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  1. It will be interesting-the Sherco crew of 2020 might have no choice but to go back to the Factory Beta for 2022. At least buy then you Bruce will have the jetting specs worked out for them[emoji106]
  2. No FI like the ktm , this info has come from a Victorian Sherco dealer.
  3. Danny How many beers before a ride would you recommend?
  4. Apparently 2022 Sherco 2ts will be FI .
  5. You would find they are already sold bikes, very minimal floor stock atm, and even more surprising it’s very very hard to get your hands on a 250tpi exc .
  6. This 300 isn’t mine , I just finished setting it up for a mate.
  7. Congratulations mate, post up in the Sherco thread on your thoughts once you have had a couple of rides.
  8. Check out this thread mate
  9. What Cluffie said- plus who knows when the last time the suspension was serviced.