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  1. I wonder if this post will turn into a name and shame your "that guy" and must add the reason why! 🤔
  2. Just curious on how the vid turned out like habs? It would be good to see some of the spills lol
  3. It was my 2nd time riding at tallarook as it's a bit of a distance for me to travel to so was hoping it will be a cracker of a day like the first time I rode there! The weather forecast was set for a perfect day blue sky and temp just right 😀. We all got there quite early got changed and on the pegs way before 9.0 guessing everyone was as keen as me for what tallarook has to offer. Like what habs said straight into some could be lvl 3 tracks which got the adrenaline pumping With everyone having no trouble at all riding it, then we made our way to some picture perfect views, then to more good mix of everything the day flowed really well with only one bike that needed some repairs and bears bike had some slight sensor issues which took him back to the cars then riles took over the lead which finished the day off perfectly so all in all great day out with great bunch of riders will look forwards to riding tallarook again when the opportunity arises again until then cheers🍺🍺. Ps thanks for bear and riles leading and habs for sweeping all day. 👍
  4. And thanks for bushy for rocking up and telling us to avoid the hume 👍it was a much quicker run this time for me 🍺
  5. At least your bike will be fresh and issue free for the next ride!
  6. Yes very well enjoyed ride today, the track flowed well with a good mix of what dissa has on offer, thanks dusty for leading and Gypsy and riles for sweeping was a fun filled day until next times cheers 🍺🍺 oh yeah nearly forgot thanks for crusty for picking up my fender tool bag I owe you a few beers for that Okay thanks again all for a great day until next time 🤘
  7. Not good to hear hope you have a fast recovery mate, have ridden with you at the cool shed at noojee.
  8. 🤢🤮 hangover and dissa do not go together!
  9. One would need to be a true lover of slimy condition to say spewing I missed this one! It looked really hard work, one that would've tested the fitness that's for sure 🙄 glad I got the invite to the after ride party cruiser put on a absolutely awesome feast for the riders after the ride true legend.
  10. Thanks to cruiser for leading the lvl2+ ride had a blast after not being on the dirt bike since the second lockdown so my riding skill were a bit scratchy at times but managed to finish the ride which was good, camping with a great bunch of blokes stinky had me in stitches at times, thanks to rob for sweeping all day until you pulled the pin on it. And thanks to Murdoch for organizing the weekend hope to do more weekend like this in the future. Cheers until next time 👍🍺
  11. it has been a while "bloody covid" hoping to get on a ride soon maybe see at the xmas ride this Saturday!
  12. Yes I am having the same problem with liking post as I am reading them
  13. hey you have another 6 weeks to work on it without worrying about missing out on rides!
  14. which one do you like the most your bike or the misses? you can kick the misses out of the bedroom and have the bike in the room with you lol
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