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  1. Yes I am having the same problem with liking post as I am reading them
  2. hey you have another 6 weeks to work on it without worrying about missing out on rides!
  3. which one do you like the most your bike or the misses? you can kick the misses out of the bedroom and have the bike in the room with you lol
  4. What a great day weather was the best you could ask for! I thought we were in for a wet one. With 17 riders the group flowed really well and made the day really enjoyable and meeting a few new to me faces. I can see why the local riders are so good because what dissa has on offer the place has everything you can ask for. Thanks dusty for the great choise of trails and for bushy for sweeping all day and for those who posted pics and vids good job. Until next time cheers.
  5. I was just trying to workout the math, where the king of hill climb said he tried 3 times and couldn't get halfway's up.
  6. don't believe it until you see proof Gypsy!
  7. is anyone else getting warning messages when logging on to dirtriderz?
  8. thanks Shaun for posting this ride on the weekend as I have been seeing a lot posted during the week for mid week rides had a absolute ball out there being my first ride back after the restriction were lifted I think having a band new knobby was a wise choice on my part after seeing a few struggling to get traction on the snotty hills that you threw at us lol got to see parts of neerim I have never ridden before which was fun thanks to BigPete for sweeping all day I think with the group we have you had an easy day correct me if that was not the case. until next cheers.
  9. put them inside the thing with a few posters etc...
  10. yep you got it Chad Does Cobaw......... A Bit........ And Talks Suspension