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  1. Hoity

    Im thinkin of buying a yz450fx

    Hey Ben, if you get down to Hastings mx track, look for the yz450fx s down there, both my son and I ride down there.
  2. Hoity

    Im thinkin of buying a yz450fx

    Hi Ben, short and simple, the YZ450FX hits the nail on the head for both disciplines, mx and bush, i have put 20 hours on it and absolutely love it, 2 queries for me before buying the bike was the weight and the fuel capacity. those 2 queries were overcome by getting 100km up at Marysville with 1.3L to spare, in saying that another litre or two wouldn't hurt, IMS currently don't stock a fuel tank that keeps the tank flush under the seat, but have plans on figuring out how to bypass the electrics for the e-start, in saying that people have worked out how to install the 3 gallon tank by cutting under the seat, to much work for me. The second issue being the weight, with being slightly on the heavy side i was skeptical, however my son who also has a 450FX, previously owned a 2015 KTM 450XC-F which from memory was around 5-8kgs lighter than the FX but could not tell the difference, and also noted that the YZ handled so much better. See if you can test ride one, because it has all the power you want and handles and feels as light as any of the 450s i have ridden, Cheers.
  3. Great write up, loved the photo with all the Green flat slippery looking rocks.
  4. Hoity

    Enfield ... It Was Level 3.5

    Looking forward to the stories, you have set the mood, bandicoot, well done!
  5. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    I will maybe just let the bikes be the music as you say. Are you go pro, if so do you do your editing in go pro studio and then export to windows movie maker or do it all in wmm? Ps I liked the bunny hill theme, very apt!
  6. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    Thanks YF, will try to add some music next time and work on the editing to keep it a bit shorter.
  7. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    Garmin Montana 650t with handlebar mount. JT put me on to the mount, nice and close to the bars, never gets in the way. The beauty of it, I could now do marko's loop.
  8. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    Thanks bandicoot, I think I had it right the first time. All G 4 nxt tym
  9. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    Cheers Dakota, first vid posted.
  10. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    A little late, a little rough and ready but here it is.
  11. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    Hey Cujo, good to meet you today, hope you get better soon!
  12. Hoity

    The Wicked Wombat Exclusive..

    Great ride today lads, thanks to marko for leading, Dakota and bandicoot for sweeping. Conditions were challenging at times with grip coming and going. All in all a good fun loop with a little something for everyone. Given the numbers today and the conditions the group moved really well. Thanks Dakota for putting it all together.
  13. Hoity

    Golden Beach 6 Hour - 2015

    Great write up lads, very inspiring to one and all for having a crack. It sounds like a good excuse for a boys weekend away with the bikes, as Dakota said with beers n bs.
  14. Hoity

    Awesome Gopro Anaheim One

    Excellent post, you don't realise how much over rev is going on.
  15. Hoity

    Couldnt Help My Self

    Hey Daniel, congrats mate, I am sure you will do it justice. Will be very interesting see the setup jarvis rides with, jetting etc Welcome back to the 2t club.