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  1. Gypsy501

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Cool vid mate[emoji106] Be good to catch up with you, is your brother coming up aswell??
  2. Gypsy501

    hello from Greece

    Hi welcome to Dirtriderz [emoji106] Do you ride dirt bikes in Greece ?
  3. Gypsy501

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    I seen that mate BUT did you really have to add Beta to your name,lol Spewing you can’t make these dates mate. Yeah mate it’s good here , better then Facebook [emoji14]
  4. Gypsy501

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Hey mate, good to see you joined up [emoji106]
  5. Hey Bear iv seen guys CUT the bit that wraps around the back of the fork off. That will make them look like the new Generation fork guards.[emoji106]
  6. Gypsy501

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Bruce what’s your opinion on witch bike you think would be more suited for the Goughs Bay ride, the Fx350 or the 300exc ? I would think the Fx would be ok , but then i think about some of them real steep technical hill climbs on Habs original loop were she might flame out.
  7. Gypsy501

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Habs did you guys do Dakota track ? Bruce how was FX up there handle the creek section ok ?
  8. Gypsy501

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Oh yeah mate, my favourite ride place and now more new tracks, yyyeeehhhaaa!!! 8.55 that’s what it’s all about, cracker hill climb and then turn around to a awesome view [emoji108] Good work [emoji106]
  9. Gypsy501


    Welcome to Dirtriderz [emoji106]
  10. Gypsy501

    2013 rmz 250

    Check out Clarke or Acerbis or Ims .
  11. Gypsy501

    Peak hour traffic

    I find they are 5ks more then what I’m doing, if I’m on 100ks it always shows 105ks on the speed check.
  12. Gypsy501

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Spot on mate, but it seems like people have to learn this mistake for them selfs.
  13. Gypsy501

    Peak hour traffic

  14. Gypsy501

    Peak hour traffic

    But then we are the bad guys for tailgating, Well if they were obeying the law from the start and not sitting in the right lane there would be no tailgating [emoji86]
  15. Gypsy501

    Peak hour traffic

    Cars sitting in the right lane , is the reason why I get bad road range[emoji35]