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    Looks great ______________________________ 2014 Land cruiser 79 duel cab 2014 EXC 450
  2. Yes mate that pissy little climb after the dam Yeah mate I've got full reg… they are expensive! But not as expensive as paying $135 for the little candle ktm oem provides
  3. No mate, the bloody single. Believe it or not it was that small uphill after the single track downhill part… and a decent angled stick/tree was the culprit Trail tech $325ish or Baja roughly same price ______________________________ 2014 Land cruiser 79 duel cab 2014 EXC 450
  4. Yeah mate wasn't keen on going oem That trail tech looks ok
  5. Ladies and gents, I busted my headlight into a billion pieces the globe is intact but the outside is smashed… I did it at the transmoto 8hr on the weekend. Just wanted to see what the thoughts were on either replacing or upgrading. A quick eBay showed me its $130 to replace. Wanted to know what other options are? The Baja designs are quite exxy but they have some good reviews… Cheers ______________________________ 2014 Land cruiser 79 duel cab 2014 EXC 450
  6. gfazz

    Show us some pics of your camping set up

    Looks a bit like pacific park!
  7. gfazz

    Show us some pics of your camping set up

    Exactly what I have mate
  8. gfazz

    Show us some pics of your camping set up

    Mate it's my 'Eco-billy' and it's got some kindling stuck in the bottom. Best billy you'll ever get mate.
  9. gfazz

    Show us some pics of your camping set up

    There are some awesome setups on this thread! Below are some pics from where we setup for a ride at 'Rocky Hall' in NSW we stayed on a mates private property in an abandoned house Was a decent setup, we just put the swags inside and setup all our gear outside. For the bikes there was an old carport that hadn't quite rotted through yet so we kept them under there to keep the frost off them!
  10. Hey Gang, Not sure if anyone can help me, just throwing a concept out there for thought/ideas. I've got a 2012 CRF450R chilling at home, I recently sold my 2nd 2012 CRF450R for $4500 2 months ago. I was wondering if anyone has converted a CRF450R or similar to be a street/enduro legal. I have no interest in riding it on the road at all, but just want it to look like a registered bike for when registered mates joint me out on the trails. And that its not blatantly obvious that its a unregistered/illegal machine. I came across a few forums from the states about the conversion the links are below. I understand I would be better off selling it and getting a second enduro bike but motocross bikes aren't selling very well at the moment, I feel by converting it I could save some $$ in the long run as its a great bike and I've taken great care of it thus far, the bike wouldn't get ridden very often and I also didn't want to buy 2nd hand and potentially in inherit someone else's problem (as this was my last 2nd hand purchase experience) I heard Baja designs did a conversion or similar but I can't seem to find the one that I am looking for This is the post I was referring to about the full conversion Its not for me I ride a EXC450 so it would be a spare bike/one that I could let mates borrow to come on a day trip with me. Just putting it out there for some ideas Thanks team
  11. gfazz


    where/how did you pull up a map like this mate?
  12. gfazz

    Rear Wheel Sizes Questions

    Ahh yes now that you've said it. It certainly would!
  13. gfazz

    Rear Wheel Sizes Questions

    Not wanting to change particularly, just getting ideas and opinions of different riders
  14. gfazz

    Rear Wheel Sizes Questions

    What inch rim? 18"
  15. gfazz

    Rear Wheel Sizes Questions

    What's that translate to my friend?