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  1. Name and shame. Businesses that rip off customers should be held accountable.
  2. woweee mate she's real nice. can't wait to see you throw her round the trails [emoji38]
  3. This might be an option for you Mick
  4. Nice write up rippers!
  5. Anyone else seen these going cheap? Radum don't have stock and don't know when :/
  6. Damn cheap compared to the others around
  7. Is this the one you have
  8. Anyone got a recommendation on bike stands? Anyone got one of these Wondering how stable that would be when actually working on the bike. I've got an old basic lift stand but has had better days.
  9. i bought a pair of 100% racecraft from mx store a cpl months ago. $109. i sweat like a pig and so far so good no fog up. they're great!
  10. Great idea! There's a decent write up here seems to cover most of it. Audio quality as well as content of course so important. I cringe listening to podcasts with poor audio.
  12. Try here mate
  13. I looked at all different types of mounts but couldn't find anything that would survive a crash. Ended up with one of these. Had to mod the foam a little but worked well. Also use motionx app. Was the best around last time I looked.
  14. Yeh mines on 108 have set it all to sport. Will see how it goes on the next ride but will prob bite the bullet and get it setup right.