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  1. I’d rather replace a air filter than a engine.
  2. For me it was the First time to the Grampians First time riding sand First time riding with females First time riding 210ks in one day. Big thanks to Macka for putting this weekender on it was a great experience and to top it off it was awesome meeting such nice local people from Horsham. Thanks to the support crew carry the fuel & food. Thanks to the cooks for there fantastic food. Thanks Bill for your help sweeping with me all day top effort mate[emoji106] Super cool effort for the girls aswell & getting up Launders track [emoji106][emoji108] Launders & Carters track got me so excited [emoji1782][emoji1782] How funny is the Grave Digger top bloke [emoji106]
  3. No different than drowning a 4stroke , same process.
  4. KTM350 if you do decide to buy a tpi mate the best advice I can give you is don’t stuff around with them and make engine modifications ( Tpi Facebook page ) that’s when you will start getting problems, the bikes are amazing as they are. And to answer your question, buy a tpi over a Carby all day everyday day[emoji108][emoji106]
  5. Like last year on a zero degrees Wombat ride all the Carby bikes wouldn’t run,screw drivers out adjusting air screws, lol [emoji23][emoji23] The tpi bikes just start and ride no dramas [emoji108][emoji106]
  6. Congratulations mate , your going to love this bike.[emoji106] Leave it original imo
  7. Lol, if it’s a real bike you should had bought the Yamaha then[emoji1782]
  8. You would need a 3 tonne car Hoist if you had a Yamaha [emoji317]
  9. That’s why you just bought a new 350 ??[emoji23]
  10. Happy birthday Noodles catch up for a ride soon [emoji106]
  11. Welcome to Dirtriderz mate [emoji106]
  12. My money is on Brownballs to win tonight’s piss up competition last man standing [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji12] Drink up lads [emoji481]
  13. Happy birthday 2t4me [emoji106]
  14. Wow $400, that’s even more than a Ktm starter , that doesn’t seem right Beta are meant to be cheaper in parts ??
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