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  1. twisti3s

    Overheating Husky te300

    Definitely, but have to say running a bike these days without a fan in the riding we do its prone to issues
  2. twisti3s

    Overheating Husky te300

    People at wildwood must have got a lot of air in there heads
  3. twisti3s

    Overheating Husky te300

    Got a lot of mankini jets and needles and emulsion tubes if you need. Also would add a fan give me a bell.
  4. twisti3s

    Father’s Day Dissa

    Sure did and the tracks we rode where very punishing.
  5. twisti3s

    Father’s Day Dissa

    Good to see you all while we where out there
  6. twisti3s

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    The one issue he has is no one will buy that bike.
  7. twisti3s

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    You said out of the box. Tpi runs an emissions map and ecu shuts down after few hours of operation with out unlocking like all 4 stokes. Dealers do a pre delivery removal or airbox ristriction and exhausted and map upload. Out of the box the carb version runs you would get maybe 120++km
  8. twisti3s

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    Out of the box they would do lots of km as they come throttle stop lean needle lean main lean pj and exhausted ristriction also cdi map for ristriction. Would expect lots of km in that trim All ktms have a limp map enabled even tpi and the tpi still has the exhaust ristriction
  9. twisti3s

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    My stock 2017 te250 gets 105 to tank easy. Only change jetting to for personal preference. Enjoy what you ride
  10. twisti3s

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    So your saying trust a company who switches to sub par carb to make an injection system correctly?
  11. twisti3s

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    Keihin only because i have all the parts and like the response better. The mankini can be made to run ok
  12. twisti3s

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    Tsp is still doing modified heads for tpi disadvantages of tpi unless you want to spend well over a $1000 plus the cost of tune they can't be tuned. At least with a carb it can be adjusted to suit. Not everyone thinks they are great out of the box. Not everyone uses JD kit. You can get the stock needles and jets to work with slide modification.
  13. twisti3s

    KTM's Last carby model 2018 2 stroke.

    Last exc carbi as the non adr comp 2 strokes will still be carb.
  14. twisti3s

    Bike Suspension

    Put the right size tyre on. As it appears to be to big for the bike.
  15. twisti3s

    2t oil injection

    There is now aftermarket ecu for the ktm. You can adjust many things and run lots of additionals. Stock ecu is totally locked. there are many repored lack of oil issues no solution as yet. Aftermarket ecu allows control of everything so i can see a lot of people change i would. As i have seen the amount of turning that can be adjusted