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  1. I love a good tyre debate. What works is what works for you. If you want long tyre life then there will always be a sacrifice the same as if you want exceptional traction. I have found that what works for one bike may not work for another. The way you ride it, also makes a big difference. I used to run a medium Pirelli Scorpion on a 200 with brilliant grip. On a 250f, it was terrible. I found the GT Fatty at the front and a Mittas green line something to be brilliant. But Im slow and I like to ride well beyond my ability. I also ride very rocky terrain that includes many creek crossings and ve
  2. A lubed up UHD at 8psi has never given me any problems. Very little chance of a pinched tube with lube but a small chance of a ding in the rim if you smash into a rock. Also depends on the type of tyre and how hard you smash into obstacles. I run either Golden or Mitas which both do well at low psi. I'll often start a ride at 10psi and find myself dropping back to 8psi. I mostly ride Bright, Beechworth, Yack. Plenty of rocks. I use the black mark on the rim method.
  3. It was the front. A little on the rear however I do run two rim locks on the rear and I tend to avoid wheel spin most of the time . Just need to make sure you clean the bead before inflating. I lube my UHD the same way I would do a mousse.
  4. I used to have the same problem running 8-10psi. I found the tyre wasn't moving but the tube was. I think it was due to movement in the tyre pushing the UHD tube about. Now I lube the UHD with Petroleum Jelly and problem solved, even at 6psi. I don't know if it's the right thing to do, but it works for me and it helps avoid pinched flats. I got the idea from Rob Novak and Con (can't remember his last name).
  5. I have no idea where I was when I took this pic?
  6. Bike fitness is all in the head!. Being able to fit into your ridding gear and having to change the rear spring is just a minor setback. I don't think you really loose "bike fitness" but you do loose "bike confidence". In the last few years I have been lucky to find time for three or four rides a year!. My general fitness is ok but my confidence takes a little longer. The best riders all conserve energy. As you gain experience you learn to conserve energy. For me I save it all for the tight stuff and the odd log. Just be ready to ride! No Excuses. Maybe ride a bit slower
  7. Bright has some awesome tracks with plenty of everything. Not all of the fun trails flow on from one to another. This is good because you have plenty of chances to cool off on the fire trails. The pine plantations have signs up asking people not to enter but that doesn't stop the local riders:) Some of the good ridge tracks are: The track near the Porepunkah Tip!!! Smarts creek, Buckland Gap Track, Hill Plantation link, Quins Gap, Big Flat Track, Snowy Creek Rd. Then over the Great Alpine road to: Reliance Track, Hillsborough Track. Then make your way through Wandi and pick a t
  8. Happy Birthday Cruizer! Its been a long time since you said "we will ride together again"! I think it was my ride up in Bright before the annual ride. I have to say that the ride was brilliant. The pace was on from the start and it didn't stop until the end. Plucking our way through tracks that at times were impossible to see is the best challenge I can imagine. I was secretly praying that we would get lost so we could spend the day free riding through the scrub! The terrain was awesome and the crew that embarked on Cruizer's birthday ride were rewarded with a ride to remember. Well
  9. Hey, Put me down for a mens medium black. How do we pay?