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  1. Just looked up tugger strap on eBay,let's just say there are a few different types on there....
  2. Yeah if we had floorboards my chances would be nil too I reckon.
  3. Ask nicely if they can stay inside
  4. Thanks for the ride today fellas, great to catch up with familiar faces and to meet the people I haven't ridden with before,I didn't know what to expect with a big group but had so much fun and there were many smiles and laughs throughout the day,the bench racing session post ride is awesome,had a ball thankyou everyone.
  5. I just bought one from Ballard's that does lead acid or lithium batteries.
  6. An old pic of a club day back in NZ, early 80s,16 or 17yo on the mighty RM400
  7. So Pepperjack... Sunbury Holden is going to be an LDV dealer.
  8. Yeah I think they’ll take on another brand,Sunbury holden are part of mantello holden that also sell Hyundai at Roxburgh park.
  9. Servicing and warranty is still needed,where these places will be who knows?Its hard to imagine the huge dealership in Sunbury staying where it is just for that purpose.
  10. Yeah I’m happy with the rare collectors edition
  11. Duh...just wear them backwards [emoji23]
  12. I can’t see me on the list Fro? Have ordered and paid,or are we separate on the singlet order?....ok disregard this,I know where I’m at now lol. Cheers Dale
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