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  1. Camping Avoca or 1 to 2 hrs from Ballarat

    Camped there multiple times. Awesome spot, awesome riding. Highly recommend.
  2. Avoca weekend rocks

    We went to avoca for a weekend recently as well. It is a great spot to set up camp and ride for a weekend.
  3. Break in and theft warning

    Just talking to one of the local coppers who had been dealing with this. He has told me that it is a real problem at the moment. It is 16-17 year old kids. They steal the cars and then ram others off the road. He caught some the other night in a stolen Toyota Kluger. He said they are smart enough to wear gloves and cover their faces when breaking into homes. He did mention that one of them tried to steal one of the senior constable cars and was caught sitting in the car trying to start it. Needless to say that kid was given a touch up. Given they didn't get much from the house and couldn't steal the cars he doubted they would be back.
  4. Break in and theft warning

    The quote is through an alarm company we use at work. Will look into them, thanks. We will definitely be getting an alarm, the cameras would just be extra. Installed some sensor lights yesterday and rigged up the old video camera with a view over the cars. Will be interesting to see if they come back at all.
  5. Break in and theft warning

    Just waiting for the quote to come back for an alarm and cctv.
  6. Break in and theft warning

    So they worked out how to pull out the emergency key from the remote and where to use it on the car. They managed to get the passenger door unlocked but as soon as they opened it the alarm went off. Police took an hour to get there, took some details and then left.
  7. Break in and theft warning

    3.30am this morning was awoken by the car alarm on the wife's car. Pr1cks had come back and tried to take the car. Came running out and turned all the lights on but by the time i got out they had gone. Called the police and now have to wait for them to arrive. Hoping they can get some prints off the car.
  8. Break in and theft warning

    Its showing as sent. Strange. Its a 2012 koleos. Not sure if that key will work? If it does i would be happy to buy it off you
  9. Break in and theft warning

    I am the same. Happy to give them what they want so they leave. But baseball bat will be just in case
  10. Break in and theft warning

    Pm sent
  11. Break in and theft warning

    I am located around South Morang / Mill Park area. I don't care about the stuff thats stolen as it can be replaced. Its the feeling it leaves you with knowing these kinds of people have been in your house and through all your things. You just feel violated. Also the feeling of knowing that they will be back for the cars is terrible. Alarm guy is coming out tonight.
  12. Break in and theft warning

    Yeah spent last night at home and didnt sleep much. The wife kept hearing noises for me to go check out. Think i might have to invest in a baseball bat for under the bed. Glad we weren't home as when it happened as that would be terrible, especially with young kids.
  13. Break in and theft warning

    Break down of full cost to get the wifes Renault changed Door lock $342.00, single key for existing fob $106.00, key & replacement fob $544.00, labour $264.00 Insurance will only cover up to $500.00 The key is hidden inside the fob incase of emergency with the lock on the car not where you would think it would be. So i could just replace the fob for $544 + labour and hope they can't work out the key. Even if they did make it in the car they wouldn't be able to start it. Not sure which way to go
  14. Break in and theft warning

    Epping mitsubishi have recoded my car free of charge given the circumstances which was really nice of them. Looking close to $800 for the missus car as its a renault and by the time its recoded and a new fob ordered from france its an expensive exercise
  15. Break in and theft warning

    My wife left home at 9am and was back at 6pm so they did it during daylight hours. Will keep an eye out, thanks for the heads up. Also in the process of getting a quote for an alarm/camera system