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  1. Super Wombat Ride Dylan

    Thanks for posting this ride Dylan, it was my first time riding this area and enjoyed the great mix of trails you lead us on, with no major hold up the group flowed really good apart from me unable to ride myself out of the one section of the erzberg track thanks to bicey for riding my bike up out of that section damn it I hate the walk of shame , spewing I didn't stick around for the parma and a pot next time it will be on my list to do. And what a awesome place to have a cabin I am sure the beers flow well after a ride there!, and yes after some rain would be ideal I forgot to thank Bruce for the history lesson of the area felt like I was back at school for a moment but sad to know what happened to the guy with leprosy but his soul lives on with a trail named after him. and thanks to Dylan's dad and me for sweeping until next time cheers
  2. A Day at Dindi.

    Great ride nathan except for a few fallen tree that we had to divert around, hmm someone need to make an effort and do some clearing!!! lol, I forgot how much a 100k dindi loop takes out of me and feeling it now, and having a front wheel washout myself and landed on the same side as last ride when I did the same thing really hurts now, thanks to nasty for sweeping and helping me get my bike back on the track when heading into the maze, cutting the corner and lost balance leg wasn't long enough on the high side and over the edge I went pretty steep entrant and doing the maze in the opposite way was a little challenging and great mix of tracks all day had a ball. until next time cheers
  3. Garage build working bee

    wow looks good job well done, just a question how do you get up the top section with the side ramp gone?
  4. running on empty at Dindi

    yeah I found the tubliss system harder than fitting a tube! you need to take extra care not to snag the high pressure tube and liner when changing tyres, but I guess its the price you pay for more traction, also I watch the video every time I go near the thing and never had an issue with them.
  5. running on empty at Dindi

    yep great ride today! had a ball thanks for Nathan for leading and cujo for sweeping, hope all is okay with the knee I am sure Micky Martin will understand shit happens when you do sports and ride dirt bikes. was pleased with my bike today after I did a full rebuild bike is still running so that's a good sign. would have been good to do a few more k's everyone except one was capable bloody beta juice eater lol Nathan who won the drive home? I tried real hard not to let you pass me until next time cheers

    watch out for these suckers at night that like to spin a web in the dark
  7. Risky when out riding alone

    I wonder how many animals have falling into it :/! but all the same scary stuff, Track fairies beware!
  8. Lost number plate

    saw one next to a set of keys! but didn't think much of it
  9. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    think I saw a set of keys!!! if you look closely [(0)(0)]
  10. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Big thanks to gypsy and buzz for the level 3+ ride I definitely found my limits, was travailing good for most of the ride then rapidly lost energy towards the end of the ride and opted to do the ride of shame back to the car with 5 others , great work to the guys cooking the bbq burgers and snags tasted so good and the beers were well needed and for the sweep that swept not sure of your name good job, will definitely be on this next year it was such a good turn out cheers
  11. NEERIM 3+. 22/9

    awesome ride mick had a ball with some cracking pace, lost my rear brakes half way through the ride with metal to metal, thought I would get one more ride out of the pads but wasn't to be and the disc with a good groove from the metal backing of the pad. lucky I have a new spare disc ready to fit , only one hiccup for me though got caught up on the second biggest log I've seen and nearly went arse over tit and fell sideways, but all good no harm done. thanks to the sweeps until next time cheers