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  1. Thanks for a great ride Murdoch. Your time spent clearing tracks for us to ride is really appreciated. I’m glad it was only a level 3.5 ride though, if it was a level 4 some of us would still be stuck out there now! Thanks for the great feed afterwards also, that was fantastic. Thanks Mick for helping get my bike going at the beginning as I would have had to sit it out otherwise. I didn’t know that just revving the bike a bit too soon would kill it. It was also really good that everyone chipped in to ensure we all got through the tougher bits. Some hard rides are like every man for themselve
  2. Another epic ride at Goughs Bay! Thanks to Habs for leading and thanks to Gypsy for sweeping and organising the fuel drop. It was my second ride on the new Husky 300, and first time at Goughs on a 2 stroke. It’s a fantastic bike, the only area where I found it more of a challenge compared to a four stroke is when you lost momentum on a steep hill and dropped low in the rpm and it was much harder to regain momentum and find traction. I’m not sure how I hit the tree on the downhill? We were going quite slowly at the time and the bike just took off! I think I slipped on some roots I didn’t see an
  3. It was a great long weekend. We decided to bail on the Sunday ride due to the inclement weather, but three days riding was definitely adequate. Goughs Bay is an awesome place to ride, particularly if you like long challenging uphills and downhills. There's really nowhere else like it. Thanks to Heath for all the effort he puts in to make the ride happen. He puts in a lot of time to plan the ride and gets there early to pre ride sections, drop off fuel and get firewood etc. He rode super well, setting a great pace and nailing all the hills first go! We woke up this morning to find his home had
  4. Thanks CV for putting on a great ride! I've ridden there before a few times and there were too many transport sections, but your loop was great! The ribbon section will be even better once worn in a little more. All in all a great day!