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  1. beau350

    Clutch Fluid

    Not to sure about using that particular one , but I accidentally put mineral oil in mine witch was what I had to get for a earlier husky I used to own , anyway when I put it in my ktm it fairly well stuffed anything rubber inside, so be careful what you use
  2. beau350


    I got 2 straightened up by race radiators came up brand new only cost 120 , if they don't Leak and you don't care they are bent I would just leave them on . But I would definitely get the factory ones fixed over running Chinese ones
  3. beau350

    Willow Gv to Erica Sun 09/07/17

    Yeah it was a top day out there yesterday the weather was spot on , the ride moved along really well it was a easy crew of guys to lead , thanks fellas ! glad everyone enjoyed the day, it was good to get back out to the area for a look around. The clay hill we call slippery hotel lived up to its name and claimed a couple of victims [emoji1305]and the red clay corner that got Paul always gets someone haha. Thanks Paul for organising the ride and drew for sweeping the whole day, look forward to the next one [emoji1303]
  4. beau350

    Riding Erica/Rawson

    Yeah mate I'm definitely interested, I won't know for sure till I'm home,but if all goes to plan I'll be there!
  5. beau350

    Riding Erica/Rawson

    Yeah cool , I'll be in touch when I'm home next , it might be a disaster or it might be a good day haha as long as we get to the pub [emoji482]
  6. beau350

    Riding Erica/Rawson

    Yeah that could work for me ill try get my roster confirmed in the next week so I know exactly what weekend
  7. beau350

    Riding Erica/Rawson

    I'll be back home again in about 3 weeks, I might see if I can get out there during that week I'm home and piece together a loop, I haven't been there for 5 months so it might have changed a bit but I'm sure I will find something that works
  8. beau350

    Riding Erica/Rawson

    Yeah no worries mate I'll pm you a week before I'm home next maybe we can work something out
  9. beau350

    Riding Erica/Rawson

    Nah mate never , there are tracks that bring you out at the pubs without going on any bitumen, I work in the west but if your ride lines up with my time off I would be happy to show some of the tracks I have done to get over that way
  10. beau350

    Riding Erica/Rawson

    You can get from that area to the Erica pub or stockyard and back if you want to , it's a fairly big day , bit of a mix of single and fire tracks , I haven't done it for a while so some tracks might not be rideable anymore , but it can definitely be done , once you get close to Erica there are some really good tracks and big slippery clay hills
  11. beau350

    Level 2+ Mick's way at Neerim

    Thanks for leading the ride Mick , I loved the tracks and thanks for all the work you have put into that area it's bloody unbelievable. I had a great day out there the last bit with just the 5 of us fairly killed me but it was well worth it , can't wait to get on another ride with you fellas , thanks everyone who made it a great day [emoji1303]
  12. beau350

    Level 2+ Mick's way at Neerim

    Yeah my bad fellas [emoji17]video doesn't lie lolTop work on the vids Mick , was a bloody awesome day .
  13. beau350

    suspension/chasis setup

    Steve at Spmx , they are in Seaford
  14. beau350

    suspension/chasis setup

    Hey rich , If your gonna run stock stuff I would set it up on the sport settings. I got my husky set up at choice cost 900 , Anthony down there does a really good job. I found a lot of suspension tuners have different opinions on the 4cs forks and how much you need to spend on them to get them working well , so do your research
  15. beau350

    350xcf flaming out

    I adjusted the idle on mine a tiny bit and it's pretty good , still does it sometimes if I'm riding real slow for a long time, but nothing major