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  1. Exploring Whipsticks

    Thanks trailz for posting this ride and walkahz for tail duties all day. I had a great day with my third attempt at whipsticks. I was chuffed to complete the day. As always a great bunch of blokes to ride with. Had a bit of a giggle when dazrmx sliding stop beside me and made just enough contact for me to lose my footing and slowly I fell to the ground. Almost abbott and costello style.. Thanks colinl.
  2. Whipsticks-Ballan level 2 step up

    . Thanks so much to trailz for organizing the ride.thanks so much bear for returning me back to the i pulled out of the ride early due to starting and running issues of my i didn't want to ruin the day for others..yesterday i went to the shed to either repair my bike or get another one. Pulled the as the ace of spades.ready to resit the clip on the needle. Ah embarrassing moment. And Dont tell anyone. Choke lever out. Na couldn't have.(i was thinking). In with the choke.started right up.rode around my place for 30 minutes. Not a issue. Doh. Anyway thanks again.
  3. whipsticks

    thanks pete, ive taken my bike back to the shop, normally ill deal with it myself but seen as ive only recently purchased it. they can deal with. and with any great bike shop.they said they will,.
  4. whipsticks

    Whipsticks, my first ride at whipsticks, what a day of fun, laughter mayhem and what the.... after my bike falling of the trailer I should have gone home then. Then both halla and mickgeelong having to kick start their steeds due to battery issues, after the first hill that I successfully made a third of the way up, then the kicking started. I don't have a button you see. finally she starts unfortunately I spent most of the day kicking, kicking, kicking, really must say that not one crook word was spoken and no one even thought of offering me a match. Second loop benby joins us. Off we go heading along smoothly and then a grinding stop, halla decides to take his bike for a swim, benby jumps into action. It's right fellas. I know what to do, I saw it on youtube. That had to be the line of the day. So in short a lot of kick starting, one drowning, one off, one fowled plug but in my view a lot of fun was had as well. Although there was only four of us, I would definitely ride with them again. Thanks for a great and patient day fellas, bike is in the shop tomorrrow. cheers colinl
  5. Spark plugs?

    my bike hates normal plugs for some reason.i use the laser iridium.$26.50 a bike is happy. have asked my bike shop the question, reply was, thats weird,
  6. What are you watching on TV

    dr who. my two girls are hooked on it.
  7. crf450r

    hi, ive recently purshased a 2008 crf450r. done the usal.changed the plug,fluids ect. went out for a ride on sunday. as i was cruising around it had a slight miss,however riding with a bit of pace it was fine. infact scary fine,front wheel lofting fine, my question is the miss at slow speeds normal due to it being a r model.set the plug gap wrong,or just done something when i did the minor service. thanks colin.
  8. Whipsticks in June

    glad you guys had a great day. (na not really) i did get out today but rather yesterdays ride as i was on my pat malone today. sad face.
  9. Hi can I please order a black hooded zip hoodie size 2xl. Can I please have your payment details. Address is 545 Tranter Rd, Toolleen, Vic 3551. Cheers Colin. 

  10. road bike.

    well i've gone and done it, went a got myself a road bike. why. buggered if i know. after a accident around four years ago,in which i nearly lost a leg. i've gone and got myself a road bike again,went and got a little 2003 kawasaski z1000. only riden it three times,went through the twisties from kinglake to healsville,bike loved it. hoping to do a phillip island track day soon. i've done a few track days. unfortunately the dirt bike as been forgotten for a few weeks, anyway see ya out there. cheers colin
  11. What Line Of Work Are We In?

    toolleen. between heathcote and elmore.
  12. What Line Of Work Are We In?

    i'm a hoof podiatrist. farrier. more of a remedial farrier nowadays.
  13. hi jamie, welcome. i'm just down the road from you in toolleen.we are about the same ride level, i like riding cobaws as well. we should catch up one day.
  14. Enfield 25 October - The LV2 guys hit it good

    thanks wobbler for a great day, i had a blast, thanks lindon for sweeps, great job, guys, i had.nt been on the bike for a while. so was itching to get out, was not dissapointed. great mixture of terrain,bit dusty,the second hill challenge got the best of me, oh well i.ll get it next time, great bunch of blokes aswell. thanks all i enjoyed the day,
  15. Tazzy's What's Made You Happy Today Thread

    congragulations tazzy. having two girls of my own,i know how proud you must be,