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  1. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Your bike sounds thirstier than me on a Friday night
  2. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

    Was there a bog hole Dazz?i thought the loose shingle on the side of the main road may have been more dangerous lol.
  3. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

    Good job Coggs and everyone else,great day out thanks a lot
  4. Suspension set up

    Roscoes suspension is in Ballarat and he is a good dirtriderz member,I don’t have his details on me at the minute but dr google will give you his details.
  5. 1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Hi there Walkahz,condolences on the loss of your dad,I got my forks for my yz80 rechromed at rad hard chroming in qld (I think it was a while ago)my forks were pretty shot and needed a fair bit of welding,repair work.The actual chrome he uses is really tough like industrial chrome used on hydraulic rams etc and will last the lifetime of the bike easily,both forks cost $300 plus post and they are back to better (tougher) than new.
  6. KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    Throttle positioning sensor is worth a check too,my bike would start easy cold but was hard when hot,my mechanic adjusted the TPS(only a fraction he said) and it fixed the problem,I hope it’s something that simple.
  7. Good mate,in nz till feb7 then back into some riding,see you out there soon.
  8. Andy if you're anywhere near AMX in keilor park drive they have good feels on chain and sprockets. *deals,bloody spell check!
  9. Medical Emergency

    Those green sticks they give you for pain relief work bloody fast,I don't know what's in them but bloody he'll you're in Disney land before you know it.
  10. The dealerships are powerhouses motorcycles pakenham,motorcycle land in Ballarat and a1 motorcycles in Ringwood.
  11. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Is that what you're doing Dazz?
  12. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Thanks to all the organisers and everyone on the day,had an absolute ball with great riding conditions and something to suit everyone,to all the better riders thanks for your patience because it's the only way we would meet up,the atmosphere was top notch with the ride,BBQ etc and I hope Bassman has a speedy recovery,looking forward to catching up in 2018. Cheers Dale.
  13. Oh yeah,those two know each other,Louey I think his name is,sounds good,are you doing the Xmas ride at Tallarook?
  14. Adding an (S)

    All for it Dazz,yes just add it into the ride description,sounds great.