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    Hellow, my name is steve and im a motor technician that lives in melbournes west.I have a few hobbies that include scuba diving,fishing,sporting shooting,boating,jetskis and trail bikes.Im a seasonal rider that only rides in the colder months of the year.

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  1. This was my first bike i ever owned ,you will find the swingarm has plastic bushes , and not bearings so it will be just build up of crap along with rust .The auto decomp is very reliable & early YZ parts will fit ok .
  2. What you have described should be reported to police before someone gets killed.
  3. If the property in question borders a Forrest and the land owner doesn't take reasonable action to mark his or hers boundary ,then yes a large amount of blame will lay with the owner. If the property is similar to the large paddock that's private in Mt Dissa approaching Hamburger one ,and the cable is put in the centre of this property ,then yes the blame lays with the trespasser.
  4. You can do what ever you chose to do on your property (legally) no different than you putting a wire cable from one end to the other in your back yard.
  5. Wish you all the luck but Daniel,was speaking to Eden Craft in Geelong and they too were struggling to find decent glassers & laminators
  6. sg67


    For starters you buy in areas that will be highly sorted in a few years,Sunshine in about 5 years time will be what Moonee Ponds is today,Melton in the same time will be what Sunshine was and so on.
  7. sg67


    I highly dont believe the housing market bubble will explode but i do think the days of making $200,000 plus on property are gone unless you bought and keep it over the years.
  8. sg67


    Property over 1 million are the ones going to drop and when i say drop around the 200k mark and property under the million mark are the ones going to thrive.As long as Melbourne grows houses wont shrink.
  9. I had a yz450 and hated it and only had fun on under lvl 2 rides was a handfull and flamed out to the point were i lost my shit and picked it up and threw it of a step hill,upgraded to a 300 exc and was the best thing i ever done.
  10. Its not all dome and bome guys other proposals include building heroin injecting huts in most forests.
  11. you will find a lot of greens and land conservationists live around forests and are avoiding the city for peace and quiet but along the way they want everyone else to avoid the forest too but it does not mean they own it and make their own rules and laws.
  12. sg67


    depends everyone has a different look on things,negative is good when your in your younger years in life starting out a portfolio but as you start to get older positive will work better and it gives you a chance to cut work in half
  13. Very kind words Trailz as ive been of the bike for over 2 yrs now im confident next year ill have another bike to start all over again
  14. The greens have gone way to far and thats why their popularity is slowly shrinking,the greens in my eyes are responsible for the black Saturday bushfire disaster due to the laws preventing landowners from clearing their property from combustible greens,are pushing hard to have pwc(jetskis) band from most cost lines in and around port Philip bay & heads. I have been pushing hard for (ccw)carry concealed weapons (only for the people that pass the strict and stringent testing)and my self along with other firearm owners are pictured as criminals and you should not protect your family nor