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  1. Cheers for putting it on. Been far too long between rides for me. Today was just what I needed.
  2. I was another one of the should I bail crew. Actually started writing the bail message on the forum, then smashed my coffee and told myself to just do, always ends up being fun. Definitely enjoyed watching the carnage on the rocky hill with Habs haha Thanks to Chris and all the other blokes. Has a ball 😃 Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
  3. My brother and a mate went up and back a few years ago. My brother rides a 660 tenere and his mate was on a klr. They blogged the whole thing of your up for a read. http://sunkenmiles.holmgren.com.au/blog/ Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
  4. Changed to NC3J 35 pj and 165 mj today. Got about 10km to a litre over 50km ride. Seems like it as improved y fuel economy.
  5. I'm in Bali for the week otherwise I would give it a go.
  6. Parts are on their way now and it will be the quickest way for me to br back on the bike but if/when it happens again I will choose the least damaged and start bending.
  7. Yeah I agree. I kinda new I would be buying a new one but having a few others tell me the same thing makes it a bit easier to part with the funds [emoji1]
  8. That ain't a bad idea Though they'r probably charge close to what I'd get for a damaged subframe.
  9. The problem is that it isn't just bent sideways, that I would happily bend back. It is kinda twisted and that is what made me unsure. Multiple places seem out of line. I believe with some kind of jig to locate the correct position of critical points and an oxy it could be fixed but I don't have that and it is probably not a common enough problem for a bike shop to bother having/making one.
  10. Yeah I had a bit of a look but all I found was damaged ones.
  11. I just thought you needed some entertainment. You looked bored waiting for us at the bottom.
  12. Bit the bullet. Called Peter Steven's and placed the order.
  13. I was trying to get down on the pegs. Came off a little, still had the engine running and while getting back on launched her. Next time I will kill the engine instantly once off on any serious downhill and probably just avoid that hill in particular haha
  14. So last weekend at Dissa I managed to whiskey throttle my bike down the Widow Maker (3rd Sister? Heard it called a few different names) and bent my rear subframe. Looking at about $400 to replace and I think it is necessary given the damage but before I order the parts I thought I'd ask you all if you think it is salvagable just in case.
  15. Sorted. Called Chad and apparently they can become concave when pulling the forks apart. Hammer flat and it should be fine.
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