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  1. New member

    Jump on the Christmas ride at Tallarook definitely will meet heaps of good fellas [emoji106]
  2. New member

    Well done mate, it’s going to go quite now with the warm weather now here, but keep an eye out on the organised ride section and check out the rider grading system so you know what level you are, best advice is jump on a level 2 ride and move up from there, hope this helps mate, and you will meet some unreal people on here and make some good riding buddies.🤙[emoji869]
  3. New member

    Welcome to Dirtriderz mate, what year 350 do you have?
  4. The morning after shots... Bonnie Doon

    It can’t be Noodles he doesn’t have the hot coal under the chair.[emoji86]
  5. Leatt 6.5

    Normally $930 If your a Medium you are one Lucky person
  6. Got our Rocks off at Cobaw

    What’s this crap I read take a break??? Mate we need to have a serious talk [emoji35] You know what you have to do ,No sex no beer no late nights before a ride Sabo[emoji41] I know what will fix them Forks its called Xplore Forks you get them when you buy a 2018 KTM 300exc [emoji12]
  7. Got our Rocks off at Cobaw

    Yes definitely got my Rocks off[emoji12] Good crew and perfect weather and different tracks then last week [emoji108] I finely came across a hill climb that I did a couple of years ago that was a real killer in the wet, we came down it today but Dakota knows were the spot is for next time to go up[emoji16]. Thanks again Dakota for leading Cluffie for sweeping and 5exc Sabo for a good day on the bike. ROCK ON[emoji869]
  8. Good luck Mevstar [emoji106]
  9. Nice touch [emoji108]
  10. Who else from this forum is racing ? I only know Mevstar and Buzz are.
  11. Seat step ups or humps?

    +1 with Mario Topline, you don’t need the hump with his covers there is that much Grip you won’t slide back.
  12. Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    Big thanks to Dekota for leading once again a awesome loop with great tracks that had me smiling from ear to ear all day, also big thanks for supplying 40liters of fuel with a fuel drop and beers for the fellas after the ride what a top bloke and also thanks for starting the ride at a good time so some of us with young kids can still spend the afternoon with them.[emoji106] Hope your ok Tiny, one [emoji121]️ more before the heat kicks in Dekota [emoji108]
  13. Jammed throttle cable

    Your barkbusters or bar end isn’t push in on your throttle tube?
  14. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Sink have a good one mate.
  15. Flipping a rear tyre.

    Wouldn’t it make a mess aswell? How long will that take ? I would of turned 5 Tyres by the time they grind every Nob[emoji86]