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  1. 2t oil injection

    There is now aftermarket ecu for the ktm. You can adjust many things and run lots of additionals. Stock ecu is totally locked. there are many repored lack of oil issues no solution as yet. Aftermarket ecu allows control of everything so i can see a lot of people change i would. As i have seen the amount of turning that can be adjusted
  2. Smokers Lounge

    Sorted my jetting and run 13/50 on the 250 and it works well everywhere. Before i got my jetting right i wanted to change gearing as it had no pull in 2nd.
  3. Does new Rec Reg need roadworthy?

    No rwc required but you will have to take the bike to the pits and have an appointment to do the rego.
  4. KTM boiling fuel?

    Is it like this because this appears to be pump back pressure.
  5. KTM boiling fuel?

    Fuel pump pressure released back into the tank
  6. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    No Load rev limiters are in lots of engine management systems for quite some years now. they normally kick in somewhere around 4000 RPM. There could be some lean ness to mapping but i don't think they would bring out bikes that out of wack
  7. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    Ever here of rev limter
  8. 2017 300exc Fuel Tank Size

    Yes thats correct you only fill in line with seat there is 20mm gap aproximity. I have found even leaving this gap mine is still around 12lt but i have a Husqvarna with manual saying bigger tank
  9. 2017 300exc Fuel Tank Size

    I am just passing the info on. That most have found there tanks to be bigger than 9.5 maybe inconsistent build quality?
  10. 2017 300exc Fuel Tank Size

    Servo pump can be very in accurate. Have been told people where finding closer to 11.5 buy putting 1ltr in at a time. On the Husqvarna as they have a 11.5 from factory people have found them to be around 12.5 not sure. Notice min fuel delivery
  11. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    So on a dyno they make very much same power curve and torque as the carb model and right at the top .2 of a horse more than a carb torque is same. We know this is a dyno and is not real world so this may give totally different results on the trail. Claimed fuel economy is stated to be 120 to 170 unknown of the riding style guess non technical riding. Who knows how true this economy maybe. The quote of improvement in % over carb is quoted on worst setup carb so improvement may not be as great compared to well jetted bike. The altude advantage is not really a issues in Australia as we are not riding from sea level to two or four altude changes in a ride so we will not feel those benefits. I am definitely keeping my mid open but more complex systems are not needed to do what we already do.
  12. TC is a motocross bike so only rec rego,
  13. Romaniacs - Live stream

    Australian Adrian Harry wins silver class at Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 Prologue.
  14. Romaniacs - Live stream

    Its already been run not sure why there is a delay on the red bull side of things, but watched plenty of video around the internet so far