Half of the day them hard enduro riders are pulling and lifting there bikes up and over obstacles so the 3kgs less Carby bikes makes life easier for them. Yes for the average trail rider like myself that doesn’t want to stuff around with jetting and worry about fuel the tpi is awesome [emoji106]
  2. Welcome to Dirtriderz mate[emoji106] Andrew2018 has posted up his 2019 ktm 300tpi-great bike with all the good gear on it ready to go.
  3. Happy birthday RIDER ( The Machine )[emoji106]
  4. Iv been carrying these for years, when a rider is screaming in pain in the middle of nowhere these pills are great to palm things down.
  5. Jay your going to need more then Nurofen ,mate if your stuck half way down log bridge track at Goughs Bay with a broken leg and you have no phone or Ebirp all your got is your gps and your little fire, good luck bud. Also remember TAC is a non fault cover so you will be covered if your off the main tracks.
  6. This subject goes down with bike maintenance and carrying tools spare tubes-so many selfish guys out there that don’t carry anything because they want to be the fastest guy on the ride and rely on other riders when something goes wrong. I am shocked to know how many riders don’t even carry there phone with them and when asked why the response I get is other guys will have there phone on them .
  7. Good subject , this is another thing people don’t think about until it actually happens to them or a mate on the trails . - a lot of people don’t realise that the 000 ambo can’t track your phone call to know were you are, SO if you don’t know exactly what track your on or near your screwed. - as mentioned a lot of places we ride has no phone coverage. Answer your question number 2 , I will be pressing my Eperb.
  8. Hi and welcome to Dirtriderz Staffy Just letting you know Staffy you can still get flats with Tubliss AND if something goes through that inner tube you are F******
  9. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/ktm/xbow I hope my rear shock spring will fit[emoji23]
  10. Same mate , I had no idea aswell, bought a yz450 for my first bike and carried nothing , I learnt very quick when I was nearly dying of thirst and drinking out of the creek.
  11. I like the way you roll Andy [emoji106]
  12. There is one more thing you need to fix Mick[emoji23]
  13. Aren’t they a pain to fit ?
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