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  1. Welcome Troy, sorry to hear lil ones not well. Hopefully the planets line up for you next time. Hubby & i are around narre & hope to get out on the bikes soon too. See you out there soon
  2. Congrats chickadee. Look forward to seeing you out there Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. Hello Fellow Members, As the heading suggests we came across some 2nd hand gear neither hubby or I need and will be bringing them with us to the weekender if anyone would like to do the same there will be a designated table/spot to leave goodies – all are welcome to help themselves and if I could request a couple of gold coins donation being made to any gear taken which will contribute to the running of our great and much appreciated forum I know when I started the cost of buying gear for the first time was a bit of a shock especially when you’ve just bought your weapon of choice, so I am of the hope that someone in need of riding gear can benefit from some slightly tarnished gear until or when new gear is needed spanks peeps See you all @ the weekender geared up coise
  4. Happy belated birthday Angelena & Tazzy. Hoping you both had a great day
  5. Happy belated birthdays to neverrest, bikenut, kbuxx & rider Hope you all enjoyed your days
  6. Looking groovy Fro - well done Could you plez pop us down for; 2 - 2XL 2 - LG Spanks muchly
  7. Welcome Blackers Enjoy the benefits of this great forum Lovely choice in bike too
  8. Welcome Kylie Great to see another chickadee riding & hope to catch you on a ride in the near future. Noice choice of bike too. Had the pleasure of riding a WR250 in a paddock few years back. Definitely enjoyed it hehe. ..
  9. Happy birthday Cluffie & hope u have an awesome day / weekend with your fam
  10. Wishing you a happy birthday roomie & enjoy your day
  11. Happy birthday Macka & hope ur enjoying the day