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  1. Hazeldene General Store, is closer and you can get fuel and hot food to eat .
  2. Welcome to Dirtriderz mate[emoji106] Lol , I think 90% of us brought a yz450f for our first bike.
  3. How did you go Rob , did you find yourself a tpi ?
  4. KOSCIUSKO KILLER HARD ENDURO! Grassroots! Saturday 17-04-21 Sunday 18-04-21 Post up here and give your support to our DirtriderZ members for this weekend-that are racing the Grassroots round this weekend up at Kosciusko. I wish you all a safe trip up there & back. Safe riding as well. You guys are carrying the DirtriderZ flag so do us proud. All the best[emoji106] If there are any other DirtriderZ members that are also racing let us know. Frankwrc Buzz Beta_Bushman Willo Jack R
  5. The Buxton Pub have rooms-sleep 4 to a room , there not flash but do the job.
  6. Yes I do carry a tow rope - but if old mate doesn’t have a front Tugger strap I can’t help him.
  7. Definitely go new, I understand it has 6k of extras-pull them off and sell what you can, or you will be forever putting money back into this old bike, cut your ties with the bike -once you get a new bike you won’t look back.
  8. Bump Iv been noticing a lot of bikes without Front Tugger straps lately-and it’s generally the ones that need the helping hand on rides - maybe it’s because they don’t realise how unsafe it is as they are never the ones doing the pulling.
  9. I have to agree with Hummdinger - definitely a great bike for faster flowing tracks-not a ideal bike for the slow techy stuff. If your looking for a second bike for the more open tracks I’d say go for it Habs. It will be the perfect bike for your Bendigo loop. They are a cross-country bike = that’s why there so good at going fast.
  10. That’s a awesome picture 150 & Goughs Bay= love it [emoji108][emoji106]
  11. Nice picture[emoji106] Where was this taken?
  12. Welcome to Dirtriderz Steve[emoji106]