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  1. marko what's in the pocket or you just excited to be in tassie?
  2. ha sounds like level 3 + in the wet conditions
  3. so will the pipe fit back into the pickle guard? or does that need to be panel beated?
  4. Cobaw suspension setup day spent over an hour sitting on a corner waiting and started getting nervous when it started getting dark, ride got cancelled due to fading light and had to fire trail it back to unload area. some riderz were struggling to get up a slimy red clay hill but managed to get back in time for a feed from the bbq that the guys kept going for the late runners
  5. how good is this got motogp on and erzberg on at the same time decisions decisions stuff it will watch both at same time
  6. happened to my with those tires your running, not sure why but the way I fixed the problem was pulled tire off cleaned and reinstalled making sure to follow the instruction carefully, then when I needed new tires I bought Michelin's star cross 5 and no issues at all , but I think its more to do with the soapy water when installing them more the better and bounce and rotate while doing it, is the key to hassle free riding.
  7. all sounds complicated to me, glad I own a two stroke!!!
  8. Hi Geoffro any chance of getting some front fender stickers? I had some on my bike but on sunday a kangaroo snapped clean off my front fender I will pm my details to you if you still have some giveaways cheers sean
  9. hmm I was thinking that there must be another reason for the fuel issue you had! you probably started with half a tank.
  10. Thanks for posting this ride Dylan, it was my first time riding this area and enjoyed the great mix of trails you lead us on, with no major hold up the group flowed really good apart from me unable to ride myself out of the one section of the erzberg track thanks to bicey for riding my bike up out of that section damn it I hate the walk of shame , spewing I didn't stick around for the parma and a pot next time it will be on my list to do. And what a awesome place to have a cabin I am sure the beers flow well after a ride there!, and yes after some rain would be ideal I forgot to thank Bruce for the history lesson of the area felt like I was back at school for a moment but sad to know what happened to the guy with leprosy but his soul lives on with a trail named after him. and thanks to Dylan's dad and me for sweeping until next time cheers
  11. Great ride nathan except for a few fallen tree that we had to divert around, hmm someone need to make an effort and do some clearing!!! lol, I forgot how much a 100k dindi loop takes out of me and feeling it now, and having a front wheel washout myself and landed on the same side as last ride when I did the same thing really hurts now, thanks to nasty for sweeping and helping me get my bike back on the track when heading into the maze, cutting the corner and lost balance leg wasn't long enough on the high side and over the edge I went pretty steep entrant and doing the maze in the opposite way was a little challenging and great mix of tracks all day had a ball. until next time cheers
  12. wow looks good job well done, just a question how do you get up the top section with the side ramp gone?
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