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  1. Saved the day. The Melbins that is
  2. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I suggest that everyone tries the motoz 6 tyre, can’t recommend it highly enough, cos then you will have nothing to complain about when using any other tyre as it is a complete heap of shit lol Haven’t tried it since doing this to it tho
  3. 10 psi might be a bit too much for it I reckon. Not spreading the carcass out enough and sharing the load. I’m using a 140 mousse with 22mm holes drilled every 150mm so it’s not exactly soft but probably bit better suited
  4. I’m still using the same tyre, obvs haven’t put the hours on with all the shit happening but still using it, hasn’t chunked like yours, started to look like it was going to. Only using it in hard enduro stuff tho, still can’t find a better tyre for its purpose. They are awesome
  5. Bloke says he’s never over heated a carb 250 without a fan even in extreme stuff. Then says the oil injection line is pre mix. Dribble
  6. Just popping out to get some more beer, will be back for a laugh in about 20.
  7. This thread has some comedy gold. Keep goin please.
  8. Yeah I was surprised it looked as good as it did, didn’t really hold back on it either. Mousse was a fairly hard one too and grip was awesome everywhere.
  9. Have used them a bit, good all round tyre. Nice flat mousse and they’re primo in the slippery stuff.
  10. I’m pretty sure they are, but wider spacing between knobs so better in the looser stuff than the shinko
  11. Used one up at tenterfield hard enduro, it was near on perfect for that, pretty good wear too for 6 hours ride time. I think it’s only downfall would maybe be wet red clay but I haven’t tried it in that yet. Will be my go to tyre for the extreme stuff, if we get to ride again.
  12. They are a good thing when used in the right terrain. Minimum wheel spin, low speed extreme type terrain though, definitely not a dargo tyre as shown
  13. Great ride out there yesterday, thanks to everyone that came along. “The new buzz track” had me in all sorts up at the top last little bit, just turned into soft mud. Might be a rut or two there now. Sorry buzz. Was very slick in some spots but a great ride even with the hail coming down at stages. Will definitely be heading back there soon for another squirt. After a month off the bike I’m pretty sore now, especially after petev basically dared me to jump off the ledge. Landed it fine but tweaked the knee a Great photos too guys those creek beds are top notch. Lot of potential out in
  14. Thanks for the ride fellas. Was a good flowing day and glad no holds ups cos that heat was pretty brutal towards the end of the day, The pot and Parma is definitely a must at the pub. No worries at all ktm-Sean, was happy to help, we’ve all done the walk of shame at some point. Had never ridden out that way but will definitely be back at some stage. Cheers lads
  15. Thanks for the ride today guys, and thanks for leading Pete. Good area you’ve got sorted out there, lots of different stuff. Had plenty of fun and those Hill climbs at the end just topped it off. Hands are shagged tho. Who knew 5 rides in a week would do that to em... Started spitting toward the end of the ride. Packed up and as we were driving out is when it pissed down. Good timing